Why You Should Develop a Blog?

Blogging For Money
Blogging is among the number 1 things available on the web today, and with the aid of free blogging platforms for example Blogger or WordPress you can publish your personal prepared to. Many people often launch their blog and they often do blogging for money. No matter your reasons to begin one, I recommend you give it a try for many reasons.

The very first reason is the fact that creating a blog provides you with an immediate pass for that blogging community, which will help you discover compatible individuals who share exactly the same interests while you. This really is a terrific way to enhance your understanding on the subject and coordinate inside a team to construct effective blogs for future years. Actually, when you get on good enough you are able to undergo a partnership. This can be a very fancy internet word that does not mean you have to got married, but it’s essentially a proper agreement that you’ll promote one another’s work.

Also, maintaining your blog is one method to improve your understanding on the subject. For instance,If I want to produce a blog entirely centered on rock climbing, at the end of my 10th article I’d have definitely obtained plenty of information about the topic. With blogs about this you’re pushing you to ultimately better understand your area of interest by researching, asking them questions and responding to questions. An estimate that involves mind here could be “To read is to know, but to write is to understand.” This clearly demonstrates how you can discover more by covering it in your blog.

Another reason that you should build a blog is always to make money. I’ll admit that setting up an effective blog won’t happen overnight. It might be several weeks or in some instances years prior to you making a small fortune, however when you realize that your blogs succeeding, you know straight away. The important thing to generating cash with your site is to possess a constant stream of traffic that’s thinking about what your site needs to offer.

This way they may subscribe, click your compensated advertisements or buy items. So by frankly, the important thing to beginning an effective income generating blog the wise way is always to a look for a lucrative niche, enhance your Search engine optimization, get the blog associated with other sites, update regularly and employ social networking to advertise it. Should you choose these well then you’ll certainly earn money throughout you blogging career.
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6 Simple Yet Effective Tips To Design Website Like Pro


Think of the websites you visit the most — chances are they are clean, professional, and easy to navigate. This is no coincidence: the human mind takes just a millisecond to make a definitive decision as to a site’s credibility, and this initial judgment is based entirely on aesthetics which means a good web design is critical for retaining visitors. Even the load time of the website matters the most, described below are 6 Simple Yet Effective Tips To Design Website Like Pro that you should follow to make your website look like pro.

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  • 1) Plan Your Site: Before turning on your computer, consider the layout, page structure and how users will move from one page to another (navigation). Then, sketch out your site on paper.
  • 2) Understand Your Audience: Knowing your audience will help set the tone for your content and layout, as you identify what visitors will be looking for on your site. It’s also important to consider popular web browsers and your visitor’s screen resolution size so that they see your site the way you intended; you can find this data in most site analytics tools. If you’re not sure how wide to make your site, 960px is a great place to start.
  • 3) Allow for Easy Navigation: Since people often read from left to right and top to bottom, the upper left-hand corner of your site is the first place your visitors will look. Place your navigation buttons here and keep them consistent, along with font and color choices, for easy reading and fluid movement from page to page.
  • 4) Choose a Color Scheme: If you’re designing your site around an image, try uploading it to a color palette tool, like‘s, for example, for complementary color suggestions. Be sure to remain consistent with your design patterns, and stick to no more than three font types and colors.
  • 5) Use High Quality Photos: In order to give your site a more professional appearance, all images should be clear, focused, and of high resolution. An alternative to taking your own photos is buying them from; at about five-dollars an image it’s an inexpensive way to visually take your website to the next level.
  • 6) Test Your Site, Then Test Again: When you’ve created or redesigned your site, ask friends and family to test it for you. They may find things you’ve missed, or point out areas of confusion.


An Idiots Guide To The Best Business Strategy

We figured out that it is the right time to post on “An Idiots Guide To The Best Business Strategy” after reading through all the over-amped business strategies which are making use of Bell-curves and survey methods, the post would provide as the simple refresher on what is really matters in a business strategy, it would be very easy for an enthusiastic entrepreneur to get down in the weeds and forget the core matter.


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Some of the persons would be smart enough to recognize what they want to do the best example is Steve Jobs, and some of them have stumble upon a business the best example for that is Mark Zuckerberg and finally comes the people who has to undergo some research and soul-search on what kind of business they should do the best example for that kind is a person like you, therefore it is good to start by thinking of a business in which really you are interested in and then you can survey the friends or family about how feasible you think about the business idea might be, and if they are using it what would be the coast they will be paying for it? Etc…


Most of the people would end up being wannabepreneurs, it means that the people would only talk and they will not do any thing about the business, it is happening because of the only reason that they might be sacred, but at the same time it happens because some of the wannabepreneurs tries to make their products or service “perfect” before the launching happens. This is a very poor strategy, the very best way to test the service is to actually release it and smoothen the wrinkles as they go! If we wait for a very long time there is a possibility that our market might change trends and then we need to rework our business model again, therefore it best to go with the flow and to just launch it!


