Why & How To Build a Powerful Online Presence?

Content maybe the king, but sometimes your online presence is the door which might bring luck to your business, You’ve to build a powerful online presense.

Just consider the case of Professional Bloggers like Zac Johnson and Harsh Agarwal, they are always being everywhere on the Internet.

I’ve noticed that Ammar, Founder of AllBloggingTips is building a powerful Online Presence which is probably the biggest secret of his success online.

This young blogger is making himself stand out on the Blogosphere.

You too can do this! ;)

Why you Must Have a Powerful Online Presence?

Before proceeding, just consider those cases when you get to know new blogs which are really worth going through. I’m pretty sure, that most of the time, you won’t be organically searching, you will be probably being referred from any other blog or discussions.

So what I suggest is you do in simple is – Be Everywhere!

Building a strong presence is not always about traffic and popularity to your blog. But its actually building a better reputation for your blog. To be frank, the young man Ammar Ali is really inspiring me. He is doing things great and is on his way to the top of the list by building an extra powerful online reputation.

Taking it outside the box,- Good luck man!

How to Build a Strong Online Presence?

Build a Powerful Online Presence
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Just like I said before, “try to be everywhere”. Its worth doing.

I think these are the best ways to Build a Powerful Online Presence on the internet.

Guest Posting.

The good old element of Professional Blogging– Guest Posting is one thing you should really give some priority to. Don’t think you are wasting valuable content for your blog by giving away your knowledge to other blogs. Think positive and think beneficial. All those Pros won’t go like Mad Guest Posters without seeing anything beneficial. Right?

Ones you output articles which can be called Great Content, you will actually win the hearts of your readers and resulting in getting loyal fans and readers. They won’t forget to spread the word. Write Perfectly, Write More, Write Relevant. That’s the key to win their hearts. Go get em’.

  • 12 Tips For Writing Engaging Content For Readers

Engage and Interact.

There are millions of discussions online at the same time.

Don’t even think about missing one. ;)

Be active and deliver appropriate ideas and feedbacks. Don’t go for backlinks, but use your words to get noticed when you are commenting on other blog discussions. You won’t regret it, Mark my words Forums are a great way to be active in online sessions and really put pressure on participating these web discussions.

Build a Powerful Online Presence

Make good use of Social Networks.

Don’t forget about all those first methods you used to gain traffic, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Target active and powerful users. Join groups and pages. Be friends with Geeks. Share your content and raise your voice. Make them feel your contents are worth reading. Note that Social Networks can be sometimes a huge waste of time. Put limit to everything, this will surely help you to increase Online Presence

Be Human.

I know some bloggers who are having great values of information but have not achieved success. Its only because that they don’t have a life other than their blog Dashboard and Revenue results. They are just acting like robots who can’t talk. You actually need to mingle with your readers. Talk to them back. Help them. It will also build a good readership and a strong online value.

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Over to you!

You are not fueled up with the best ways to build a Powerful and Strong Online Presence.

Good luck. Just remember that the secret recipe is to “Be Everywhere” and start the methods I wrote above to Build a Powerful Online Presence.

Don’t forget to speak up your opinion and tell us about your online presence in the commenting area.

86 thoughts on “Why & How To Build a Powerful Online Presence?”

  1. Ammar is an inspiration for many bloggers. I agree you need to be present at many place but you must start step by step. For example, take one social media site, build authority and then move on to the next.
    Guest Posting is ultimate way to build backlinks and reach more people in your niche.
    Thanks, Nav

  2. Hi Siraj,
    Wow, I’m glad to hear that mate.
    You got that right, many of them works like robots thinking that the content will do the rest. Well said.

    Thanks for commenting. Cheers!

  3. Hey Amal,

    i love reading your articles. You’ve mentioned some outstanding points. Many bloggers commit a mistake when it comes to online presence. They work like robots, they think that there content will do the rest. And it’s the thing they do wrong.

