Real Truth Of Making Money Blogging You Need to Know!

Everyone has different views about blogging and most of people who have never started a blog believe that making money blogging is simple and not hard at all.

They think that anyone can do it and they can do it at any time they want and perhaps that is what never allows them to start their blog. However, the reality is quite different.

It has never been easy to make money blogging and probably never will be in years and years to come. Hence, if you are one of those people who blindly believe it is easy to make money blogging, I’m going to tell you some real facts and the truth of making money blogging.

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SEO Traffic Is Secret of Making Money Blogging

Many bloggers think that creating a blog, posting some content and monetizing it will make them handsome money. But they’re wrong. There is the best way to make money online. It’s called SEO.

We just can’t ignore SEO. SEO is backbone of any successful blog. Without SEO we can’t make passive income. Don’t forget search engine visitors = money.

So, spend some time on learning SEO. Remember it’s not a quick fix, it’ll take some time to boost your visitors.

AdSense is Not the Best Way to Make Money

I see bloggers quit very soon just because their blog do not get approved by Adsense.

The reason is Google AdSense is getting strict day by day. They are rarely approving any account. Even, if you manage to get adsense account by any trick. The chances are they’ll disable your account soon. That’s why I hate AdSense.

So, best way is to focus on more than one income source. Start affiliate marketing, sell your own product and make money using direct ad sales.

You Cannot Become Rich Overnight:


Get Rich schemes have resulted in more scams online than anything else. Everyone wants to become rich as quickly as possible because getting better and wishing for better is in human nature.

Unfortunately, this nature puts us into some troubles. What you need to understand while stepping into blogging or even if you are in blogging for a while is that making tons of money from your blog is not going to be easy. It is not going to be fast and quick as well.

This would prove to be a long and hard road where you would have to come across road blocks after road blocks. You need to stay focused and determined at all times to cross the hurdles in your path and clear the way to the place where you can proudly call yourself a “Professional Blogger”.

Success is Never Guaranteed:

Unlike some business in offline world, no one can ever guarantee that you or your blog will be successful someday. Not even you. It is like a total gamble because you have to put your hard work and everything into your blog to make it work. And, you have no idea if it will make you any money any day.

You can even spend thousands of dollars into starting and promoting your blogs. You can also hire experts to do the whole work for you, but reality will never change. No one will ever guarantee that you will be successful. And, if someone does, that is a scam alert. That is how harsh the reality of blogging is.

You Have To Keep Learning at all times:

This is not something in which you can claim that you have learned everything. This is because there are millions of things to be learned in blogging and you get to learn something new every other day.

That means you have to work and learn non-stop. There will never ever be a stage where you can sit back just because there is nothing more to learn.

Learning process never ends in blogging and that is the beauty of this business. Newbie bloggers are learning new stuff and experts are learning new stuff as well.

There were some real facts to show you how hard it is to make money blogging. I hope that now you know the reality of a blogger and how hard bloggers have to work. So, what about now? Do you still believe the old way? Or I was able to change your mind a little bit? I am really excited to know what you think about these points.

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55 thoughts on “Real Truth Of Making Money Blogging You Need to Know!”

  1. You are right, Blogging is not that easy job. I have discussed that some people think blogging is an easy job, and they can start it anytime, but i have seen some people they don’t start a blog because they think they can never do it.

    BTW, Thanks for the wonderful post, nearest from the Reality. :)

  2. I was busy in some masters studies and left the blogging after 4 months old blog. But when I get back I noticed that my page rank was 2 lol. now I am back again and have started new blog about designing because now I am little free for the article posting etc.
    The whole point was that you are right that patience is the key that what I have noticed in these days. Got lots of positive response straight from my blog to freelancer profile which was a good thing.

  3. Great post!! Your thinking is right. But you have told “I see bloggers quit very soon just because their blog do not get approved by Adsense.” I am not agree with you.
    If you write 5-10 quality article, and complete other optimize, I am sure that, easily could get adsense. I have got adsense after 8 post.
    Thanks for share.

  4. Hi Ammar Ali,
    this is the first time am here and after reading this have to give my feedback , that is true fact that today’s most bloggers are only with the aim of earning with adsense over night. But they couldn’t realize that adsense would have become strict :P

  5. I used to be one of those silly people that believed that blogging was going to make me rich fast and easy. But luckily I have managed to make some money.

  6. Hi !
    The biggest problem with most of the new bloggers is that they just get a hosting and domain , write some articles and sit back and watch if they are earning. It high time everybody understand that SEO is a major factor deciding your blog’s future, traffic and income.
    Actually , I feel Adsense is also a good way to make money. But, you won’t make $$$ out of it if you don’t have good traffic.

    Adsense earning = High Traffic

    But, affiliate marketing and ebook marketing doesn’t need much traffic , you just need some pure readers and a good email list :)

    Great article indeed !) Keep writing !

