Some Simple Yet Effective SEO Tactics To Know!

SEO TACTICSThere are many SEO companies which want to sell their services to website owners who have not much clue about the search engine optimization techniques. These companies have given birth to a lot of Tactics about SEO which they want the website owners to believe so they hire those companies for the SEO requirements. Not many people know surely about the search engine mechanism and indexing. That leads them to believe in these Tactics. Here are some of the myths that are needed to be cleared in order to make everyone understand what they exactly need.

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 Page rank has something to do with search status

Many people believe that their site’s position on the search engine result pages indicates the amount of search about them. This is a myth as the search engine mechanism is much more complicated and versatile. If your website has a rank from one to five then the search engine places you there in comparison to other sites of same type. There are many things that the search engine compare to generate the ranking every month. Read Also: 7 Killer SEO Steps to Optimize Your Website in SERP

 Google indexing depends on site registration

Till few years ago, every website owner was bound to register their site with Google to be indexed but these days that’s no more a necessity. The Google search engine mechanism has improved a lot and they now have an automated system which checks your website as soon as you buy a domain. It keeps doing that from time to time and indexes your site. There is nothing that you have to do anymore.

 Keyword density

Many people don’t know this but the keyword density is a Tactics indeed. You surely need keyword, and surely some well organized ones, in all your posts to make them SEO friendly but you don’t have a particular number to maintain. There is no rule for keyword density and you need to include them as long as they mix well with the keyword. Stuffing your posts with keyword will not help you and it will surely lower down the quality of the content.

Meta tags can make huge differences

To be true, Meta tags were really great as a SEO tool even few years ago but then SEO experts all over the world started spamming them for better ranking. The search engines these days don’t anymore pay attention too Meta tags as much as before and that’s why the use of it is no more as common as it used to be. You can surely use Meta tags but they won’t help you too much. Read also: Blogger New SEO Options with Meta Tags

 Shared links are helpful

Shared links was a master idea when it was first released and it helped websites to get a big traffic. However, like every old method, it doesn’t work anymore. This link sharing technique is no more helpful as modern search engine mechanisms ignore these links at the first place.

 You need SEO experts

This is one SEO myth that can be considered as a relative one. If you are a person with SEO knowledge, and some experience, then you surely don’t need a SEO company to do your work. However, if you have not much experience about SEO then you need to hire experts. See also : How TO Find Best SEO Services

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  1. Hi Harry Nice tips ..about serp position only PR can’t give u the desired position u have to do lots of backlinking to get a place I have given good serp to lots of keywords with out having good PR.But We can’t ignore the Pr facts also.

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