Tips To Reduce Bounce Rate of Your blog – Part 2

We all now know what bounce rate is and how it affects our blog. Some days back you might have seen an article with the same topic on how to reduce bounce rate of your blog. At that moment, when I was writing that post I missed out on some points that are also important in reducing your blog’s bounce rate. If you haven’t yet read it, I advice you to first read our first post.

Tips to reduce the bounce rate of your blog

The points I am going to write about are suggested by the readers via comments. Not everyone reads every comment so I thought of converting it into a post and discuss it in detail. I hope you will like it. So here goes Tips to Reduce Bounce Rate :D


Page Load Time

What you do when you open a website and it takes much time to load ?? You close it at once. Right ? So what do you expect from your readers. Will they wait for your blog to open if it is taking much time ? Of course, the answer is no. This is the biggest thing that directly affects your blog’s bounce rate. If your blog’s load time is very much then don’t expect a low bounce rate. You can reduce the load time by many methods. Just Google it and you would get people ready to help you with it. Once your blog’s page load time is less, then you can expect a to Reduce Bounce Rate.

Interlinking your posts

Do you know what interlinking means ?? Hell, yes. You know what interlinking of posts is and you have seen it on many blogs. You can see an example in this very post itself. By interlinking your old posts at appropriate words, you will compel your readers to click on the link and navigate to the other post. Now what else do you want ?? Imagine if you interlink all the posts then the probability of your readers staying glued to your blog for a long time. This is a very good news as your blog’s you will see that you had Reduce Bounce Rate.

Creating videos

This point I wasn’t knowing but found it useful after doing some search. How is it useful in decreasing the bounce rate ? Some of our readers (including me) love to learn something through a video presentation rather that reading a post. You can provide a video in some post to convey your message with more influence. You can easily create videos and upload them on Youtube. Isn’t that easy? Try it, it will work wonders for your blog to Reduce Bounce Rate.

Proper navigation in your blog

Provide proper menu in your blog with links that point to different categories. Try to be clean with whichever method you use on your blog. The ‘Categories’ widget will also help. Don’t avoid such things considering it small because such ‘small’ things will make a big difference in the bounce rate.


I hope that by following and applying the above points to your blog you will see a great difference in your blog’s bounce rate. If still I am missing out on some point then please comment below and let us know about it.  Happy Blogging  :D

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21 thoughts on “Tips To Reduce Bounce Rate of Your blog – Part 2”

  1. Writing Short Paragraphs are also plays good role in reducing bounce rate, because Long paragraph may loss readers interest in your blog posts. I always write short paragraphs in my blog posts. Thanks.

    1. Yes Siddharth, page load time and site navigation are two important factors in seciding bounce rate. I hope you liked it :)

  2. Creating Video is the best strategy in my opinion. Not only does the reader enjoy seeing the tutorial or the post explained visually but there is a higher chance of them understanding the whole thing due to the added sensory element , and decreased bounce rate is just one of its positives

    1. Yes Prayag, videos are the best way to explain some tutorial to our visitors. Everyone loves watching videos rather than reading the posts.
      Completely agree with you :)

  3. Interlinking can reduce the Bounce Rate of a user/visitor making him to read related stuff.. It can also make a user to become a loyal reader :)
    When coming to the page load.. Here comes again the issue of the whole site design, Basically a user tends to close the site immediately when he see a lot of content which is not related to his interest in visiting your site for..! Such as putting Ads & Affilate links. So a user exit on the landing page itself having no In-Page views :( which results in higher Bounce Rate..
    Thanks for sharing this :)

    1. Page design is the first thing a visitor sees and if its not appealing then he will leave your blog at that very moment. And yes Interlinking is another method to keep your readers engaged for a longer time.
      Thanks for giving your precious feedback :)

  4. Thanks for these nice tips. My blog’s Google Page Speed score is 92 and I’m using SEO Smart Links plug-in to interlink my posts. Hope these will decrease the bounce rate.

  5. I dont think interlinking would make a difference. As i would stress, visitor satisfaction counts and sites design mostly give positive result. And load time time as you said is important.

    1. Site design and load time are very important but at the same time you should not avoid interlinking. By interlinking your posts, not only you will keep your readers engaged but also will help you in getting better ranking.

      Don’t interlink very much as that won’t help you. Interlinking relevant articles to other related articles will help much in reducing the bounce rate.

      Thanks for giving your precious feedback :)

  6. videos are really helps u for getting traffic but rember there is at least 3 clickable link of your web site in video that’s also help u to getting traffic from youtube.

    1. That’s true Ashish.
      Videos are the best way to attract visitors if used properly.
      Thanks for commenting :)

    1. Yes Bharat, you are absolutely right. This two things play a vital role in deciding the bounce rate of your blog :)

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