  7. Nice and very informative post

    Making money through blogging is a smart way of earning. But it is not too easy as it sounds. You just cant have blog start posting some content and then earn money. First of all a blogger should always be ready to learn new things . There are many things we should keep in mind before blogging.

    I totally agree that SEO is the backbone of any successful blog or website. There are many ways of earning money online out of which one famous way and most trusted is through Adsense. I don’t think Adsense as bad way of earning. I have tried it and have got good results. The other point I like in this article is “You cannot be rich overnight”. Patience should be always maintained by any blogger.

    Another important tip I mostly follow is always read your article or post comments and work on suggestion given by readers if any .

    You have done a great work and I hope this post may help many bloggers especially beginners.

    Thank you for sharing.

  8. Mohammed Saimon

    Hello Ammar, I am agree with your all points which you have mentioned here. I think if someone work hard and have the patient then he can make money from blogging.

  9. Hello Ammar,
    Yeah I totally agree with you that SEO is the backbone of blogging. Without good SEO practice no blog can survive for the long time round the globe. When I started blogging I knew nothing about SEO then after researching a lot on google and consulting reputed bloggers I learned basic SEO which helped me a lot in generating some income.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome guide.
    Do enjoy your weekend. :)

  10. Hey ammar! nice article hope you remember me from designsbee because no one does! :D I was busy in some masters studies and left the blogging after 4 months old blog. But when I get back I noticed that my page rank was 2 lol. now I am back again and have started new blog about designing because now I am little free for the article posting etc.

    The whole point was that you are right that patience is the key that what I have noticed in these days. Got lots of positive response straight from my blog to freelancer profile which was a good thing.

    Keep Posting Bro!

    1. Hi Saqib,

      How can I forget you, my friend?

      Study comes first, blogging later. How is your study going on?

      Glad to see you again, keep visiting.

  11. Hello Ammar, I don’t know why most of the people quit blogging but i was know that the only one way to make revenue (Google Adsense) from blog and when i fail several time to approve and stay with Google Adsense then someone suggest me to try Affiliate Marketing. Now i’m feeling better with Affiliate Marketing.

  12. Hey Ammar, good to see you back on track ;)
    I liked your first statement, i do thought that making money was very easy from blogging(when i was a newbie :p ). But now i have realized the truth it after 1+ year.
    Thanks For Sharing Article ;) :D
    Happy Blogging!!

  13. Hi Ammar,

    Agree with all your points. making money through blogging is not at all easy, we have to build a trust-worthy brand first.

    Agree, Search Engine traffic has high conversion rate; most of my affiliate sales are made by Search engine audience.

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. You just have stated some facts that are somehow related to your topic or deflated the ideas of your post. You could show some references that might help beginners to run a better niche that brings them more leads and income. Still on internet there are certain ways people using to make money even without having any website or blog.

    So make money online is not any impossible matter but a blogger needs to be psychologically fitted.

    Anyway, good post

  15. Great article Ammar. The read deal making truth. Patience and dedicated daily action is the key to build a successful blog like ABT.

  16. Hi Ammar
    I am totally agree with the first line of this article that ” Everyone has different views about blogging and most of people who have never started a blog believe that making money blogging is simple and not hard at all. “. People thinks wrong because they haven’t tried blogging, If they will start blogging then they will understand that how hard it is. Making money through blogging is really hard but not impossible, We all need to do perfect planing, we have to do smart work ( Hard work using the brain called smart work ). Website traffic is the most crucial part of any blog, If any blog is getting good traffic from Google and Google adsense is rejecting that blog again and again then the blog owner doesn’t need to quit their blogging. He or She can also use other methods of making money in Blogging. He or She should know that Google adsense is not the only alternative for making money online. Right? Thanks for sharing this article. Happy Blogging :D

  17. I’m constantly bashing my head against the wall with this issue. I have more traffic than a lot of blogs I know that are making more money than me. Even when you get the traffic in, you need to be a businessperson to know how to monetize it :/

    1. Remember David, 100 targeted visitors are a lot better than 1000 non-targeted visitors. Trick is to drive more traffic who can make you good money.

  18. i think most of the newbies think that they will only earn when they write about online earning and blogging but don’t know that these are the most competitive niches and they can easily earn if they start on some non-competitive niche.

  19. Hi Ammar

    Thanks for this as a newbie it is all abit overwhelming not sure if what your doing is right and how it is going to work for you. But i suppose as long as i remember it will take time.

    Thanks for some very good tips !!!

  20. Hi Ammar,

    I agree with all your points. Blogging is not a quick rich scheme to earn money immediately. We have to wait for sometimes, without doing SEO there is no organic traffic. Organic Traffic is the only possible way to get more traffic. If we get more traffic, we get more sale and more clicks etc…

    And also we have to concentrate on post. A meaningless content didn’t get any likes or shares from our readers. Thanks sharing this Ammar. Have a nice day.

