Quick Actions to Make Your Blog Ready to Rock in 2015


Happy new year everyone!

Whether you’ve had your blog for quite a while now or you started it very recently, there are always small tweaks and changes you can make in order to turn your blog into something even better than before this year.

I’ve created list of top 10 quick actions you can do to improve your blog and make it more successful this year.

Let’s get going.

1. Create an email list

If you haven’t done this already, you should create an email list. This will allow your readers to sign up and receive all the latest news. Apart from keeping them updated and allowing you to advertise things and inform your readers of different things whenever necessary, it also keeps your blog in the forefront of their minds and ensures that they never forget to visit your blog!

2. Start a monthly/weekly newsletter

Unless you’re dedicating an awful lot of time to your blog, a weekly newsletter might be a little bit too much. Fortnightly or monthly newsletters work a lot better, since it isn’t too much work for you and it’s not too much for your readers to look at either.

If you don’t have one already, make it your resolution for this year, and if you have one currently, make it your goal to make it even better. This can be done by only including important things and looking for more interesting things to add.

3. Hold giveaways and contests

Not only is this a great way to get readers to return to your blog, but it also makes your blog stand out from the rest. By hosting monthly competitions, visitors will be sure to return regularly to see what they have to do to enter the latest competition. Rather than having a random draw every single month, change it every so often. While this may attract a different audience, it’s definitely worth experimenting with and people love to see their work published on the web.

Giveaway Ideas: You can organize giveaways like hosting, themes, plugins, tools. You can also provide ad space on your blog or offer your premium services for free.

4. Brand your blog. Get a new logo.

Have you been complaining to yourself about the state of your logo for the last few months? Was it a budget logo that you got when you first started the blog? Did you design it yourself with little experience and knowledge and very few tools? If this is the case and you have a better budget this year for the design of your blog, research logo designers and see if any of them can revamp your logo. Since the logo of your blog is the first thing most visitors see, it often determines whether they stay on the page or leave to visit somewhere else.

4. Get on Facebook

“But I’m already on Facebook!” you may be thinking. Right? ;)

A lot of blog owners are signed up to Facebook with a personal account but are very shy of sharing their blog posts.

This is perfectly understandable and is usually all down to a lack of confidence, so why not make 2015 the year that you show your friends what you’ve been working on? Whether it’s an informative blog or a very personal one, most of your friends will love reading what you have to say, and a lot of them will be able to give you some very encouraging feedback.

6. Get Twitter and start a Twitter feed

While thousands of people are already on Twitter, it is still slightly less common than Facebook, even though it can do wonders for your blog. Create an account for yourself and your blog and post a few of your most recent blog posts. Follow other Twitter users, particularly those who appear to be interested in the subject or your blog or any of the main themes which you cover in your blog.

They will usually follow you back, and if they like your writing and your blog, they’ll probably retweet your posts. This means that more people will see the links and probably visit your blog. You can also start a Twitter feed on your blog so that everybody who visits can see what you have been posting and what other people have been tweeting about your page.

7. Use interesting titles

Each time you write a new post, come up with an interesting title. Don’t just title it with the date or the activity than you did e.g “Horseriding March 20th 2015”. It doesn’t grab people’s attention enough to make them stop and read what happened when you went out riding a horse. Instead come up with a much more interesting title based around something interesting which happened during this experience.

For example, “Why I would love to go horse riding again” or “Why I wouldn’t sit on a horse again in my life!” catches the attention much better.


8. Don’t focus on advertising

While you need to advertise your blog and make sure you’re getting the visitors, remember that this isn’t the most important thing to focus on and certainly not what you should be making it look like to your readers! The worst blogs are those which are screaming out for views and more visitors. Even asking visitors to share your blog with their friends is treading on dodgy ground, and overdoing keywords is a complete disaster.

9. Make it accessible from smartphones

This year might be the year to make your blog more accessible to those using smartphones, and you might even want to consider getting a separate mobile site made. While this will cost money, it could also mean many more visitors, especially since so many people nowadays are browsing the web on their phones rather than from a PC. Make your website responsive. It’ll also hep you boost your blog SEO.


10. It’s not all about you!

While your regular visitors obviously love your blog and your writing style, it’s nice to have a change sometimes. This can be done by asking people to guest post on your blog.

Don’t worry if they’re not professional writers or even if they’re not particularly good at writing. You can always proofread what they’ve written before adding it to your site. If you’re doing a social experiment, for example, ask a couple of people to send you a few hundred words telling you what they thought about it. Giving readers the insight of others is also a benefit – but like anything, don’t overdo it!

Final Words.

So, above were some tips you must following to make your blog ready to rock in 2015. For SEO,you need to hire professional SEO services such as seo Vancouver services. You can visit bluehatmarketing.com to find more information.

Did I missed any point? How’s your new year blogging resolution?

12 thoughts on “Quick Actions to Make Your Blog Ready to Rock in 2015”

  1. Hello Ammar, Thanks for this great Article. Honestly as well a, New Blogger i am always searching for Blogging, SEO and Internet marketing and also Content ideas. By reading your this one, Just learn few new points . Keep sharing your Blogging experience with us.

    Happy Blogging. Have a Good Week End

  2. Hi Amman,
    I like the point ” Do not focus on Advertising” as the best among you have pointed out.Because your words about that hearing so good.Usually most of the bloggers starts their blogging job only with the expectation to earn.This make most of the bloggers to stop their business in the mid way. Because they cannot earn that they expected.As you have pointed it is only because of no traffic to your blogs.Once a blogger tried to earn much traffic,He earns much more income automatically.So the best thing is “focus on organic traffic to the site”.

    Ajmal Roshan

  3. Great tips here, Ammar! So far I’ve created an email list to send out weekly and I’ve set up a twitter account, now I just need to work on completing the others.

  4. Thanks for your awesome tips. I have just started my new blog and it seems that your blog will be my daily destination for new blogging ideas.

  5. Email list building should be an absolutely number one priority for every blog out there. Period.

    Great blog post Ammar. Wish you all the best for the year 2015. :-)

  6. My personal opinion is that all these, need to be done from day one. That’s why I think that it is absolutely necessary to have a good plan, before even start blogging.

  7. Happy New Year Ammar!

    Thanks for sharing these cool tips, yeah I am already on facebook :P and use fb page when I need to share anything hehe

  8. Hi Ammar,

    Late Happy New Year :)

    Thanks for sharing this awesome to do list to get more traffic as well as conversion rate.
    I just need to Start a monthly/weekly newsletter. :) Hope it will works better.

  9. Hi Ammar,

    Happy New Year !!!

    A new posts in long time from All Blogging Tips :-)

    Many newbie bloggers don’t collect email address.

    If they start to collect email address at beginning, they will have awesome email list after one year of blogging and they will know how to generate money from that list because of the 1 year blogging experience.

    But most bloggers start to collect emails after 1 year of blogging.

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