5 More Ideas to Sell Your Own Product and Make Money Online

make money online[This is second part of ideas to sell your own product and make money.]

In blogging there are more than several ways to make money online. Its only requirement is to know the art of money making. It is wise to pick a few options from lengthy list and stick to it with a clear monetization strategy.

A little patience is must to get the result. From the day one it is not possible to make money online even with any best monetization option. You simply need to pick a few money making methods that confirm give you good results.

But the question is; how can you sell a product in large number that is already being sold by pro bloggers?

You can’t compete with John Chow or Zac Johnson in generating same amount of sales revenue.

Secondly why do your blog visitors buy your referred product and why they should skip the advice of other blogging pros?

There is no reason of preferring the advice of a newbie over the internet marketing icons’.

So your product must have least selling competition.

It means you need to sell a product that has zero selling competition.


There is a product where you are the only seller and rests are your sales agent.

Yes you are right it is your own online product.

In my previous post “5 ideas to make online product and earn money easily” we discussed the basics of developing your own online product. It focused the primary aspects of your products; how it should be packaged and how should be its branding etc.

In this post I give you 5 proven strategies to make money online with your blog

Evergreen products make money online consistently

It depends upon niche of your blog and the nature of your audience what type of product you develop. An online product may be:

  • A tutorial
  • A guide
  • A video course
  • A solutions-based ebook
  • Blog templates
  • Blog widgets
  • Coaching for online money making
  • Offer to join a group and earn money easily
  • A tangible product like tea shirt or insignia

Whatever type of product you want to make it must be free from the need of frequent updates. After a quite a long time you can update it to keep it in the list of best products. But it should not need frequent updates or improvement.

So your product must be an evergreen product. You should focus to sell it more and more and don’t worry about its quality control once you make it. In this way you can earn money easily without spending time on its further development.

If you improve your product you need to send the updated version to all who already bought its old version. This exercise may annoy your old customer who might have already applied the trick and tips given in your product.

All in one package to make money online

A famous blogger recently released a complete guide to start a blog. He awesomely made the guide concise. But in his attempt to keep it concise he had to put several links for detail review of the subject. In this situation readers have to shuttle between base product and referral products if it happens. It is not good from benefits point of view.

Your product must be a complete package providing every necessary detail that your readers need. They need not move to other authority sites for further review of the topic to earn money easily.

Supplementary product to make money online

This is a good strategy to make money easily. Make a perfectly complete product but keep space for its advance level to sell another product to your customers who are fully convinced of the quality of your primary product.

But your base product must not be simply a promotional brochure of your advance product. You need to fulfill your customers’ product need completely and perfectly. If they need to grow more you can offer another advance product of same nature.

Minimum theoretical

Good writers start their tutorial with an advice to their readers to pick a pen or pencil and do the practical work after completing each chapter.

how to make money online

So your product should not require simply an act of reading or listening to remember it and then apply whatever is learnt to earn money easily. It must have practical aspect more with minimum theory. After every main point you must ask your readers to do an exercise before moving forward.

Free updates subsequently

Selling good product to your customers means developing long term relationship with them.

For this you need not to stay silent after selling one product. You should send them free updates related to your product as and when need arises.

In this way you will strengthen your relationship with buyers of your product. It means you have wide space to sell your next product to make money easily to your regular customers whom you are in contact. Even you can also ask them to refer your product to their friends if you manage to have good relations with them.

So these are five proven strategies to make money online with your blog. I am sure now you can start making your first online product and be less reliant on affiliate products. Do you still need more advice on this topic just drop a comment to let me reply you?

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  1. Hey Rakesh Kumar: Interesting question.
    You must have a sales page for selling your premium WordPress themes. If you don’t do make your own sales page instead of relying on original sales page of the product that is usually written keeping in mind the whole possible audience of a product.
    Localize your sales page as focused as possible. If you think your potential buyers are from a particular city then limit your sales pitch to that city by showing how many people of that city are already using your premium themes.
    Also keep developing follow-up posts in series to send your readers on your sales page and make them buy your products.
    Always remember selling is not a one-time process. Keep selling with different type of contents. Do offer them company discounts and equally offer them discounts from your profit margin. Offer them discount on the occasions of local festivals of national and religious types.
    This is not rule of thumb but I am just giving here ideas to make you think out of box to sell as much as you can.

  2. I am right now selling my money making WordPress themes from my blog.They are quite successful but now people wants more and more such themes with great features but do not want to pay according to their demands. Do you have any idea(s) how to convince them that premium features also have some better money tag? waiting for your kind reply

  3. I go agree with your points if you sell your own product which you can earn more money then the affiliate commission you getting from others product.I have recently started my own product getting passive income on it between great article for others to get start in

  4. Hi Muba
    This is my first time reading your blog post. This is really awesome and unique stuff. Your write very informative articles, which actually helps in developing our marketing mind.. Every blogger has been writing about affiliate marketing, but you speak different things here. Thanks for sharing us your valuable thoughts

  5. Sell our own poduct is the super alternative way to get money from internet, especially those who have not Advertisement on their blog or website. The constraints is because the people don’t have idea about what kinds of product that they want to sell.

