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I’m feeling pretty good today because I just found a place that I have been looking for quite sometime.

That is a forum.

This not an old one, but is making progress like wildfire. It is really friendly with bloggers and has been set up specifically to help them out and make them some extra bucks too. We all have used forum for one purpose or other on some time in our lives. We consider them as a place for interacting and getting help from others and also generating some traffic to our blog.

That’s all. Isn’t it?

Actually, this forum has something special. Something that not many other forums are willing to give you which is that you get paid to post. That’s right. You post and you get paid.


Why I recommend? 

I’m not only going to explain how to get paid, but some other amazing points of forum of this blog too so stay with me.

1. Compensation Plan:

Getting paid to post is called compensation plan there. It is as simple as you can probably imagine. When signing up, they ask you for your Adsense Ad Client ID and Ad Slot ID. And, that’s it. 

How it works?

You give them your ID’s and after that, you are required to make at least one post and your ads along with ads of other members will start to show up on the right side of forum. The more you post the chances of getting more and more page views increase which means more money.

And, yes any time someone clicks on any ad displayed using your ID’s, you get paid. And, sweetest thing is that it is not against the terms of service of Google Adsense. They fully allow you to do that. Hence, you simply get paid for helping others and even getting help from others.

2. Blogging Section:

There is a section focused on blogging where people ask anything and everything regarding blogging. These things include talk about bounce rate, blog design, blog coding, increase in blog traffic and other problems. This is a surefire place to get solutions for all of your blogging problems.

3. SEO Section:

SEO is as important for blogging as is oxygen for human life. :D

Hence, we all need to be as good as we can in this particular section. But no matter how much we learn in this field, it won’t be enough because search engine algorithm changes frequently and we can run into problems very often. This section of forum includes different tips, solution of SEO problems and many other things to help you make your blog more search engine friendly. 

4. Social Networking Section:

Social media is just as important as SEO. No blog can succeed with search engine or social traffic only because the only way to succeed is to have both of them. This forum has help on this point and a separate section has been created for this purpose.

You can ask anything related to social networking and you will surely get help.

5. Adsense Section:

Everyone wants to eat the fruit of his efforts and blogging fruit is money. Any good quality blog can be monetized and can actually make good money.

Adsense is the best money making machine on the Internet at this time and has a lot of buzz because of their policies and standards to accept a site into program. New bloggers need a lot of guidance before being able to be accepted and forum’s Adsense section has been focused on educating people about just that.

Take a look at screenshotb below.


I’m really in love with this forum ever since I found it. I am spending my most time posting there because this is increasing the chances of making more and more money and I’m working as hard as I possibly can.

I strongly suggest you to give it a try and I bet you will love it.

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35 thoughts on “How To Make Money with Grow Rich Forum – Adsense Revenue Sharing Forum”

  1. Vishesh Kachheda

    That’s cool bro :)
    I think It’s very good Forum but the problem is I don’t have an AdSense account, So total crap for me :P
    BTW, Nice Review Dude :)

  2. nice forum Armmar thanks for letting us know this forum we really appreciate this blog post thanks for sharing, i will also remember to share it with friends

  3. Appreciate it ammar. Each time my partner and i check out this website a person come with many brand new subject that’s unavailable upon other weblogs and something factor i believe this can be a very first time a person help adsense. Wonderful details a person discussed in this article. Many thanks.

  4. The concept of Grow Rich forum is quite refreshing.Revenue sharing systems always work and have mass appeal.Since it does not violate Google TOS, this forum will gain traction at the quickest.Thanks for introducing this site to me.

  5. My friend has an account on this forum and last month he recommended me this site. I’m sure I will try after your post. :-)

  6. Malik Mudassar

    And how delighted someone could be to see your post “earn money by sperm donation” @ Usama Siddiqui

  7. Usama Siddiqui

    Hi,thanks for the info Ammar. I will definitely look into it :)
    I am also writing such type of articles to help people earn money online. You should check mine website ;)

  8. first of all i am thankful to ammar brother for sharing you knowledge. and i am also agree with kumar brother. every time ammar brother come with great article. please share some thing why you are not use adsense.

  9. Thanks ammar. Every time i visit this blog you come with some new topic which is not available on other blogs and one thing i think this is the first time you support adsense.I read your previous posts on adsense those are why you don’t use adsense like this.Nice information you shared here .Thank you.

  10. Really it is good idea to increase your earning and living standard. But I have an issue with that to share my adsense account detail. Because may be there is fake traffic and effect on my adsense value.

    I have created account on Adsense sharing Forum. I have doubt about safety of my account. How much it is secure because I am sharing my persona info with you

  11. Hello Ali,
    This is indeed a nice article and one worth sharing. So there are forums that share revenue with their users? That’s a brilliant idea. One question though, can i use other ad revenue apart from adsense?

  12. Great post Ammar,
    But what I consider is that one can’t make enough money out of such revenue sharing sites, at least not worth the efforts they put in.
    And as Nishant said, the forum has blogging section, so no one would ever click on Adsense ads and if there are no clicks, how would we be able to make money?

    1. Yes, its true that forum has blogging section and you will not get enough click on Google ads. When you will not get enough click, you will not earn enough money.

