Is It Really Worth To Buy Traffic For Websites?

When you run a business, it is imperative that you bring in customers who will make purchases.  Otherwise, how would you ever turn a profit?  The same holds true of website businesses.  If you can’t get people to your site where they can make their purchases, you’re not going to be in business for long.  That’s why businesses invest in marketing to help expose their company and product and attract new customers. paid rafficSometimes, part of that marketing budget might actually include the purchase of actual site visitors themselves.  With this kind of strategy, businesses are hoping just getting customers there once will be enough to get them to make a purchase and to boost their search engine ranking for more exposure.  Some business owners are afraid to make this leap though, because they are unsure as to whether or not buying traffic will be a profitable investment or just another cost to add to their budget.

So today we are going to discuss is it really worth to Buy Website Traffic for websites or blogs?

Are you ready to know is it worth to buy traffic??  Let’s dive in. ;)

It Depends on the Type of Traffic You Buy

type of trafficFirst of all, there are many different ways to bring traffic to your website.  You may invest in an actual visitor package which will give you so many unique visitors for one price.  On the other hand, you may decide to put up ads on other websites and in search engines.  In this case, you will likely pay-per-click.  Another way to direct traffic to your site is through sponsored searches.  These are the search results that pop up at the top of a search and are usually highlighted because they paid for those spots.

For these, you may pay an initial fee for the time you want it highlighted and then pay a per-click amount on top of that.  No matter what kind of traffic you buy, just make sure it’s bringing you 100% unique visitors with low bounce rates.  That means you’re getting real people who are actually spending time on your site, increasing the likelihood that they’ll actually make purchases.

Consider the Cost of the Package

Once you decide which kind of traffic you want to buy, it’s time to compare some prices.  Of course, you may decide to go with a combination of traffic directing deals.  This means, in order to calculate the cost, you’ll need to add up all of them together.  When it comes to pay-per-click, prices can vary greatly.  It all depends on where your ad or link is placed.  For example, an ad on a high traffic website with great click-through rates is going to cost you a lot more than one on a smaller site.  Also, when you pay for those top sponsored search spots, you do tend to pay a high price.

On average though, most pay-per-click ads costs about one dollar per click.  While you can get them for a few cents per click, you’re likely to get a much better return on your investment if you pay a dollar or more.

Monitor your New Traffic Flow

monitor the traffic
Once you make your purchase, it should boost traffic for websites you’ve linked to.  This is the first step in determining whether or not your purchase was worth it.  The first step is getting people to your site.  Going from 50 or 60 hits a day to hundreds or thousands has huge potential for a business.  Just as any marketing strategy would have attempted, the idea is to get people to notice your website and to be interested in the offers you have made.

According to Google Adwords, their click-through rate averages at only .4%.  That is only 4 actual clicks per $1000 spent and not all of them will turn into customers.  While getting traffic to your site may not result in income directly, just like marketing, it is still very worth it.  This is because of the potential it has to make you money indirectly. Those indirect profits could come your way in the form of purchases or through ad revenue.  It all depends on how you have your site set up.

The best way to see a return on your traffic investment is in the form of profits.  When people who have clicked to your site go from visitors to customers, they are called conversions.  You will want to look for websites that have both high click-through rates and a high amount of conversions before you place your ad.  When purchasing actual visitors directly through a traffic company, you will want to take a look at their conversion numbers as well.

salesAfter a week, you should start seeing results of your traffic investment.  Using the amount of purchases made by the new traffic you get, you can calculate your profits, subtracting any costs you incurred.  It’s a good idea to monitor traffic and purchases to get an idea of your weekly profits.  This will help you determine whether or not buying traffic was and will continue to be worth it.  After a month, revisit the numbers and decide on your next course of action.

Add Profits from Your Hosted Ads

If you have spaces for advertising on your website, you can increase your profits by allowing other websites to put pay-per-click ads on your site as you have on others.  Then, not only might the visitors who come to your site purchase your products, but they could also click on some of the ads and make you even more money.   After all, once you pay for that traffic increase, you’ll be able to show potential ad placers that you get enough traffic to your site to be a good investment.  If you have room for enough ads, once you really build traffic, you may be able to offset the cost of your traffic by charging for theirs.   In order to avoid scamming when it comes to pay-per-click ads though, it’s a good idea to charge a conversion fee on top of the click fee.  This way, you can low ball the click fee to get advertisers to your site, but then charge them extra for each click that makes a purchase on their site.  This recent change in pay-per-click has come about because of manipulative people making invalid clicks on ads in order to boost ad revenue with fake visitors.

As the chart illustrates, when you combine your customer purchase profits with your ad revenue and subtract your web traffic costs, you get your final value.  Only then can you determine whether or not it was actually worth it.  If you don’t like the profit margin you see, you could always adjust the package you’re investing in and even raise your own ad prices.  Once you see that profit rise steadily, you know you’re on the right track and that it was indeed worth it to buy traffic for your website.

What do you think about buying traffic for your website?

21 thoughts on “Is It Really Worth To Buy Traffic For Websites?”

