The Beginners Guide to Creating Profitable Niche Sites with Alexa

Earlier, We already done explaining in great details on how to actually find long tail key words which one can use the build profitable niche sites that’ll pump in money on end. So today, I’d like to elongate more on that topic by showing you exactly the process I’d take if I were you use Alexa for niche site creation.

Now, assuming I want to start.

There will be 3 significant things I’ll do first. And they’re:

  • Run sites through to find Long Tail keywords
  • Do keyword analysis on the long tails found
  • Build Niche site

So in other to let you comprehend more, I’ll try and expand the points as follow –

Run sites through to find Long Tail keywords

This part actually involves getting sites on the niche that you are trying to enter in other to get long tail key phrases on them through Alexa. This means that if you were planning to start a tech niche site, then finding tech sites will be your priority so that Alexa can show you long tail keywords on that niche.

Where is the best place to look for sites on different niches?

  1. Technocrati
  2. Dmoz 

So let’s say I want to start a niche site on the “writing tips” niche. What I’ll do first is to find sites on “writing tips” through those directories.

But for the sake of example, I’ll be using one site to show you how you can do yours effectively.

Once I get a site, which is in the writing tips niche, I’ll quickly head to; enter the URL and hit search.

create profitable niche site

A page will load.

I’ll go ahead to click on the URL.

create micro niche site

This will immediately take me to the main analytic page of where the long tail keywords are situated.
Once there, in other to find the long tail keywords, I’ll scroll down and locate the part termed: Top Keywords from Search Engines (as shown by the screenshot below.)

create profitable micro niche website

What you’re looking at are the top search key phrases sending the most traffic to These keywords are sometimes very profitable key phrases that are good to start-up niche sites with.

These are the search keywords (culled from the above screenshot):

  1.  Ways to backup your files
  2. How to backup files on my pc
  3. How can I write articles faster
  4. Freelance writers den
  5. Auto response sales email

So, now that I’ve gotten 5 not too popular long tail key phrases on the niche I want to enter. The next thing to check now is to ascertain which of the keywords are profitable and quite easy to rank for.

Do Thorough Keyword Analysis on the Long Tails Found

The beauty of a long tail keyword is the gift of not being too competitive or hard to rank for.

However, under normal circumstances I should normally do keyword analysis on each of the keywords above so that I can choose the best to use for a niche site.

But for the sake of this example, I’ll use the number 2 long tail keyword:

How to backup files on my pc

So in other to know whether this keyword is competitive, I’ll run it through Google first to know which sites are ranking for the top positions for the long tail keyword.

These are the current search engine ranking placement of websites for the keyword –

make moey with micro niche site

Now that we know which sites are ranking for “how to backup my files on pc”, the next thing is to check why those posts on those sites are ranking top for the key phrase.

However, since we know that Google uses some metric like backlinks pointing to a post and site authority to rank websites on SERPS, then it would be really clever to find out how many backlinks each post has.

I’ll use and to check the backlinks of the posts on those sites.

So, to check the backlink each post has I will quickly open the first 4 posts in a new tab (I believe that the first 4 posts on SERPS are quite the most important posts to pay attention to if you want to outrank and gain the number 1 spot.).

(These are the 4 top ranking posts for “how to backup my files on pc”)

make money with niche websites

After opening them in new tabs, I’ll copy the first ranking post URL and paste it into Ahrefs and OpenSiteExplorer in other to check how many backlinks are pointing to the post URL.

I’ll go ahead to apply the same action to the other remaining 3 posts URL too.

These are the breakdown of their backlinks according to their position in SERPS –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Position in SERPS: 1st
Topic: Set Your Mind At Ease: Back Up Your Files Now – Windows
Site URL:
OpenSiteExplorer: 3 backlinks
Ahrefs: 2 backlinks
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Position in SERPS: 2nd
Topic: 5 Ways to Back up a Computer
Site URL:
OpenSiteExplorer: 39 backlinks
Ahrefs: 76 backlinks
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Position in SERPS: 3rd
Topic: How to Back up Your Computer to an External Drive
Post URL:
OpenSiteExplorer: 145 backlinks
Ahrefs: 337 backlinks
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Position in SERPS: 4th
Topic: How to Back up Your Files for Dummies
Post URL:
OpenSiteExplorer: 1 backlink
Ahrefs: 1 backlink
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Well, what you’ve just looked at is the backlink profile of the 4 top posts ranking for the keyword “how to backup my files on pc” and the outstanding thing I noticed is that none of the posts has more than 400 backlinks pointing to it.

So this basically means that these posts are ranking at the top of the search engine as a result of the authority of the sites that are hosting it.

With this discovery, it basically mean that getting to rank at the top for that key phrase won’t be that hard as a result of the low backlink profile of each posts ranking for it on SERPS.

