How to Get More Twitter Followers?

Now unless your a celebrity of some sort with a decent following somewhere, getting (genuine) followers who retweet and interact with you will take time and effort. It’s better to have a 100 followers who will actually read your tweets and interact with you instead of thousands upon thousands of useless spam-bots that will do absolutely nothing. People often use programs that promise to increase your followers that do what their meant to do but in reality don’t really help you at as most of these followers will consist of spam-bots.

get more twitter followers

These programs rely on something called ‘Aggressive Following’ and will make you automatically follow thousands of people in the sole hope that they’ll follow back and if they don’t you’ll dump and them and follow other people. Twitter has an policy against this and if caught, will delete your account. Here are 6 Tips to get more twitter followers.

How to Get More Twitter Followers?

  • Write an Interesting Bio: Your Twitter Profile bio is the first and most important thing to get more followers on Twitter. 160 characters for bio may not seem like much but it’s one of the first things your potential followers will see so try to be witty, make an interesting tag-line and write anything interesting that will get people to follow you.
  • Make your presence visible: Tweet too little and people won’t notice you on their Timeline or all together forget that they even followed you. Tweet too much and people will start to think your either a nuisance or a spam-bot and will unfollow you (and you don’t want that happening).
  • Be Entertaining: Try to be witty or funny when making a tweet. Don’t be all like “today was so boring of my life, i am bored and i have nothing to do except being bored” instead try to be like “…. is updating his status to let you know his status is that he has no status” funny and effective.
  • Tweet on Trending Topics: Give your opinion and perspective on things and the latest events. If you’re lucky (and clever enough) you might have a ‘top tweet’ (over 100+ Retweets) which can lead to you gaining many followers.
  • Avoid Promoting Yourself too much: Yes, you can promote your blogposts, products, music etc but their is an invisible that you must not cross. If you do, you’ll either end up looking like a spammer/spam-bot or just clueless. Not only will you NOT gain additional followers but you will wear out your existing followers and many of them will un-follow you.
  • Linking your account: You can link you account with facebook. This will also help you to get more twitter followers.
  • An Inviting Twit-Pic: Chances are, you’d rather follow someone using their own picture or logo than some random spam-bot with a semi-nude twitpic. So why wouldn’t your potential followers? Using your own image goes a long way to create an impact.
And Last but not least, try to have fun! Don’t worry too much about the numbers. Like most things in Life, slow and steady wins the race, so have faith in yourself. I didn’t build my following over-night and neither will you. :)

33 thoughts on “How to Get More Twitter Followers?”

  1. Hey Mirsub

    I don’t know about too much of tweeter I am not using it but I am active in facebook.. by the way thanks for sharing this. and I want ask one thing from you which thing is banifit for me..? which thing is batter for me facebook or tweeter..?
    I want you response soon..

  2. Hey mate, The article you shared is really wonderful, getting twitter followers seems to be a hard task for many, but if i am write, one has be really informative and precised while performing activity on twitter. I love Neil Patel’s Bio.

    I’ve been struggling since months to gain genuine followers but now started building the list quickly. You’ve mentioned few more tips that i’d really use and i am sure, its gonna work like charm.
    Keep blogging :)

  3. hi misrub,
    i really impressed with your writing skills and also with this effective post .
    twitter and fb can help us to increase the popularity of your blog on the blogosphere
    thanks for sharing :-)

  4. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

    Yes, rightly pointed out. While you have to make sure to post something regularly to make your presence felt, you have to take care not to overdo it.

  5. Good connections are indeed important! I just wish you could give tips on producing clever tweets, like how to start trending topics!

  6. Awesome tips , this would help me in promoting mu business through Twitter , really an informative post. thanks for sharing

  7. Thanks for the advice, social media is now a driving force in SEO and knowing how to use it to the best of your capabilities can tremendously help you in your efforts. Linking your twitter account to your facebook account is very solid advice, especially if you have a facebook page set up for your business. Overall great article and a pleasure to read, keep up the good work.