  4. Mate..

    Very useful guides to build a good social media reputations.

    Also, I used to follow some of this tips already and I can see little growth on my blogs social media traffics too.


    1. Hi Prabakaran,
      I’m happy to hear that you found this post worth your time. And congratulations for what you’ve achieved. Good luck!

  5. Good points Amal. That’s one of the reasons I become a follower of this blog by Ammar Ali, he is an inspiration for anyone who is starting out in the bogging world and building authority. Oluwaseun who is a friend of mine who is blogging at Sbabzy is doing a great job doing what you have mentioned in this article.

    Thanks for the reminder of the importance in being everywhere and building the Online Brand Equity which is going to be the best way to monetize in the future.

    1. Hi there Fernando,
      Yeps, Ammar Ali really is an inspirational dude. You’re right, this is the monetization of world itself. Good luck!


  6. Djerah Ahmed Rafik

    I agree with you and also people must connect to social blogging website where they can build such a great audience
    Ps : Social blogging websites such as
    Thanks for sharing :) .

    1. Hi Djerah,
      Social Blogging websites are a great idea. But it’s a sad thing that Bloggers.com stopped their community.
      You’re welcome :)

  7. Excellent tips Amal! I’m wondering if there are companies out there that can help the socially inept to build a presence online??? I remember reading in The New York Times of a consultant specializing in just that but cannot recall the details. If you or anyone know of such a person or service I’d really like to know..Thanks alot.

    1. Hi Saanvi,,
      Hiring companies for building an online presence is not a great idea. I’d suggest to go out there and do it yourself to keep it clean.

  8. I am doing guest posting and make use of social media to increase the online presence of my blog. Good thing I got positive result in doing these things. It’s more likely a good idea to be human to build trust with other online users.

  9. Thanks Einstein,
    In internet marketing this is a great challenge for digital marketing employees,first think about users what they want really now a days and what type of keywords are manly searches in Google such as making money online ,jobs etc based on these keywords we have to create a powerful content and also design of a website also attract for users and create a nice network in the internet

  10. As one of the two keys to having a successful online presence, awesome content is the more important one. It is what people want, and it is also what search engines e.g. Google, want since their job is to help people get what they want. The best way to start creating awesome content is to create an effective website or blog.

  11. Gautam Doddamani

    i agree zac is everywhere..he has maintained a real nice online presence…guest posting, interacting, engaging and commenting are very essential if we want our brand to get recognized..thx for the helpful points amal! :)


  12. Amal Rafeeq , Well done forums discussions and blog commenting are best methods . . I heard that guest posting method is going to be risky for SEO. Is that true ?

    1. Hi Amit. Forums are really worth engaging :)

      Guest Posting can be harmful to your blog if you allow low quality blog owners to write on your blog. Keep it balanced.
      Good luck

  13. Great post. But I will be more happy if you had written few more lines relate to ‘How to build powerful online presence’. I hope those remaining stuff will appear in comments.

    Keep it up

  14. Having a blog business is indeed not just providing a quality content, but rather spending some time also online. There are many ways to maximize and promote your content online and generate more income.

  15. Hi,
    Great point. Well detailed. According to me post should be real and original . Post should have good quality. Good work . Very useful tips for freshers like me . I will keep all these points in my mind and work hard to achieve my target.

    1. Hey Tayyab. Thanks for commenting.
      Social Networks sure give a kick start of traffic for bloggers :)

  16. Hey Ammar.
    I’d like to Thank you a 1000 Times for letting me Guest Post here.
    To be frank, I haven’t received this much comments to my articles since how. Its all because of your hard work on ABT. Congrats.
    This single Guest Post is providing me extra traffic and some loyal readers.
    First I thought, this is gonna be just another Guest Post I do. But it was more than that. :)
    I’m preparing for the next Guest Post after having some distance from the first one.
    Good luck. Have Happy Blogging.