With that said, I can go ahead to build a niche site on that keyword since if I could just get more high authority blogs linking to my niche site, then I will surely claim the top of the search engine for that term.

Build Niche site for That Keyword

In other to build a niche site that’s profitable for that keyword, it would be wise to find an “Exact match domain” that has every key phrase in “how to backup my files on pc”; a domain like is a good fit. But to know whether it’s available I’ll run the domain through Godaddy. And luckily, it’s available.
build niche site

So from this stand point, I can go ahead to build a site with that domain (if assuming I bought it).

The next thing to engage in is to build backlink back to the site after I must have set the niche site up and added enough content on it.

Likewise, once I keep on with this on a continually level, my niche site would get to the top of that search term in no time.

And finally, once the niche site has gotten to the first page of Google for the search term, “how to backup my files on pc”, I may then decide to find affiliate products on backup softwares to promote on the site which will inevitably get me some very good affiliate income on the long run.

These are some of the affiliate companies you need to know if you want to start a niche site soon using this Alexa method that I used for this post –

So once you’ve been able to get on the first page of Google for your own key phrase, along with constant traffic, then you can decide to leverage any of the products these affiliate companies above have in the line of your key phrase and also earn some side bucks too from your niche site.

In conclusion

Alexa, like I said before, shouldn’t be ignored as a long tail keyword finder. When you leverage it and find profitable keywords; make sure to do thorough keyword analysis on the long tail before you proceed to build a niche around that key phrase.

Remember, do your keyword analysis thoroughly in other not to enter the wrong niche.

So finally before I go, I’d like to ask, “Which niche are you currently targeting for your new niche site?

Let’s discuss this below at the comment. Don’t forget to share.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hi Kingsley

    You just nailed it man. The tips you shared to build a profitable niche site are awesome. I really liked the way you do competition analysis. I also do almost the same while analyze competition for my targeted keywords.

  2. Hello Kingsley,

    Nice tips buddy. This is a very detailed and well explained tutorial about creating profitable niche sites with alexa and definitely helpful for beginners. I was unaware of such awesome things,which I can do to get high position and earn a great income.

    Thank you very much and keep sharing such nice articles :-)

    ~Ganesh Narayan Gupta

  3. A very detailed and informative article about niche sites and alexa ranking.
    This is a must read article for those who are new in Blogging world or who are intrested in making their own niche blog.
    Thanks a lot Kingsley Agu for sharing !!

  4. I agree with all your mention point Kingsley,

    Creating own profitable niche is a great thing but it takes some effort and time to make it viral. But it work for lifetime to give you profit.
    Thank you for this great post

    Nkhil :)

    1. Hi Nikhil,
      Yes, building a niche site is really hard and it requires nothing but hard work. But if you keep at it you will make it big in that niche.

  5. Good article there bro! I’m actually doing this technique well before I read this article. But like most comments here say, it’s not that good of a tool to use since it only shows 5 keywords. You also can’t see keyword competitiveness and other metrics that Long Tail Pro or Market Samurai offer. But you are right too, this is a nifty tool that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially when you’re a fledgling marketer, who doesn’t have the resources to buy the proper and more powerful tools.

    More power to you. :D

    1. Hey Yesh,
      It’s good that you’re among the people who understand that some bloggers can’t afford Long Tail Pro or Market Samurai. That’s why I wrote this post for those who can’t afford those analytics tool.
      Thanks for your comment.

  6. quite of other basic things are missing and Alexa is no more useful for keywords spy but indeed its a nice and helpful article especially for beginners to kickoff his first niche website and I appreciate this guide.

    1. Hi Syed Shah,
      I thank God you understand that the post is for those who can’t afford the other premium analytics out there. Thanks for understanding.
      And also for your comment.

  7. Kingsley, this is amazing piece of information for everyone. Believe me, many beginners are going to praise you for your this contribution in the blogging world.

  8. Very detailed post with screenshots. Finding keywords using alexa, using ahrefs is some tools I usually use.

    Any way great share and looking for same quality in your upcoming posts.

  9. Ultimate tips.

    I have not think about it, but you have cleared about it, I think this is going to work for every one.

    After Google removed it’s Keywords tool from external use, it will help lot bloggers at least those are rewbies.


    1. YEAH Ujjwal, since Google removed their keywords from external use, the Alexa tool has now become a good tool for finding those hidden keywords.
      Thanks for your comment, Ujjwal.

  10. When it comes to blogging finding the right niche is very very important. As it should be the niche of your interest if you would like to brand it. Though, if you are developing blogs for selling it is a different story.

    1. Yeah Vicky, if someone doesn’t enter the right niche for his niche site, then there is a huge possibility that that niche site will not succeed.
      The right niche is very very important.
      Thanks for your comment, Vicky.

