Do You Know These SEO Rules To Build a Popular Blog In Record Time?

SEO RulesAre you frightened by the term SEO?

It seems too technical for you righ? After all you are just interested in running a successful business.

But you have been told that you can’t have a successful one if you fail at SEO, so you make up your mind to learn it.  ;)

But it still seems to complex to understand and become a PRO.

Well, I’m  here to help you out by showing you some critical steps you can ensure to achieve great SEO results for your online business or blog.

If you can keep to these rules that I am about to show you it would simplify the whole process and make SEO more exciting.

I hope you do know that your blog would have a limited success without SEO so get set to learn White hat SEO little by little with measurable progress.

Even if you are a veteran in SEO these rules would also apply to you.

So let’s get started.

1.) Follow the right people who have the sound knowledge and also the results to prove it

The field of SEO is an ever changing one and to be updated with the right knowledge you need to ensure that you follow the right people.

Bad and obsolete information can be costly to your success.

So they first rule of SEO is that you must follow those who have access to insider information and the results as a proof.

Because everyone has an opinion but not everyone have results as a proof.

So be cautious, it can cost you your precious time, success and money.

Do away with SEO myths and tricks peddled by so called experts with no proof (case studies) because in the long run you would suffer for it.

Experts who tell you to write daily, who don’t have any unique insight should be ignored totally no matter how alluring they might be.

Whereas those have the results and talk to you from their experiences, they share with you their failures and successes and that motivates you should be jealously followed.

The first rule of SEO is you must follow those who have proof or you stand the risk of wasting your time and money on empty and obsolete tricks.

Examples of those who have gotten great results in SEO and I would advise you to follow them. Some of them are:

Neil Patel of Quick Sprout

Brian Dean of Backlinko

Sean of SEO Hacker

Jason of aiserthesage

2. Focus on content that can be readable and solves people’s problem

Great SEO without any awesome content means you would falter very soon.

You need to create useful, amazing content that would blow the minds of people, these are the guys who can be turned into loyal fans.

In SEO, there is a term called time spent on a site, the higher the amount of time people spend on your time he higher you would get more search engine traffic.

Google wants users to have an awesome experience when browsing the net.

But this cannot be achieved if all you have is poorly written content, articles that are difficult to understand and apply; this hurts your SEO efforts.

So before you become engrossed in SEO make sure you have great and useful content for your visitors.

Content is king.

Traffic with no conversions is so painful to any successful marketer and unless you fix that mess your business won’t go anywhere.

Quality is so vital to the success of your SEO efforts.

3. Focus on speed

The third rule of SEO every blogger ought to abide by is to ensure that your site loads fast.

There isn’t enough time to waste trying to access a site when there are millions of others.

You have to ensure that your site loads at most within 3 seconds.

This is important because it is one of google search engine ranking, it also determines user experience.

So get rid of any unnecessary plugins that you have no use of and make sure you caching plugins like W3 total cache to speed up your site.

Your web host also plays a key role here likewise your theme so make sure it is fully optimized. A low web host also means a slow site so spend money to ensure that you get a good quality web host like Bluehost.

Speed can make the difference in your search engine efforts so don’t ignore it.

5. Don’t ignore the role of data

Well organized data is the life blood of any successful SEO campaign.

This simply means you need to measure everything you do on your blog so you can know what is working or not.

Don’t make assumptions based in your opinion rather search for the facts that can be used to make a sound marketing decision for your online business.

Your success is hugely dependent on your ability to read through those numbers on your dashboard.

Some tools that provide you with some useful and insightful data include Google analytics, Alexa, adwords and webmaster.

Some tools are free and some others premium that you can use to be better informed as you make smart internet decisions.

Remember this without data and information you can make costly mistakes that would ruin the success of your SEO campaigns.

5. Get the best tools and plugins

Tools can make a huge difference in the success of your online business.

Try for a second to imagine what it would be like if you have no SEO plugin like Yoast, all in one SEO plugin or SEOpressor?

It simply means SEO would be time consuming and hectic and achieving awesome results would be tough.

Therefore you need to ensure that you have the best tools available to you to scale things up.

Without the knowledge you would be confounded and confused so get back to rule one.

But you also need to know something else here.

There is a common saying that wisdom is better than the weapons of war.

Your tools and plugins are the tools you use to ensure you get great SEO results but without wisdom or knowledge they would be of no use.

This is why I said, you need to follow the right people who have results as a proof for the right knowledge on how to use those great tools you have.

You need the knowledge on how to use your Google keyword planner to get the best keyword converts for your business.

6. Be a patient with yourself during outreach

The quickest to get great SEO results is to connect with those who have established trust with google to link to you.

But is it is not magic, it requires patience, reciprocity and flexibility.

Sometimes you may be ignored but you have to bounce back instead of feeling rejected and study that blog carefully.

This is so important because on popular blogger wants to send his readers to a site that they don’t trust.

Because they are picky.

No one links to a blogger who he doesn’t know or trust because your readers would feel use and dumb you forever.

So instead of asking for links seek to become their close friends through their active social media profiles and also don’t forget the email it is quite effective.

