5 Question to Ask Before Using Google Adsense

Adsense Are you currently using Google Adsense on your blog, or even thinking about it?
Then stop here now! ;)
You’ve to ask Five Question to yourself Before Using Google Adsense.
This blog post just might open your eyes to what you might be doing to your blog and audience for just a few dollars. There was a previous post on this blog titled “12 Things to Do Before Applying for Google Adsense“, which walks you through the process of what you need to make sure you blog looks like and has before applying to Google Adsense. We are going to take that same approach, but with a few different questions to ask yourself if you really want to sacrifice your blog and traffic to the almighty Google Adsense!

How much is your site traffic worth?

Before using any advertising solution, you need to know what your traffic is and how much they are worth. Entertainment sites and blogs have a low value per user, as they are pretty much there just to view pictures and get news. Product reviews and coupon sites have a high value per user, as they are already in buyer mode. Knowing your average visitor value is a very important thing to know!

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Are you playing by Google’s rules at all times?

Lately Google has been on a tear and throwing many sites out of their Google Adsense program. No matter their reason Google may banner your account, once you are tossed, you are gone for good and they will also keep all of the money remaining in your account as well. Do you really want to work with an ad network that can keep all your profits from this and the previous month? As a Google Adsense partner, you always need to play by their rules at all times.

Can you make more money going directly?

Have you even thought about selling your own banner ad space? There is a good chance you can find a quality advertiser in your niche that will pay a much higher CPM premium over what Google Adsense will pay you. If you are running 125×125 banner ads on your site you can probably fill four to ten of these banner spots and make several times more than what Google Adsense could ever earn you.

Are you killing your profits by using Google Adsense?

One of the best ways to kill your profits is by throwing Google Adsense on your site. If you are selling products, trying to get people on your mailing list or get them to take any other action… Google Adsense will hurt you. Keep your focus on your end goal of either getting people on your list or getting them to take action. If you have a solid monetization plan for your site, Google Adsense probably shouldn’t be one of them.

Lastly… do you like giving away your traffic for a few pennies per visitor?

When did you last click on a Google Adsense banner?

I’m not sure if you remember. ;)

But whenever someone clicks on any Google Adsense banner, they leave the site they are currently on and get swooshed off to another site. Most of the time Google Adsense is only paying a few pennies per click. Are you losing your traffic for just a few pennies? If you are, it’s not a good business model at all!

Don’t get me wrong… :D

Google Adsense has made BILLIONS of dollars for Google and their publishers… but there is a reason why it’s so ridiculously easy and simple to setup. Google is making a ton of money by lazy site owners just placing a code on their site and not knowing better. There is nothing wrong with using Google Adsense, but there are much better and more profitable ways to make money!

42 thoughts on “5 Question to Ask Before Using Google Adsense”

  1. This post is right on point. I think nowadays only low quality websites continue to use Google Adsense. Think twice before putting Adsense on your site as you can make significantly more by selling ad space directly. I dropped Adsense years ago and never looked back!

  2. Thank you very much for this wounderful post. I am a newbie in blogging and i am learning alot from this blog. I was thinking to use google adsense for my blog one day but you really opened my eyes. If one does not have 5k visitors or more per day, it is hard to make money. So why destroying my audience for 1 euro per month? Thank you very much man.

  3. I Have been trying to get adsense approved … But I dont know what is it in which i am lacking behind that it doesnot gets approved.. i guess it time to move on to other sources…

  4. Sir i need guidance and help for this field of blogging. I am not a high qualified but wna’t to learn more about this field. I had to left studies due to some financial crisis but now i have a great desire to learn more . Can u please guide me?
    Please reply

  5. This was really a good one. I understand the urge among bloggers to use Adsense but believe me a blog without adsense can earn better

  6. Very good article…But i don’t have anything approved yet…I am just blogging…I’ll surely try these!
    Thanks for this !

  7. Great post, often bloggers use AdSense and are very happy with there earnings but they can earn much more by using different earning sources which pays much more compare to AdSense.

  8. Hi Zac,

    Your point is valid and thought provoking but many out there are serious about using Google Adsense considering the benefits it has to offer. Of course, they need to study the feature and pros & cons before deciding on this. It is a tricky situation.


  9. The Secret Insider

    Excellent post Zac, everyone seems to want to dabble with Google AdSense and as you rightly point out it is the cheaper, easier option. If you can sell advertising space on your site for a controlled monthly amount then why would you risk messing around with AdSense for a few non guaranteed pennies.

