Ask the Readers: Why You Started Blogging?

Today,  I’d like to introduce a new section on my blog that is “Ask The Readers”

In this section I’ll ask for your advice and discussion in the comments on a particular question once or twice a month. You can also request me to ask any question here, just drop me an email.

This is a reader interactive question, so I want to hear it from you. Leave Short or Long comment, I’ll appreciate every.

why you started blogging

So to start this section, I’ve got a question for you.

Question: Why You Started Blogging?

If you own a blog, it’s a really important question to ask yourself.

Here I am sharing few reasons why I blog and Why I started blogging.

  • Blogging is my passion
  • I love to learn something new
  • I like to help other (through my blog)
  • Get recognize all around
  • Make Money Blogging
  • To improve my english

Make sure to leave the comment below, as I mentioned above. Short or long comment, I’d be glad to hear from you.

I’ll Choose the best answer

If I really like your comment, I’ll choose it and will mention your name, website and comment in the next section of  “Ask The Readers”

Back to today’s question: Why You Started Blogging?

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59 thoughts on “Ask the Readers: Why You Started Blogging?”

  1. Because:
    (1)i want to stay connected with peoples.
    (2)i want to share and gain knowledge from others.
    (3)To build my self confidence.

  2. I have started a blog to :
    1. Make money or have an online business.
    2. Learn new things and teach others what I learn.
    3. Show all my friends

  3. I love being creative and writing was a big passion when i was younger. I blog because i enjoy it and it is a very good way to show your skills and build connections. Another reason i blog is that it motivates me to read more, experiment more and be a very skilled person. Why not sharing your ideas with others? You help them and yourself at the same time.

  4. I started blogging at first due to my passion with writing. I love to write anything and everything that I find worth sharing. And then I eventually earn through it so I became more inspired to write informative and helpful articles.

  5. thanks Ammar for providing all of us an opportunity to share our views why we started blogging. In my case, I started blogging as I found it a means of spreading the information I had to share with the readers out there. But, now I also intend to make some money online by the use of blogging. Yes, the point you had already mentioned that of enhancing the English skills also comes automatically embedded with blogging!

  6. I blog to make it my most favorite activity when I will retire after ten years. Meanwhile I just focus on its quality and become least concerned about its monetization. Yes after retirement when I will have no main source of income I will fully focus on monetizing my blog. You can say blogging my long term retirement plan.

  7. Hi Katydid,

    First to all welcome to my blog, I’m so happy to have you here. I hope everything is going fine at your end.

    I really love the way you wrote this comment and shared how you started blogging.

    I think you’re the only commentator here who is of 66 age. Amazing?

    And this is the first high quality and lovely comment, I ever got here.

    You’re doing a very good job, Ketydid. Wishing you lot more success ahead. You’ll be popular around soon. Make sure to create a STRONG network around your blog niche. :)

    I don’t think so my blog is so popular, it’s just around 16-17 months old.

    Hope to see you again here Ketydid.


  8. Djerah Ahmed Rafik

    I started my blog to help people and teach them about coding skills especially in python(Programming language) so they can build websites from scratch, and of course i’m doing this beginning with simple lessons to hard lessons .

  9. Hi Ammar,

    Nice Question and an interesting posting. I started blogging in 2008. But till now i don’t have own domain for my blog. Am blogging using In starting, i blog for earning money from online.

    Bcoz, on that time i was completed my Post Graduate and searching for job. So, i decided to start blog for earning money. But now, i am having passion and to help others to earn money from online.

  10. I have tried many time to continue blugging but after some time, My schedual is upsetted and I leave it, when I started it because I want to learn and improve my English. I failed to do so because it is still as it is as i started. I want to know how i can improve this.

    If some one has suggestion to improve my English, I will paysome thing, but I have problem that I can’t continue my exercise after some time.

