How to Choose the Best Web Hosting?

Are you going to launch a new website for establishing your foothold on the internet marketing business? Then you are in a need of better best web hosting services.

Am I right? :D

Hosting is one of the few things you need to have when going to start a new website. Since, your website will be the face of your business and clients will look through it to know you and your business, hosting plays a vital role. Generally, the first timers commit the mistake on the very first stage when they choose a “not-so-effective” best web hosting services for their websites. It can definitely effect upon your website raking, quality and maintenance.

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Therefore, before the mistakes turn grave you should switch to better web hosting provider to ensure the quality of your website remains the best always.

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Search online to find out the reputable best web hosting services!

There are many established web hosting companies which provide best solutions to make your website grow big. When you go online to look out for such web hosting service providers some of the name that comes up in the front are-

You can definitely go for one of the service providers to get better quality services.

Know their commitments

Being committed towards your say makes reputation of the companies. So, when you are choosing the hosting service providers note if they are capable of fulfilling their commitments or not. If they have good reputation in the market, you can depend upon them. If they don’t have the reputation of meeting the deadlines, you should not go for the company.

Know about their customer support team

Efficient customer support care services will be the primary thing that you should look for when you want good web hosting services, because all the necessary information you will get from there.

Now, when you got a web hosting service provider who is capable of giving you all the services you want with affordable rates, you should clear to them what you want. Hostgator is best for their excellent support! ;)

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Before signing up the deal clear your needs

You get the right services when you sign up the deal with your service provider by letting him know all the things you want. You must clear details like- the deadline to finish the works related to building the website, minimum storage space, bandwidth, SMTP mail services etc.

Search for the best quotations

Generally the website hosting service providers give you quotations before hand to inform you about their charges. However, you must not stick to the service provider who quotes the least amount for you; rather you should pick up the one who quote you an affordable amount including all the services in the package that you want.

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HostGatorHostgator new  AN 125x125 HostingHost Gator provides Shared, Reseller and Dedicated web hosting solutions. They’ve excellent support, Uptime, Unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 support and a 45-day money back guarantee. Use coupon “AllBloggingTips25” to get 25% off on any host gator plan.

Bluehost promo 125x125 HostingBlueHost – If you are looking for a reliable, affordable and good shared hosting with good support, BlueHost is best. This is another best wordpress hosting provider with 99.9% Uptime, Unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 support.

Follow these tips before relying upon a hosting service provider. It will definitely help you get the best service to make your website flourish to the heights..

Which hosting do you use and Why? Do let me know in comments! :)

43 thoughts on “How to Choose the Best Web Hosting?”

  1. I use GoDaddy web hosting service and their service and customer support are just awesome. And main thing they take care of our budget.

  2. I always choose the web hosting which has high up time as comparision to other service providers. You must also apply this technique. Thanks.

  3. I wouldn’t recommend Hostgator to anyone, as their service has deteriorated now, and they create a lot of problems and unnecessary restriction on their hosting plans, without any prior notice.

    1. Rahul, I’m using hostgator. Never faced any issue till now. Once I was unable to login to Cpanel. Their online support solved my issue within 5 minutes. :)

      1. I use Hostgator too, but am currently planning to move to a new server as they put a lot of restrictions, and make the hosted sites unavailable without any prior notice.

      2. Hi Ammar very nice and valuable post specially for beginner.
        What about iPage Web Hosting Service. Are They Reliable & Affordable ?

  4. Rajkumar Jonnala

    Making an extensive search on the online platform and getting multiple quotes are the best suited ways to find the right kind of hosting. Web hosting is the back bone and should be done rightly.

  5. HosyGator all the way for me. I have never had down time like I have with BlueHost. I also know for a fact that HostGator servers are faster as well. At least they seem like it to me. I have never measured them but seem to notice a significant difference.

  6. Hosting must be on the top list of priorities when starting a site. I am glad that you have mentioned hostgator in your list as that is the one that I have been using. I have heard good things about bluehost but not used it. I think lots of top bloggers are using a combination of these 2 hosting services alone.

