Can’t Manage Multiple WordPress Sites? Here’s An Effectively Solution

WordPress is the world’s largest blogging platform and the most popular one too. And. The basic reason for that is the ease that it provides in every way to bloggers. As we know, it is an open source platform which means people can edit it whatever the way they want. There are plugins for almost everything to be done with perfection and ease. However, things can still be complicated many times.

Making money from blogging is not a walk in the park and to be honest it is a Hercules task that takes so much out of you that if you fail, your heart breaks. It is much easier to make more money with multiple blogs as compared to just one and that is the reason why a lot of people create multiple blogs.

And, again it’s hard task to manage multiple WordPress weblogs. And, even though WordPress offers functionality in which you can manage multiple sites from same dashboard, most people don’t seem to be happy about it and I am just one of those people.

I started to search because I wanted better than that and I found what I needed. I came to realize that there are more than one site that allow you to do the same job with multiple features and I gave a try to few of them. And, one of them was CMS Commander. I was disappointed by others, but this one hooked me. And, I was impressed and that is the reason why I am sharing this post with you guys because I know that many of you are tired of managing multiple blogs.

The site was launched in 2012 and within just one year and a little more it has already crossed the number 20,000. Yes, that is the combined number of websites that are being managed using this awesome service.

But I am not just telling you that this place is a good, but I’ll show you exactly why is it that way.

What Is CMS Commander?

You see, time is the most precious thing that human beings have. If anyone learns to utilize time, he achieves greatness and those who fail to utilize it fall into deep dark holes of pain and sufferings. Blogging is all about doing the right things at the right time, taking the right steps and capitalizing on the opportunities that you are being offered.

CMS Commander is a service that helps people manage multiple blogs from the same dashboard. They don’t have to spend time in logging in and logging out of blogs and websites and instead they can use that time in promoting their stuff or doing other things that are beneficial.

Sign up now for FREE

Why I Love CMS Commander?

a)      You can sign up for free and use all of their premium features for up to one month and manage as many sites as you want. If you want to continue enjoying those services, you pay. Otherwise, your account is converted into free and you still use their service, but with limited options. Something is better than nothing. 😉

b)      It allows you to write using the power writing tools and with everything that is required for creating killer content.

c)      If you want to post the same post on 10 websites/blogs or even more, you can do that with simple steps.

This means that you don’t have to go to every single site and do all the things like selecting categories and adding SEO titles and description and setting H tags and all that stuff. You have to do it only once and the post would be published on all blogs or the ones you wish.

d)     You can install plugins or themes on all of your blogs with simple steps without having to go to each of them.

e)      Another amazing thing that it comes with is the ability of article spinning and re-writing. Hence, you would save a lot and money by signing up for this services that you would otherwise put in buying software for doing these two jobs.

f)       You have the full control of monetization and it can boost your earnings too if you are an affiliate marketer.

g)      For those of you who like to create many websites with same design, everything changes now. This is because with CMS Commander, you can copy one site’s whole design within just 1 minute.

All these things and much more. You can sign up for their trial account and test their services for one month and then decide what you really want to do in future.

Final Words:

It has not been long time since I’m using their services and I’m loving every single bit of it. I strongly suggest you to give them a try.

No, I am not their affiliate or anything like that and I will get nothing for this post. I am doing it just for showing you a great thing that I just found. Hopefully you’ll love it.

The Simple Unknown Secret to Start Making More Money

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What if I told you that I’ll share  with you the secret to monetizing your blog?

Monetizing your blog or site has for the majority of site owners hasn’t been that successful with them only making a few dollars each month from carrying ads on their site.

The secret to monetizing your site  is simple: Stop selling Advertisements.


Don’t worry, you’ve every right to be.

What I’m stating is hard to digest, right?

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Comment to Get a Discount on Your Next WordPress Theme

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The Shocking Truth – How Social Media Will Affect SEO in 2014

Through further algorithm updates, Google, Bing and other major search engines are changing the ranking factors and SEO in 2014. In the previous years SEO was really easy to do as it is easy to say.

Unbeatable link building, spamming were the easiest ways to get ranking in no time. As soon as the search engines acknowledge the strategy, they started to fight against them. Let’s look through the history of Google’s algorithm updates.

In December 2000, they rolled out their very first update. I think that was not their successful year. They kept up the changes to fight the spam, but they weren’t able to achieve glowing success till 2010. But from 2011 to now, it is proved that their strategies have become victorious. Google has totally trended their ranking factors.

