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6 Reasons Your Guest Posts Will Be Rejected For Sure

guest posts

Probloggers and authority sites don’t hate guest posts like you may want to believe. But there are reasons your guest posts are sure to be rejected on their websites or blogs. These guys are human; they have catalogs of issues to attend – they need to attend to their teeming readers, customers, family, other businesses,… Continue Reading …

10 Ways to Use Mind Maps to Grow Your Blog

10 ways bloggers can use mind mapping software

Mind mapping software is not only useful for outlining articles, reports and other forms of content. It is also a powerful tool for planning and managing many aspects your blog business. As a blogger, you must manage a prodigious amount of information every day: content ideas social network strategies social network content, people with whom… Continue Reading …

Why You Should Use Google Webmaster Tools?


Google Webmaster Tools is an online tool used by millions of bloggers for checking most of the statistics about their Website/Blog. It allows us to check almost all the stats to related to the site performance in the Google Search results . Webmaster Tools is used by many bloggers and webmasters, but most of them… Continue Reading …

Blogging is a Business: How to Start, Run, and Operate Your Blog (It Matters)

start and run your blog

Emily Bell, editor-in-chief of Guardian unlimited, published an editorial in the Guardian where she claimed, “Blogging is a Business, just not as we know it” – and it’s completely true! Skeptics can reel off hundreds of reasons why blogging won’t work, wax eloquent on the inevitable demise of blogging as a viable business model, or… Continue Reading …

Find High Quality Photos For Your Blog Posts At Depositphotos


Are you worried about having copyrighted videos and pictures on your blog? Do you want a proper solution? You are on the right place and solution to all your problems is Depositphotos. Bloggers need a lot of things in order to complete even a single post and one of those things are photos or sometimes… Continue Reading …

The Smart Guide to Build Email List Super Fast


Do you build email list for your blog? If not, you’re missing huge opportunities. I am serious. Damn huge. What if you have a mailing list? Are you sure you are marketing your e-mails the right way? The most profitable way? Uh-uh! I am not that sure. Nah! Not every one can market e-mails. You… Continue Reading …

Do You Know The Real Truth About Blogging?

the real truth about blogging revealed

Blogging is  a great way of passing information from one person to another using a webpage also called a blog or website, most bloggers earn their full time income from blogging but there are lots of facts you need to know before you venture into the blogosphere. By now most of our readers reading this… Continue Reading …