18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers

I’m sick of reading top 5 cool android apps and 10 best android apps around. ;)

So I decided to create list of 18 Cool Android Apps For Bloggers and Webmasters.

Which can help Bloggers perform their daily Blogging work on their Android device. Android is the most used Mobile Platform in the world with approx 650,000+ Best Apps and counting. The Apps come very handy in our daily lives, We can access them from anywhere using our smartphone, tablet etc.


18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers

18 Best Cool Android Apps for Bloggers

So Today I’m going to List 18 Cool and Best Android Apps for Bloggers and Webmasters which will help them wherever they go.

You can easily download below cool android apps from google play store by searching their names

1. WordPress

18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers
WordPress for Android allows you to manage your Self-Hosted WordPress Blog from your Android device. You can compose new posts, edit old ones etc. You can moderate comments and publish photos, videos taken by your device. This is a MUST have cool android app for WordPress Lovers


2. Blogger
18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers
Blogger is one of the most used blogging platform and If you have a Blogger blog then you can use this app for creating and publishing posts. You can also edit posts with this app. A strange thing about Blogger app is that it does not have enough functionality and options like WordPress app. If you’re using Blogspot, you should use this best android app.

3. Tumblr

18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers
If you run a Tumblr blog then this app is for you. With this app you can create new posts, manage drafts, queue posts etc. This is a perfect app for tumblr users with enough options.


4. PayPal
18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers
Finally Android users will get to taste the official PayPal app. With this app you can send / request money. you can manage your PayPal account, Check Balance, Withdraw funds, View transactions etc. Anytime Anywhere. Isn’t that cool app for android users specially bloggers? :D


5. Disqus
18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers
If you use Disqus commenting system on your blog then Disqus for Android app can help you moderate comments, publish responses etc. from anywhere.

6. Google Analytics

18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers
With Google Analytics app you can manage your Analytics Dashboard, See real time stats from your blog. Now no need for using your computer to see traffic stats, With this app you can just have a look anytime.


7. AdSense Dashboard

18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers

AdSense Dashboard is an Android app for viewing AdSense Performance metrics. You can have a look at many AdSense metrics which include CPM, CTR, Page Views, Clicks, Page RPM etc. You can also see How custom channels are performing. The App also contains a widget which you can place on your Android Home screen for a quick look.

8. Facebook Pages Manager

18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers
Facebook Pages Manager is an official best app from Facebook which you can use to manage your Blog’s Facebook Fan page. You can Post new updates, photos, videos etc. You can view notifications, respond to messages and view your page insights. With this app, you can manage multiple pages.

9. Google Reader

18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers
Google Reader is the Best RSS reader app available on Android. With Google Reader app you can follow your favorite blog’s and site’s RSS feed. This app also has a feature to sync all the updates across all your devices.

10. Swiftkey Keyboard

18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers
The default touchscreen keyboard on Android devices is not good enough for writing long blog posts. Swiftkey Keyboard is the Best keyboard and one of the Top downloaded Android app.
This app replaces your stock keyboard with an all new keyboard with many features like Auto-Correction, Auto-Capitalization etc. Which helps correct spelling mistakes and mistyped words. You can now write long blog posts more accurately. This cool android app for tablet is also available in store

11. Imgur for Android

18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers
Many bloggers use Imgur.com for Hosting images for their blog posts, Now with Imgur App you can instantly upload photos and use it in your blog posts. You can also upload multiple photos at once.


12. Writer
18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers
As the name suggests, Writer is a word processor app which comes handy for writing notes, blog post ideas etc. whenever you want. The app is simple to use and you can also share your notes via email.

13. BlogPost

18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers
BlogPost is a multi Blogging Platform client. With this app you can manage Blogger, WordPress, Live Journal etc. You can create / edit posts, manage comments, upload photos / videos etc. It has an awesome visual editor from where you can change Font, Insert Links, paragraph styles, Quotes etc. All in one app for android users

14. WebRank SEO

18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers
WebRank SEO is a must have cool app for all bloggers, With this app you can check your Google Pagerank, Alexa rank, Pages indexed on Google / Yahoo / Bing, Backlinks from google / yahoo / bing, Social shares, tweets, likes etc. All at once. What you have to do is Enter your website address and hit search. So Simple, NO?


15. PayPal Fee Calculator
18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers
PayPal calculator is another handy tool, With this app you can quickly and accurately calculate PayPal fee you’ll be charged for your transactions. This app also has a Reverse mode which can help you calculate the total amount to be requested in order to receive the amount you want.

16. Color Code Book

18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers
Color Code book is a handy tool for Color codes. With this app you can find different color codes like Hex code, RGB code, CMYK code etc. This is a very helpful app for web designers.

17. SECockpit Keyword Research

18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers
SECockpit is the best SEO keyword research tool for marketers available for android. Just enter your keyword and the app will automatically gather all the data. With this app you can find ‘How many times the keyword was searched’, The AdWords CPC etc.

