Top 5 Tips to Write a Successful EBook

Writing ebookWriting an EBook is quite easy but what all people think is that it’s like climbing up on Mt.Everest without Oxygen mask!  Writing EBook is seriously simple, all what you need is just a few tips and you are all set to write, publish and earn from your EBook. EBooks are in trend nowadays, especially after the release of EBook reading gadgets like Kindle Fire and others. People prefer to read EBooks over the hard paper is because they are cheap, the mainting cost is negligible, and above all you don’t have to worry a lot about them because they won’t get torned off! Almost everyone in this webospehere has written an EBook. If you too want to write some EBooks then you can follow some easy Top 5 Tips to Write a Successful EBook. The tips are well tested by great writers so you can completely rely on them.

Choose Your Topic

Choosing the topic is quite difficult. You should try writing an EBook about the topic in which you are an expert. For example if you are a blogger, write an EBook about Blogging, give it a title such as “How to Blog professionally”, “Blogging Tips – From a Pro” etc. Everyone love bloggers so you won’t find it difficult to sell your EBook.

Valuate Correctly

Valuating the EBook is quite difficult so I suggest you to take help from the professionals in this very regards because if your EBook would be over or under priced then you might not get as much response as you should get.

Team Work is Necessary

Team working is needed in every field, in writing an EBook too. All the people who have written EBooks haven’t written it all alone themselves, they have a team of around 3-4 or even more people. Team members are generally their own close friends.

Now, teamwork is only fun when everyone knows what to do, and every task is submitted by the end of the day. However, with a lack of schedule, what you have is a haphazard group of people. Scheduling is the foremost job if the goal is to acquire success in any task. Try out a job scheduler, and let them do most of the heavy lifting of scheduling.

Free or Paid

The most difficult option from which you have to choose from. It’s really difficult to choose whether your EBook will be free or paid. If you will make it available to the people for free then you will not earn enough, and if you will put a price-tag on in theny you won’t get a lot of public response. So try keeping a balance between these two things.

Make a Strategy

Strategy is must. If you are actually aiming to write a super-successful evergreen EBook then you better devise your own strategy. You can ask your friends or professional  in this regard because if you will launch your EBook without a strategy, you will land nowhere but in the center of the jungle!

9 thoughts on “Top 5 Tips to Write a Successful EBook”

  1. Awesome Article…!!! I wrote a E-book some months before. But, It didn’t successful. Now, I’m going to republish it and will consider these points too…

  2. These are wonderful tips Arjun. I’ve been planning to write ebooks myself. I just haven’t started it yet.

  3. Thanks a lot Arjun. After all those big articles on this topic, you really made it simple ,informative and worth reading! :)

  4. Another tip that we should include is to design a quality
    ecover for the ebook, since this is the first thing that
    get the customer to read the title and the content.

    If you want to create a nice ecover for your ebook, do this:

    1-Download a free background image, there are many free resources
    2-Get a nice font, such as League Gothic, Alegreya
    3-Download a good image editing software: InkScape/Gimp
    4-Open a new document and set the image dimensions: 800 pixels x 600 pixels
    5-Insert the image
    6-Type the Title of the ebook
    7-Important: the title should be 80% of the ecover surface, because this must be the most visible element even in thumbnail view.
    8-Add a frame to include the Author Name
    9-Add colors, but keep at most only two colors other than blank/white

    Believeme, if you get a quality image, the book ecover only need a nice title.

    By the way, we design high quality book ecovers, and every week we give
    away free ecover design between our facebook fans.

    Nice post!

  5. Hi Arjun, I think writing a successful Ebook is a desire of every marketer who wants to be successful.
    I believe that en Ebook which has lot of helpful contents and lessons in it is worth reading.
    Thanks for sharing your awesome post. :)

  6. Good tips here. i do believe that the Ebook if its our first would be best being free. Bringing value to the marketplace in this way, building our list most importantly. Followup books would be a cost. Good article

  7. 3 Good tips. But I’m confused by the one on a team effort. If you are doing an ebook of interviews then it’s a team effort. But otherwise, writing is a solitary endeavor. And when people do bring on co-writers it’s not because they are friends but because they are experts who will bring value to the project.

    As for strategy, there are many strategies people can use but only a few will help you sell hundreds of ebooks at a time including ebook launches, ebook blogging tours, virtual ebook tours, and a Kindle strategy-if you are in a niche that sells well on Kindle (like health and wellness, fiction, and children’s books). I like ebook launches because they are the least amount of work with a huge payoff. There’s a free pdf on how to get started for anyone who is interested at:
    Ellen Violette

  8. Well I agree writing an eBook is a very good idea especially for bloggers working in the field of internet marketing. The best way to generate leads is to offer free ebook upon entering information. Moreover in the initial phase we must keep eBook free so that a large majority of audience get a chance to read the book.

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