  8. Yes, the quality of followers is important. Still, it’s nice to have a decent number of them as well, since this means that the blog or website you’re promoting will get more exposure.

    I think that interacting with popular, quality Twitter users is a great way to get more followers yourself. If one of these “influencers” replies to you or retweets you, your handle gets seen by many more people, some of whom will follow you.

  9. And one more tip: Change the default background and use a creative background and be in touch with the best bloggers from the same niche :)

  10. Hello
    Nice post and pretty different tips that are mentioned in some other articles that are posted on the internet…
    Good job and keep it up!!!

  11. really different tips. I will pay attention to these tips. but what to do when we have an account related to our website. should we make tweets other than website content?

    1. Hey Arif,

      Yeah, I think you should. A little satire here and there might get you some new followers ;) Though, if it’s related to your website, you should focus on expanding your site. to help you get followers since they main reason they followed you is to get updates on your site.

      Mirsub Ali Fazlani

  12. i have been following such tips for more than one year. But sadly my twitter followers are very low (lower than 100). Anyway i’ll apply these tips and hope it will increase the number of my twitter followers. BTW, Nice post

  13. Over promotional tweets are the most annoying. It is annoying to see people always talking about themselves because they seem to only care about what they feel and of their own well-being. Social media sites are not diaries that you write your whinings on. These are places to help connect people together. If you think you really need to use social media to solve your problem then go get advice from people you trust using it as a medium and not shout out your problems to the whole world that has a lot of things to worry about more than you. Not that I am referring to the blogmaster though. ;)

  14. Thanks for great tips to increase twitter followers. Actually I have very few twitters followers (less then 100 :( ) so these tips will come in handy.

  15. Yeah these tips can help to get genuine followers! But what about the websites which are providing free followers ?? or paid followers??

    1. Hey Itender,

      Though, I recommend not to use these methods (especially) if your planning to use them for a personal account. Refer to this article:

      Mirsub Ali Fazlani

  16. Mirsub Fazlani looks like you are another great find for Pakistan. Great article and recently i linked my twitter account to Facebook and it really helped me get more followers.

  17. Ashwani Ahlawat

    Hey Mirsub,
    If I go personally and frankly then your post’s points are pretty much good even best. I have also published a post few days ago on INCREASE NATURAL FOLLOWERS AND TRAFFIC FROM TWITTER.

    I have mentioned 3 ways in my post. But your points are really good ;) and some are new to me like reducing blog promoting.
    Basically i want to say that your article is great and i loved this personally. Keep the work bro.
    Ashwani Ahlawat

  18. Hi Mirsub,
    Interesting article! It’s absolutely necessary to grow steadily and have real insterested followers than to rush over with 1000s of bots. This may just end up increasing the figure leaving behind zero value.

    One other good component that could help get more followers is the profile picture. Generally, personal pic and product logos work better. I see users using some sort of unrelated images. Some use the picture of some “sexy” woman. This will be very stupid if you are building your personal account.

    I can quickly recomment using your own image as this goes a long way to create an impact.

    1. Hey Esntine,

      Yes, yes, I COMPLETELY agree with you. I’d rather follow someone with a real Twit-Pic than some random Spam-bot with a semi-nude pic.

      Mirsub Ali Fazlani

  19. Hi Mirsub,

    Nice article on increasing followers on Twitter. I believe it is absolutely essential to make some good connections on Twitter, else it just becomes pointless to be tweeting to a blank audience. I’m currently in the latter group, and trying to make some good connections on there. Haha. :P


    1. Hey Abdul,

      I’m glad that you liked my post and I do think it’s absolutely essential to make connections in twitter especially if you’re a Blogger.

      Mirsub Ali Fazlani

    2. Me two in second group.
      I personally dont like twitter and not so active on it. Its very easy to have large number of followers, but on other side very difficult to get real and interested followers.

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