    1. Hi Amal.

      You’re welcome. I’m glad my blog is helping you to get some loyal readers annd extra visitors.

      Good luck! :D

      BTW, Was this your best guest post ever?

  17. Hey! Thanks for sharing these great tips with us! Sometime is hard to start building your online reputation, mainly because you do not know how to begin but slowly after maybe, you follow some other bloggers that you admire you see opportunities to make your voice heard. And once the ice broken, it gets easier!

    1. Hi Jimmie. Thanks a lot for your appreciation :)
      I will be writing an article soon here on AllBlogginTips. Stay toned!

  18. Being everywhere is a bit tough for me, so I selected to be on few places.
    This helped me get new connections.


    1. This is really great what you just said, we can’t everywhere so we must need to focus on some strong points instead of going here and there without purpose this is nothing more than wasting time…

      1. Hey Shivani. If we try, we CAN BE EVERYWHERE. Just like Zac and some other IMs are now.
        A try is worth it. Good luck! :)

    2. Good luck Khaja. Try to kick out your mind that says “Its tough”.
      Try try and try. You can do it :) Good luck

    3. Everything is overwhelming for everyone when it’s the beginning about that particular topic. But creating a strong online presence is what we really need.
      Good luck :)

  19. Hello Dear

    i am totally appreciate with your post i think guest posting one of the best way of link building and build relations ship with other blogger and communicate with your blog reader, so thanks for sharing me

    1. Hey Alka.
      Guest Posting is more than building links. Thumbs up for Building relationship.
      Its the effective way to create a strong online presence. Popularity is something you get online when people see you everywhere. :)
      Good luck and Thanks for your comment.

  20. Really some great tips you have shared here Amal Rafeeq!
    Actually without having a good plan and guideline it is not possible to achieve out target. To touch our expectation we need to implement this tips into work!
    So, thanks again for this great effort:)

    1. Hey Dipankar.
      Thanks for your feedback Dipankar. I’m the one who should thank you for the appreciation. :)
      Have a great Blogging Week.

  21. Being Real and Original is Most Important According to me. Because Social Networking, Guest Blogging etc. might Fail if Readers recognize your Profile as a Fake.
    Thanks for the WonderFul post.

  22. may be blog commenting and forum posting is also one of the way of making your online presence, as you can see any top blog will have many comments from both the newbie and professional bloggers and a useful comment in any niche proves the knowledge of the commentar

  23. Building online Presence is A Tough task and If You Succed In Building You Will Go great.So These Tips Were Great and Thanks For These Tip but i think Getting Featured Can Help more than Guest Posting.. but Guest Posting plays Great Role In Getting Featured Too.. :p

  24. really great information interaction really helps a lot and the fact of BE HUMAN is the most important … The way you represent above facts is awesome … Thanx for sharing this valuable information Great Job :)

  25. Good post but you have skipped a good one in social presence, Pin it. It’s awesome if you use good quality pictures in your blog post.

    1. Hi Dipra.
      This article is not about impressing or popularizing blog posts, its about developing a strong online presence. I suggest you to try reading articles online other than just quickly going through them.
      Reading = Great Output ! Good luck :)

  26. This is nice, you said write our content can fetch traffic from search engines and other places but we an’t ignore online media to get more and effective and this is really a superb article, must Admire this work, love it :)

    1. Hey Zac.
      First of all, I’m so excited and happy to see you commenting on my article for the first time ever. Thanks Zac. And you deserved to be mentioned.
      You always inspired me a lot Sir. :)
      Have a nice blogging week

    1. Hi Sis.
      I’m so happy to see your comment on here.
      I’m just starting to build up a solid online presence just like Enstine said.
      Thanks Marina :)

  27. Hey Zion,
    I totally agree with you. To build a solid online presence, you need to really influence the lives of many through positive impact.

    Yes, Ali is doing a smart job to take his blog to the top. This will surely pay off. We need to work hard and smart.

    May you have a splendid week bro

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