Tactics Needed To Increase the Traffic to a Blog

For professional SEO firms, it is very easy to build a blog but it gets very difficult to maintain the correct amount of visitors. The art of tracking the right audience is rare and without it, blogs lack value. There are a few tactics which can help many people with their blogs. These tactics are divided into the following points.

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1)  When you are writing content for your blog, you must know the sort of audience you are targeting. When you are writing your blog you must always see if the audience has the ability to spread the word and share the information on your blog. There are certain types of writing styles, content, etc. Which attract a particular community or a certain group of people. For example, any review on the latest Gothic music might attract people who are interested in listening to dark music while videos related to dance might attract all the dancers out there. Targeting a group that would be interested in sharing your blog might help you make your blog become popular. While targeting people who are less likely to share might decrease the chances of your blog being famous across the web.

There are essentially three groups which you need to consider when you are targeting an audience for your blog:

i) Potential Consumers of the Blog
ii) Content Sharers
iii) Content Distributors

2)  You can also share information regarding your blog on web communities where most of your target audience is present. For example, if a company wants to target an audience for sports good, you won’t obviously target a group of video game lovers. Rather you will target a group that is actively involved in some kind of sports. Now you do not have to spend a lot of time searching where your target audience is more likely to be found.

Audience that shares brings in more traffic

You can use the Madison Avenue or the Double Clicks Ad Planner to see where what sort of audience is found. Once you find out the correct target audience you can start communicating with them and start posting things. But you must always post things if you think that they are appropriate instead of creating a hotchpotch. If you do that you will get the reputation of an undeserving, infamous blogger. You must always try to respect the rules of web traffic and be a good web citizen.

3) You must always make the content of your blog SEO friendly as this would help you in finding the correct amount of traffic. Search engines are very easy in tracking the correct traffic and it can be made even better using SEO friendly platforms like Blogger, WordPress, etc.

4) You must use social communities like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc. To spread the word about your blog. This would help you in getting the required traffic as well.

5) Another thing which is recommended by most successful bloggers is that they install Google Analytics which is free and very helpful. It helps in telling you where the target audience is.

6) You must allow guest posts on your blog as this would also attract visitors and help you increase the publicity of your blog.

7) You must be consistent in your blog posts. You must post the content of your blog regularly as any delay would result in your blog losing a large amount of target audience.

Incorporating the above tips will substantially increase the traffic to your blog. For more information, you can also contact professionals like the Simple SEO Group.

7 thoughts on “Tactics Needed To Increase the Traffic to a Blog”

  1. Getting traffic to our blog we need more quality content. Because only quality content can encourage readers. Our main goal is to encourage our audience by providing well written useful content.

    If people does not love and share your content that’s doesn’t make sense to create such kind of content.

    And social communities are great weapons to get audience.

    However, thanks for sharing an informative post with us. Keep it up.
    Happy blogging!

  2. Ashwani Ahlawat

    I think this post is somehow difficult for newbies to understand and follow the given points. try to describe in a short paragraph to reduce the confusion. Overall, i liked it really much personally. I was following about every tactic for my blog. :)

  3. Very useful tips. I always try to maintain all these things. Social Communication and SEO Optimization can bring lots of traffic.

  4. I think the best and the ways to get web traffic is from commenting,social media and other way which you haven’t mentioned here is directory submission.

  5. by blog commenting u can get more and more backlink but as u geting traffic from these blogs are not too much but u r social media websites are very easy way to get traffic in very big volume.

  6. As a blogger i always keen to know the tactics to how to increase traffic to my blog. i found many useful points above article.Blog commenting is mostly i used to get some traffic to my blog. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.

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