How to Develop a Daily Writing Habit as a Blogger?

How can I write daily as a blogger?

How can I write 1,000 words per day in a consistent manner?

What are the hacks involved to get this to happen?

Believe me, these questions above are some of the primary questions bloggers ask on numerous search engines when they find it hard to churn out articles on a frequent, daily manner.

But before I proceed to reveal what needs to be done in other to jump-start a daily writing habit, I will have to first explain why it’s imperative to have one in the first place.

Firstly of all, as a blogger who’s writing on a niche best known to you; writing daily would help you cover grounds quickly on the topic you blog about. This comes in handy when you blog on a very large topic e.g. writing, health or personal development etc.


Secondly, writing daily makes you a better person since you’re actually setting goals and accomplishing it daily. And realizing this would naturally give you the required confidence to take on any mundane or gigantic tasks and complete them swiftly.

Thirdly, apart from making you a better person; developing a daily writing habit would also make you a good writer. As in, you’d be able to express yourself through your words so well that people would literally get what you’re trying to convey as they read each words of your posts.

And finally, now that I’ve shown you the reasons why writing daily is beneficial to you as a blogger, it’d be a privilege to show you how to start and keep doing this habit daily.

So, without wasting much time, these are the 5 ways to start and keep doing “the daily writing habit” –

1. Decide That You Want To Write Daily

We’re generally moral creatures as human beings, this depicts that whatever we put our mind to accomplish, surely comes into fruition as long as we have made up our minds to do just that.

Likewise, this can be said of writing daily too. When you decide within yourself that writing everyday is what you want to frequently keep doing, it becomes quite easy to write because you’ve made up your mind.

After making up your mind on starting, then you’d have to decide how many words to write everyday. Stephen King once famously quoted that, “To be a better writer, you’d need to write at least 1,000 words per day, for a start”. So choosing a specific amount of words to write per day is necessary. This gives your goal – of wanting to write daily – some kind of constructive form, since a goal without a precise target isn’t a goal but a mere wish.

With that said, when I decided to start writing on daily basis, I had a target to write at least 1,000 words per day, no matter how unpleasant it might be to write them out.

And to tell you the truth, with that target of 1,000 words in mind, I tried as much as I could to reach them each day and it worked excellently well for me.

So, it’s not only in deciding to develop a daily writing habit, but it’s also a significant factor to have a target of words, which you need to reach and overly accomplish on daily basis.

2. Write now. . Edit Later

Writing should come naturally and smoothly from you to the computer screen or paper. So when you constantly delete any little grammatical errors or typing errors you see while you write, you’d notice that it’d interfere with your writing flow, which ends up making you lose your writing muse.

So, what should you do to minimize the editing until you’ve finished writing?

Well, it’s quite easy, what you need to do is simply to turn off your Microsoft Word spellchecker or your word processors’ spell checker, since it’s basically the core reason why people keep editing their first drafts while they write.
To shut down the MS Word Spell checker until you’ve finished writing, do this –

Firstly, click on the Ms Word logo at the top left side of your screen.

Once that has been initiated, a little new window will come up.

Click on “Word Options”.

After you’ve clicked on “Word Option”, a new page will come up.

Locate and click on “proofing”.

Once the proofing page has shown itself; start by un-checking these buttons below in other to stop MS Word from momentarily spell checking your first draft.

• Check spelling as you type
• Mark grammar errors as you type
• Check grammar with spelling

And of course, you can “check” the buttons later when you’ve complete your daily word count.

This would help you very much in editing less and writing more in other to be able to finish up your daily writing on time.

3. Plan Tomorrow’s Writings – Today

Like I once said earlier, planning cannot be overemphasized when we talk about writing since it’s the embodiment of the subject in question. When you plan before time about what to write the next day, it becomes quite easy to actually write on any topic you’ve chosen to write on, no matter how complex it may be.

Likewise, to put this into motion, get online and do extensive research for the next day writing after you might have completed your daily writing of that day.

And when you do this continually, you’d notice that writing becomes easy for you each day you wake up to write. This would help you write faster and better, up to the point of even surpassing the normal word count that you’ve put in place.

4. Reward Yourself Regularly

Take out time to reward yourself for each day you complete your daily writing schedule. It doesn’t matter whether your targeted word count is 500, 900, 1000 or 5000; what is important is that you’ve managed against all odd to see that it’s completed.

So, once you’ve accomplished such feat; go out for a walk or buy yourself a wonderful dinner or lunch. Just enjoy the moment..;)

because achieving a goal isn’t easy and most people rarely achieve anything of significance in life.

So, enjoy the victory and make sure to have a blast. This way, you’d crave to achieve exactly the same feat the next day when you’re faced with the same word count.