  7. Yes! As of now we only go with hostgator and such web hosting which has achieved the big name. No doubt that Hostgator is one of the best one available and I am also using the same. But there are many who provides the same hosting features and reliability at much cheaper price :)

  8. Hello Ammar,

    Sensible post. More than finalizing a catchy name knowing the customers and their expectation is important and wiser option. Many of my friends also have voted for Hostgator.


  9. You target an excellent topic bro. Now a days hacking increases i also recommend Hostgator the best hosting website with great 24 hours supprort.

    1. Hey Jane,

      Glad to see you here!

      I Think recently you had faced issue with them? and your site was down? Did Hostgator solved your issue or not?

      Curious to know! :D

  10. rightly said to choose a right web hosting is very important this indeed helps you in future as your site starts getting famous or may be when there is heavy traffic to the site

  11. Hi Ammar,

    I think when people buying their hosting they first choose the hosting which is cheap so that they can pay it. But they fails to know that cheap hosting will always results in cheap performance.. Also also the main things towards blogging is hosting,,, suppose if we have a blog with awesome content on it and if the hosting is not uptime or having some errors.. So the blog will be waste and doesn’t have any traffic.

    So i recommend HG for best results .

  12. Ammar,
    Don’t know the reason behind this ROCKET SCIENCE but I have read on many blogs that manual backups are good than backups generated by plugins (May be I am wrong).
    And Thanks for telling me about the backup system of Hostgator .
    15$ for backup Really Funny :))
    LOLX HOSTGATOR =)) Don’t Mind Bro That’s my point of view Ammar, May your feedback to this Hostgator is good :D

  13. Really Good Guest Post.
    Well, coming to the question you’ve asked,
    Which hosting do you use and Why?

    I am using Ipage hosting. The reason I am using this because it’s reliable, affordable, and one of the feature I like most in Ipage was it creates backup on daily basis. In the Control Panel, We are provided last 3 days days backup, so I am TENSION FREE to make backup daily or weekly backups but still I download backup weekly.

    And I guess Hostgator don’t have this feature . I think they create backup on weekly basis ! Isn’t it ?

    1. Yeah, Hostgator don’t provide auto backup system. We have to use some plugin in our WP Blog to take backup. However if anything went wrong with your blog. You can pay 15$ or more to Hostgator. They will restore your website from last backup (they did). :)

  14. Faraway Vacation

    Hi Ammar,

    Well the most important factor in starting a new blog is choosing a right web hosting which reliable and also 100% uptime. It must also provides some good support with in real time. And i think all the above points of hosting is provided by hostgator now.. so we must choose a right and better one.


    Sure hosting is important but we most be very careful in choosing which of the hosting to choose because of the bad experience from bloggers in the past. there are many good hosting online that can help you but choosing wisely is very important. thanks for sharing

  16. If I am not wrong Ammar Bhai hostgator is not that affordable for starters like me. You might be making handsome money out of your blog so you can invest big I know. I only pay Rs.300 yearly for hosting whereas you pay per month right.

    1. You’ve to spend few money to get more money from your blog. Hostgator provide coupons to get 25% off.. However if you can’t spend on hosting. Use blogspot then move to WordPress.. :)

  17. Well I used bigrock hosting (business plan) from last 6 months. It is a leading & affordable hosting service in India. Good for newbie bloggers. None of other paid hosting I used ever but promoting top web hosting along with it.

  18. hostgator is indeed a good webhosting service but there are other many good packages with some good features and great customer support with low prices, but i think everyone had their choices…

  19. Very good suggestions. I’m using HostGator and NetFirms. Both are great for hosting blogs. I recently came across Zyma hosting, I think this too is good one, needs to pay a closer look.

  20. Great tips about choosing an hosting provider. But i recommended Hostgator hosting because some reasons are reliable price, faster server, professional technical support and other many free gifts.

  21. Thanks for share best tips to choose Webhosting, I also agree that Hostgator and Bluehost are best webhosting ever.

  22. Thanks for the valuable advice I prefer looking at the server up time before choosing a web host. I think although Hostgator and Bluehost are expensive but yet they are reputed enough to attract new customers

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