To December 2013, the Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates made sensational changes all around. Some people considered these as the death of SEO. But this is exactly not. Because the new SEO is based on reputation, content, quality and naturality. Google has deeply focused on reputation of sites in brand new factors of seo in 2014. They started to analyze social signals from some years ago, but this one is going to be the most effective element in 2014.

seo in 2014

Is It Confirmed That Social Signal is One Of The Ranking Factors?

In December 2010, Google and Bing had started the social graph search feature to analyze the reputation of links. It was first announced by Danny Sullivan on a post from Search Engine Land:

Both Google and Bing have added many social search features over the past year. There’s also been talk about using “social signals” to help rank regular search results.

That was a great news for all but still many people were waiting for an official declaration of Google or Bing. Finally, Matt Cutts confirmed the major quote that Google and Bing has started to use social signals as a ranking factor. He answered a question by WebSEOAnalytics on this topic:

WebSEOAnalytics – Hello Matt, a recent article of Danny Sullivan suggests that Google uses Twitter and Facebook links as a ranking signal. Can you confirm this? Can you elaborate a little bit more on this?

Matt Cutts – I filmed a video back in May 2010 where I said that we didn’t use that as a signal, and at the time, we did not use that as a signal, but now, we’re taping this in December 2010, and we are using that as a signal.

Here is the official declaration by Matt Cutts confirming that they have started to use social signals as a ranking factor:

So, it is confirmed and we can follow Danny Sullivan’s suggestion without any doubt. It is time to make engagement in social media for growing social reputation.

Recently, Matt Cutt announced that guest blogging is dead for SEO purpose. After that, everyone started writing blog post on  this topic.

Within 2 days, these authority blogs got ranking on page #1. Because of social signal and linking to each other. See proof below.

SEO in 2014

How Social Signals Affect Search Engine Ranking?

The major search engines have started to count on social engagement to compare the reputation of links. Now SEO is so scaled that quality and reputation all round achieve the success. Social media are the place where people interact with each others. So, within this place, it is possible to get the recommendations and engagements of social people.

Through Hummingbird update, it was revealed that social signals from engagement will have more impact on Google ranking. And sites with very low social signals got negative effects too. Here are the top reasons why major search engines are relying on social signals:

  • Higher Number of Social Links Improve The Online Presence: In first of all, links from social sites build brand awareness and increase the visibility of websites. Through this strategy, it is possible to be found very quickly. For SEO in 2014, Google is focusing on brand awareness not only on links and keywords. Links shared by many people instantly got increased visibility from the social activists. So there are more chances to get higher ranking on search engines.
  • It Reveals The People Recommendations: Social sites are the best resource to learn about the people’s recommendations. Google and Bing really depend on what people will be delightful. They try to serve what the people are exactly looking for. As all the peoples choice couldn’t go wrong, they rely on the recommended things. Social media provide the opportunities to vote for the recommendations through sharing, commenting, liking and so on. So, the search engines take the advantage to combine the social signals into their ranking signals.
  • Though Social Link is NoFollow, Its Value is Almost Like DoFollow: Mainly social sites provide nofollow attributes for outbound links but the search engines valued these as dofollow. Some people could argue about the nofollow link value. But all the search engines look social links from different aspects. Even, Google’s webspam head Matt Cutts said through its own words that links from social shares are safe and valuable to the search engines.
  • Social Media Do the Hardest Work ‘Branding’: Now in the new era of SEO, it mainly relies on brand authority. Branding is the way of making brand authority in the online presence. So, it is one of the hardest works, but social sites have made it really easy. Without these open platforms, it would be really difficult to create brand awareness. So, we are thankful to them.

What Are The Ways to Build More Social Signals Through Engagement?

The only way to get more social signal and improve your SEO in 2014 is brand promotion. So, here are the main criteria for building natural presence from social media platforms:

  • Create Own Brand Page: Most of the social media provide opportunities to create own brand and promote as per own’s need. It is the way to establish your brand through the brand page. Through that page, it will be easy to share updates, news and views easily. So, the users could regularly follow up the brand and join in the necessary events. It will help one a lot for creating brand awareness.
  • Connect With The Influencers: Second step is connecting with the social people. To make it happen, one has to regularly share his brand updates. So, the social activists could enjoy the updates. Trying to get more likes, shares, followers are the greatest ways of social engagement. The social activities from public pages are more preferable so the search engines could get a proper popularity report.
  • Make Your Website Contents Easy to Share Socially: Whenever a visitor comes to your website and individually like a content or resource, he would probably like to share it with all of his friends. And that will be only possible if you make the share easy. So, include share buttons on your websites so that the visitors could click once and share.

