Why I Always See Zero In My Adsense Account?

adsense People often ask me that Why I always see zero in my Adsense account?
I simply reply that there could be many reasons for why you are not making any cents with Adsense. But some main reasons which kill the clicks are going to get listed down below by me, so next time you able to avoid those things.
If you want to earn a good income with Adsense then you have take care of many things that makes whole lot difference in people’s earning.

People often ignore these things and thinks that by getting high amount of traffic and putting some Adsense ads on blog will make visitors to use their mouse. No, if you think like that then you are going to remain with zero for your whole life.

But if you want to see some 3 or 4 figures number in your account then you have to take care of all those things.

Set The Whole Things Up

People often gets excited that now my Adsense account got approved I will start earning a huge dime, all I have to do is just put the ads on my blog.  I will not say that they think anything wrong, but they do it wrong.

Once they got Adsense account in their hands they simple jump in their account grabs the ad code and put it on their blog. And wait for visitor to click on their ads.  If you are doing the same then let me tell you one thing that no one is going to click on your ad even if you wait a decade.

If you want peoples to click on your ads then make them click on your ads.

And for that you need a proper setting of everything like integration of Google Analytics and where you are going to show your ads, which size will be best and many other things. Just set the everything up so that you can track and see what visitors are doing and why not they are using their mouse.

Get Your Post Interlinked

Lots of people often forget about interlink there blog posts, which leads into loss in Adsense earnings and increase in bounce rate. And both are very major enemies of any blogs.

Try to interlink your each post, because it creates a loop for visitors where you have higher chances of getting clicks on your Adsense ads.

Remember the more time people will spend on your blog the higher chances you have to get your ads click and not only that you also get a good bounce rate for your blog, which is most necessary element when it comes to creating a successful blog.

Split Testing Is What You Need

What you are not making any bucks in Adsense after doing all necessary things.  Then there must be something wrong, but you can’t able to find what cutting your clicks then there is only one way to know that and the way is known as split testing.

Do split testing know that why you are not making any bucks in Adsense.  Check your ads placements by split testing, check ad sizes by split testing and many other things. Use split testing wherever you have a doubt that this thing can cut my click.

Keep testing to get 3 or 4 digits showing in your Adsense account.

So share views and what you did to get rid of zero? In comment section please.

This is guest post by Romy Singh who blogs at GeekyWriter. If you also want to write for us read guidelines here.

58 thoughts on “Why I Always See Zero In My Adsense Account?”

  1. You not gonna believe, I got 2269 views 07/04/13 but I earn only $0.3 that day from adsense. how it’s possible ?

    1. Don’t matter if you get even 10K views per day because Earnings comes from clicks not views my dear Krishna, see when anyone comes to your blog he/she need something to know for sure and they click on your Ads if and only if they see something relevant to the topic, for instance you come to my blog so WordPress themes but there Ads appearing of Tata Manza car then I’m more than sure you will not click on my Ads, I think that’s same happening on your blog..

  2. If some one always see zero in its Google Adsense account then try to create micro niche blogs and add your adsense in that blog, then you will be able to see some thing more than zero.

  3. Hello Romy!
    Thanks for sharing this article. When I approved adsense I didn’t made the even a dollar a day but when I started interlinking my post my bounce rate suddenly decreases from 87% to 10% ya average lies at approx 40% but my CTR rate increases.

  4. Tejindra singh

    Very nice article.I have a adsense account but don’t know much more thing like how to protect it from click bombing and how to increase our earning.

  5. Thanks for the tips Romy, Placement is an important factor which determines AdSense earnings. Placing some of the ads above the fold may generate some results.

  6. Basically you have to improve the ctr and CPM of any website. Though i know its not so easy still i think some long tail keywords in your tags can help you a lot. What do you think it would work ?

    1. Hello Rakesh,

      Yeah CTR and CPM plays very good role in adsense earning. and some well researched optimized keyword can help us to increase our earnings. And there are some good ways to increase CTR And CPM.

  7. Design Cruzer

    nice post. but i m little bit confuse about ad-sense types.
    like for parking host,
    and for third party host.
    some times our mistake to identify ads can also become responsible for zero in our ad-sense account.
    m i right ?

    1. Hello Buddy,

      Yeah sometime our mistakes with choosing wrong types of ads can be a reason to not earn money in adsense.

      So be careful with what you do in your adsense account. ;)

  8. I still have my blog to be accepted for Adsense. Do you by any chance know if Blogger blogs are still being taken into consideration for Adsense approval?

    1. Hello Nimsrules,

      Yeah you can get adsense account with blogspot blog, if you have meaningful content and a good amount of reader base for your blog. I would suggest that you should build a strong base for your blog first then apply for adsense. ;)

  9. This one is one of the best topic about adsense you have covered through this post. Most of the beginners faces this issue.

    1. Hello Chiranjeev,

      Yeah, some tips does fall in basic category and some in advance. but as we know that basic tips are what makes the difference. so we have to ensure that we take basic steps carefully.

  10. Hey Romy,
    It’s very true that building a good figure income from adsense requires lot of hard work, consistency and of course patience. I strongly recommend newbies (or people who are suffering with less earnings from Adsense) to read this post and capitalize their Adsense Earnings.
    Thanks for the awesome Post. :)

  11. I think Adsense is the honest earning source through online. But it is tough to earn from Adsense at the start. Your tips will help new bloggers :)

  12. Adsense is great source to add an income stream, however, if you saw 0 in your adsense account, I must ask you a question – “is your niche right?”

    1. Hello Tarung,

      Yeah Niche affects adsense earnings to some extent. But my belief is that you can earn from any niche if you do all things properly…

  13. What to say dear Romy!!. You actually rocked the post by adding relevant tips which is very easy to understand. Cool work.

  14. Nice tips for the begginers as i am also one of them as i am in the process to start the adsense.Thanks for the information all the tips are awesome.

  15. Yep @romy singh this is my same problem but your articles awesome solve my problem thanks romy singh keep it up i try you tips :)

    1. Hello Aadith,

      Yeah! getting adsense account is nothing as compared to getting some dollars in our adsense account. we have to lose million drops of sweat to earn few hundred bucks..

      Bitter but its truth… :)

  16. Thanks Romy for sharing… I’m really looking forward to putting your tips to use and hope for a better result…. Thanks

  17. Its Really Awesome and Genuine Tips Related To Adsense.

    Can you tell me the best way of increasing the Adsense Earnings :)

    1. Hello Gaurav,

      If you really want to increase your adsense earning then you have to put your adsense efforts in these 3 sectors…

      1- Drive More Traffic
      2- Monetize Your Blog In well Manner
      3- Provide User-friendly Content
      4- Use adsense search box (Encourage your readers to use it..)

      And follow my above article… :)

    1. Hi Arbaz,
      Partial approval does not mean you will surely get adsense account. If your blog is following all adsense policies you will get approval within week or it may take 3-4 weeks. :)

    2. Hello Arbaz,

      Normally partially adsense account gets approved in 2 or 3 weeks and sometime more that that..

      All the best for your adsense journey…. :)

    1. Hello Jafar,

      Just give a shot. its awesome way to earn some dimes online… and as far as adsense account is concerned you can get it easily if you care about some important factors…

  18. Amazing Post Romy :) This will really help the money earning newbies to know where they are actually lagging behind and concluding in very less earnings. Anyhow, I so loved the title! :D

    1. Hello Abhisek,

      Thanks for reading and commenting… yeah i tried to make this post as helpful as possible so that new bloggers are able to start making money online easily without struggling to much with adsense.

      As far as post title is concerned i always tried to make all my titles catchy so that readers get attracted towards it… :)

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