Little-Known Ways To Make The Most Of Social Media

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 Since every article they have read stated the importance of it, they added the ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons as told. If they are diligent they have sent out a ‘tweet’ as they added content and shared their posts on their personal Facebook and the blog Facebook fan page as well.

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So they are doing an excellent job of utilising the social media to leverage ranking, sales, and consumer awareness, right?


They have done what 80% of all bloggers and companies do.  They have added some icons to a webpage and spent a couple hours one afternoon setting up the social media accounts, and are waiting for it to ‘catch fire’ and work magic for them. Only problem is that it never does.

The Plain Truth…

The plain truth is if it were that easy to do, and as easy as most of the blog posts seem to indicate it should be it would be of no use at all.

If it worked like that then it would have equal value to every website thereby cancelling the positive marketing affects you are striving for.  In my personal opinion the only thing worse than not using the social media at all is placing the icons on your blog or website then not using them correctly.

Social Media is a group of interactive communities.

The only way to reap a benefit from them is by interacting. To put in in perspective let’s consider basic human nature because when dealing with the social media you are working on a people to people level more than a business to people level. Look at the following examples and see how they correspond in social media courtesies.

You are walking down the street and pass by another person. There are several possibilities of what transpires.

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You both glance at each other, ensure there is room to pass and go on your way.

A few seconds later neither have any memory of passing each other and neither good nor bad impression of the other as a person.

  • This is the equivalent of having no social media presence on your blog. Aside from an unknown mutual interest or need that brought you by happenstance to the same general place at the same time you have no personal bond or affinity.

You glance at each other, make eye contact and exchange a pleasantry of “Good Afternoon”.

You both feel like the other person ‘seemed nice’ and that it must be a friendly area. You will not remember it clearly but when you think back it will seem like it was a nice afternoon.

  • This is the equivalent of having a social media buttons and politely encouraging their use. It gives the impression that the input and notice of the visitor is important. When you see a tweet or share you acknowledge it and thank them.

You glance at each other and you say “good afternoon”, the other person averts eyes and continues on by.

You immediately wonder what was wrong with the other person or yourself and want to be someplace else. If somebody asks about your afternoon you will immediately remember the obnoxious person.

  • This is unfortunately where most social media interactions fall on the web. It may not be quite as cognizant as that but it is the same effect. They visited your site, shared or joined your Facebook page because they were happy with that they saw but when they ‘followed you’ or said hello on your page they received no acknowledgement. The only impression in their mind is they were polite to you and you did not return the same courtesy.

The entire premise of social media is to get people talking about you, your blog, or your product. It is virtually impossible to get people talking about these things (in a positive light) if you are not talking to them.

If they follow you on twitter but you never ‘tweet’ then there is no conversation or interaction for them to talk about. If they post a question or comment on your Facebook page or timeline and you do not respond they will stop talking and decide if you are not interested then neither are they.

If you have all the social media sites set up and they are all silent all the time leaving you to wonder why you bothered or what the big deal is consider if you are actually using social media or if it is simply there as a decoration on your website.

Best Practices To Make Most of Social Media
  1. Respond to EVERY comment on Facebook. Even if it is just a ‘like’ or to say thank you or exchange a pleasantry do not be the person that walked by and looked the other way.
  2. In general it is better to leave a negative comment and respond appropriately than to delete it. It shows character and builds confidence of others reading.
  3. If you see a share of your post, product, or reference to your blog or product comment if you are able or send a one line thank you message to the person that shared it. This will encourage them to continue sharing and show others how interested in their opinions you are.
  4. Consider strongly when somebody pins something of yours on Pinterest or follows you on any of the media sites to do the same in return. Once again it encourages them to continue and makes them remember you look for you as opposed to overlooking your future shares and tweets.
  5. Set a schedule on a near daily basis to go through the social media profiles of your blog or blogs and respond to all as needed and if there is nothing to respond to then have something to add or say yourself. Do not be a salesperson all the time – simple comments on other things are perfectly acceptable but do not go silent for days and weeks on end.
  6. Remember that you can learn a lot from other people in similar fields as you. It is a big world; we are not all competing for the same market. Following, posting comments, and sharing with and from others in the same field is an opportunity to learn other best practice, receive peer recognition, make friends, and gain inspiration and insight for future projects and developments. If you see good posts do not be shy to share them even if similar to something you would place on your own blog.