18. Google Drive

18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers
With Google Drive you can store your Documents, Photos, Videos, Audio etc. on cloud storage. The sync feature lets all the files be available across multiple devices. This is a very useful app for Bloggers, Now you don’t need huge storage space on your device.

So these were 18 Best and Cool Android Apps for Bloggers, If you have these apps installed on your android device then you can manage your blog anywhere.

But, for this All you need is a Wi-Fi / Internet connection. ;)

I hope this post was helpful and Informative.

Good Luck!

Don’t forget to let me know which android apps you are using to manage your blog?


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  1. Hi, I love Google Reader as it helps me increase my knowledge on the go….thanks for sharing the others!
    Mukesh Dutta recently posted..Make Money Writing Reviews Online – Most Popular SitesMy Profile

  2. hey Jimmy, I like Swiftkey Keyboard, although I prefer IOS and iPhone myself. Which is your favorite mobile system and why? Which is your favorite app?

    P.S. Could I write “36 android apps” next? LOL
    John (Affiliate Coach) recently posted..How Does Affiliate Marketing WorkMy Profile

  3. A great list Jimmie…..I using google drive from your list.
    Taking a look on WordPress.
    Harsh Gupta recently posted..6 Free Torrent Leech Website ListMy Profile

  4. Cool post,
    For me Facebook Page’s manager is one of the best android apps i have used as i can easily manage the pages for my blogs :)
    I did not know about the Adsense app so I will check that out thanks.
    Phil M recently posted..Complete List Of 50+ Commentluv Enabled DoFollow BlogsMy Profile

  5. hey Jimmy, I have been using android app for one year. I have WordPress site, android apps make it easy for managing it. Really it is a cool android apps for me. Nice informative article.
    Aman Kumar recently posted..Non-standard Workarounds for Firefox 3.x and Old Versions of SafariMy Profile

  6. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing top android application themes. This is very useful information for online marketing managers. Keep it up such a nice posting like this.

    Sekhar Reddy.

  7. Good list of apps.
    I am already using 4 apps from the above mentioned apps. Android apps help me to manage my blog from any where.
    Thanks for sharing this list :)
    Tarun Jaitely recently posted..Top 5 Antiviruses for Your Android DevicesMy Profile

  8. I personally adore WordPress and Dropbox a lot. I am amazed to know that we also have too many options out there to choose from. Thanks Jimmie for your recommendations.
    Shruti Kaushik recently posted..Top 5 Wi-Fi File Transfer Apps for iPhoneMy Profile

  9. Thanks for sharing these apps. These are so helpful to keep working even while on the go.
    Sarah Park recently posted..How to Run an Errand BusinessMy Profile

  10. A nice collection Jimmie. I will definitely install Keyword Research App and WordPress App. A more than thanks Jimmie
    Mubashir recently posted..Giveaway: WordPress Premium Theme Nuance by ThemeForestMy Profile

  11. real handy for all the bloggers out there…i like wordpress, writer and google drive app…those are the most important ones! thx for listing out all these for us. :)
    Gautam Doddamani recently posted..5 Things You Need To Know before Buying a New ThemeMy Profile

  12. Thanks a lot Ammar.
    That Google Adsense Earnings plugin is something I’ve missed for sure.
    Amal Rafeeq recently posted..I Will Setup your Blog Totally Free and Optimize it.My Profile

  13. Why haven’t you linked all the apps to their respective downloads?
    Utkarsh Bhatt recently posted..14 Casual things we all say daily (which are totally wrong!)My Profile

  14. At Present I mostly use all the plugins you’ve specified. By the Way, Adsense App you’ve mentioned is not by Google. The app is published by some person. Is it safe to work with it ? Please answer me soon, Wanna check my earnings on the go :)
    Anirudh recently posted..600+ list Of High PR Dofollow Forums to Build BacklinksMy Profile

    • Hi Anirudh,
      Nice point man. This is a very good question and it needs an answer. Do these apps offer security or not? What about Paypal app ? The article is great, but i think the author should give his opinion about these apps security.
      Ambition recently posted..Ubuntu Phone, I Want It So BadMy Profile

  15. Wow. Cool article and i love it. Its time to monetize and optimize your blogs from your Android devices. Make the most of your time with this technological advancement.
    Rajkumar recently posted..7 Best Places to Visit in Kuala LumpurMy Profile

  16. these apps are really good. i am already using the swiftkey app in my android phone , and as u said it is best app for typing in phone,
    and after reading this article i am going to installing google analytic and writer app
    shyantan recently posted..The Apple iPhone 6-”expected features and roumers”My Profile

  17. Hi there. Really a great post. Android is a booming platform where anybody can apply the knowledge. Bloggers also make their best to use Android Apps. Very nice information. Keep sharing like this. :)
    Martin Kelvin recently posted..Two Major Android Apps for Every ProfessionalsMy Profile

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