3 Sets of Silly People Every Blogger Should Ignore For Engaged Readership

Do you Want More Loyal Readers?
Do you Want More Loyal Readers?

Wouldn’t it be more awesome if your blog readership triples within a short period of time?

These fans can’t seem to get enough of you and you love it.

If this is your goal as a blogger then I have to tell you this: you have to intentionally ignore and snub some people too.

Don’t get me wrong, we all want a large and huge readership but the honest truth is you can’t please everybody.

You have to make the choice now.

The goal of every blogger is to be appreciated by his target audience for the beneficial information he shares with them.

This comes in the form of comments, links, emails and increased social media presence.

I also have to tell you that writing awesome comment is just the starting point. After all there are thousands of blogs with good content that are not even known.

They key is placing your awesome and valuable content before the right people.

Your success and recognition as an expert lies in your ability to promote your awesome content effectively to your audience.

Therefore I want to show three people whom you should ignore if you want to create a band of raving fans for your blog and they are

1. Never Write For Yourself And For Your Understanding

Are your surprised?

Please don’t be, this is one common mistake bloggers make when writing.

When I started blogging I was damn guilty of this mistake, I would write in such a way that I was the only one who knew what I was writing about, then I would wait for some glowing comments.

Unfortunately, I was ignored and I was so disappointed.

Here is an example.

I wrote a post on my blog on how to overcome crooked women before they waste your money and I shared it on facebook.

I then opened my site and guess what I saw?

A blunt and honest comment from a reader who said these words “MY FRIEND YOU HAVE NOT TOLD US HOW TO OVERCOME WOMEN BEFORE THEY WASTE YOUR MONEY” (take note of the capital letters)

I then took time to explain to him and then he replied with this comment

“Remember, you are not writing for yourself and for your understanding.

You are trying to pass a message to your audience so there is need to put in as much details as possible, so that even the least of persons can grasp your idea.

That’s just what I needed from you.”

If you are interested you can read that post here.

It dawned on me that I wasn’t writing for them and if my reader could tell me directly I knew it was that serious.

Give them what they want in the right format and they would love you for it.

So writing for your beloved audience means you have to do away without ambiguous words, slangs that only you know of, clumsy paragraphs, bad spellings and poor headlines.

Your content must be properly formatted, good headings, bullet points and a good text format.

Obviously you should also seek to become a better writer who can write compelling content.

It also involves writing down detailed action posts by this I mean your readers know what to do after reading your post; you have inspired them to take action.

Don’t leave your readers in a state of confusion when they read your posts, they need to know what to do the next.

So if you are no longer writing for yourself the next person you should never write for is…

2. Never Write For Google And SEO Purpose.

As bloggers we want more search engine traffic but not at the cost of our beloved readers.

When you write a post are you engaging in keyword stuffing? Are you going for a 5% keyword density and many other silly SEO tips?

It is your readers first before google and its awesome traffic.

Here is an excellent tip by Anita Campbell if you want to create a band of loyal fans.

Don’t junk up your blog with poorly-executed attempts at SEO – Posts written mainly for SEO purposes are turn-offs to readers. You know what I’m talking about.

1. Shallow, vague and general content that I call fluff — offering little detail or telling the reader the obvious that he or she already knows.

2. Articles that repeat the same phrase in contorted ways just to work in keywords.

3. Articles that have 10 or 20 internal links (often to the same page with the same anchor text, over and over) and never link to any external sources.

Those are posts written for search engines.

Immediately I read this tip I removed too much keywords from my post, unnecessary heading tags to make sure it was readable because I was so guilty of this crime.

If you want more attention from your audience then you have to stop writing for google because your praise would only come from those you help and not from google.

Another mistake is the idea of pumping content always. The idea of “freshness” please doesn’t allow SEO turning you into a content pumping machine.

You deserve something much worthwhile than that.

Create a pattern that suits both you and your readers and not the machines. Remember blogging is not a get quick rich scheme it takes time, patience and effort.

Think long term!!!

So if you want honour from people you shouldn’t write for yourself or the search engine but there is also another set of people you should never write for.

Can you guess who?

3.) Stop Trying To Write For Every Audience On The Web

Let’s be honest with ourselves.

Not everybody would be interested in your topic, so instead of trying to write for everybody, why not tailor your content to your audience.

When you read some blogs, they talk about personal finance today and then tomorrow about fitness and would later talk about blogging and online marketing later.

What a costly mistake.

You become fade up because they are not specific, they are trying to attract different audiences and in using each audience’s language they only end up confusing them they more.

Lack of focus would get you nowhere on the web, make your blog unique from others.

You would never have a loyal audience of you keep changing topics indiscriminately.

I want you to sit down and discover your blogging passion, then focus on it with patience as long it is in a profitable niche.

Choose a topic and stick to it.

Be laser focused, if you have interest in other fields you can start another blog but please don’t confuse your audience with irrelevant topics on your blog.

You can’t be a master of all trades but you can become a well respected and recognized expert in a niche

So pursue what is possible because you don’t have all the time in the world be wise.


People want to be helped and cared for, show them that you can do it and I promise they would you reward you for that.

But remember the secret lies in your ability to effectively put that content into their hands.

But if that content isn’t well formatted for them they would ignore it so in order not to be disappointed you need to make sure that you are writing for them.

Therefore stop writing for yourself, for the search engines or people with different interests on your blog.

Keep to this and the loyalty of your readers would dramatically increase to your own surprise.