5. Have Someone That Checks on You Daily

When it’s only you in a goal, you might easily start to give yourself measly excuses why you can’t fabricate the specific amount of words you had vowed to write out daily.

So normally, this is where attaching a second party to your goal becomes quite a good idea. Include someone you can trust to check up on your goal of accomplishing that specific amount of word count each day.

Apart from that, making sure he or she is given the power by you to seize something of value from you each time you fail to reach the required word count that you’ve set.

Believe me, with that only; you’d be prompt to take your daily writing a little more serious. Leaving you with no option than to complete the daily writing or have something of value seized from under your very nose.

In Conclusion

Since I started daily writing, it has been very wonderful for me as blogger, because I can now write tons of guest posts and also find more time to write for my own blog at same time.

This alone has significantly boosted my blog traffic to a reasonable level that I’m proud of, and it has also given me a little bit of confidence as a freelance writer too.

So, engaging in daily writing will surely change you and take your blog to the next levels.

I surely hope you’ll START the daily writing ritual today.

Do you write daily or weekly? How often do you publish new post on your blog? Do let me know in comments.

55 thoughts on “How to Develop a Daily Writing Habit as a Blogger?”

  1. Hi,
    Great Stuff.
    Really interested in such topics. When I started my blog I feel really lazy, but it now reading so many inspirational blog posts like yours really boosted and enlightened my writing skills.
    Thank you,

  2. Wow great topic Kingsley!
    I too am searching for an answer to this because after writing for a while, you tend to get lazy, it’s human nature. I was so lazy that I almost wanted to pay someone for it! Glad I didn’t :)

  3. Hey Kingsly,

    Some great tips for people to get out there and write.
    Myself, I have no problem with it at all. But I must admit that I do not write daily. I do not think it is neccesary as a blogger. Unless you are trying to accelerate interest in a new blog.
    As long as you are consistent, I think the readers are ok with it.

    Have a Good Day :)

  4. Does writing daily really brings good traffic ? or a rich content brings good traffic ? surely that’s rich, However daily writing a article with 1000 words is quite difficult. Is 1000 Words necessary ?

  5. I am one of the worst when it comes to writing consistently and I for one felt inspired after reading this article!

    I still have a very long way to go, but I’m slowly starting to get myself into a routine and it is clearly showing on my monthly income reports. :)

  6. Hello Sir,

    It was my pleasure to read such an interesting and wonderful post. Glad to see you here at Ammar’s blog! I experience problems while trying to make a habit of writing. I hope your guidance would help me a lot.

    Thank You!

  7. Very nice article Kingsley.
    I think this post will help bloggers a lot , especially beginners and who feel tired in this competition. Building your habit writing daily’s really good to develop your writing skill and you will be more confident in blogging.
    Thanks for your sharing.


  8. Thanks it happens with me also when I find it difficult that on what topic I should write and some time I have a topic but no desire to write. It is a practice actually to write daily that we have to develop and you have shared nice ideas for developing that.

  9. Hi Kingsley,

    I like your post of daily writing habit. This post is most beneficial. Daily wiring hobbit improves your writing speed. improve speed mistakes and in many more ways.
    Great post thank you for sharing this article with us.

    Nikhil :)

  10. hey Kingsley

    you have written a great article and a blogger can only understand the importance of this article.This article has opened up a new doors of gaining written skills.

  11. Thanks for the great post Kingsley. I write daily on average. One thing I’ve come to discover is that writing consistently will develop the skill of any writer. Like people say, the best way to improve as a writer, is to write.

  12. Yes, after a few blog posts every blogger feels a writing block, and a successful blogger is one who knows how to tackle that block

  13. This is a really wonderful piece on developing a great writing habit as blogger. To be successful as blogger, you must write unique, quality contents till your eye starts paining you….Im really inspired!

  14. Great article, and another great site!
    For me, I found getting into the writing habit was easiest when I started blogging. I was doing one post each day up until this week, and I started doing that in October. I started blogging on September 27 of last year.

    Thanks for the sharing

    1. Hi Edward Jony, happy one year anniversary to you. Just keep writing daily, it’s good for you as a writer. Don’t stop it.

  15. Please Kingsley Agu answer my comment Please. It’s a very important thing for me . Please please please answer

  16. Hi Kingsley, writing habbit is very important to become a blogger. As I personally love to write, when I was a student since then I loved to write in waste books. I use write all my whole days activity. Same habbit helped me to become a blogger.

  17. hi Kingsley,
    wonderfully written post. . .agree with your all points, I have started to write at least 500 words daily. . yes, sometimes I waste a lot time doing nothing, I will consider your tips to write more. .
    thanks for sharing! :)

  18. Hello Kingsley,

    Wonderful tips, the first step to begin with writing is to read more and more. It’s a great thought of writing daily so that we can improve our writing skills.

