How to Make Money With Depositphotos  Program

I’m feeling pretty good today because I just found a place I have been looking for quite sometime.

The website is user-friendly and has designed precisely to do this and earn some good money too.

The place that I am going to tell you about is something distinctive and has got many better features than other online stock photography sites.

That is a stock photography affiliate program. This not an old one, but is making progress like wildfire.

Here, you can sell and buy at the same time to the greater audience. Deposit Photos is the place for you to stop and experience something really outstanding. The Deposit Photos have just started their affiliate program which is very easy to follow and with that, the users can make some big amount of money.

What is DepositPhotos?

The flourishing microstock agency in the world is none other than DepositPhotos. There are almost 22 million high-quality images, videos, and vector images available here. All of the images and videos are sold under the royalty-free license. Due to the current modifications and high optimizations, the DepositPhotos is becoming the vibrant in the whole industry.

You can find its business offices in Ukraine, USA, Russia, Germany, Great Britain and Italy. They have started their affiliate program on May 8, 2014.

Depositphotos Affiliate Program:


When you will recommend this program to someone and they will join through your link and purchase some photo or video, you will get the 30% of that purchase price into your account.

Isn’t that wonderful? Surely it is that is why, the great number of s are coming and referring this program to their friends, relatives, acquaintances and others.  Plus, there are different commission rates for this affiliate program.

Make sure that not to spam with the affiliate otherwise your account will be blocked. If you introduce the website to the contributors then there are commissions available for that too which is per month.

Signup Now 

Why I recommend depositphotos  program?

By signing up as an affiliate member you can actually get so many benefits. You will also get the immediate access to the product feeds, banners, widgets, emails, API and text links kind of promotional stuff. Moreover, by getting the other users to the Depositphotos, you can earn the commission even if you are the new one and if you are an existing customer, you will get your regular commission on purchases for sure. The signed up people will also get the various promo material as well.

The Depositphotos will get you all the advanced reporting regarding the newest or most trending photos and videos on the website. This microstock agency provides the high-quality images which are cautiously selected and screened by the moderators.

The users should not be worried about their accounts as the dedicated account managers are always present to manage them. If the users face any issue, the helpful account managers are always present for their assistance at 24/7. The stats of the accounts and its activities are also present in real time and are available in all reports.

The users can check their activities at any time they want. Either you want to know about the referring money you got or the credits that you have currently in your account, the support team will be there to solve your query.

DepositPhotos Blog section:

For all bloggers out there, the blog section of this forum is the place where you can share the discussions, get engaged in some discussion, etc. you can also write about your own bog post with your thoughts and photos.  There are photos and categories on which you can write and make people understand about it.

The blog section also contains the blogs about ongoing events in which the DepositPhotos is participating. The blogs can be posted to the social media forums as well and from there you can attract the audience. You can ask about anything regarding the payment issues, uploading issues, purchasing issue and selling issue.

Every blog needs good images, so this is great change for you to recommend depositphotos affiliate program to your readers. I strongly suggest you to give it a try and I’m sure you will good amount of money from it.

7 thoughts on “How to Make Money With Depositphotos  Program”

  1. Tashféen Ahmed

    Thanks for sharing the knowledge Ammar! Just wondering if I can use this on my company blog as well? Would it hurt Adsense? I’m referring to

  2. I am certainly sharing this with my fellow Blogging friends, We have been penalized enough of times by Google Adsense and we need to start finding different ways of earning. Thanks for this amazing update – AMMAR ALI. Appreciate it.

  3. I do agree with Sayantan that images speak 1,000 words. And with the impact that social media has today, all the more reason to have a great image to go along with your post. And thanks for this detailed post. I’ll have to go through it again but I’m already sold….

  4. Rajat Kulshrestha

    Thank you bro !! Didn’t know about this great affiliate program ! I agree with Olamosh , 30% is a nice deal !! :-)

  5. Sayantan Mahato

    Hi Ammar,

    Images do speak a thousand words. They can be used to attract vast amount of traffic. Inversely, poor images might take one’s blog down. Thus, getting royalty and awesome images are important. And, I think depositphotos is indeed offering many royalty images.

    Moreover, it’s an awesome product to promote and get paid for bloggers too. With 30% comission, it’s like a Win-Win situation for both the consumer and the affiliate.


  6. Hi Ammar,

    Thanks for this wonderful post on how to earn money through DEPOSITPHOTOS affiliate program. I see it very interesting, 30% is huge and i see it visible to earn huge amount money from it, if properly handled.

    I have been more into Amazon & some web hosting affiliate, but i think Depositphotos will be a great way to earn money too.

    I will ho ahead now to check the website & read more about their affiliate.

    Thanks for this article post and have a nice weekend.

    I found the link to this post on Kingged and i have also kingged it on

  7. Well this is the post which suit best for my graphic designing blog I guess. Since its related to that niche. Once I get reach handy amount of visitors and subscribers I will surely go for it!

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