It’s up to you, drop your comments and let the ABT members know what you think and how you are going to implement these tips to increase your blog readership.

19 thoughts on “3 Sets of Silly People Every Blogger Should Ignore For Engaged Readership”

  1. Hi Uche,

    This is great post indeed. I think all the points mentioned by you are correct. I do agree that we should not write for search engines or SEO only. We should write for our readers or relevant audience. Thanks again for sharing this article :)

    Mohit Arora

  2. Peter Griffiths

    Great post Uche, I think I read somewhere a while ago – someone did a survey about the most effective blogs – It was around the 1k word mark and with 9 links. I’ve found that the longer the post the better, but haven’t test number of links yet.


  3. Rounak Kayathwal

    Thanks !!

    but writing for SEO is not bad, ya you can obviously avoid keyword stuffing,
    me personally write my blogs for SEO purpose and for earning some bucks!
    but my bad luck didn’t make me rank on google :/

  4. Nice said uche,
    That’s true in starting every blogger is write for the money or the Search engines and forget the visitors that’s why they can’t become the successful blogger or one big mistake they try to post more in single days even more then the 5 but all are the junk or copy paste rather then post only single quality content in single day this is really beneficially than junk.

  5. That’s been very interesting article you have written here with your real time blogging experiences, I gladly appreciate such type of frontiers in blogging. The 2nd point out of the threes what are undeniably called content writing mistakes and this habit of content writing may drive readers away of your audience circle. Of course posts should be optimized for SEO but keyword stuffing is a hatred matter to Google and other big search engines.

    1. Hello,

      Thanks ahmed for the compliment.

      you got it right, your posts should be optimized for the search engine as long as it doesn’t affect users experience.


  6. Hi Uche,

    Well saying never write for seo and search engine, I think we should write for both priority goes to audience. If we don’t do keywords research, then only few people will read our blog post, but if we do proper keyword research and use those in our post in natural ways, our post will be rank in Google and more people will be able to find this using search engine.

    Thanks to sharing awesome tips with us :)


    1. Hello jyoti i like you contribution.

      Definitely you shouldn’t ignore seo rather your readers should come first.

      Anything that isn’t made for them naturally repels them. Balance is the key.


  7. Hi Uche,
    Nice points. All these 3 points are really helpful for bloggers to improve reader engagement. Sticking to a niche is one of the most important task.
    Thanks :)

  8. Hi Uche,

    It is obvious that at this age of regular/aggressive updates from google, bloggers still go ahead in implementing blackhat like keyword surfing.

    Now, i don’t look more into search engine keywords, am mainly after my readers, i write to get them engaged to my blog, the search traffic will still come, so far you’re plain & not implementing blackhat.

    I am once guilty of writing for myself and i quickly take a U-turn when i realise it is no helping me to get good followers & engagement.

    You’ve said it all in this article post and i urge you to kindly keep up the good writing, Guest post is not dead and i see the quality in the articles you submitted here on ALLBLOGGINGTIPS.

    Have a nice day

    1. Hello Olamosh,

      am so glad you have decided to focus more on your readers instead of just google, most bloggers fail to realise that engagement or readers is key to being popular.

      So don’t ignore SEO rather give more care towards your readers they want your attention.


  9. Hi Uche,

    These are really some useful tips that every blogger should understand before stepping in to blogosphere.No doubt that everyone who starts a blog want to increase their blog readership.And of course if we start to write for search engines then there is no way to gain readership.You really shared a valuable post as many bloggers will be benefited by this.

    1. Hi vino,

      so excited you got the whole aim of this post.

      Learn to give more attention to your readers whom you hope to convert to loyal fans by writing for them instead of you or for google.


  10. Uche I remember that you have also posted this example on your blog saying that you got an reply from your reader.

    Basically every words have different meanings in different community. For example writing in capital letter means to giving importance to something however in some countries people take negative meaning of it.

    I remember when I was working with graphic designing company and we were using skype to talk on details. Mistakenly my caps lock was on lol and I wrote something like this “I WILL COMPLETE YOUR WORK” and these were the words by which I lost my jobs. That because in some countries it represent the sense of pressure and order statement while in some it used for giving some respect.

    Well, the point is to select carefully who you are targeting to and keep in mind that if you are focusing each and everyone then you definitely need to give attention while writing an article.

    By the way! really enjoyed your post!

    Thank You

    1. Hello Ahmed, yeah I made mention of it on my post too because of what it meant to me.

      It meant I needed to write for my audience and not for myself but to do so I also need to learn more on how to write a compelling article. That was I spoke about it twice.

      I just learnt something new, in my country capital letters meant giving more importance to a task while writing in red means danger.

      And I do hope you have fully recovered from that unfortunate event?

      Thank you for commenting and am I glad you learnt something from this post.
      Best of luck as you seek to increase the loyalty of your readers.

  11. Hi UCHE, Thanks for the great stuff. This is really a new thinking about blogger and reader. All points are important for make relationship with readers.

  12. Hey Uche,
    Another great post,
    #3 Stop Trying To Write For Every Audience On The Web caught my attention. I often do it. I must avoid it.

    Targeting the visitors who likely are interested in your niche is helpful for both building readership and conversion.
    Take a look at competitors’ fan pages and note down the most involving readers of their blog and target them.
    I think this strategy helps future readers of this post.

    Akshay Hallur.

    1. Hello akshay,

      I am delighted you learnt something new from this post.

      without engaged readers your blog is going nowhere so you must cater for them and give them a sense of direction by not confusing them with lots of things that relates to other niches.


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