5 Reasons Customer User Experience Has To Come First In Any Business

customer user experience

Customer user experience is one thing that can make your business grow in popularity and outperform its competition. This is why a lot of businesses and corporate organizations are investing more and more resources into making sure that the experience their customers have while doing business with them is positive.

There is no doubt that businesses are done with a lot of emotions attached. If you treat a first-time customer shabbily, the tendency is that the customer goes away with that horrible experience chiseled into his brain, and he/she would never want to be reminded of you in the future.

The way you treat your real or potential customers, what they feel about your brand, and how satisfied they are with your product would make or mar your business in the long run.

It would suffice to say; therefore, that customer user experience is an integral part of any business success and must never be overlooked. In this post, we shall take a look at 5 reasons customer user experience has to come first in any business.

Warning! Blogging Is Not For Everyone (And How to Find Out if It’s For You)

Why Blogging Is Not For Every Body

You were browsing the internet recently looking for different ways to make money working from home.

You’ve heard of how some people are earning a full-time salary from the comfort of their home without having a mischievous boss commanding them like robots and now, you’ve also decided to follow that route.

Why not? Who doesn’t want to be a boss of his own?

You imagine how it will feel like to always spend all the time in the world with your family traveling the world like Ryan Biddulph without anyone questioning your movements or giving you the time you should return to the office or stand a chance of losing your job (That can be scary man).

After so much research, you decided to venture into blogging because majority of the people you see online posing on their Lamborghini are bloggers. Now, you don’t care to know if you can do it or not, what’s most important to you is that your friends are making money doing it, therefore, if they can do it, you can too.

6 Signs That Confirm It’s Time to Self-Host Your Blog


Most people, when they begin blogging, start with a free blog on a hosted service, like or Blogger. Easy-to-use and inexpensive, these services are ideal for a hobbyist or someone just testing the blogger waters.

As your blog starts to take off, though, and the audience increases, there’s a good chance that you’ll begin to see the limitations of the free platform, and wish you could do more to customize your blog and take it to the next level.

While free blogging services have many great features, they aren’t always ideal for the serious blogger. There almost inevitably comes a point when you have to ask yourself if it’s time to make a bigger investment and self-host your blog. If you aren’t sure, here are five telltale signs that it’s time to take the plunge.

Top 7 Warning Signs That You’re a Selfish Blogger and How It Can Ruin Your Blog

Wikipedia defined selfishness as placing concern with one’s self or one’s own interest above the well-being or interest of others and, Encarta dictionary defined it as having concern with your own interest, needs and wishes while ignoring those of others.

If you’re with me, you will see that the two definitions are the same. You will also agree with me that we all are bound to be selfish from time to time. Though, some people may encourage it but, selfishness will only hurt other people and sometimes, with just a very little or no personal gain.


If you’re a selfish blogger or you’re selfish in real life, it will also result to your losing your friends and loved ones because, no matter how lively a selfish person may be, it will always be very difficult to maintain a relationship with a selfish person.