Which Platforms Should Be Used For Better Social Signals?

There are excessive numbers of social platforms for users, but one may ask what are preferable? Well the exact answer will be the sites leading with page rank and authority. As it is also used as a source of instant targeted traffic, we should try out the sites with more social engagement of people.

So, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and so on sites like these should be used as I do. These sites have the highest number of social activities. So, these would be your choice if you really want the branding part to get more social signals for ranking. Using these sites actively would help you in SEO in 2014.

The Biggest Advantages of Being Connected With Google+ For Ranking:

Some years ago the most avoided platform was Google+. No one measured this seriously as a result, many of the SEO experts considered this as worthless. Google+ is going to change SEO in 2014. So make sure to use it from now.

But now the thoughts are completed changed. In fact, in my judgment it has the highest value rather than any social platform. Here are the top reasons why everyone should get seriously into Google+:

  • Google+ Posts Are Indexed Very Quickly By Crawlers: Google+ has turned the option to show search results from Google+. So, whenever a post is published in Google+, it will be shown in the search results as soon as possible. Then the links will be also rewarded by passing link equity. In a Moz post by Cyrus Shepard, he explained that Google plus posts pass link equity. So, that will be helpful for all.
  • Google+ Shows Verified Authorship Markup in Search Results: Google+ shows authorship markup in search results to ensure an author is trusted or not. There are lots more advantages of Google+ authorship markup and this it helps in ranking.

Final Thoughts about Social Media and SEO in 2014:

I trust on it with my heart and soul because of the latest Hummingbird update and some exact words from Matt Cutts. SEO in 2014 is gonna be change. In some other blogs, it was said to prevent any sorts of algorithm changes, we should get social.

Previously, social bookmarking, forum posting and other simple strategies were enough for ranking but now these are not. So, in my SEO strategy I have included the social engagement part.

However, I am sure that it is one of the best strategies that is going to work for SEO in 2014.

What do you think? How Social Media Will Affect SEO in 2014?

Run a Blog Survey to Know the Taste of Your Readers

Would you be interested in knowing the taste of your readers? Would you like to know what your readers favorite pick of topics are? Well, it’s a just a matter of fact that every blog owner would love to know these minute details for they allow the authors to come up with extra trendy posts that takes its readers by great interest.

Well, now the casual question of ‘how’ pops out?

Run A Blog Survey!

Yes, it is as simple as it is!

I have been following the same methodology in my previous blog and let me tell you, it worked like a charm. The results have been generous and the readers have surprised me with their feedback. It was just few weeks ago that I had a survey live, asking my readers how often should I post in a week. Normally, I come up with 1 post a week. But the enormous reply emails and feedbacks that I have received was overwhelming. Majority of them wanted to hike the frequency of my posts with 90 percent stating that they need at least 3 posts a week. I was glad to know that my readers wanted more from me. I couldn’t resist their appeal and I went with the 3-posts-a-week convention. I really feel proud now as it not only did raise my reputation, it turned my blog into a trustworthy resource.

Run a survey

Top 5 question to ask your readers in the survey

1: How often do you visit my Blog?

This is an important question as it would help the authors to know where his/her blog stand in attracting visitors and weather they are sticking to your blog or bouncing away to better resources.

2: What are your favorite picks of topics?

As an author, it is important that he/she should know the exact interest of their readers.

Once they give you a feedback, like ‘SEO‘ which is more precise than the common ‘blogging’, it becomes quite easy for the author to target his next post based on the reflected interest. This guarantees more pages views, better search engine rankings, more traffic and latter, a better reputation.

3: Do you have any Problem you would like to address the blog owner?

Just as the common byword goes by, every day ends with a night. Even after hours spent on design, the readers may still be unsatisfied, this is plainly because your perspective is that of an author while the others look at your blog with a perspective of a readers (believe me they are at the opposite hemisphere).

So why don’t welcome the suggestion from the readers end?

Kindly open up for the words of your fellow readers. It would help you to serve them in a better and much resourceful way. Once you are able to establish a trust in the readers mind, you could easily grow your blog and expand your horizon such as diversifying the niche or when starting a new micro blog

4: Are you interested in our premium services?

