10 Top Reasons You Will Keep Failing as A Blogger

I have been blogging for around 6 months now, and each day presents me with someone who has some kind of blogging failure traits. I notice this easily because I once saw those traits in myself at the early days of my blogging.

I never realized until after a prolonged period. Luckily, you can make your own learning curve shorter by taking advantage of the powerful tips from my experience and association with other pro bloggers.

 10 Top Reasons You Will Keep Failing as a Blogger

Here are top reasons why people encounter failure in blogging

1. You Don’t Believe Anything

The first obstacle is your mind. Talking from experience, your success or failure depends on the disposition of your mind. The perception of your class teacher about you, your poor grades and seemingly poor memory are not the determiners of your success or failure, your mind is.

How far you would go in life is not a function of your brain; otherwise, the so called ‘geniuses’ would have been the most successful. Instead, haven’t you wondered that most of the successful people all of the world are school dropouts?

Recently, someone who read about my incredible how I achieved Google pagerank 3 & DA 40 in just 3 months commented so negatively on the grounds that I couldn’t have achieved so much over the short period of time I’ve been a blogger.

Obviously, his negative mindset is at work, forcing him not to believe that such achievement is possible regardless of my blogging duration.

Here’s the lesson; if your mind can picture it, then you can capture it!

2. You Don’t Disbelieve Anything

Doubting everything is also as bad as believing everything, especially when it comes to making money online. In as much as your belief is an essential ingredient to your success, you should also ‘sample’ what to believe as this would help you to be a successful blogger.

A friend of mine was already internet-savvy long before I knew what a computer is. He kept date with all the money making seminars and talks. He will come back lecturing me and would often boast of his wealth of information about internet-based opportunities and best techniques.

Yet, I’ve made decent dollars via internet-based opportunities in a short time, while this good friend of mine is still struggling to make just few dollars a month.

The point is; don’t confuse yourself with all the bulk of information going on over the internet. Filter what you should read and believe.

3. You are Looking for a Get-Rich-Quick Strategy


I came to learn in a hard way in the early days of my blogging and internet marketing, that there’s nothing like a get-rich-quick or overnight technique.

When I first started out online, I wanted to achieve success fast. Well, you don’t have to blame me because I’m naturally a fast person in virtually everything I do – fast in acquiring my Msc Applied Mathematical Modeling and Computer Science compared to all my mates, fast in talking, fast in walking…just fast in so many areas. So, in my bid of trying to also get it fast in the online arena, I was scammed several times…I simply learnt in a hard way.

Here’s the lesson I’m driving at; there is no such thing as overnight success. It’s simple; since you can’t even get rich quick with a conventional business, the same principle applies to blogging or any form of internet marketing.

So, you may be asking, what’s the average time required to build a successful blog? Well, from my experience, the more work you put the more you get out of it. And a lot of hard work is required in the aspect of creating informative and appealing fresh contents, plus SEO techniques.

4. You are Only Focusing on the Short-Term

If you are only concerned with short term benefit, you will quit too soon from blogging. The most successful bloggers today are those who have patiently groomed their blog with their mind set on the future benefits. So, it took some them an average of five years to start reaping meaningful benefits from their blog. So, if you put in your best now in view of the harvest of the future, you will become a renowned and successful blogger eventually.

5. You are Not Focused

This is possibly the common problem for those who come to the cyberspace to look for income earning opportunities. Of course, I was a victim of this in my early blogging days. If you are not focused on a particular niche and dedicate all your efforts towards it, you will end up being ‘Jack of all trade and master of none!”

Becoming a successful blogger requires carefully choosing something you are passionate about and would not quit even if it seems you are not getting result at the onset. So, in the blogging world, the rule of thumb is to start with just one blog in your specialized area and grow the blog to success before thinking of a second niche and blog.

6. You are Afraid of Criticism

Come to think of it, who among the so-called ‘best men’ or renowned personalities have not been criticized? Is it Bill Gates, Obama, or Nelson Mandela of South Africa…


Simply put, criticism is part of life, especially a life that is prone to success. Don’t quit or feel dejected because someone criticized your blog post or try to put a question mark on your blogging achievement. I was also a victim of criticism when I first started blogging – the criticism sucked and infuriated me. But now, if I don’t get some criticisms, it feels like I am about to fail! Concentrate on doing what is best instead of fizzling out as a result criticism.

