Want To Become A Famous Blogger? Then Read This!

I know that every single reader of this blog visits and reads it to learn something useful and creative so that he/she can become a successful and famous. Am I right? Of course I’m. ;)how to become a famous blogger

One thing I want to clear that famous and successful are not two separate words they are same. For example, if you are successful then obviously you will be famous. So as a math lover I always make things in equations :D so mathematically we can say that,

Successful Person = Famous Person

So don’t predict the article by seeing the title, the tips I am going to discuss will not only teach you to become famous but also tell you how to become successful.

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How To Become a Famous Blogger

So without wasting our time lets get into our topic.

1. Start With A Personal Blog

become famous blogger

If you want to become a famous blogger then the best way is to start a personal blog. Personal blog is because it is totally about you and the most awesome thing is that personal blog’s URL are the name of the blogger whom blog it is like (yourname.com).

But I know that most of you haven’t a personal blog, so don’t worry you can also become a famous blogger without it. ;)

2. Solve Your Readers Problems

solve problems

You’ve might listen this sentence many times on other sites, but believe it is very important and effective also.

Problem solving blogs and websites get success in very less time and become popular. People on the internet will not visit your blog just to read what you are bragging. They want something useful, valuable or you can say that Tasty.

So be a problem solver in any field problems are every where just you have to think and the solution will come in your mind.

By helping your readers to get success, will become the cause of your success.

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3. Become Friends With Other Bloggers

want to become famous blogger

Creating relationship with other people in your field is very useful; it is a source of great knowledge. Talking with experience people and learn from their failures and mistakes, can make you even better than them.

By making blogger friends more and more people can know about you and sooner and later everybody will know you and thus you will become famous.

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4. Promote Your Blog And Yourself


promote, promotion, blog promotion

Promoting is the best and the direct way to make yourself and your blog popular. Many people skip this step and think that it is not important, but they are wrong, promotion is the only thing that shine up a business, that make a movie top on the box office, that make any thing popular. So don’t skip promotion do it side by side.

Now promotion has become very important for any blog. Because as you know that on the internet there are many many blogs of your blog’s niche so it has become very hard to overcome those blog and there is only way to do it and that is write gold content and promote, not only your blog but also yourself.

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5. Serve People Like Waiter


This seems like funny, ;) but it is true. I am sure you’ve gone to restaurant and seen the efficient waiters, who serve you like your servants. So I think bloggers should also serve their readers like waiters. Because readers are the only thing that make up a blog successful and popular. So we cannot leave them.

Now Its Your Turn!

Becoming famous is not important, how helpful, friendly and valuable you are is matter As I stated above people on the internet don’t visit your blog just to listen your bragging they want to some cool stuff that make them successful.

Simply I can say that they are selfish (Sorry :D but it is true).

So always seek for excellence not for success because excellence is the only thing that leads you to success. And also remember that success is not an overnight process, sometimes it takes a lot of time to become successful or sometimes it takes only some days to become successful.

Hope you learn a lot from my article, this is my first guest post on All Blogging Tips. Thanks to Ammar for publishing it.

What? You want to share more points? Then feel free to comment and share your views and ideas with us!

41 thoughts on “Want To Become A Famous Blogger? Then Read This!”

  1. It doesn’t help me actually; everyone can’t have a problem solving solution. I have a blog for poetry and the poetics. I don’t understand how can it be helpful to others as a health adviser does. next problem is that my friends speak the vernacular while I write in English. Surely I can’t have many English speaking friends for now. Lastly, I can’t help anyone unless they are contacted by them.

  2. Hariharinder Singh

    Dear Hasan,

    I think your English could be better. Your article was confusing because the English was strange. For example, what does this mean?

    “Personal blog is because it is totally about you and the most awesome thing is that personal blog’s URL are the name of the blogger whom blog it is like (yourname.com).”

    I would think that you would want to be known for your expertise, and part of this is knowing how to write and speak in the language you choose to use.

    Otherwise, you will become infamous or, worse, made fun of.

  3. Hey, I just want to ask one thing. I write, I write poems, articles, musings, short tales and what not! But how to promote them? Like I already have a personal blog, I try to promote it on facebook and Instagram, It has become kinda KNOWN to people now, but the thing I want to ask is? How do I find others blogger just like me? I am still known to the limited people who are in my contacts thats it! What about others? How to contact them? How to find other people like me? kindly enlighten.

  4. Jaswinder Kaur

    I really like the pictures in this post and of course content is very valuable.

    I like the point to becoming popular by solving others problems, can make you popular.
    Yes of course there are many types of problems, when somebody is looking something to Buy and quickly go to your Blog, then your Blog is offering that particular product, that is also problem Solving, because the person found the product very Easily without wasting his/her time.

    For example if somebody is looking for some information to start a Blog and go to my blog – Blogging Creation dot com, then he will be happy, because his problem is Solved.


  5. The Main Success key is helping others without getting a penny. I strongly suggest this power key to every new bloggers or website owners who wants to become famous.