      Mr. Arbaz, you are looking to become rich one day and it is not in our hand. It is in the hand of creaters Allah. But we can do effort to achieve this. So we need to work constantly. If you will spend 1 hours daily and you will post 5-6 post daily with quality content and you will request to your friends to join this forum and they will get paid for this through Google Adsense. After 1 year, you will get enough money. It is not money investment, It is time investment and get paid later.

      1. I know that no one would become rich so easily but instead of going to the forum and looking for someone to click on your ads is clearly not the best option to make money.
        It would have been great if the forum was based on some tech topics where not many people would know what an ad looks like. If the forum has blogging section in it, most of the members will be bloggers and no blogger would ever click on Adsense ads.
        Tell me the last time you clicked on any ad on other people’s blog?
        That was my point.

  13. First of all, I like this blog alott! Really amazing! i am inspired.
    And, i didnt know about this earlier. Would surely try it. I’ll also try getting approved by adsense first :)

  14. Hi Ammar!
    I also build up a forum! It’s hard to compare earning money from forum and blog which once is better. Forum is more complicated than blog. You must invest much more if you want to run a forum. Build up a forum means you build a community. It’s not like you do a blog because you have to had a loyal members who take an important part in developing your forum.

    Anyways, your post is very interesting! Keep sharing!

  15. Hi friend it is very nice blog you share. Between all this section I like blogging section. It help a website by many sides.

  16. Nice to see Revenue sharing forums. I have seen sites which has revenue sharing options, but just now I see this forum which could be handy for bloggers to make some money.

  17. Hello members!

    I’m the owner of the Grow Rich Forum and would happily answer all of your questions.

    First of all I would like to thank Ammar for a great review. Thank You Ammar!

    @Nishant Arora, I understand your concern. Blogging and SEO is jut a few sections on GRF. I agree that most of the bloggers are aware about the Adsense ads, but I don’t agree that they aren’t clicking at all. They are. And the high CPC (which sometimes reach $2 per click) is compensating that. Actually our most active section is “general marketing section” where people discuss about various “make money online” opportunities.

    Most forum users (lurkers) are completely new to making money online and they aren’t aware of Adsense ads yet.

    @Pavan Solapure, what kind of statistics would you like to know? Grow Rich Forum is just over a month old and has over 460 users. It get around 200-300 uniques/day and that number increases every day.

    No, your adsense id won’t get abused. It’s been only used for showing your ad on Grow Rich Forum ;)

    I would also want to add that Grow Rich Forum is about the community first and revenue sharing second.

    We added the compensation plan to reward active members. So that they felt appreciated for their contribution.

    I’m looking forward to see you guys on board and learning from you all. Again, if you have any other question, just post them here :)

    See you on the other side,

    1. Hi Raimundas!! Cool forum! I don’t have Google AdSense account yet and I’ve already registered to the forum keeping the optional fields unfilled. Could I be able to add one latter on?

      1. @Rupak, sure. Just click on “User Control Panel > Profile” whenever you are ready to add your ad details and that’s it.

    2. Rizwan Shajahan

      Glad To See Webmasters Like you stepping down to comment on reviews !
      And nice to see Forums sharing revenue
      And that too , Adsense

      Regards ,
      Rizwan @ Blogger Kid

  18. Hi Ammar,
    Good post. Few queries though, do you have any statistics to support? Also I just want to know, what if you give them your adsense id and it gets abused? Google will straight away ban your account.

  19. I have been a part of this forum for about a month, I signed up because they had joined a paid forum network I’m part of and were looking for new posters to pay. I knew that they did a revenue share thing with Adsense, but I was not aware they used another network, it would be nice if they could increase it though because not all of us use Adsense for a variety of reasons. :)

  20. I have read about the Grow Rich forum and created an account also. There are many posts including the way of making money through various sources but none of them actually mentioned how much he earned.

  21. Online Business

    Great way to make some extra cash. Never heard of it before so thanks a lot for sharing the forum special for bloggers and anyone who is looking forward to get motivated by the opportunities a blog could bring you.

  22. Hey Ammar quite a new thing; it can really help for those who are unable to make bugs from their own blog or those who don’t want to suffer the pains of maintaining their own blog; in this just a post once in a week or month and payment from adsesnes it is really great it sounds a sort of way of contract to make money with the products of others

  23. Now that’s well said – “Everyone wants to eat the fruit of his efforts and blogging fruit is money.”.
    And a great Idea indeed. Thanks for the great post Mate. :)

  24. Jaimin rafalia

    You are talking right ‘Nishant Arora’. i am also thinking same. i personally seen many people who earn less money in Blogging SEO niche website but with the same traffic another blogger will earn good money with android based website.

    Ya of course, Blogging SEO based reader will not click on ads because they already know this system. in this niche click will come less mostly.

    With Blogging Niche forum you will not get more clicks but you can build powerful backlinks by using signature and other method and backlinks are more important to boost the blog.

    Anyway thanks for share this wonderful information.

  25. Hi Ammar

    Thanks for sharing this useful forum with us.

    But you know there is one thing in my mind, the forum has a blogging and SEO section but the problem is that Adsense doesn’t work for this niche, I mean the people who will be active on a specific thread about blogging will be bloggers and bloggers don’t click on ads, and no click means no money

    That’s all I wanted to say and you nicely presented this forum before us

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