7. You are Scared of Monetizing your Blog

It is not a crime to monetize your blog, you deserve some rewards for the quality free values you add to your readers. So, don‘t be scared of monetizing your blog!

Don’t just stop at creating quality contents and generating terrific traffic, take it a step further by generating reasonable profit from your blogging effort.

8. You are Not Marketing Your Blog Sufficiently

You may create the best content, but if you lack marketing expertise your blog would not go far. Excellent marketing strategy is what would place value on your contents and bring the needed reward. So, start thinking more like a marketer in order to succeed in blogging.

9. You Pay Less Attention to Your Content

This is because you are always concerned about generating traffic and achieving high conversion rates. As good as these efforts are, paying more attention to your content is probably the most important. When you offer valuable and relevant content, traffic will naturally flow and higher conversion rate will follow.

10. You are Stagnant with Your Knowledge

If you are still running your blog with yesterday’s blogging tips and knowledge, you will end up delivering ‘half-baked’ value to your readers. And of course, most of them would look elsewhere. Don’t be a ‘one man’s island’.

Relate with other bloggers, visit blogging forums to learn new things and read the blogs of the pros in your niche. It will help to keep your blogging knowledge up to date and add value to your blog.

Digest these truths about blogging success and start implementing them to see result in your blogging career.

Did I miss anything out? I will love to know your views in the comment section.

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  1. Hey Ammar Ali. Thank you so much for your valuable information regarding blogging.
    I just have one question regarding blogging, “How to successfully handle two blogs at a time without feeling demotivated”?

  2. I feel that I am very much lucky that I am following an awesome blog like allbloggingtips.com where people share their blogging stories and I get to learn something new everyday.
    Sincerely, I feel blessed. I would never be doing such mistakes because of reading these posts well in advance ! I am very much grateful.

  3. Hello, Ammar.
    This is really a great article. This is interesting, informative, important and enjoyable. I like your all articles. You are doing a great job for the blogger’s community.
    I know that blogging is not so easy as we think at the begenning. We must have perfect knowledge about it. There is another important factor that is the internal quality of the blogger. Blogger should be smart, disciplined. They should have patience enough to continue the journey against all obstacles.
    You are absolutely right. I agree with you and bloggers should read your article to know the reality about blogging.
    Thanks for sharing such an important article.

  4. Harsh Chaklasiya

    yes bruv you are right my partner want quick money in event blog and longterm blog…i’m sharing this article with him Thank You so much for sharing this bruv :D one word for Your work..your work is very good and I appreciate you and hopping for some more informative posts in ABT :D Thanks Man!!!!

  5. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing you Idea with Us, I totally agree with you, because i know the Blogging is not Short term benefit, if you want to make big relationship then need to some wait to build trust. But if you have not trust on yourself then you can’t success in Blogging. Second thing Many blogger make blog only for make money not for users and its big mistake. If you really wan to make money online with blogging then need to trust first then you will automatic earn monthly for long term.
    So i can say in this article every body can know that what you need to start a blogging.

    Thanks Again for Informative Content.

  6. The core part of blogging is focus, if you are totally focus on your work then you can easily achieve your milestone. Secondly I loved your last point which mention about knowledge. If you have stagnant knowledge then how you can work with it?

  7. Great post for starters, very eye launching! Often times the main cause of failure is insufficient focus! Lack of focus in all areas of your company. Without having a succinct vision for where you’re intending, what you’ll do whenever you get there and the best way to know when you have got there is inquiring and demanding failure. Its worth seated often to rewire, refocus and reinvent your plan money!!

  8. Hi Oluwaseun Babajide,

    That’s brilliant articles and being successful as a blogger cannot be achieved over night. It takes a lot of time, knowledge and hard work to be able to really say that you are really a successful one. It may be hard, but everything will be all worth it in the end.

  9. I am blogging since last 3 years and was not aware of such sort of things. This article has helped me a lot to move forward.

  10. Great write up, I totally agree with you that starting a blog is a lot of work. I too used to go after the get-rich-quick schemes when I first got started online.

