How To Add Logo To WordPress Login Screen

MOST WordPress users don’t customize back end of WordPress like Login Screen!

Am I right? ;)

Of course. Customizing back end of WordPress is a great idea. It will make your blog looks professional!

You may always see a Default WordPress Logo On Your Self Hosted WordPress Login screen. Now you can Customize the logo on the WordPress Login screen by either simply installing a plugin or by adding simple code manually to your theme function.php

I’d recommend you to use manual method because it’s better than using plugin. Plugin can increase number of php calls and can affect your blog!

Old Login to New Login Screen copy

How To Add Logo To WordPress Login Screen

  1. Go to Dashboard => Appearance =>
  2. Then Click on Editor => Functions.php
  3. Paste the following code in your functions theme file!
function my_custom_login_logo() {
    echo '<style type="text/css">
        h1 a { background-image:url( !important; }

add_action('login_head', 'my_custom_login_logo');

Now replace
with your image logo image URL. Make sure its size should be “375 x 70px”

Alternative Method!

If you still face any issue or code not working. Then simply install Login Logo Plugin and see instruction. It’ll works

That’s All. See your blog login screen for changes. Hope you will enjoy the quick tutorial on How To Add Logo To WordPress Login Screen without plugin! :)

43 thoughts on “How To Add Logo To WordPress Login Screen”

  1. works great, thanks.
    and in reference to carl’s question – you don’t change the wp image file because when you update wordpress the standard wp logo will come right back.

  2. Great article!!
    Just tried the first method !!
    Just added my custom login logo!!!
    Thanx for the post!
    Keep writing such posts and I would keep on peeping !

  3. Wow. I have 12 contributors and it would really look professional and interesting to them if i add my logo at the login.
    But i am not so experienced with photoshop and stuff.
    Do you know any free online tool to make professional loking HD logo?

    1. Hi, there are two options you have here. Firstly you could use GIMP as this has a set of template logo’s you can use. You simply choose the style and then type your text.

      Second option; and for a more professional looking logo; you could take the course here : and then go about creating your logo.. Of course there is a cost for that course, although that link is a 51% off so you can take the course for less than half price.

      GIMP will give you a basic logo though if want

  4. Wow…! It’s really cool. I’m searching for this since long time. I changed logo of log in page of my blog. I have one questions how to change the link of that logo to my blog instead of ?
    waiting for your reply.

    1. Are you talking about thesis theme skin? If yes then simple place above code in your custom functions editor / .php file! :)

  5. I have a problem with the logo. My logo appears in a squeezed state. how to solve this? Because of this my login screen is not looking good. Plz help

  6. Hello, thank you for sharing this post. I think adding a logo to wordpress would be brilliant because it would increase the traffic on your website and it would also put a mark on your website. It seems very simple as well so I will definitely be trying it.

  7. Good one , adding logo to wordpress is an awesome idea , It would attract many users and this can be good way of driving traffic to our site , great and innovative article.
    Thanks for sharing

  8. Hi, I just came across from another blog where you had commented on and found this as first article I read on your site.

    I’ve never thought about customizing the backend and its so simple to do I’ve just found from your posting. Even though on the site I have updated I am running Catalyst it was simple to just goto the functions.php of root theme, change and there you go. Brilliant.

    Very useful post which certainly going in my favorites list.

  9. HI Ammar Ali,

    Thanks for the cool informative posts, it will be cool if we add logo to our wordpress login and i guess for guest author our blog looks more official by this trick.

  10. hi, ammar
    Its good to customize our login page. I think its gives us feeling as we entered in our own home rather than other.Thanks for sharing… :-)

  11. Thanks Ali!
    Honestly, this is most simple way!
    (I salute to every post on your blog, which exactly brings a useful points to the reader)
    Keep it up!


      1. Truly a nice share Ammar. I guess adding code in Function.php is better. I was forced to cut off many pluging by HostGator support when my site was running too many process than was allowed. Though the problem was with theme, they won’t look at your theme code unless you have really smaller number of plugins. Its always better to keep it small.

        One problem I suspect when you add code in function.php file is that – Won’t it be replaced when you update theme or wordpress? What can be the safeguard in such case?

        1. Yeah, It’s better not to use plugin for such simple and quick tutorial! :D

          There is no way. You’ve to manually add code to theme so it will add logo to WP Login Screen!!

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