Why You Are Not Able to Make Money Online Yet?

Internet is now not only about playing games, surfing social networking sites and watching videos.

Today, many people are making money online which changed the mindset of people about internet. Making money online is no more a difficult task these days but still according to reports more than 70% people fail to make money online.

Not Making Money

If you are one of those who are not able to Make Money Online then this post is for you. Here, I am going to share 5 reasons why you are not able to Make Money Online yet. Carry on reading to know about the reasons:

Lack of Patience:

Not Making Money

In the 21st century most of the individuals are seen looking for quick results in each and every area of their lives. If you are unaware, let me tell you that making money online at a steady rate requires a lot of patience and is basically a long term benefit that can help you to reap fruits in the years to come. Many a times people kickstart their online money making journey with one activity in particular.

However, as time passes they don’t see much funds flowing in and eventually switch to some other activity. This vicious cycle keeps continuing unless one day comes and you realize that you have goofed up big time with your online money making techniques. Hence it is absolutely crucial for you to maintain a consistent approach in order to be successful.

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The “I am Always Right” Concept:

One major reason behind a number of people failing in their online money making activity is solely because of their sky rocketing overconfidence levels. Most of the individuals who happen to be newbies in the online arena try to take a different route, instead of consciously following the masses at large. This is the first wrong step that they take, which eventually puts them into a soup.

Most of the people instead of listening to their fellow mates and taking lessons from their mistakes, choose to do all the planning and finally end up failing badly. Hence, it is vital for each and every individual who is looking forward to venture into the online arena to do away with his or her “I am always right” concept.

Playing Safe:

Yet another reason that is absolutely significant as far as constantly failing online money making techniques are concerned is the fact that most of the individuals choose to settle down for activities that fall within the boundaries of their comfort zones, thus laying down restrictions on the much needed expansion and diversification plans. People try to be over cautious and thus end up venturing into self-friendly activities.

However, it is not always possible for all the activities that fall within your comfort zone to be a successful person and help you to make money online. This is exactly why you need to lay down serious consideration on stepping out of your comfort zone and doing something distinct and extraordinary.

Choosing the Wrong Mentor:

Any and every time when we decide to venture into any new activity, we always look forward to tightly hold onto someone who can become just the right guide and mentor for us. This fact is true in case of venturing into online money making activities as well. It is a universal law that the follower only succeeds when he or she is being guided by an effective mentor.

On the other hand, if you choose to be led by the wrong person, then it is quite obvious that your venture is going to be a big failure. This is exactly why you need to make a foolproof decision as far as shortlisting your mentor is concerned.

Free is not Always Good:

One word that happens to be an all time favorite of each one of us is nothing, but the word Free. Many a times when people are seen looking out for online money making activities they end up choosing sites that are offering something or the other for free. People are seen looking for activities that do not require any investment, but at the same time provide you with guaranteed returns.

However, it is high time for you to realize that without any capital there are no profits. This is exactly why you need to start overlooking the free items and instead learn to part with your funds in order to get your hands on activities that are both productive and concrete.

Did you found the article useful? Are you struggling to make money online? Do share with us in comments.

50 thoughts on “Why You Are Not Able to Make Money Online Yet?”

  1. Earning money on the internet will differ case to case and before trying to earn money, we should learn about building a powerful community and encourage the readers or followers by offering free stuffs, or contents or helps or rewards that really make them feel to make a decision to stay your blog and buy anything from your suggestions.

    The first start with getting people attention and it start from fascinating readers by blog posts, instead of focusing the contents that already written and shared many times on the internet, we should use our own style of writing to fascinate the visitors to make them subscribe our E mail opt-in lists.

    Its all about trust building at first, not making money.

  2. I’m trying to be a successful blogger from last 2 years but still i’m not successful because of right guidelines, hope your advice will help me. Thanks for the nice post.

  3. I think the reason why must people don’t make mone yet is because they expect lots of money or they lack skills or something
    thanks for sharing this good post

  4. Hi!
    Thanks for sharing Turan ;)
    This is the secret : ” Free is not Always Good ”
    To make money you must invest at least some money, time and effort .. It’s easy with these things.