A blog cannot stand on its own unless funded by a strong financial input. Therefore the need to monetize certain features of your blog becomes necessary.

But how would the readers react to such a quick overturn of decision?

Reader’s survey makes sure your reputation is kept undisturbed. You could easily grab the feedback of the readers on your newly launched product or service and make amendments corresponding to the feedback received.

5: Your Email address.

Yes this is an important part but yet optional. The reason why this is optional is that the readers are often hugely cautious about their privacy. So if you are asking for the reader’s email address, I would recommend you to convince them that their mail is going to be safe with you and spamming policy has to be amended.

How to organize a Readers survey?

Organizing a reader’s survey is very much easy especially if your blog is based on WordPress as they are abundance of plug-in’s to serve the purpose. But if you have hosted your blog somewhere else, still you don’t need to worry as many website offers genuine and better survey tools .Here, I have listed top 5 survey tools to help you out with the survey.

 Top 5 Survey Tools

So when was the last time you had a survey?

A year back? Oh, it’s not too late .Take a reader’s survey now and know your readers.

Let me know if you found this post useful? Do you want my suggestion about running survey? Just let me know in comments.

Why You Are Not Able to Make Money Online Yet?

Internet is now not only about playing games, surfing social networking sites and watching videos.

Today, many people are making money online which changed the mindset of people about internet. Making money online is no more a difficult task these days but still according to reports more than 70% people fail to make money online.

Not Making Money

If you are one of those who are not able to Make Money Online then this post is for you. Here, I am going to share 5 reasons why you are not able to Make Money Online yet. Carry on reading to know about the reasons:

Lack of Patience:

Not Making Money

In the 21st century most of the individuals are seen looking for quick results in each and every area of their lives. If you are unaware, let me tell you that making money online at a steady rate requires a lot of patience and is basically a long term benefit that can help you to reap fruits in the years to come. Many a times people kickstart their online money making journey with one activity in particular.

However, as time passes they don’t see much funds flowing in and eventually switch to some other activity. This vicious cycle keeps continuing unless one day comes and you realize that you have goofed up big time with your online money making techniques. Hence it is absolutely crucial for you to maintain a consistent approach in order to be successful.

Read: What to Do When Blogging Stops Working

The “I am Always Right” Concept:

One major reason behind a number of people failing in their online money making activity is solely because of their sky rocketing overconfidence levels. Most of the individuals who happen to be newbies in the online arena try to take a different route, instead of consciously following the masses at large. This is the first wrong step that they take, which eventually puts them into a soup.

Most of the people instead of listening to their fellow mates and taking lessons from their mistakes, choose to do all the planning and finally end up failing badly. Hence, it is vital for each and every individual who is looking forward to venture into the online arena to do away with his or her “I am always right” concept.

Playing Safe:

Yet another reason that is absolutely significant as far as constantly failing online money making techniques are concerned is the fact that most of the individuals choose to settle down for activities that fall within the boundaries of their comfort zones, thus laying down restrictions on the much needed expansion and diversification plans. People try to be over cautious and thus end up venturing into self-friendly activities.

However, it is not always possible for all the activities that fall within your comfort zone to be a successful person and help you to make money online. This is exactly why you need to lay down serious consideration on stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something distinct and extraordinary.

Choosing the Wrong Mentor:

Any and every time when we decide to venture into any new activity, we always look forward to tightly hold onto someone who can become just the right guide and mentor for us. This fact is true in case of venturing into online money making activities as well. It is a universal law that the follower only succeeds when he or she is being guided by an effective mentor.

On the other hand, if you choose to be led by the wrong person, then it is quite obvious that your venture is going to be a big failure. This is exactly why you need to make a foolproof decision as far as shortlisting your mentor is concerned.

Free is not Always Good:

One word that happens to be an all time favorite of each one of us is nothing, but the word Free. Many a times when people are seen looking out for online money making activities they end up choosing sites that are offering something or the other for free. People are seen looking for activities that do not require any investment, but at the same time provide you with guaranteed returns.

However, it is high time for you to realize that without any capital there are no profits. This is exactly why you need to start overlooking the free items and instead learn to part with your funds in order to get your hands on activities that are both productive and concrete.

Did you found the article useful? Are you struggling to make money online? Do share with us in comments.