    And yes you are right we need to have someone for proofreading.


    1. Yes Anirudh, without reading more one can’t write at all, since it takes input to output properly. This is why a lot of writers and bloggers end up having writer’s block because they research so little about what they want to write on.

  19. Hey Kingsley great tips! Especially setting up specific goals help us to proceed with a good motivation. When I started out I set 700 words per day as the goal. Of course I won’t be able to publish all that I write, but I was certainly using all of my writing one way or the other.

    Given that we, bloggers, have to produce a lot of useful content, practicing writing as a habit surely does help.

    And yes, I don’t edit while I write. It simply destroys our creativity.

    Thanks for sharing.

  20. Read other stuff. This is my routine – it’s good for inspiration and gets the old brain ticking over. By “stuff” I mean the news, or cultural things, but books too. Good books! Nobel prize winners to really teach you a thing or two. Sorted.

  21. I am trying to maintain these tips. But I have a question that, How to do I get more topics to write blog posts every day ? I am getting many problems to find out topics to write posts. Please tell me some ways to find out topics easily .

    1. Hey Shaifur,
      In other to more posts topics and write up superb contents for your site, you’ll have to find out exactly what your target audience are searching on about the topic you blog on. You can use Google Webmaster Tool to find out exactly what search queries users are using to find your blog.

      Where are they meeting? This is also another way to find more post topics and more content ideas on what to write on, because on those forums, these audience of yours normally ask question as regards their present problem. And that problem is a post topic of it own.

      Thirdly, search Google for epic posts pertaining your niche, and find out which blogs are writing such detailed posts. once you find them, skim carefully into their blog contents to find out more contents ideas you can use for your next and eveyday topic.

      Hope I’ve answered your question.

    2. Hi Shaifur,

      1. Use “Google Trends” to know what are the topics selling like hot cakes in your niche.

      2. You should also try “related keywords” section just below the Google search results by searching hot keywords in your niche for some content idea.

      3. Use “Google Alerts” and monitor what content or posts are written by the thought leaders in your niche, on a day to day basis.

      4. You can also use GWMT and Google Search itself for keyword ideas, as said by Kingsley.

      Happy Blogging :)

  22. Writing a blog post daily is a hard thing for me. But after reading your tips, I will try my best to write a post everyday for my readers. I have already set my post target but due to personal problems, I was not able to complete it.

  23. Hey Kingsley,

    You said start writing with 1000 words on daily basis. So my question is one should write anything that comes into his/her mind or should focus on any specific topic. I’m asking this because if one have to write on specific topic, then first have to do research on the topic.

    1. Hi Pankaj, you can focus on anything that comes to your mind. That’s why I included the option of starting a journal so that it’ll be extremely for you.

  24. Hi Kingsley, and nice to have you back on Ammar’s blog :)

    Oh yes….it’s a very simple rule of thumb as they call it – the more you write, the better you become, and this IS true :)

    Speaking of myself, being a freelance writer whose work is only to write, I’ve seen the change in my work over time because I write a lot, whether it’s on my blog, for clients, or even my comments (which are like mini-posts!)…so it all keeps getting better with time.

    I agree about the editing part as well. I think if you sleep over your work and come back to it after a few hours with a fresh pair of eyes, you will make less of errors and ensure that your copy is well-done up.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead, both of you :)

    1. Hi Harleena,
      I so much love what you wrote here –

      “I agree about the editing part as well. I think if you sleep over your work and come back to it after a few hours with a fresh pair of eyes, you will make less of errors and ensure that your copy is well-done.”

      I started it recently, and I can’t help but see how effective it has really helped me reduce my typos.

  25. Hi Kingsley,
    Really useful post you have shared here. Many blogger struggling to build the habit but you have practical solution above. To start with our decisive mind is great as far as I know.

    Thanks for this post and wish you have a great weekend

  26. Writing is one of the most important things that you should do if you are a blogger, but at the same time it is the toughest one. The thing can be overcome if you blog about the thing that you like. If you have a blog and you write on random topics, you will end up writing low-quality articles.
    To create a writing habit, you must start writing on something that you love to do.

  27. Hey Kingsly
    Some great tips for people to get out there and write.
    Myself, I have no problem with it at all. But I must admit that I do not write daily. I do not think it is neccesary as a blogger. Unless you are trying to accelerate interest in a new blog.
    As long as you are consistent, I think the readers are ok with it.
    have a good day

    1. Hey Ashley,
      Writing everyday isn’t really a must for bloggers. But in case a blogger can’t writer fluently yet, then it becomes a must, because writing everyday helps a blogger to be a better writer and to also write faster.
      Thanks Ashley for your comment.

    2. I was too lazy to write so I started relying on my graphic work and used viral content to spread my blog and it was quite useful!

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