  10. One should never lose hope with adsense.I think there are many newbies who give up on internet marketing after they start their online journey with adsense and are banned instantly.Patience pays off in the end and all newbies reading this must be patient and develop a quality website that adds real value and not just content for name sake.

  11. Heh zac….really google adsense is not a good option for earning from blog coz I made 1300+$ is my adsense account last month and my payment was about to issue on 31st August and they banned my account on 25th of Aug….wtf..?? If somebody starts earning more then probably there are lot of chances of getting banned I think…..Google Sucks..!! Can anybody tell me how to get those banner ads or any alternative for google adsense?

  12. I’ve been using one leader board ad on blog engage but it’s not bringing in anything really. right now it’s generating 100 usd per month on average which in my opinion is terrible seeing how much traffic blog engage gets.

  13. Negative thinking about Google Adsense. If you have good content and you place ad appropriately i don’t see any wrong. Adsense is the best way to earn by blog for a new comer.

  14. If you blog on blogging and marketing niche, If you’re reviewing products or selling your own product on your blog or If you’re trying to build email list than for sure Google Adsense isn’t the right monetizing option for you, but for topics like Entertainment, Celebrity and photography Google Adsense can be a great way to make money from.

    For me, Google Adsense is like sending traffic to competitors for few cents.

  15. I strongly agree with your opinion Zac. Google Adsense only works for websites that have enormous volumes of traffic flowing in through UK , USA and Canada while small publishers hardly make $1/day. I think direct ad sales are the best option to monetize a blog.

  16. Hi Zac,

    Adsense used to be part of my plan to scale up simply because the simplicity and good click through rate. It is very viable to get a blog generate a few hundreds per month.

    However, I have scrapped the plan a few months ago after hearing so many miserable stories about Adsense Account banned. I totally respect Google but it is just too risky to build a business relying on Google. SEO is one thing, getting the account banned is even worse.


  17. Great post Zac sir,I agreed with you that there are many better ways of making money online than the Google adsence,but the fact cannot be denied that the Google adsence network is most used on the Internet.

  18. Awesome post, Zac. Now a days Adsense authority is more strict than before & payment also seems decreasing. You certainly said true. We can earn more by adding 125×125 banner ads on your site.

  19. Again awesome post for all new bloggers. Thanks. Actually most of bloggers think adsense is the only way to make money from blog. But you said that sometimes how killing our profits by using Google Adsense

    1. Right, Adsense makes a ton of their money from all of the smaller and newbie blogs and sites that don’t know any better.

  20. Agree with your points there, Zac. I had been running Adsense for one of my blog and can’t even breakthrough the earning of $500 over 6 months while this amount can easily achieve within 2-3 months with affiliate marketing. On top of that, removing Adsense some how reduced my bounce rate ;)

    1. If I was running Adsense on my blogs, I would probably make a few hundred a month instead of thousands from direct ad sales. It’s all about knowing how to manage and sell your own ad space and it’s evaluation.

  21. I think Zac has a point with the way we use google adsense to kill our traffic simply because of penny from the advert click but since a lot of bloggers are using it to making there earning, then i don’t see any bad thing in using it for your site just that you have to know if it’s the best for your visitors because it can easily reduce your readers if your adverts is of no interest to your readers. thanks for sharing.

  22. Hi Zac,

    You have wrote an excellent posts about Google Adsense. I have seen that most of the bloggers are not following Google Adsense guidelines and then they argue that Google is not approving them !

    You have placed all the points which should be done before applying to Google Adsense. If some one do follow these points then the chances are there that it will get approved with in 24 hours. :)



  23. I don`t think now Adsense will work in any way for bloggers.
    Because I see many are going for affiliates than adsense.
    Any way I knew that it depends on niche to earn more through Adsense.

    1. Adsense can work well on niche sites with no other links or valuable lead generation methods. For bloggers, it’s just more harmful than anything else.

  24. You opened my eyes Zac. I was thinking to use Adsense. but now, Will never think of it even in a dream. I loved the point when you explained that You are losing your traffic for a few pennies,

    It’s really right, via using traffic, You are selling your traffic and nothing else.

    But exactly like that, If we use direct ad sales, then also we lose traffic. Simply, If we place ads, then users are gonna leave. So better we make money from Affiliate marketing or any other ways….

    1. Definitely. When you sell your own ads you can usually have the clicks open in a new window as well, so you don’t lose visitors who are already on your site.

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