    Now I think that the only way to build a successful business online is to start a blog and do it the right way.

    Totally impressed by what you have accomplished in such a short amount of time.

  11. Vishal Srivastava

    Nicely crafted article with sufficient information to look over for those who either failed or not seeing progress in their blogging journey. I think blogging is much more like normal jobs of the day. If you are just sitting and thinking i will achieve great heights in blogging it will never happen because dreaming only gives us moral support but the actual benefit comes in front of us when we do some work in that direction. I always myself say a quote for bloggers to inspire- “Do not only dream but also put some efforts because only dreaming without a little push, just shows your sleepy nature and none became successful only by sleeping.”

  12. Hey , thats most interesting article that i have ever read in AllBloggingTips .
    Surely , No wonder , you have provides some of the top reasons !
    Everybody blogging just to make money !

    Regards ,
    Rizwan @ Envy Blogging

  13. Hello Oluwaseun,
    I agree with all your points :-)
    Personally, I don’t try to follow any MONEY MAKING TIPS but I try to read as much as articles on BLOGGING TIPS. I must say your article really fascinated me :-)
    Keep Posting.

  14. Great tips. Blogging is not about short term goals. One should work for his/her long term goals in blogging. Focus is also an important factor to consider. Thanks for sharing this tips.

  15. Oluwaseun Babajide

    I agree with you, remember content is king? So the QUALITY OF CONTENT must be on point!

  16. Bruno J. Cross

    One of the great writing tips to improve your blog is planning your time and setting deadlines. This will ensure that your readers would have something new to read always, and that the quality of the content is consistent. You need to schedule time for creating, re-creating and editing your posts to avoid losing your readers and making your blog suffer. Don’t do any ‘rush’ work on your blog posts; thoroughness and quality is highly needful for successful blog.

  17. Strange it is a where does this question of success and failure comes from ??

    Blog is your own place, you set every rule there..

    So why would success and failure rule needs to stay there ?? You may fail a personal target but that doesn’t mean you failed in blogging..

    Poets writing blogs hardly get visitors, or earn in USD so that means they have a failed blog ??

    Not at all, as its their own place to publish, without any rule or bondage !!!

    No one failed in anything apart from the fact yes, we fail to reach the target we set, specially when limit is the sky :P

  18. Nithin Upendran

    You had pointed some interesting stuffs in these points i had seen me.I had done these mistakes in my earlier stages of blogging.Now i realized it and am working hard on it ! You had done a great thing by sharing this information all newbie bloggers out there can see this and realize there mistakes! Thanks again for sharing this buddy :)

    1. Oluwaseun Babajide

      We all make mistakes. Learning from these mistakes is what makes us stronger.

  19. Oh wonderfull! I just love this article and you’ve written everything very clearly. Its really helpfull for bloggers and especially for me because from a couple of days I was searching a post similar to this. Thanks for sharing with us- Keep it up!

  20. not focus on blogging and also the lack of content and promotion seems to be my biggest obstacle, why every achievement I always stagnated blogging
    thanks for this post, it gives a lot of advice for me so I always clean up :)

    1. Oluwaseun Babajide

      See the link below for more information, I am sure this will help in one way or the other.
      May thanks,

  21. Sheikh Sabayyal

    Well I guess I thought to become successful in a few days. At start I kept my blog alive but then I got tired from all this stuff. Now I am trying again. I do read articles here daily about blogging and that boost me up. Thanks a lot!! I appreciate!

    1. Oluwaseun Babajide

      Thanks for visiting often bro. Hope fully you will be making millions soon!
      Stay focused,

  22. Great to hear that Oluwaseun. Treating it like a business gives the momentum to work hard and achieve results. I’ve even started to get more clients since I started my blog.
    Have a great weekend. Btw your blog looks great now with new design.

  23. Great tips from the personal story of a blogger who consistently keep striving for getting better and riding on the elite levels of blogging.

    good to see a very informative article Sbabzy. The story about how you grew you blog to PR 3 is a hit and even I was thinking how much of aggrieve work needs to be put on to build the blog to such higher level. Didn’t have much time to drop by, but this will make me click over to to Sbabzy for read during my tea time at work ;)

    1. Oluwaseun Babajide

      Thank you for your kind words. I work 24 hours to keep my blog alive. I treat it like a big business and I am happy to now have clients I work for.