If you follow the best practices and are social on social media sites interacting with people then instead of just walking by on a street you are stopping to talk to friends and they will genuinely remember you.

Amanda Revie is a social media and search engine optimisation specialist in the UK.

22 thoughts on “Little-Known Ways To Make The Most Of Social Media”

  1. I’ve rarely seen comments by other bloggers on facebook. Meaning a comment from another page. I only see comments from individual people. I have seen bloggers share the content of other bloggers however. It also looks like you are selling yourself (spammy) if you leave your URL behind your name if you comment on facebook.
    So on social media sites should you comment with your website facebook page or your own facebook/twitter account with your URL behind it?

  2. Really nice article Ammar. Social Media is really effective and important. It can bring you a lot of traffic. :D

  3. Thanks a lot for your post, you actually made a perfect example when you responded to my comment and gave me advice :)
    Your response encouraged me to read your article very carefully, and I decided also to subscribe to your posts.
    And again thanks for visiting my blog :)

    1. Hi Dima,

      Welcome to my blog. I’m glad to see you here. Thanks so much for subscribing.

      Hope to see you again. :D

  4. Gautam Doddamani

    responding to other user’s comments helps a lot…we can also get into discussions with other bloggers and help increase the engagement of a particular post! :)

  5. Thanks Ammar for sharing this valuable information

    It is a great article which help me for increasing traffic at my blog by social media sites. There are many social media sites that help increase traffic, but I don’t know how to use that, but After reading this article, I found good way how to take good benefit of social sites.

  6. Very Good Tips!
    I Always Prefer Social Media & It’s Giving Me Good Results Like Traffic, Page Views, Readers!

  7. Nice Tips, Many bloggers just ignore them… I was one of them but later I realized the importance of social media and started taking it seriously.. Now I can see the benefits which I get from social networks! Thanks for sharing this article :)

  8. Yes when you will respect others on social media sites then you will get good response from there because now-a-days it’s too easy to make social network on social media but beside that you know those all things about social media sites which can prove harmful for you because these things will protect your social media account from unwanted things.

  9. Thank you for this but I am not getting Followers what should i do? Should i use pop plugins to get followers?
    Advice is much appreciated!

  10. Hi Ammar, this is a great post on using social media. The examples are easy to understand and they are showing each of our mistakes. I can notice that you have taken some important steps in using social media for your blog. Your social buttons are always visible to visitors! Thanks for the great post!

  11. I agree with you Ammar sir.Social media is the best way to get traffic as well as popularity and a good blog atmosphere too.Also this is the best way to know people about your new blog.Anyway nice article.Keep it up

  12. Hi Ammar,

    Yes, you are rite in saying that we need to build bonds with people to get returns from social media..Rahul Kuntala, You and Harleena are three people who builds a strong connect with people.

    One more thing which I read today from Neil Patel may be an addition to this post..! As bloggers it is our responsibility to share great content with our readers..


  13. Siddharth Srivastava

    Social Media is an necessity if you are holding a blog which requires people’s attention..This post was awesome, specially the concept of two people meeting each other, etc. Keep going!

  14. This is really superb Amanda you work brilliant of topic I like all your posts you mentioned here but the last point `Remember that you can learn a lot from other people in similar fields as you` I like it most believe me this is a trdamark for my blogging life, I learnt a lot from people and now many also learning from me, thanx for this great info.

  15. Hey Ammar.
    Good work with that valuable info.
    You really know how to make good use of Social Media.
    I really liked the part “You glance at each other, make eye contact and exchange a pleasantry of “Good Afternoon”. You reminds me of an upcoming famous writer.

  16. When I first start blogging I didn’t really know about social network and how to promote my blog with it. I did a little research then get started and now social network really help bringing traffic to my blog. Thank you for the post

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