  11. I started blogging initially as a hobby, to see if it was something I enjoyed doing and would continue with over the long term. I also wanted to help out others and provide useful, unique content. After two years I now have a few sites and so far so good. It does take a lot of work, but it can be very rewarding as well. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thanks Ammir Bro you raised a very good questions about why we start blogging.

    couple of yours i was spending so much time on internet and by doing only useless works like watching bollywood movies, games, and many mores. but later on when i searched something about blogging then its taken my heart & in 15/1/2013/ i started my own blogging careers.

    lets come to the points>>

    1: i love blogging i want to share my brights ideas with newbies & my loyal readers.

    2: I want to improve my english. now i feel some differences its improving now because in blogging you have chance to read a lot of article of different authors and bloggers so i have picked so many ideal words from them. thanks to you.

  13. I started blogging to make some extra income through this. Its giving me some cool income. Another reason to share some genuine money making ideas with people who are looking for ways to earn money online.
    One of the positive side effect of blogging is it improves your English as well as writing.

  14. Thanks for your Question Ammar.My story is a bit interesting.

    I started blogging 3 year ago but the real meaning of blogging was unknown to me.It took almost 4 years to understand,what blogging actually is and what can i do through it.Actually,i came in blogging through books and newspapers after reading definitions like- “Blogging is just the sharing of information about yourself “.I started many blogs with my name and blogspot domain where i wrote about myself but failed to grab any kind of traffic so i tried to find a trick to generate traffic.While surfing internet,i came across various illegal download blogs who were able to attract huge traffic.My motto was also traffic so i also started that kind of blog where i copied softwares,cracks,keygens etc from other successful blogs of that niche and successfully attracted traffic as well but later came to know that these kind of blogs are just a waste because the host sites(where you upload your files) always deletes that kind of files due to copyright claims and you can’t get the approval of adsense and many other advertising network as well.

    At that time,i passed intermediate examination and my primary aim was to join some good engineering colleges like IITs or NITs in india but failed to crack either IIT-JEE or AIEEE.As a result,i took admission in low quality engineering college with CSE(Computer Science and Engineering) branch.That was the period of recession(when i was in 3rd year) in Software Companies so i tried to do something different and thus took blogging seriously.However money is not the primary motive for me.I started blogging to strengthen my writing and coding skills and i am happy that i have improved a lot and still trying to learn new things.I learnt so many things in the span of 3 years (where i failed most of times) about blogging so now guiding people.

    These days,most of the new bloggers starts blogging on niche like Blogging tutorial,Making money online etc which is quite common.They need to try something new and fresh.As an indian,i started my new blog on bank exams because very few people blog on that topic..

    Anyway thanks are doing an excellent job

  15. I started blogging because i want to make money ,
    and i want to be social…..
    thanks for sharing this article:-)

  16. I started my blog for chatting and chat rooms, means just related to fun and time pass! but after that i realized that it is the good way to get income and then it became my hobby :)

  17. As an avid reader of other blogs, i decided to enter Blogging to earn money but blogging isn’t all about making money. You get famous and a good online network.
    You share your knowledge with others and make other happy :)

  18. I started blogging because I wanted to share the information which I have to those persons who have not enough information about that thing and the second thing is that blogging is the best way to make money online and It also helps me to connect with other person.

  19. To Improve English? lol… I heard many earned money with that. I entered Blogging for that, and later it became my passion, and I left Blogging for Money, and started Blogging as hobby :)

  20. I started a blog ‘cz i had internet connection +Pc
    I continued it ‘cz it was fun and Gr8 experience learning and sharing knowledge.
    I still continuing it ‘cz it has become my passion..:)

    & that’s all abt it..

  21. I started blogging
    1. I wanna spend my spare time usefully
    2. Love to learn new stuffs related to technology
    3. Writing is my breathing
    4. Wanna help others
    5. To earn some bucks with it.

    Nice post from you Amar! Thanks for letting the bloggers to share their reasons why they started blogging.

