12 Tips For Writing Engaging Content For Readers

Are you not getting any readership?


Because your content is not engaging!

In this post I’ll tell you 12 Tips For Writing Engaging Content For Readers. So read from top to toe! ;)

12 Tips For Writing Engaging Content For Readers

After reading your posts, your audience should feel like hanging around to ask questions, agree, disagree and see what else you’ve got to say. After all, we’re talking potential long term relationships here. Try these 12 Tips For Writing Engaging Content For Readers and you’re halfway towards bagging that customer.

Tips For Writing Engaging Content For Readers!

1. Pose Engaging Questions

At the end of a post, pose a brain-stimulating question. Make them ponder, make them wonder and churn those grey cells to figure out what you want. The idea is to put your site and business fully into your reader’s head so that they come back for more. One of the best ways to achieve this is by stimulating their thought process.

2. Put Out An Ethical Conundrum

Do you feel celebrities are doing good by adopting children from poor African countries? Should those children be taken away from their families just because they can have a better quality of life in the US? That’s an ethical conundrum right there. Put something like that out there in your post and motivate your readers to comment and argue amongst themselves.

3. Get Them To Offer Tips To Solve Something

It could be a problem that you’re facing, or something your customer is facing. It doesn’t matter. Write a post about it and open the door to your readers to contribute 5 unique tips each to combat the issue. In fact, make it a contest; publicly credit the reader with the best tips on your blog so that everyone can see.

4. Open The Door To Sharing

Share a personal problem you’ve experienced in a post and explain how you handled it. Then ask your readers to share how they would handle a similar situation. If you can get them to submit their thoughts in about 400 words or so, that’s a blog post you can use. With just one move, you manage to engage your readers plus get blog posts out of it.

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5. Share Half A Story And Ask For Projected Outcomes

This is a spin-off from the old college game of spin the tale. Write a post detailing a problematic business or personal situation without detailing the final outcome. Ask your readers to contribute ideas for possible outcomes.  You can suggest some ideas from your side to motivate them along.

6. Start With An Engaging Opener

Your post opening should engage the reader from the word go. Remember, your readers can get all kinds of facts online. They don’t want another fact-spewing post. They want something that’ll ignite their curiosity, motivate their thought process and get them engaged. Make your opener funny, insightful, poky, witty and outrageous if need be.

 7. Make The Content Graphically Vivid

Paint a picture with your words, and draw people into the scene you’re painting. You don’t need to have Pulitzer-worthy authoring skills to do this. Just write in your speaking voice, as though you’re chatting up to your mates at the bar. Throw some adjectives and invectives in (watch out – no profanity!). Throw in some cultural flavor that reflects your background.

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8. Use The Active Voice

Long, droning passive voice sentences are okay for legal docs and long procedural guides. When it comes to your blog post, keep the voice active. Your reader must be able to relate to the information you’re presenting in a live sense. The purpose will be totally defeated if your blog reads like old prose.

9. Use The First And Second Grammatical Person

It’s your blog; you’re talking to your readers – what’s with the third person? No more ‘they’ and ‘them’ and stuff. Write directly to your audience using first and second person only. This makes your reader feel closer to you and creates a virtual bond of familiarity.

10. Be Direct

Use active verbs instead of inactive verbs to deliver a direct, immediate and energetic impact. Instead of, “I was thinking how to address your issue”, write, “I am thinking about how to address your issue”. The difference is the directness of the tone and also the direct action mode.

11. Play With Words

There are many ways of writing what you want to say and it’s in your hands. For example, instead of saying, “I cannot put up with their holier than thou attitude anymore”, say “If I put up with their holier-than-thou attitude anymore, I’ll just call me a cow and be done with it”. I am sure you can come up with something funnier and more engaging.

12. Provide A Conclusion

Let’s face it; no one has tons of time to read every line of every post. Encapsulate the essence of your article in a short conclusion to help out these busy people. Your conclusion should ideally tie up your points together and provide a short glimpse of what the article is all about.

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Over To you!

I hope you’ll like these 12 Tips For Writing Engaging Content For Readers. Have I missed any? Do let me know in comments!

Happy Blogging. :D

36 thoughts on “12 Tips For Writing Engaging Content For Readers”

  1. Hello Dear little brother Ammar Ali!
    I am a silent reader of your blog and I think it is my first comment on your blog. Your this post is reallllly awesome. I was looking for such compact information on such topic since long ago, but today i find it on your blog. I am 100% agree with all your points and I will keep in mind all these points when i will write my next contents.

    Thanks for sharing such a nice & compact information.

