10 CSS Hero Memberships Giveaway – Easily Customize WordPress Themes, Live.

csshero givaway
UPDATE: Winners announced!!

Happy new year bloggers!

As one year end, other arrives bringing along fresh waves of hopes, aspirations and surprises.

In order to make this year more special for you, I’m about to give you a surprise. It has been some time since I presented a giveaway surprise and what better occasion could there be to do the same than New Year? So be prepared for a surprise that will make this year even more special for you.

And..the surprize is 10 CSSHero account for lucky winners.

For those who are unaware and are new to the family, let me begin by giving a brief introduction as to what CSSHERO is. It is basically a wordpress plug-in that enables you to customize your themes in an easier manner. There are numerous features that make it favorable among the masses and particularly among the blog owners. CSSHERO slows you to make your site more interesting and appealing.

So what are the features that make CSSHERO a nice choice?

1. Easy to use

If you are someone who has only the basic knowledge regarding these things and are looking for something that would be easier to operate, this would certainly work in your favor. A few clicks are all that you will have to do to bring about the changes that you wish to make to the themes. You can even make the edits on your gadgets.

2. Your personal touch

CSSHERO allows you to give a more personal touch to the themes. You have a wide variety of color choices and you can select the one that you find more in line with your taste. The last color that you used will be stored in the memory thereby giving you an opportunity to compare the changes.

3. Font selection

As CSSHERO offers more than 400 fonts for your use, you are spoilt for choices. You can select the one that you find appropriate and that matches with the nature of your blog with ease without having to make a compromise. Popular web fonts and glyphs are available for your use

4. A simple affair

Ordinarily you would expect the customization of themes to be a difficult business. That would not be the case if you use CSSHERO as it makes the tough job easier. Building gradients, text shadows, all can be handled using CSSHERO with ease. The advanced features would not confuse you and are easy to understand.

Giveaway Prize:

We’ll choose 10 winners and each winner will get 1-year starter plan membership of CSSHero.org,  Isn’t that good? Now you can customize WordPress theme even without technical knowledge!

Contest Duration:

This contest will be open for 12  days. So participate now!

Contest Starts – 9 Jan 2015

Contest Ends – 21 Jan 2015

Announcement date:

We will contact you through your emails for prize. So please make sure to provide valid email address while entering into giveaway!


So do not hesitate. Encourage your friends and other people by sharing this incredible piece of news as this would increase your chances of winning the surprise. You do not wish to miss this golden opportunity as the price would be something that would prove to be beneficial for you. Do not be lax. Enter and get the giveaway.

Entering our competition for a CSSHero membership is easy. All you have to do is enter is leave a comment on this post explaining why you need a membership at CSSHero. Then simply register your entry using the RaffleCopter box below. You can increase chances of winning by following All Blogging Tips and sharing this post.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck.

13 thoughts on “10 CSS Hero Memberships Giveaway – Easily Customize WordPress Themes, Live.”

  1. To win the membership of CSS Hero is like Dream Comes True! I am not a professional coder. So it will be a great oppertunity for non coder blogger like me to get a chance to use CSS Hero to make the site more appealing and beautiful. Thanks to AllBloggingTips to arange such a great givaway.

  2. Awesome giveaway. Anyone who works on WordPress would love to win. Best thing about this is that it’s easy to customize. So it will be great for the newbies. But the pro guys who don’t have much time to waste can also take the full advantage.

  3. Hi Ammar

    Great competition and great plugin. Looks great for those who don’t want to go in and edit files on the backend of WordPress, and for those who struggle with CSS (like me!).

    good luck to the entrants!

  4. I have just started a new blog and in this initial phase I am really messing with the themes and it would be great to have the features that css hero offers to modify my themes and improve my website design and usability.

  5. Hi Ammar,
    Oh Waaoo just amazing give away. I’d love to have this, so that I can create a snazzy new design for my blog! ;)
    I’m using free wordpress theme for 6 months since I had launched my blog. Now I’m very much excited with this giveaway.
    So having a new well designed theme would be a cool start for me to run my blog!

    Thanks Ammar for this awesome giveaway!!


  6. I’m right there with Gagan; CSSHero would be great for customizing client sites plus it will speed up the deployment of our in-house marketing automation projects. When it comes to web design for hire, I focus primarily on small business – any tool that I can put to use which saves my time helps to save my customers’ money. : )

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. Hello,

    Thank you for the giveaway! I’d love to win – CSSHero should help to make it easier for me to improve my websites’ designs :)

    Thanks again!

  8. I am blogging since 6 month but due to my economic condition I can’t afford to buy premium themes. Although it is not a giveaway of a premium theme but by using csshero I hope I can give premium look to my blog.

  9. I always love to play with wordpress, and csshero seems like a great plugin to customize everything.

    ( by the way, bymistrake you have set wrong url to csshero. please fix it, it is .org not .com :) )

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