    1. Thanks for taking your time in leaving this comment, your points are valid.

      We need to focus on every aspect of a blog in order to get success.

  21. Hi Ammar,

    I do agree with the fact that Adsense program is so difficult to join, and that’s why I am looking for some alternatives, like Infolinks.
    One additional income source is freelance writing, I didn’t try this one, yet, but I hope I will once my kids are old enough to give me some spare time :)
    ( I wonder if you have good sites for me to start with? )

    I understand that it does take time for one to be a good blogger, and it is better to learn one thing at a time, and I believe that one should surround himself with a good company of good bloggers.
    Blogging is one step at a time.

    1. Hi Dima,

      Glad to see you here after a long time.

      Did you tried as adsense alternative?

      You can signup with odesk or freelancer to get clients.

      Your last tip is really good. We should make a strong network of good bloggers.


      Because, it’s important. In new SEO era we can’t reply much on SEO.

      1. Thank you for the good suggestions !

        Did I tell you that I have been invited to become a contributor blogger at :) That will certainly keeps me busy!

        Yes, indeed . One hand can’t clap alone as we say in Arabic, and bloggers should work as teams. Between, I wish beauty bloggers gather to work together as you , SEO bloggers, do !

        1. Dima, I see you’ve potential of making good income from freelance writing.

          May be you should think more on this. No?

  22. And remember that the money is in your archive…

    Dive in your analytics and optimize those old blogposts, that still attract daily visitors searching for a solution or product.

  23. Hi Ammar,

    Great Post. I agree with you making a money from blogging is not an easy thing. It requires commitment, hard word, dedication with your smart knowledge. Most of the bloggers relay on Adsense and forgot another way and quit soon with earning some pennies through his blog.
    Your post is great for those who want to make money though his blog by doing some smart work. …. :)

    1. Hey Nikhil,

      Glad to see that you liked the post.

      BTW, your latest post is awesome with useful tips. I just shared on twitter ;-)

  24. Hi Ammar,
    Glad to see a post from you after a long time, You have nailed it. Many newbies start blogging just after seeing the income reports of pro bloggers and quit blogging when they see no return. I agree with all your points, I earned my first dollar from blogging almost after 5 months. That’s the reason I always ask newbies to be patient.

  25. Hey Ammar
    Awesome article Bro..Most of new bloggers publish some ordinary article and alltime busy to Search that how to make money online which kills their knowledge to managing a perfect blog..They Don’t concentrate In SEO Terms and their blog fails to generate genuine visitors.Forthis they shut down their blog.

    Thanks for sharing this awareness post for newbie Blogger..

  26. Nice Post…. it’s really Awesome article. Every should learn something from these. It is really worthy to new blogger. how to start a new blog? Hot to maintain a blog? How to get traffic for the blog from different sources. It’s really tough for new bloggers and they cannot get more traffic means less revenue or sometimes they couldn’t earn any penny. thanks for share this valuable information with us.

  27. Ammar,
    Thanks for this post. I agree with all of your points based on my experience. Search engine traffic is definitely valuable, and it takes a while to build that up, which supports your other point about success not happening overnight.

  28. Hi Ammar,

    Good to see a post from you after long, and such a wonderful one as well :)

    I totally agree with you – blogging IS not easy at all, and I mean if you really blog seriously and not just as a hobby.

    Honestly speaking, I started as a hobby blogger and just wanted to share my experiences with my readers because they started liking my work. It’s only recently that I’ve turned a little professional in this field, and you are right – there is a LOT that goes into blogging that meets the eye.

    SEO can never die – period! Yes, the way you go about using your keywords is what changes – it’s become better now as you can do a lot just by sounding natural in your posts. Speaking and connecting with your readers is the key perhaps that works well. Of course, writing a post is the easier part – it’s what all you have to do after that – the promotion that takes the maximum time (I speak of myself at least!)

    I agree, just making money from blogging will never happen overnight – it takes time, just like any other business. Bloggers need to be patient and keep the faith – and just write smart, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

    BTW – I like your broader look of the blog :)

    1. Hey Harleena

      Glad to see you here.

      Yes, I was some busy with my offline life and studies. They comes first.

      I too started blogging for sharing the knowledge and helping other. However, at this stage I’m able to generate good income.

      If we take our blog as a business and keep consistency in everything. We’ll be successful soon.

      Thanks for liking the new look, How is the new logo looking?

  29. For newbie it’s quite daunting to work consistently. Because they don’t know when it’s time to think about monetizing of the website. So it is tough unit you have first cheque

    1. Newbie should work consistently in first 6 months. They should also stop thinking about making money in first 6 months of starting a blog.


      Because, they’ve to build readership first in order to make money.

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