5 Types Of Posts That Gets Shared Like Crazy


So, you are working hard on your blog. You are trying to write the best content you want and you are also trying to get it shared and linked back. But, do you think that you are getting the results that you want? If your answer is “NO!” then continue reading.

Because today I am going to tell you the type of blog posts you should be writing to get more shares and link backs to it. So, keep roureading and get ready to get the blog traffic you should be getting to your blog.

So, here are the 4 types of blog posts you should be posting on your blog to get more shares, likes, comments, backlinks and traffic.

1. Top List Posts

Top list posts are one of the hot things in blogging, today. Top list post are tend to get much more social shares than other traditional blog posts. Top list posts are the kind of posts that always work because of their attractive headings.

Examples :

How To Make A Top List Post?

The best part about making a top list post is that it is really easy to make one. Yes, easier than the traditional blog posts.

Let’s take an example that you have to do a top list post on “Top 15 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog”. So, here is how you would do it –

Step 1 : Open up notepad and write the top 15 ways you can think of to drive traffic to your blog, in this case it goes –

  • Share Your Content On Social Media
  • Let your current subscribers know
  • Do Guest Blogging
  • and so on….

Step 2 : After you have written the 15 points just go to your blog to write the post. Give an introduction, and detail all the 15 points that your wrote and you are done.

Writing Top list posts is that easy!

2. Publish Free Guides

Publishing free guides is another cool way to get more social shares and traffic to your blog. This is all because a guide would have both quality and quantity that means more quality information and people would share it because it is free of cost. It also tends to get more comments.

Examples :

How To Write Guides

Writing guides could be an easy job if you have expertise in any topic. So, just make sure that you are just writing guides only if you are having expertise in anything. For example, if you think that you have expertise in, “How to start a blog”, then all you need to do is assume that your readers don’t know anything about blogging. So, start from the very basic level and write in very easy to understand language and at end of the post you can add something like, “If you loved the post, don’t forget to share it” and that should do the trick.

3. Interviews

Interviewing a popular blogger in your niche can get you a lot of social shares because the blogger whom you interviewed would also share it. Thus, you would also get his fans to your blog.

Examples :

How To Take Interviews

You can follow the following guide to learn taking interviews from popular bloggers – Guidelines you must follow before interviewing a blogger

and after publishing the interview don’t forget to ask them to share it with their followers!

4. Featuring Someone

Featuring someone is same as taking interviews but for interviews you would need to ask questions but for featuring someone you can do it with the blogger’s permission and let him know when you have published the content.

Examples :

How To Feature Someone

Featuring someone is no brainer. All you have to do is, if you like someone and you think that you can write about him. Just write a post about him and let him know. You can also feature a bunch of people and then let them know that you featured all of them and ask them to share the post.

5. Expert Roundups (a.k.a. Group Interviews)

This technique would get you the a lot of blog traffic even if you blog is brand new. In this you are actually asking many expert the same question and featuring many of them at the same time and the results are amazing because all of the top bloggers you featured would share it with their fans.

Examples :

How To Write Expert Roundups

To write an expert round up, just think of a question you would like to ask from all top bloggers in your niche. Let’s say you have to ask the question, “What are the top 3 SEO strategies for you?”.

Now, all you need is a list of about 80-90 top bloggers in your niche and you need to email them all asking the question. Tell them that you are doing an expert roundup and then ask them the question. Let them know that you would link to their website too. Many of the bloggers would answer to your question and some may not answer. Once you have a descent number of answers then just do a blog post on it writing each bloggers and answer.

Tip : Try to target the bloggers who have already answered previous expert roundups because they are more likely to answer your expert roundup too.


Make sure that you do these 5 types of posts on your blog to get more social shares and blog traffic. Make sure that you are delivering quality content because more the quality is the more likely it would be shared.

So, what are to top posts that gets more social shares and traffic for you? Comment Below!

10 thoughts on “5 Types Of Posts That Gets Shared Like Crazy”

  1. Yeah, thanks buddy. That’s a really great post.
    List posts are the one that gets shared most of the times.
    The next thing that gets shared most of the times are infographics. By ignoring infographics, you are missing backlinks and Social Shares.

    To obtain maximum number of social shares one should follow ego baiting. Mentioning great brand in your blog posts, and giving them a heads up. Encouraging them to share your blog post. Imagine a great brand in your niche sharing your blog post. BAM! That’s dreamable.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. It is always about writing useful and informative articles which can add values to your readers knowledge and/or life. I am not a blogger at all but I am in search engine industry since quite a long time. I prefer checklist kind of articles or traditional knowledge base articles or analysis kind of articles. These types of articles are always been old gold mine. The more age they get the more benefits you gain.
    But few of your ideas are really actionable and should be followed if anybody wanna be a full-time blogger.

    Soumya Roy

  3. I Personally think that lists post does a wonderful job and can get more likes and share specially if you promote them properly in social media sites but the most important point is to write useful content, if it’s useful for your readers then naturally you will get shares and likes

  4. This is really true that only some kind of posts get huge share on different social media platform. I generally like to write post with Top, Best, How To etc. to get more share as well as traffic.
    Find some new idea here and hope those type content also get a better share in social media. thanks for sharing such a nice article…

  5. Hi Sharma,
    This is really true that only some kind of posts get huge share on different social media platform. I generally like to write post with Top, Best, How To etc. to get more share as well as traffic.
    Find some new idea here and hope those type content also get a better share in social media.

    Thanks for the informative post.

    1. Hi Anil

      Sure. Those posts get more traffic & don’t forget to collect all the emails. So, that they customers keep repeating whenever you do an update on your blog.

      Thanks For Reading

    1. Hi Pankaj

      Yes. Interviews get traffic & build authority too. Also, try doing expert roundups as they generate much more traffic because all the people involved in it would share and link to it. This would get you all their fans to visit your blog. Then, all you need to do is collect all those emails and update your blog with great content, so that people come back again and start loving your blog.

      Thanks For Reading

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