  22. Hey Ammar, great initiative dude. I started blogging because I love writing. Since my school time I use to write dairies in which I use to write all my activities of the day. This made me come into this field and definitely even to earn money, because only by writing I cannot fullfill my needs…… right. Keep going!

  23. Hello Dear

    according to me blogging is my passion really and most important point of blogging create communicate with your reader, and thanks for sharing me

  24. Thanks Mr. Ammar Ali to start such attempts. Readers are the heart of any blog. I am a site owner of a educational blog. My blog is related with my profession. Always I love to learn something new and would like to share my practical experience with those people who truly feeling penury for it.

  25. The primary purpose is that I just need to make an online identity of my mine through my knowledge and experience.
    Secondary purpose is that I hate to work under any one and blogging will let me to fulfill my desire and make me financially strong.

  26. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

    Thats a good question!
    I did not coming to blogging for money, for sure. Because I was getting more work than I could handle single handedly from my freelance writing assignments. I started blogging because I was fed up of ghostwriting. I wanted recognition for my work.

  27. Hey Ammar! I’ve not started blogging yet! But I would love to start blogging after completing FSC. Luckily our some causes are common.. By the way I want to start blogging to
    i. Earn a good name.
    ii. To learn!
    iii. To get $.
    iv. To improve my English!

  28. Well i started Blogging as i wanted to share some tech news with my friends than later on i came to know about what Blogging is and now i have decided to take my Blog’s to a next level.

  29. I created a blogger account as my personal site. Then I move to wordpress but still It was a personal website. I was a stunt rider and mechanic, so after left my riding I though I can share my experience and knowledge with world and I got your blog by searching and I inspire and transfer my personal website to blog.

    I like to write
    I like to share my knowledge and experience.
    To help people
    Of course it will be good if I earn something from my article and blog because it’s not that much easy to run a blog.

  30. Blogging is best way to rise your words of your interest, gain online reputation on Google, meet the worlds best people and expert, as i met Ammar(it would not possible if i was not a blogger).
    >> Get deeper knowledge in your interest
    >> Learn developing Websites and its professional use.
    >> Interact with versatile reader and their thought(Really amazing feeling).
    >> Learning best SEO is only possible through Blogging (passionate Blogging).
    >> If one is strongly creative and aware of worlds information and best way to sharing, Google will love it and they have hundreds of way to earn by blogging.
    >> Lastly, can help many blogger to grow, can start online discussion forum after having experience.
    >> Blogging has great gravity on your Resume, Recruiter get to know how passionate you are for your interest and if you will show interest in job, you can surly help them to grow.

    I think there are plenty of best reasons,
    well my reasons are all above
    i started blogging as my online diary, after that posted some tricks and tips, some computing stuff just like catblogger, after that i realised, people across the world is reading/commenting on my Blog Intelligent Computing so i got serious, deleted some useless posts, modified my blog and existing post and stepped in Blogosphere.

    1. Hey Thedijje.

      Glad to see you here after a long time ;) Where you was?

      Thanks so much for sharing why you started blogging, I really like the way you described!

      All the best for you blogging journey.


  31. Hi Ammar,

    I like your idea of starting this new series, and am sure others like me would appreciate your efforts too :)

    Well, I wasn’t actually a blogger when I joined the online world. I started as a professional freelance writer and used to work online with my writing projects. It was only two odd years back that I joined the blogging world when I felt that I had a flair for writing as it runs in my genes – with my Mom and sister who are also into writing!

    The main reason I started both my blogs were to help others and that remains my sole purpose of running my blogs. Of course, I love writing and that’s what I do for a profession, but if you go out of your way to help others, I think you play your part of giving back to the society who has given you so much. More so, through my personal experience and all that I’ve learnt – I felt I could contribute.

    I am indeed grateful to my blogging community, readers and friends who are part of my blog and always there to support me – how – by always being there. And I simply love interacting with them through the comments, that’s how I get to know them better – and all of this leads to build better relationships in the online world – isn’t it?