  24. Blogging business is not really an overnight success. It takes a lot of hard work and enough determination to reach that goal of success.

    1. Oluwaseun Babajide

      You are so right! It is not an overnight business. You need to work smart to make cool money. I started making money after 3 months and I now have clients I work for.

  25. I have to say, I just visited your blog and I really like it. Nice things you have here. I wish I have read this article when I was started blogging.

    1. Oluwaseun Babajide

      Thank you for your kind words! Glad you visited my blog and hope to see you more often :-)

  26. I really relate to the one about short term gain. I think it’s hard for most people to stay with it for the long run and also to figure out how to get people to start following the blog. Every new person making a comment gives you a big motivation to keep going.

  27. Hey Oluwaseun, thanks bro for the tips, interacting with fellow bloggers like you is very useful in catapulting you towards success. Blog as a passion rather than for the sake of money else you’ll be disappointed.

    1. Oluwaseun Babajide

      Glad you found this article interesting! I love to share personal success so others can learn from me.

  28. Really nice article oluwaseun, its look you have big experience in blogging field. I agree with your all points we should develop long term strategies instead of short term money

  29. Hi Oluwaseun Babajide,

    Your article gave me some new ideas that I can use. Finding time is my biggest problem. Your suggestions are well taken. I will get organized and try to be focused. Thanks for the tips.

    – Tom

    1. Oluwaseun Babajide

      Hey Tom Kapeller,
      I will like to hear you pronounce my name in real life. I am sure it will be a challenge on its own! Thanks for your support Sir.

  30. The point I agree with the most is that bloggers need to think long term. Most bloggers will not start making decent money their first week, their first month, or maybe even their first year. It’s an experience that takes a lot of work to get off the ground, but once you do, boy do you really get going.

    My first year of blogging, I made only a few hundred dollars. 5 years later.. I’m making more than both my parents at 17. If I had given up any time my first year due to the lack of money I was making, my life wouldn’t be as it is today.

    1. Oluwaseun Babajide

      Thanks for your comment! Thinking long term is good. You should check my prediction for 2020 on my blog.

  31. Very useful post for newbie bloggers as well as for bloggers who haven’t tasted success .thanks for sharing this useful information

    best Regards from Pramod

  32. Hi Seun, This is fabulous and about your point monetizing your blog, it’s true really most newbie like me are scared to do this as this might affect the thought process behind writing great quality content.

    1. Oluwaseun Babajide

      There is no harm in monetizing your blog, at the end of the day we are all blogging to make money! Don’t add too much ads to distract readers.

  33. Mohammad Hussain

    nice post..
    Completely agree with you, one must accept that there is no quick way that make you rich instantly..and new blogger have no focus on anything rather than just using facebook whole time…

    1. Oluwaseun Babajide

      You are spot on! There is no quick way to get rich online. It takes time and working smart.

  34. You’re right about believing and doubting everything. It’s better if you can balance both of them. Besides, content is the most important thing that decides the success of your blog. Therefore, it will the dangerous mistake if you pay less attention to your content. Your article is very good! I learn a lot from it. Thank you!

  35. Hi Seun, Great post.I have met a lot of bloggers who fell pray for the misconception that Blogging is a get rich quick scheme..That is to me the root of all blogging failures…There is immediate disappointment upon realizing that a lot of hard work, patience and sometimes financial back up is required for thriving in the competitive space of blogging.Your advices are straight to the point..I genuinely wish that a lot of bloggers read this and get on the right track.

    1. Oluwaseun Babajide

      We are planning to promote this post so that everyone can learn from it. You can also share it for us! Glad you liked it.

  36. Hi Babaji,

    Awesome tips. Its very interesting. But i m struggling to comment your post. I don’t know how to appreciate. The points you mentioned here is really superb. As said by harleena, without helping others, we can’t get anything.

    Sharing ideas to others and Getting ideas from others is the process of a blogger. So we don’t avoid to appreciate others. I always used to make a comment, even if it is a blogspot. So, here i want all the commentators and probloggers to appreciate and encourage other blogs by leaving enthusiastic comments. This can be done by the bloggers like you peoples.