  6. When I first started blogging also uses personal blog with my own name, but it did at blogspot.com and already one year is not updated
    I so have desires to update the post on my personal blog as well buy the .com domain name are still available
    Thanks for the tips above, I hope someday I can be a famous blogger like you
    Always successful :)

  7. This is true that becoming famous is not a overnight process sometimes it may take much longer time. But if you are loyal to you visitors and write unique and helpful content for them, definitely they will make you famous and hence successful.

  8. oh thanks man, your blogging tips really help me out.
    I’m just to apply for Ad sense, but your article 12 things to do before applying for Ad sense really helped.
    Thanks again. :)

  9. Very Nice. i like the the last statement of the author.
    one thing i note in the successful Blogger’s that they become selfish after getting success. i am sorry, but it is true.

  10. Connection with fellow bloggers is very important and helping other bloggers will surely helps to learn more. Follow, this and you will be famous like me :)

  11. Hi Hasan,
    thanks for sharing your tips.
    I’ll agree with almost all of them, but not with #4
    You should promote yourself and your blog of course, but you should do it in background – it shouldn’t be visible for your readers, followers and subscribers ;)

    I’ll add three more tips to yours;
    1) create killer content
    2) share your lessons learned
    3) make social media your friend(s)
    BR, Chris

  12. In my opinion every blogger should make friends with other bloggers. We have seen all big websites are a result of team work and no single person can take the blog to heights of success. Thanks for sharing these useful tips.

  13. I like the point and i want to add one from mine side too.
    Elaborating your point
    When you have a blog that means you have something very useful in it which peoples want so solving their problems with a good great will be very good for you as people know the person helping me is one who know every thing in that particular field.
    I like all of your points.

    1. Sandip you’re right advertising a blog is also very effective method to get robust success, but many bloggers don’t do that because it required money to spend and most bloggers hesitate in spending more money.

      Thanks For Comment :)

  14. The first step is amazing! Even I started with a personal blog! Check out raajtram.com. But hardly post on it nowadays :) But your post influenced me! Will post there soon…maybe tomorrow :)

  15. Fun to read your article… Its just perfect… You are right people must seek for excellence rather than success because excellence will bring success and fame… Thanks for this beautiful article… :)

  16. Gautham Nekkanti

    I would say developing connections with bloggers and promoting the blog will be very important once we get started with the blog

    1. Building connections with bloggers are the best way to learn, promote, and get popular.

      Thanks for comment Gautham :)

  17. Mairaj Pirzada

    Hey Hasan,

    Nice to see you guest posting at All Blogging Tips!

    None of the points were useless thanks all for them.. YES! I can say, that a Successful Blogger always is Famous, totally Agree.

    1. Mairaj you know that how guest posting is important for any blog, thats why now I am guest posting on blogs.

      BTW Thanks for your comment :)

  18. I like the second point there, Hasan.

    That is the main reason why I failed when I first started a blog. I write without thinking of solving people’s problem. When I slowly get into reading people’s problem and write blog post about it, things begin to change.

    P.S. This is my first time to this blog but hope to see more from you after your first guest post. ;)

    1. It is very important for any blogger to think why readers would read his/her content before writing any article, because this will help to generate more quality and value for readers.

      Thanks For Your Comment Alan :)

  19. Great ideas, Hasan!

    I especially love the part where you talk of forming friendship with other bloggers.

    Blogging is all about community, as we cannot and do not exist as bloggers in isolation. When we make the time investment needed to forge those relationships, half of the problems we have are solved as we would have installed the support group that will spread our content, market our products and comment on our posts.

    I believe it’s worth all the effort it takes…

    1. Yes Yeremi interaction with other bloggers is very important, specially it is an excellent opportunity to learn from them. You have stated right at the end that its worth all the effort it takes.

      Thanks For Such An Insightful Comment :)

    1. It is also my favourite too. You are right, blogging is not to serve search engines, I think bloggers should give more attention to pleasing readers as compare to search engines.

      Thanks For Your Comments :)

  20. Great post Hassan, very true. I think making friends and building connections on social sites is probably the best way to get people familiar with who you are in the blogosphere. Engaging with other bloggers is a must part of becoming popular as well. If you can offer readers something creative, new, rewarding and something that solves their problems they’ll remember you and come back for more, or even better still, they’ll share you with their own connections.

    1. Buddy you are absolutely right, networking with other bloggers have became a very essential part of blogging, we cannot ignore it and I think solving readers problems is the another name of blogging ;)

      Thanks for comment. :)

  21. Good information in very light style. Brother can you please tell me that as a blogger how should I know that what are the problems are my visitors? Because blogger interact with visitors at the end of post as comments and visitors speak relvent to that post. so how should this point will work?


    1. Hi Adil, finding readers problems is one of the biggest aim of any blogger. There are many ways to know their problems but some effective and smart ways are to run surveys asking them what they want from you, observing big blogs and last one is via reading comments on other blogs. But don’t worry I am writing an article about finding your readers problems so stay tuned :)

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