  1. Unless you have a successful brand, a viral marketing campaign or any product that will capture the fancy of millions, you have to invest time, effort, money and a great deal of strategizing to get noticed.

    From search engine optimization to social media influence, everything takes time. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome the obvious challenges.

    You should buy website traffic. For those who are wondering if this is a great idea, it indeed is. There are very few ways that would offer you assured traffic. If you buy website traffic, you are essentially getting a guaranteed audience.

  2. Hi Deny,

    This is really a good post, actually I am new to blogging, I was afraid to bring paid traffic to my site, but after going through this post I will definitely go for paid traffic to boost my site ranking. and to get my website a Quick and instant growth.

  3. Hello,

    I was thinking to buy traffic for my Magazine Website. But now I am gaining traffic for my website with guest posting, blog comments, forum posting etc. These are the best ways to get more traffic.

    ~Dr. Diana

  4. Buying Traffic I don’t believe in this technique . I think unique content is only a key to getting traffic . Buying Traffic , I think it is not natural traffic . I totally agree with saif Ullah butt brother .

    1. Hi Michael

      It’s depend on the affiliate provider’s rules.
      However, most of them are allowing it. In fact many of affiliate marketers succeed with these kind of techniques.

  5. Great points of view, as it is written, at times buying web traffic is worth it, and at other times it doesn’t return well on initial investment. Because every online business is different and thus their business model and needs differ. I feel that all is dependent on what it is you try to accomplish by buying traffic, and also does it then meet the conversion objectives.
    Thank you for sharing this great post and thank you all for your views.

  6. I have never bought traffic in my life, and I have had websites with thousands and thousands of visitors a day. I am a true believe in two things. SEO and Social Media types of sites. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. I have gotten mass amounts of Traffic from Youtube.

  7. hi to All. IMHO, More than being at par with the competitors, the fact that many website owners rely on traffic to enhance sales for their business, and that goes the same for the website suppliers as well, the value put in delivering dependable service to those who wants to buy website traffic is made even greater.

  8. Buying Traffic is always useful in case when we want to get our website a Quick and instant growth. But traffic alone won’t help as we will have to concentrate on lot of other things like Promotion, posting contents, User engagement etc.

    1. Hi Adil!

      Great question!
      “Consider the Cost of the Package”
      Listed in the above post. ;-)


  9. Hi Deny (and commentators),
    buying traffic isn’t bad at all. But we must buy only related traffic.
    The problem is not “where to buy”, but “which visitors you want on your site”.
    Even commenting on other blogs is a type of “buying traffic”. You pay for it not in money but in time spent during writing a comment…
    And we shouldn’t forget about ROI :)

    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Hi Crish,

      ehehe :D
      That’s true! Targeted traffic.

      So you thought commenting is “diligent paid traffic” ? :D


  10. Anton Koekemoer

    Hi Deny,

    Yes – Largely , it does depend on the type of traffic you buy from what source. But personally – I don’t think this is good for any business in the long run – especially if there is a search engine update down the line that will be able to pick up on such activities. Can you image what will happen then?

    1. Hi Anton!

      That’s true, (depend on the type of traffic you buy from what source, and many more).

      In the long term business there are many tests and research, as well as when people buy traffic. I’m sure more people fail the first time buying traffic, people that succeed with these lazy methods are those that do the tests and research in order to get understanding and how to take the advantages.
      (It will depend on a lot of factors including the way the website is setup, the offers as well as the traffic matrix are choosing)

  11. well,

    This is really a good article but i would suggest you that never buy traffic for your website. If you have adsense on your blog then you are simply going to hurt your own blog.

    It will improve some alexa rankings but when your package got end then you will come to know the real effect. Your Alexa and rankings will dropped.



    1. Hi saif,
      Nice comment!

      Btw, though I heard that fact (blogger fail in adsense caused buying traffic) more often than blogger that success with buying traffic although they used adsense on their blog. Although there’s no guarantee at all, people should consider before purchasing traffic, that the provider is provide for adsense safe traffic, also looking around is there are any other folks that still success with Adsense although they employe lazy methods by purchasing the traffic.

      A lot of people shout on the Alexa ranking and other rankings. But that does not mean at all, when there is no conversion. Does not mean I am biased, when people buying real traffic (real human I mean) it’s have a big chance to get them (the traffic) back to the sites even without purchasing anymore.


      1. Buying traffic is against the adsense policies and if you are caught, i am sure you are going to loose all your earning as well as your adsense account forever. So before purchasing traffic, its better to concentrate on other issues like guest posting, and other traffic building methods.

    1. Hi Sandip,
      Thanks for commenting!
      Good or bad are relative. If people don’t what’s for they should buy traffic, how they buy traffic, to whom they’re buying, and lot more complex factor, then it’s definitely bad.
      However, in fact buying traffic is quite useful and that’s why webmasters and site owners are repeated their purchases.

      There are also a lot other are trauma with these type paid traffic (most likely it is due because they did not know the factors that most need to be considered)


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