    Please don’t forget to encourage the blogger like me. (“.”)

    1. Oluwaseun Babajide

      Thank you for your comment! Harleena was very right. Glad you got the points right.
      any thanks,
      Seun :-)

  37. Hehe, luckily I’m not one of the blogger who keep failing blogging. Thanks for the post though :D

  38. Usama Siddiqui

    Agreed with all the above mentioned points. I have seen many bloggers failing just because of their concentration. They were not dedicated towards their blog. Most of them had created blogs to earn money. But they weren’t aware of the face that making money in blogging is not easy. A blogger has to pay attention towards his/her blog.

  39. One thing I got from your post is how important it really is to have the correct MINDSET when it comes to blogging – including the mindset that doesn’t focus on actually blogging!! This is a great post and I think beginner bloggers should all read and evaluate why they are blogging :)

    1. Oluwaseun Babajide

      Correct mindset is very important in life. Mindset focus on so many things in life!
      Good luck.

  40. Marketing a blog properly is important this day. There are millions ob blogs out there so we need to market ours properly. It is important to make killer content, but people won’t come to read if we don’t market it.

    The basic things we can do is through applying a smart SEO technique (not the black hat one) and keep networking with others (inside and outside your niche). Don’t be too naive to do everything at once, make a schedule and done it one in a time.

    Great post Oluwaseun!

    1. Oluwaseun Babajide

      You are absolutely right, marketing is very important and there are so many facebook groups you can join to market your blogs/products..And twitter is another good place too.
      Many thanks

  41. Sameer Sumdarshi

    Really Good Post Oluwaseun Babajide….
    These reasons will help me to prevent me and my blog from being unsuceed..
    and I am really thankful to read this..

  42. Bro your describing point is definitely true for a newbie blogger. they have lacking confidence. Personally i suggest them at first grow your confidence then you can start your job. Otherwise you do not get to see success.

    1. Oluwaseun Babajide

      Confidence is the key to success. You need to believe in yourself first.
      Thanks for you comment!

  43. Hi Oluwaseun, you mentioned you’ve been blogging for 6 months and you once saw these blogging failure traits in you at the early days of your blogging… Assuming those early days were 5 months ago, you seem to have learned a lot and made a lot of success in just 5 months which is a little too fast I guess :) Because in your blog you mentioned it takes an average of 5 years to make your blog a profitable business

    1. Oluwaseun Babajide

      You are sure right! I have learned so much from my blogging mistakes, this is why i am sharing this so that others can learn from my success story!
      Average of 5 years, I am still learning and I wont call it huge success so far!

  44. Nice Article Oluwaseun, I agree with you 100 and 1 percent, every point you mentioned in this post are as true as we all are breathing and I think we should take lesson form this post and apply positive points from it to get success, thank you for this nice article..

    1. Oluwaseun Babajide

      So happy that you are on my side! This post is from my personal experience and am happy it helped.
      Many thanks

  45. I agree with you oluwaseun.
    People are looking for quick money strategy and after a lot of failures they lost their interest in blogging too.This was the biggest con.

    1. Oluwaseun Babajide

      We are all looking for quick money strategy. If we focus on quality we will make cool money.
      Thanks for commenting.

  46. Wow! Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve been experiencing the same thing and I’m so glad that I’ve read this. Now I know how to attack those failure factors and eliminate them in order to improve my blogging techniques and reach success.

  47. Yes it’s true when you will deliver uncompleted things to your readers then they will not show their interest to read your post and according to time they will not come again and again on your blog. So in that scenario you will need to brush-up your work for achieve those all things which will give you better result.

  48. I feel that paying less attention to content is the worst thing a blogger can do, most bloggers look at SEO as the ultimate thing believing that they can make any content rank, which is totally wrong!

    1. Oluwaseun Babajide

      I agree with you. Give readers quality content and you can only do it by paying more attention to your stats.

  49. Hi,Thanks for the info. I did it again and again. i started a blog for some time then could not continue it for long time and quit. did it several times to finally come to a conclusion that its not a rocket science. i have to have faith in my self, never loos self confidence , advertise {MUST} which i never did. I had fear about what others think about me.But something inside me kept me doing it.Thanks, this article reminded me of my journey since 2005, its emotional…..Love blogging and the technology………RegardsSuraj

  50. Hello Seun,
    Many bloggers who failed today are those who enter for the money in mind. there is money in blogging but you need not to put the money part on your head as beginner.