    Your article is very good and it inspiring the people (me too) who want to try start make money online. Thank you

  6. Great tips here for long term growth. Once you build a database of customers you can market to them on the back end too for even more revenue.

    This can work whether you’re an affiliate or product creator. But as you mention, the real money lies in creating your own products.


  7. Hey Nikhil: Thanks a lot for such encouraging comments; you are right newbie bloggers need to think developing their own product.

  8. Hi Riya; thanks a lot for your motivating words; you are right no one needs theories; people want practical solutions.

  9. Great Stuff Mi Muba,

    This content is packed with many useful and beneficial tips to launch and make money from your own product. These tips help a lot for new comers.
    Thnank you for sharing this tips

  10. this article make my day….really useful information specially for bloggers.And yes do as practical as you can.People always give importance to practicality than the theoretical part..
    thanks for sharing it….

  11. @Nikhil Ganotra: Thanks bro for such encouraging words for my post.

    @Shailesh: Thanks for liking this post; you are right we should try to write a post that can easily be understand by all level of readers

    @Richard Martin: You told a big secret here that is “even if you have an evergreen product you must update it regularly”.

  12. Hello Mi Muba,
    I read your amazing previous post on ABT on selling digital products online and all I can say that this one is super amazing. Very ultimate ideas to make money online. Thanks for sharing :)

    Have a great day :)

  13. Well, I was looking for these tips for a couple of days and I finally found them. I am sure these will be the best because AllBloggingTips has been ever green in this field and I have learned very much from it.

    Thanks for sharing such a hard work with us …… !

  14. Excellent article.

    My product is evergreen, and only requires a couple of small updates per year. That way, I can continue selling the product whilst working on other things.

  15. Another reason why I need to focus on creating my own product.. Thanks for the challenge and hopefully I’d be able to come up with my own product to sell online..

  16. Hi Muba,

    Very Informative post. i haven’t created any products to sell yet. But I’ve been selling affiliate products since very long.

    I agree, our products should be complete package providing every necessary detail. We can’t make our customers/readers disappoint.

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Hello MI Muba,

    Really nice ideas to make money from Internet. You have really given a nice explanation on this topic.. Thanks for writing such a awesome post.

  18. Hello; these are some very good points. I especially like what you said about not just using your basic course as a promo for th mor advanced and naturally more expensive one. we have to give our customers value at all costs. Keep up the good work, max

  19. Hi Muba,

    These are the great tips to sell our affiliate products. Most of the bloggers easily said that, making money from affiliate marketing is very easy and we can earn more money from that when compare to adsense or other contextual programs.

    By reading your post, even newbies also can sell their affiliate products. Very Easy ideas to follow. Thanks for sharing this informative guide with us.

  20. There are many ways to make money online as internet is the greatest source for every field. You have described some of the tricks to make money online. I appreciate your way of explanation. It is really easy to figure out. I hope I will find such type of information here every chance i get. Thanks for the post.

  21. @Aamir Awan
    Hey you are right without creativity one can’t survive in a stiff competition. I suggested ways to sell your product now it ups to you how much creativity you put into it. I visited your blog; it’s cool.

    I appreciate your analytical thinking for internet marketing. Long-term strategy is one of the surest ways to grab your potential market and sell in huge number. Thanks for your good words.

    Hey I visited your ebook page. It’s title “Profit From Your Pastime” is so impressive. You are really giving value to your readers. Thanks for liking my post.

  22. Great tips here for long term growth. Once you build a database of customers you can market to them on the back end too for even more revenue.

    This can work whether you’re an affiliate or product creator. But as you mention, the real money lies in creating your own products.

    That way there is less competition. Definitely not a get rich quick scheme (as you mention) but rather a sound plan for long-term growth.

    Again, great tips!

  23. Hi Muba!
    You are really sharing some amazing ideas but i think if we want to earn money online then we need to done a harder job and try to produce creative things that peoples don’t find anywhere, this is the only way of earning some handsome money but you are also mention some amazing points, keep posing useful ideas.

    Thanks a lot; I am happy you like my article. Evergreen products don’t need frequent update nor you are required to issue its advance version. For example all the products regarding guest posting urgenly need a quick revision after Google said back link of a guest post won’t work so much for ranking of a blog.

    Thanks a lot; we need to develop long-term relations with our customers and keep offering after-sale benefits

    Thanks; you are right our each post should be equally useful for readers of all levels. Exactly, relying on adsense now is not a wiser move

  26. Hi Mi Muba,

    Nice article, You have shared some nice tips here.
    The ideas you shared are really effective. Creating evergreen product is the best way to increase your sales.

    Thanks for sharing these ideas with us.

  27. Great article MI MUBA, really valuable tips for anyone who wants to really sell their own products online and make serious income. I like you idea on “Free updates subsequently” which in my case giving the “Blogging for profit” guide for free helped me get sales from the people who actually came back and bought the eBooks I sell on my platform.

    Thanks for sharing.

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