The major problem with most of the people who startup the business is that they usually cater to only a very small pool of customers. Obviously considering the population on the whole earth, the very small pool is enough to make us a millionaire. If a situation arises like after promoting a product and no one buys it, it is for sure because we still have not reached the people who could shoot the best customer pool. We should expose the products and services to potential customers, so that we could end up with the probability of ending up with best sales.

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How Do You Benefit From Guest Bloggers?

As a writer you are tied to two things: your writing style and the content that your readers see. When you’ve grown your blog from a speck on the blogosphere radar to a force to be reckoned with, it may be difficult to consider allowing guest bloggers. However, there is more than one benefit to including other expert content.

guest blogger

Another Expert

When you have nestled yourself into a small blog niche, it’s easy to become a broken record. Weaving the same topics in and out of various blog posts can become monotonous. Having a guest blogger can provide a fresh look on old content or traditional views on something new.

  • Set expectations: When inviting guest bloggers to contribute content, invite them to read through your posts. Make sure that they know your market and audience before accepting any posts.
  • Benefit: Allowing another expert take the spotlight gives your readers something new; switching it up gives them a reason to keep coming back. It also adds more backbone to support your current and future work.

Greater Audience

When you shop your work around the social network world, you reach the audience you have created for yourself. While this bodes well for your readership, you are restricted to just those people. Guest bloggers can broaden who your blog reaches.

  • Set expectations: Make it clear that part of the gig is to promote the post wherever they can, including their person blog.
  • Benefit: Suddenly, you are potentially reaching thousands of people you would have never been able to. Gaining the trust of those who faithfully follow your guest blogger can increase your daily flow of traffic and long term readers.

Other Opinions

While your readers believe in what you bring to the table, there are always other opinions and sides of your topic. Bringing other opinions to the forefront give your readers something new to think and comment about.

  • Set expectations: While other opinions are welcome, be clear that it should still be relevant to your current blog theme. Keep it on track to see results.
  • Benefit: If your comment section has been stagnant, this can be a good conversation starter. Comments cultivate a sense of community, which is important in keeping a steady readership.

Surplus of Content

If you get a significant amount of requests for guest posts, this gives you the opportunity to step back and play editor for a little while. Guest bloggers are usually looking to increase traffic to their blog as well, so giving them the opportunity to write more than one post for you can be beneficial for both parties.

  • Set expectations: If you find a great writer, invite them to be a regular contributor; especially if their post seemed to cause significant conversation. Place this in your guest posting guidelines to give the writers a reason to present their best work.
  • Benefit: This allows you take some writing time off while still providing fresh, quality content to your readers.

Allowing others to guest post on your blog is a great way to gain more viewership, keep your content fresh, and give fellow bloggers the opportunity to reach new audiences. If you set out your expectations beforehand, you can be sure to reap all the benefits. As a win-win for everyone, it’s a no brainer.

Nofollow and Dofollow links – Know the difference

When we talk about the term Search Engine Optimization, Don’t we come across some terms like ‘dofollow’ or ‘nofollow’ links which are always been an important terms of SEO??? We often hear about dofollow blogs or we sometimes see some sites sharing a list of dofollow blogs and many other things on this topic. Many of the readers may not know about what is actually dofollow and nofollow. This thing will also enlighten newbies about one of the major concept of SEO i.e. ‘dofollow’ and ‘nofollow’ !!!dfollow nofollow

 Nofollow and Dofollow links – Know the difference

Search Engines use links to go through all the sites on the web. What happens actually is Google bots visit your blog to go through it completely. Your content,keywords,links,etc. So, when talking about links, bots crawl through your website and find various links on your blogs; and these links can be of two types- either nofollow or dofollow where both the terms are completely opposite to each other.

Nofollow is an HTML attribute of the tag rel which tell the Search Engine bots to not to follow this link.

In WordPress, by default, all the comments are having Nofollow attribute but they can be easily removed using plugins and all the comments in it made in the past and future will be dofollow as it removes the nofollow tag from all the comments. And in even blogger,by default, all the comments are marked as nofollow but it can be tweaked to dofollow by removing the rel=”nofollow” tag from the HTML section.

In a case where your blog is dofollow, when a bot finds a link on your blog, it follows it and lands on another page. Do you know, this is the way only bots come to know about your websites and helps to index or cache them and display it in search results.

However, as I said earlier that dofollow and nofollow are completely opposite to each other. In a dofollow case, the bot follows your blog lands to another page but In a nofollow case i.e. if the link is nofollow, this nofollow tag tell the search engines or the bots to NOT to follow this links to any other websites. So, the bit won’t be able to follow that link. So, nofollow tag does not allows the bot to follow a link.

So, that’s it in the introduction part of nofollow and dofollow links. Hope you understand this concept in a better manner as I explained it with the help of examples.


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