    Thanks :)

    1. Hi Adnan,

      Thanks so much for leaving your first comment here, I really appreciate it!

      Keep visiting,

      All the best for your blog


  2. Will you give some other tips about creating a conclusion? I’m really having a hard time of thinking of what will I write. What will I think first? For my mind will not be confused.

  3. And every body like the suspense and if we leave half of the work to our visitors that will act like a rocket for us every body will participate in it nice idea :)

    1. Hi Tayyab,
      In my opinion this will work for some of us, but if you are writing an article about scientific facts, there is no half of the story . You may ask readers for their opinion, but nothing more, what do you think?

  4. Hi Ammar,
    In # 3 we need to create a problem and make readers look for a solution, this is what we ( teachers) call ” Brainstorming” , good , I know that very well :)
    Looks like Educational psychology works every where.
    Thanks for the tips!

  5. Great posts!
    I’m already implementing most of the tips, but still need to seriously fine tune them.
    Getting readers to interact is hard though…

  6. Excellent tips. Blogging is supposed to be a social back and forth. The more businesses can do to involve their readers, the better it will be!

  7. There is heaps of valuable information here! Thanks for being so generous with it. I’ve always felt more inclined to write in the comments if I’ve been asked a question. I’m only 2 months into my first blog and thanks to websites like this that give such generous and helpful advice I feel like I’ve learned so much!


  8. Hey Ammar your tips are very good. Personally I play with words to keep readers engaged and also the use of some infographics, images and videos help to retain audience. Its also the structure of the posts that is important otherwise usually people ignore the articles if they are too lengthy.

  9. These are great points, I do a mix of your tips to write my blog posts, although I have yet to improve on including other types of images other than pictures and other photos.

    I believe that the real test of having an engaging content is when your readers become so loyal that they keep on posting comments and reading your other posts (even if these are not linked on your best read articles.

  10. Hey Ammar,
    Great writing tips. I think it will be very helpful for every professional writer and your point “Play With Words” is vital for engaging more readers. Thanks for sharing this nice tips.

  11. Valuable tips! Engaging content converts a visitor from a passive reader to an active participant, slowly building a community of loyal readers. These tips will surely help me. Thanks for sharing!

  12. nice tips ammar i liked this article in whole article i mostly like “Play With Words” it’s best for engaging reader to our site.

  13. Nice tips here Ammar.
    I can really relate to your number 4 because that’s the usual thing I do when blogging. It’s really good to let your readers know your experiences and how you handle them, it that way, they will know your dedications and they will also learn from it!

  14. Hey Ammar, great post, I strongly agree with points 1, 3 and 6. I’m always looking for ways to create engaging content and this post works perfect, thanks.

  15. That’s a great list on getting people to read MORE of your content, but I think there are a few more steps that are critical to getting them to read ANY of it in the first place. Honestly, it seems like without some connections, you’re not going to get anywhere in the blogging world. I’d start by applying these tips to guest posting, along with writing similarly awesome content for yourself. That way, you get potential subscribers to come over to your site in droves.

  16. Hello Ammar,

    You deserve a lot of appreciation for posting this sensible article. I like all the tips. In my view, writing an article on ethical conundrum is the best of all. We all live in our worlds but we do have a social responsibility and must prove that, as and when required. Many of us do read such content.

    Thanks and Regards,

    1. Hi Raj,

      You are right! We all have to follow such tips to write engaging content. Thanks for Appreciation!

      And Nice to see you again on my blog! ;)

  17. These are some great tips that I am going to try. I do a few of them already, but some I need to work on. Asking questions at the end that really make people think is one of the best ways to really get them to reply like you said. That is the one that I tend to use the most. I am going to start to add more of a combination from here on out though.

  18. In the above all 12 tips I think adding a conclusion at the end of the post makes the reader feels more promising then the normal any other article.

    That’s the reason I usually put conclusion at the end of every posts in my blog. As they are on tested tips & tricks it becomes easy for me to put conclusion.

    I wonder what stock market blogs do. LOL! :D

  19. Hey Ammar,

    12th point is what I thought to implement to my next posts.
    Not a conclusion but a small summary of what the post is about .

    What do you think it will work?

    1. Great idea dude!

      But You can also add ‘over to you’ or ‘its your turn’ at end of your post. This will encourage readers to read and may be they will comment on your blog! :)

  20. I like your the points that Get Them To Offer Tips To Solve Something. This points is basically much more important for all bloggers for getting any type of success.

  21. Shooting an appropriate question at the end of the articles, converts well and helps you in engaging the readers on the blog..

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