Creating Meta Tags To Optimize Your Website’s Rankings

Do you know that meta tags help optimize you web site rankings, lets us see, how. Meta tag is an HTML code within your web page. It is used by the search engines to determine, what the web page is all about. When you have set a Meta tag in your web page then the search engine will use the information in your Meta tag to crawl for your website and locate it on the internet.

Create a Meta tag and place it on every page of your web site as Meta tags help optimize your web site rankings. It is important to have the Meta tag in the index page which is the first page that the people view and is submitted to the search engine. So, when you type a keyword in the Google search box, it will return you with the results of the websites based on their Meta tags and the content inside the web page, which corresponds to the words that you type in the search box.

Here is how to create Meta tags help optimize your web site rankings.

  1. Create a Title tag. <Title></Title>. Keep the content within this tag short.
  2. The Description tag should be of 100 to 200 characters and not more than that. This tag should contain words about your web page and not simply the words in your title tag.
  3. You can also use keywords that are related to your subject matter and it should be between 200 to 500 characters long.

Below is an example of how to write a Meta tag.

<TITLE>Meta Tags</TITLE>
<META name=”description” content=”Everything about Meta tags”.>
<META name=”keywords” content=”Meta tag, Meta tags, Meta tag optimization”.>

There are a lot of search engines that use Meta tag help optimize your web site rankings such as Google, Lycos, MSN, AlltheWeb, etc. But, there are some which do not use Meta tags such as Yahoo.

The search engine displays the list of web pages with respect to their popularity and almost 40% of this defines the ranking. The search engines can interpret a link from one page to another by casting a vote to the other page. Like this, you can get so many volumes of votes or rankings.

The best way to get rankings is by creating links to and from other pages to your web site. The more links you have, the more ranks you get. Each search engines looks for the keywords in a different way. The way of finding keywords is only known to the programmer who programmed it and not to others. To view the source of the Meta tag, you have to click on “View->Page Source” on your browser. This will open a document that contains entire code of your website.

There are several other tools available of Meta tags help optimize your web site rankings. These tools can be used to optimize your website and to achieve higher rankings. Therefore, it is necessary to include Meta tags help optimize in your website for rankings.

8 thoughts on “Creating Meta Tags To Optimize Your Website’s Rankings”

  1. Nice summary on meta tags. Personally, I prefer to use a good SEO plugin like All in One SEO that does meta tags automatically and a whole lot more.

  2. But now-a-days, Google doesn’t give any importance on meta keywords. They have updated their algorithm and takes content for better result.

  3. Hi Fazal, Nice to see you here.. You’re correct. Meta Tags are an Important part of SEO to rank keywords high on Search Engines.
    Thanks for your great SEO tip. :)

  4. Yes
    Title tag is very important to rank well in search engine. But its hard to choose correct words. Simple keyword stuffing will throw out the page. It should be simple and easy to understand for humans and bots.

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