Don’t also forget the law of reciprocity link out to that fellow blogger but do it genuinely.

They are humans too. You can read this excellent guide to blogger outreach.

7. Be fast to learn and implement the knowledge

In a SEO they faster you are to implement awesome strategies and techniques they better for you.

If you fail to implement those techniques, the valuable opportunity becomes abused by Scammers who ruin potential link building techniques.

Just look at Google’s action against guest blogging, they become more stringent about guest posts due to the fact that these scammers abuse that opportunity.

So they faster you are at implementing SEO strategies the better, remember this it is winners take it all.

The next time you come across any working SEO strategy from ABT, Moz or quicksprout make sure you don’t leave it for later just do it now or else it would be gone forever.

If you want to build a popular blog this is so vital.

8. Select social media channels carefully

It is no longer news that social media can influence your search engine ranking and also get you in touch with other popular bloggers in your niche.

Because more eyeballs the more links you can get from people.

Therefore you need to choose your social media channels carefully, where do your audience hangs out?

Could it be facebook, twitter or pinterest? Wherever they are you need to build a community there.

Trying to be on all social media platforms is a waste of time and resources and you miss out on the opportunity to get more links fro, potential linkers.

If you love a social platform but your audience doesn’t hang out there you can open a personal account and then a business account here you audience hangs out.

By doing these you can build more positive and helpful relationships with people who can skyrocket your SEO results overnight.

It takes a link or a tweet from a powerful influencer to open the floodgates of traffic to your site.

Don’t take it for granted.

Summing it up

Achieving massive amount of search engine traffic is so vital to the success of your online business but it doesn’t have to be confusing.

All that is required of you is to know what it involves and keep to its rules.

It might take time but the reward is mind blowing.

Therefore take a good look at these rules and make a decision to implement them and measure the results.

Don’t be discouraged by the little results you get at the first time keep trying and learning because you deserve to be known online if you have something to offer.

Abide these SEO rules and watch how your search engine results would dramatically increase to the benefit of your online business.

Give it a dedicated approach.

Did I missed any point? Do you think it’s possible to build successful blog without SEO?

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13 thoughts on “Do You Know These SEO Rules To Build a Popular Blog In Record Time?”

  1. Hello Ammar

    SEO is not really as complicated as it sounds at first. Nevertheless, newbies can get a deep headache in the beginning if they don’t have the right tools and the right savior like you. Yeah, certainly you are a savior to thousands of beginner in the field. keep up with what you doing. (Y)

  2. Great Post Ammar,
    Every tips you have mentioned is important to make blogging successful. Many of us knows these rules but actually sometime we pay attention to them.

    Writing a quality blog post is not enough to make a blog popular. It is our duty that post reach to the right person.


  3. Well I must say it’s been a long time to visit your blog. And I guess lot of awesome articles have been posted.

    I can’t help but say that this is a very informative piece and well researched.

    Let me start off by saying I prefer both. Traffic is never too much, so it would be idea to write for bots (organic traffic ) and humans (referral & direct traffic).

    Implementing these tips will obviously increase one’s traffic but it may not be sustainable over time. The reason of this is because, subsequent Google search update can bring down the traffic, and then you have confronted with the time and resources to fix the problems. Most times, you may never reclaim your sweet spot.

    I have seen Google practically make a big name site turn into rubble, because of change of policy. To avoid seeing your blog becoming a joke overnight, one has to be very wise when dealing with SEO.

    Thanks for share.

  4. Hi Ammar,

    SEO is undoubtedly the only way to generate quality traffic, leads and sales. If you are unaware of SEO, you’re losing money and subscribers on the table.

    And SEO is always an emerging medium, so one needs to learn the new concepts every time the Google changes its updates.

    Great post as always Ammar.

  5. SEO is a wide field of study, a beginner who’s just getting started with Search Engine Optimization can make many mistakes which might turn out to be fatal for his or her site later on. It’s rightly said to follow the right people or sources that provides purely right SEO knowledge or lessons. All the other points are worth following too. Thanks a lot for sharing this useful post, Ammar.

  6. Aditya Nath Jha

    I really appreciate all the points posted here. What I really have a doubt with is how to use actionable data. How to track my performance on Analytics and how to implement that data during goal planning?

  7. Hi Ammar,
    Thanks for the incredible post where all points contain great value. As a newbie in blogging industry, I always try to find some awesome and easy ways to get success within a short period of time. Find some new and great point here and hope these will surely help me.

  8. Social media has indeed been a huge playground for businesses as these. I’ve seen many prosper through its use. I hope someday I’ll be as successful in utilizing these media. Thanks for sharing these!

  9. Hi,

    I would like to say one thing which I mostly focus on is providing great quality content because the first step to get your blog post viral starts from your content quality, If it’s good then you can extract more from your promotional strategies

    so one must focus on writing quality content for getting maximum traffic and learn some basic seo skill to get higher rankings in search engines also try to provide value to your readers and don’t just write for search engines if you content is great and appealing then can see some great success

    Cheers and keep posting such great content

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