    Remember that passion is greater then all. Thanks for the lovely post Seun and do have your self a lovely week ahead…

  51. Oluwaseun Babajide

    I agree with you. You have to be persistent and keep on working very hard. Remember that there are many people out there blogging. You also have to be different and provide quality content. Working smart is the key to success. :-)
    I wish you the best. Keep in touch.

  52. Hi Seun,

    This was a wonderful guest post and Ammar, thanks for having Seun over!

    Seun, I can so relate to what you wrote about looking for a quick get rich strategy. When I first thought about using the online platform as a potential to do business, I purchased quite a few expensive programs, which promised to show me how to do it. Although I learnt some things, they were still overall a waste of money because there is no quick way to get rich online. As you quite rightly said, it takes time and effort and I’d like to add, it takes persistence too.

    Thank you.

    1. Oluwaseun Babajide

      Dr Hiten,
      I made the same mistake when I started blogging. I bought so many materials that were just complete waste of time. There are too many information on the web, we should be careful what we read and how we use them. Information overload can kill!
      Thanks for adding more value to this post and for sharing it for us!

  53. Thanks for giving advice and sharing your experience with us. All 10 points are valid. I, myself, have faced some of them.
    Indeed, blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Agree with you on this point. If you want to earn and become a pro blogger, then you have to be persistent and keep on working for a long period of time(about 6 months). Persitency is the key to success. Never lose heart, just stick to it and surely, you’ll get right results.

    1. Oluwaseun Babajide

      I agree with you. You have to be persistent and keep on working very hard. Remember that there are many people out there blogging. You also have to be different and provide quality content. Working smart is the key to success. :-)
      I wish you the best. Keep in touch.

  54. Hi Seun, and welcome to Ammar’s blog :)

    Good to see you here dear friend, and with such a lovely topic too :)

    I agree with all your reasons as to why you will keep failing as a blogger if you keep committing such mistakes. I remember the time I’d come online and how a few bloggers try pulling you down or don’t tend to be happy with your quick success. They say negative vibrations and people are somethings we should keep away from, and that’s what I did.

    Nevertheless, whom to believe and whom to disbelieve is another problem as you mentioned, and I think you should mainly believe your own self, the gut feeling that says you are doing the right thing – isn’t it and you really don’t go wrong. Of course, always keep your learning channels open and grasp whatever you learn.

    Besides all these awesome points, I’d like to add one more – that if you or your content isn’t to help people, or if you just try making money through your blogs, without helping others, I wonder how long will you succeed, if at all you do.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice day, both of you. Great choice as a guest, Ammar :)

    1. Oluwaseun Babajide

      Hi Harleena!
      A very good friend. :-)
      I love this – “believe your own self”. I found out along the way that knowledge is power. The more you learn the quicker you move up. I always judge my performance with the number of returning visitors and bounce rate. And by paying more attention to negative feedback.
      I love your last point – “If you just try making money through your blogs, without helping others, I wonder how long will you succeed, if at all you do.” You are absolutely spot on!
      I remember when I started blogging (late 2012), I was writing about politics in Africa. I had no visitors, I was so worried and I later realized that I wasn’t providing value. Am glad I was able to change the whole concept now. I am very happy with the attention I am currently getting.
      Btw, I love your latest post on Rekindle Love in Marriage in 10 Practical Ways. Whenever you write, it is like you are reading my mind!
      Thanks for sharing your experiences with us and for sharing this post on fb, twitter, and Google plus!
      Warm Regards,

  55. Oh my God; the last one is really a killer reason of failure; what we do usually we achieve a basic knowledge about our niche and then start writing post over post; we also read but just enough to write another post boring or interesting whatever but our knowledge does not expand as it should be and ultimately become a spinning machine for writing content from the published one and everyone notes how stale our contents are.

    1. Oluwaseun Babajide

      Pleased to meet you! Glad you liked the post. You will see more of me here!
      Have a wonderful day. :-)

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