  11. OMG! .,I just can’t beleive you are sharing such valuable information,I’ll surely make full use of this blog post :) .,Is it true that Niche blog’s can make 15-20 times income of a normal blog?

    1. HI Shankar, there is a possibility that a niche site can earn better than a normal site, but it rarely happen these days because some people don’t just know how to make it by building niche site.

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    1. Yea Aqib, I did spend a lot of time crafting this post, believe me, it was hard, but I manage through it.
      Thanks for your comment.

  14. I purchased a Premium Plugin SEO Pressor, which cover all my keywords requirements! So i don’t use keyword anymore, that plugin is much helpful for getting LSI keywords directly in the post writing section.. Anyways Nice and detailed article buddt keep it up!

  15. Most of bloggers are searching and looking long tail keywords through Google Adwords (now google planner), but we need to think go through Alexa ranking because they are showing long tail keywords.

    Thank you for giving detailed article on niche site and Alexa.

  16. Hi Kingsley,

    What an easy to follow guide you have shared with us. Honestly I haven’t any plan to start new niche though but your post here has given me inspiration to start a new one.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us

  17. Thank you soo much for your helpful advice on setting up a niche site. I was inspired to set two sites up. Each of them took me about a week, from selecting a market to completing content. I just put up one of them 8 days ago, and its already in the #5 position on Google for my chosen keyword phrase. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get past Wikipedia for the number one spot, but one can dream! :-)

  18. Technocrati – I think you have done a spelling mistake, and if its correct then you are promoting a parked page…..hahahah
    Never mind you can rectify that…or correct me if am wrong.
    As well i saw so many comments but no one i think have checked those links, that means only people were bombing for comments, or they simply ignore.

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    1. Hey Sandeep, welcome to the blogosphere. I do hope you implement this trick properly and I also hope it works for you. Good luck.
      Thanks for your comment.

  20. Great tips and ideas to quickly find out about the keywords which brings in profitable traffic. I’ve started to write at a new blog from one of my clients and these tips should be very useful to increase it’s potential in the in the coming months.

    To the question “Which niche are you currently targeting for your new niche site?”
    We are targeting at the Technology and Smartphones niche as a review site. You can see it at

  21. Rupak you don’t really need to get the exact domain name, but it will be easier to rank for that keyword if you’re targeting it on your domain. And Yes, there is another way to target to the keyword. You can include it in your niche blog’s title.I hope that answers your questions.

  22. Wow! Wish I had read it before starting my blog. Kingsley you’ve done it all greats to make a blog popular and profitable immediately. I liked the post very much and I’m thrilled to use this technique for my next blog. However I do have some questions on this topic. Do we need to create a domain name exactly same as the key word? Is there any other way to target the keyword ?

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    1. hehehehehe… Thanks bro for the compliment. Niche site creation isn’t easy, but if you consistently go ahead to build it and patiently hold on; you’ll surely reap a big benefit later. Thanks again for your comment.

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    Whoa, that’s a brilliant article you’ve rolled out. I’d like to call that an Ultimate Guide. A job well done mate.
    Outta words. Thanks a lot :)


  25. A very interesting share, but I would like to add that this method was used a long time ago. Nowadays, finding profitable keywords using Alexa is not that easy and you need to have a PRO account with them to search for some keywords.
    Even PRO accounts don’t show all the keywords that a site rank for. So I would not like to go with the conventional methods to search for keywords using Alexa.
    It still works and many, even I am using this method, but if you are looking for some thing highly profitable, this won’t be the best way to search for niches.
    What do you say about it?

    1. Hi Arbaz,
      The PRO account reveals just 5 more keywords, making it 10.
      And to answer your question, using Alexa to search for profitable niche isn’t really the best tool out there.
      This is because we have Long tail pro and Market Samurai, but they’re all very costly for the average blogger who’s trying to make his first dollars online.

      That’s why I concentrated on Alexa because it’s FREE and can be leveraged by all bloggers who don’t have deep pockets like Pat Flynn and Glen Allsop.

      But apart from that, Alexa is good and is still a very GOOD WAY to find profitable keywords since it can find long tail that aren’t that competitive yet.

  26. Hey Kingsley.
    Such a great topic. I love seeing how people go about achieving this for new niche sites. Finding them, the long tail words and then checking if it’s feasible is a difficult task. I am trying to do this in a niche I know a lot about at the moment, and it is time consuming. But if it pays off, then you can surely get some nice passive income.
    I had also noticed the alexa key words for me site, but had not thought to leverage that for niche site research – great idea!
    Thanks for the post

    1. Hi Ashley,
      At least you now know the secret to finding top keywords now. Give it a try on your next niche site set up.

  27. Wow! Can’t believe you’re actually sharing this Kingsley. I’m gonna give this a try and let’s see what happens…


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