    Thanks once again for sharing and giving us this opportunity. Have a nice weekend :)

    1. Hey Harleena,

      Thanks for appreciating my new idea about starting this series.

      You’re right, blogging is always helping us to increase our online presense, making good friends, relationships. :D

      Thanks a bunch for commenting, Hope you’re also having a great day.

  32. I started blogging to cure my depression. Maybe this is the strangest answer you may get!
    I suffered from severe depression condition. Medication is harmful, full of side effects, so I had to do something to prevent “ruminating” on negative thoughts. And the solution was to keep my head busy in positive thoughts. Also, socialism is important. Since I am a stay at home mother, I needed a good way to connect to people of same interests. The answer was ” blogging”. Every time I publish a post I feel relieved :)
    I managed to get to know good and kind people ,who are sharing their knowledge and life stories with me, we have even become friends. Sharing our thoughts, fears, happy moments…..
    Even if my blog didn’t become a famous one, I will keep on blogging, because there is nothing exhausting more than keep thinking in negative thoughts.Some people may think that they should not talk about being depressed, well, maybe 50% of those around you maybe in depression, but to get rid of depression you need to admit it and take action.
    Blogging is one of the best things I have ever made in my life!

    1. Hey Dima,

      Actually, I heard it first time :)

      Well, you’ve got a unique story behind starting blogging. I like the way you described it!

      Thanks for taking your time and leaving comment.


  33. Being truthful, I started Blogging for making some bucks online, because some of my friends told me that many people earning a decent amount from internet even without disturbing their studies or anything, then I thought of trying this with me also and jumped into this awesome business called `Blogging` and now I’m in a strong relationship with Blogging, and I just love this.. :)

      1. Making money and learn blogging both reasons. i have learned something about blogging and still learning from you and some other bloggers.

  34. Nice concept Ammar. We have started blogging to share some useful tips and tricks on daily life’s faqs that I faced. At that time we thought if we could share these experiences somewhere it would be very helpful for others. Then me & my wife started a blog where we used to post recipes, how to, finance articles to help mainly people in India. We both started enjoying writing articles on many niches and found some good response from people as well. Which further motivate us to work on our blog.

    Gradually we found this is the best platform to rectify our English spelling and grammar. Later on when we have started earning from our blog we have started dreaming to become my own boss one day. And also learned many things about blogging from many bloggers like you.

    So among your reasons I would like to select couple:
    We like to help other (through our blog)
    Make Money Blogging
    To improve our english

    All the very best for the initiative….

    1. Hey,

      It’s good to see you here again, Blogging is just amazing, it can teach us so many things. :D

      Wishing you both to have the best blogging journey ahead. Keep up the good work!

  35. Hey Ammar,
    I see so much improvement on your output quality and strategic ways. Congrats.

    Now let me answer the question.

    Owning a site/blog was like an impossible thing to do for me when I got my PC with Internet Connection 2 years back. I wanted to impress my friends and I started a blog with my name on Blogspot. In time I learned what is TRAFFIC :D and you know, as usually, I began to fall in love with the blogosphere.
    Now I blog for grabbing a space on the Top bloggers, finding fun from it, to make it my main income source and to make a change in the Keralite (Our State) society by proving that this Industry is worth working on.

    Thanks :)

    1. Hey Amal,

      Glad to see you here ;)

      You’re going on right track, and your online presense is also increasing, you’ll be in list of pro bloggers soon.

      BTW, all the best for your guest blogging contest :D

      1. Whoa! I’m damn excited to hear that. It’s really a boost of confidence to me.
        And Thanks for that. :) I’m doing my best to win it. An engagement from your side on my entry will be really a help.

        Thanks a lot :) Good luck!!

  36. I start blogging just for fun, but then later on I keep blogging to make some extra money online and help other people. Thanks for asking :D

  37. well, few years ago I felt this urge to start writing… and I am doing it since then ;) sometimes I write a lot, sometimes nothing at all but… I keep going ;)
    best regards!

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