  5. I really can’t make money in online coz i don’t have adsense and i thought there is no other way than adsense to earn money. However now i am making some money with other tricks. This article made me to think why i wasted long time online without earning anything.

    1. Hi Dilip,
      There are lots of ways available to make money online, If you don’t have adsense then you can try adsense alternatives. Don’t take adsense as the only source to make money from blogging. All Blogging Tips is a perfect example, Ammar is not using adsense here but still making good bucks.

  6. Hello; this was another solid post, but i would have liked to see some information on how to choose a good mentor. I do agree with what you are saying about free not always being good. but with my budget i have had to be careful what i invest in. i bought comment love premium and i have a $100 a month radio ad on a show where i go on once a week on friday the day they focus on small businesses. so, how long do you feel it took you to start making money off of your site? or are you at the point yet? thanks for sharing, max

    1. Hi Maxwell,
      Here are some things that you should look for in a mentor:
      1. He/She should have a lot to offer you.
      2. He/She enjoy taking challenges.
      3. Someone who understand you well and should be from your field.
      4. Someone with whom you feel comfortable to share your problems.
      I Hope these 4 points will help to find a good mentor. Let me know what you feel about this.

  7. Hi Tarun,
    It’s really worthy post for all those bloggers, who all following wrong tricks and tips in indexing their blog in Google. In short can say spamming.
    In my opinion, Right Mentor plays an important role here to open your close mind ideas, give the vision to explore it and teach you time to time about your blogging
    If I talk about myself then, Internet is one the biggest Mentors here from where a person can learn anything else. There are so many content on so many topics but still we are facing the condition of lack of content.
    It’s our thinking or something else, I still don’t know. Just I know to explore the newest content in Online World, whether it’s related to Money Making or Any other topic.
    Anyways it’s really a very good post.
    Happy Blogging..:)

  8. AsSalam O Alequm Brother…
    May be this comment is not related with above post however I have an unsolve Query.
    What is Unique Content/material according to google?
    When i decide to write about a “specific topic” then search tell me taht Internet is full of that “specific topic”. Please aware me and solve this mystery for me.
    Thanks in Advance Brother.

  9. Wow you defined the article in good way and I am really so impressed with your creativity of writing as you wrote this post. I think every beginner must read this post regarding making money. Thanks for sharing such a
    informative post here.

  10. Hi Tarun,

    Very informative post.

    Everybody wants to make quick income, which wont work in blogging. Quality content, proper seo and patience is very much important, which will automatically give you income.

  11. Hello admin, i think right seo guidance is also a reason of low earnings. In my opinion person have to think about it’s niche and right on page as well as the link building strategy. I am also in blogging science 2011 but due to some lake of knowledge i unable to earning from first 6 month, but now the thinks has been changed.

  12. i think many people quit after using scam sites and they think that earning online is impossible.Those who start blogging doesnot have patience and dont know the actual meaning of blogging and hence quit after a few months.
    I think earning online is one of the best way to earn some money part time or full time but hard work is necessary.

  13. Over the past years. I learned that making money required many factors including patients, high quality posts, and much more. Thanks for this post.

  14. Nice post Tarun :)

    I agree with your views! Out of these points, I strongly recommend the newbies to have the exact mentor (at least to show some beneficial stuff) to get thrive in online money making.

    As you told, investment and passion are essential to make money online.

    Thanks for sharing the valid tips :)

  15. I don’t need any rocket science for Making Money Online, I need to follow some
    basic rules and give our best

  16. Hello Tarun.
    That was a useful article . Patience is the key most people work hard for months and give up when success is quite near. People who make through are the ones who make efforts to stay.

  17. Good things come to those who wait ;) I have crashed and burned a few times in my newbie days, but I lent by my mistakes and with a bit of patience and good organic seo it all paid off in the end!

    Thanks for the great post.

    1. Yeah Damien you are right that Good things come to those wait, Patience is important in online business and one should learn from his.her mistakes too.
      Thanks for leaving your comment :)

  18. Hii Tarun,
    you are absolutely correct, Online Making money is not so much difficult task but if we will not follow all the needed and basic concept accurately then it will be most difficult. these above mentioned five points are really different and unique from the other blogger’s articles.
    these two points “Lack of Patience” and “I am Always Right Concept” are just awesome. thanks for sharing this impressive post Bro….!!

