5 Things to Confirm You Are Still A New Blogger

Do you know what it makes a blogger professional blogger or newbie blogger? Professional blogger learns from his/her mistakes while the other one who never learns from their blogging mistakes is called a NEWBIE blogger.

Are you blogging from so many days or just started? Let’s check out whether you are newbie blogger or not…

#1. Looking At Stats All The Time:

This sounds to be crazy but its common for the newbie bloggers who check their traffic stats all the time. Stop checking it, or disable the plugin if you are using WP stats plugin. And don’t check your stats even in Google analytics!!

I agree that stats reveal your blogging success and progress but what’s the use if you stare at them always? Instead of checking all the time, set a proper time for checking your stats once in a day or at the weekends.

#2. Updating The Themes Thrice A Week: 

Shocked? You will do this if you are a absolute beginner. You always like to change your theme at least once a week.

How to overcome: Stop chasing after updating the themes, concentrate on the quality content creation. My advice is use simple and minimal theme like this blog.

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#3. Looking At Alexa Rank So Often:

Keep your head on the content creation, building network and getting traffic to your blog rather than looking at the alexa ranking system. What’s the use if you just sit and look at that widget or rank?? Will it change?

Otherwise try to increase your alexa by updating more often. The more you update, the chances of increasing your rank will be more. Install alexa rank widget and toolbar in your browser to increase your rank.

#4. You Feel Lazy to Write Regularly:

You should be consistent in writing/updating your blog. It’s not necessary to write one post/day though. But, you should always update your blog often. It’s needed if you want to succeed in blogging.

Keep one thing in mind that “Perfection is an illusion”. We all are humans, so strive not for the perfection, strive for the consistency. Don’t feel lazy to update your blog content.

#5. Not Proof Reading Your Posts Before Publishing:

You never check your blog posts before hitting the publish button. You are just so lazy to do that. After all who will read your blog, huh? Your mom, pet and you – isn’t it?

How to overcome: Make it a habit of re-checking your posts before you publish them to the world. If possible double check them and re-craft it until you feel satisfied. This makes your writing better and adds value to posts.


No one is more than you – think yourself as a professional blogger even if you are a newbie blogger and start doing the things. Learn from the successful bloggers in your niche and try to list out the top blogs in your niche and start commenting on them. You will notice the changes within few weeks.

Your Turn:

If you found this post funny or useful – drop your comments below. I would love to hear them from you.


This is a guest post by Rahul Kuntala, author of LearnBlogTips

31 thoughts on “5 Things to Confirm You Are Still A New Blogger”

  1. The way I usually tell if someone is new to blogging, is if they have a popular article but have major words grossly misspelled.

    “#2. Updating The Themes Thrice A Week: ”

    What does Thrice mean again?

    Sorry to be “that guy”, but come on… spell check people!

    1. Oh, no! Number one.

      I need to stop doing that stupid thing.
      The second, I did that on the beginning because I need to find best theme for SEO.
      Thank you for sharing.
      Concistency is more important than perfection I’ll remember that.

  2. I a beginner too? I have the urge to check the analytics the next day. Hope so I made the same as the above and will definitely change for better blogging

  3. I’m guilty of #1 ! Everytime I post new content I have the urge to check the analytics the next day. This probably is not healthy to do,lol. Especially if your a newbie like myself.

  4. Whoa Rahul! You hit the nail on target! These things are actually true….and to be honest, I sometimes do them yet :) Cheers

  5. and what if one checks Alexa ranking too often but of the competitors that have rank under 10k and chase them. Am I a beginner too?

  6. Hi Rahul, Great tips above, I made the same as the above and will definitely change for better blogging.

    Thanks – Ferb

  7. Anthony Swenski

    additional points,
    >Sharing irrelevant updates on facebook.
    >Sending “page Like” requests every now and then.
    the things i do most.

  8. Hey Rahul,

    Just another awesome and useful post for newbie bloggers, I’d love to share the post to newbie bloggers as I also did such worst mistakes in my past, but trying to avoid them now!

    Concentrating on updating blog was a good point, for me it’s really needed but I do update my blog about 2 or 3 times a week with new posts. I’m doing Guest Posting more these days too! And will be publishing more posts in the future but with consistency and according to my schedule. :arrow:

    Thanks Rahul!

  9. Hi Rahul, All your Points are true. I still have habit of the 3 things which you have listed. I will see Traffic, Alexa Rank all the time and am very lazy to write articles regularly.

  10. Sandeep Kumar (SEO Bloggers Tips)

    Great Points highlighted Rahul…..
    I like your last point most………. this is a common mistake made by newbies…..’Proof reading’ is a must have activity…..

    Thanks for the article Rahul…..

  11. Your points are very true !! All the newbie blogger usually do all these things and very common practice is to see alexa and traffic again again…

  12. What a article dude. Really just love it. I have all above habits expect one that I don’t look at stats often.
    Really informative and well described post.


    1. Don’t worry Jafar.. You don’t need to worry about those though instead you keep more concentrating on creating great content. so, dont worry. Keep up your good work.

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