    1. Hi Amit,
      Actually we don’t need any rocket science for Making Money Online, We need to follow some basic rules and give our best. That’s it.
      I am glad that you found this post impressive and unique.
      Thanks :)

  19. kalpana choudhary

    very nice post Tarun. I am a newbie in blogging can you please suggest me that after how much time I have to apply for ad on my blog.

    1. Hi Kalpana,
      Thanks for dropping your comment.

      Applying for ads totally depends on you, You can apply for ads from day one but I’ll suggest you to wait for 6 months or to wait for good traffic to come on your blog. Once you get enough traffic on your blog then you should try to monetize it.
      Let me know if you have anything else to ask.

  20. Efoghor Joseph Ezie

    Tarun, thanks for these tips on making money online. I have no choice but to support every point you have mentioned here.

    Patience is required in every area of life. Everything in life has its maturation period. For example, while it would take maize about three months to mature, kola tree takes up to ten years to mature in some cases. So in online business, you must also be willing to wait for the maturation of your business before expecting returns. It took me at least three years to start earning money online.

    I am always right? Well, some people would never accept they don’t know anything about a particular topic. Instead they want to impress it on people that they are knowledgeable; so they keep suffering trying to rediscover what others have long discovered and used successfully. It is always good to look for what has worked/is still working and leverage it for your own success.

    Mentorship: You have said it all. Choosing a blind man to lead you as a blind man too would eventually mean both of you ending up in a pit.

    Freebies: I loved freebies so much as a newbie that I accepted virtually everything I thought was helpful. But I later discovered a lot of those freebies were nothing but junks. I threw away so many of them, unsubscribed myself from so many mailing lists and started to pay for what I needed to make my blog a success. Today, I have no regrets whatsoever taking those actions. My blog now makes money.

    Online business is an investment that needs time, energy, money and knowledge to nurture into a money making venture. Jumping from one idea to another may never help.

    Thanks once again for this great piece. Do have a lovely weekend.

    1. Thanks Efoghor for supporting the post.
      You have explained all points again which added more value to the post. Newbies should understand that business needs plan and patience as you stated in your last line.

      Thanks for leaving an insightful comment :)

  21. Hi Tarun,

    Useful post. Making money online will need much patience especially if we jump in highly competitive niche, alot of patience going to be needed.

  22. Hi Tarun,

    I guess many newbie bloggers aren’t aware of best resources which can help them to earn money. I know we all know that Google Adsense is good source start making little income, but it’s really hard to get approval for any new blog. So such difficulties, also cause delay in making money online.

    1. Hi Aahna,
      You are right that many newbies face difficulties to get an adsense account and the best ways to deal with this is to look for direct advertisers and try your hands in affiliate marketing.

  23. Well thanks for providing such a valuable and informative content .

    i just want to share one thing more to your content. Gooogle adsense is also the way to earn money through online. If you have good traffic then you can easily earn a lot of money.

    1. Hi Mike,
      You are right that Google Adsense is one of the best and most recommended ways to earn money online but in post I was talking about reasons you are not able to make money and not the ways to make money online.
      Thanks for your comment :)

  24. I believe lack of effort is probably the biggest reason. I have been making money online since 2007 and I have lost count of the amount of examples I have come across of people who think it is as easy as setting up a blog, posting a couple of articles, slap some ads & affiliate banners up and wait for the money to roll in.

    1. Hi Dean,
      You are right, many newbies think that Making money from blogging is easy. Blogging is not only about setting up a blog, it’s about building relations, providing useful content, getting traffic, helping your blog readers and much more.

  25. While making money online you must and must have patience because there is not tree of dollars or money.

    There are lots of ways to earn money through Internet. I started my work online with blogs. But When I got money through my work..? When I work one year at that time I got my single dollar.

    If you work genuine and helping you others then you will earn lots of money through online.

    1. Yeah Nikhil, Patience is the key and Blogging is all about helping your readers, If you are able to help your readers by providing the solutions of their problem then money will follow you.
      Thanks for your comment, Best of luck :)

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