When Should You Care About Comments and When Shouldn’t You?

Do comments matter a lot?

Should I answer all the comments?

Does this indicate my success?

Many ask these same questions and there is no specific answer. Many pro bloggers answer with yes and many others answer with no.

There is no specific answer for this question.

But here in this post I will show you when you should care about comments and when you shouldn’t.

So are you ready ? ;)

Let’s dive in!
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Here are the stages in a nutshell:

1-      New blogger (comments don’t matter a lot):

2-      You are building your community (comments matter a lot):

3-      You are an authority now (comments don’t matter):

Let’s explore each stage: before we go also read Why You Should Comment on Other Blogs?

1-New blogger (comments don’t matter a lot):

When you are still new, comments matters but it doesn’t matter a lot.You may have many posts with no comments.Maybe all your posts don’t have any comment.

That’s why it doesn’t matter a lot.

What you can do now is to try to get more comments and respond to the small no. of comments you get. You must encourage people to comment. Try to increase it

You can also read Tips from my friend Rahul about How To Get More Comment Here!.

2-You are building Community (comments matter a lot):

Now, you are trying to build community. You want to build relationships with more readers. So, you must respond to each comment.

Also you can guest blog to get more people in your community and you must respond to each comment on that blog also.

You are building a community.

Try to comment on each post, if it’s yours on your blog or it’s yours on other blogs or even not yours on other blogs but it feathers your blog.

By commenting on yours you will build relationships with new readers. When you comment on others posts you will build a relationship with the owner themselves and with new readers also.

3-You are an authority (comments don’t matter):

Now you have your community.

You receive many comments on each post.

You are considered an authority on your niche.

When you reach this level comments will not matter a lot, why?


1-You have big community: they can comment on each other.

2-You receive many comments: you can’t comment on all of them.

3-You are an authority: this will make people read your posts and they will not expect a comment from you but they will comment.

Last words:

This is not last words about this topic. This topic is very big, but I liked to show you when you should care about comments and when you shouldn’t.

However, comments are very important even if you are an authority. If you will not comment then no problem but what will happen if you commented on the new visitor’s comment?

You have added another one to your community with this simple comment, because you are an authority, so when you answer the question of one of your readers, he will be happy and will be your loyal reader forever.

Did you see how does comment matter even if you are an authority?

Over to you:

What do you think about this post? What is your stage? Can we add other stages? :)

40 thoughts on “When Should You Care About Comments and When Shouldn’t You?”

  1. I never thought about it on a timeline like that… but yeah, you’re right. It only matters in the middle when you’re community building. Large sites don’t really care. Small sites don’t need to think and worry about it. Good thoughts.

    (New reader here – just found you through Commentluv.)

  2. I think the reason why some blog owners doesn’t want any comments in their site is because the avoid scammers who takes advantage of their site by leaving a nonsense or unrelated topic in their blogs. However, I do believe that comments are important in a site in order to build more traffic in their site

  3. Yes, developing a community of loyal readers and commenters is a great thing for a blog. It’s not only fun, but also by having all those people interacting on a regular basis other people will learn about it to. There’s often a viral effect at work. That’s why I think you should always keep trying to get comments and reward commenters — time allowing of course.

    Also, I’ve noticed that posts with lots of genuine comments rank higher in the search engines than ones without. So, another reason to cultivate them.

  4. Hey Ahmed,

    I always think you should try to respond to as many comments as possible. People take time out of their day to read your blog and comment, so it just seems like the right thing to do to try and respond to as many of those people as you possibly can. It’s no different than making sure you provide great customer service by responding to every customer/reader email you receive.

    I realize that if you become a huge authority site then responding to everyone may be impossible, but I still think you should respond to as many as you can. You can also pick and choose because, let’s face it, not every comment needs a reply.

    1. But when you come like Brian Clark or Darren Rowse and you have 1000’s of comments daily+1000’s of emails daily + Twitter and facebook replays. You will not have anytime to respond to them.

      Also many of them only try to get traffic and backlinks.

      But you should try to respond to the important comments.

      I would like to tell you something: Yo must know that darren and brian check most of the comments and they do comment, but only to the one that worth it.

      However, Thanks for your comment.

      Ahmed Safwan

  5. Yes, comments is important in all stages. But you will not be able to respond to each one when your blog becomes like problogger.net :)

    Ahmed Safwan

  6. hey Ahmed, nice post dude… my points regarding your posts is we should take care of comments as it encourage the readers and us to maintain the blog . And as you mentioned to build community its very important to use commentors.

  7. Simple, You should care about the comments. Because, every business seeks for feedback from its customers, so they can improve their products, and get to know their customers demand at very deep level. So for me, comments are the most important thing to get on the posts.

    It actually brings you an option to get in touch with number of users, and provides you a golden chance of creating a trusty relationship with the reader. If you say me that you have sorted out the comments into three sections. I will say you to stop taking tension about comments, because they will automatically come when you provoke your readers mind, and its thought. So, the comments with no back links demand are the most golden comments. (huh, how many of you receive such comments? 1, 2 / month) – but it still worthy, than the others comment who use to come over your website, just to generate a simple back link to their website.

    If I ever get chance to change something in the Search Engine, I will flag the do-follow comments as one of the most worst approach to get backlinks.

  8. Nice post to highlight the importance of responding comments.

    I want to add another important thing that irrespective of the fact that you are new blogger, building community or you are authority; if your commenter asks valid question and seeking any information so you should guide him by giving him relevant link or page or guide him.

    This little help make the commenter your loyal visitor and strengthen your relationship. Bit time consuming but highly effective.


  9. Nice post, You have described in such a way which is easily understandable for everyone, but one thing which want to clear is that. It doesn’t mean when we’ve become an authority we don’t have to respond to comments.

    No matter how big community you have on your blog, how many comments you receive on each of your post. You should always be helpful for your readers and you should respond to them.

    Anyway, nice write up with short paragraphs.

  10. not really, may be this strategy work on the blogs related to blogging, or or some how technology (Very rare chance) but when its came to general public blog, a blog about fashion, health, medical, or even daily life routine then this strategy failed! because those blogs required readers not the relationships from other bloggers who are providing tips how to upgrade wordpress or how to put a new plugin to your blog!!

    any ways good article for those who focus on blogging, online money related blogs…

    1. Of course, it differs from niche to another, But I think it work with most of the niches.

      However, Thanks for your comment.

      Ahmed Safwan

  11. Mohammed Abdullah Khan


    I use to think in the same way that i don’t need comments as I was a new blogger in the beginning.
    But as i get deep into blogging i came to know that comments are very important and help get traffic to your blog.
    Nice Post btw :)

  12. Great post, I’m writing the similar type of post on my blog soon.. Thanks for the inclusion of me :)

    1. Waiting for your post. Your blog is great and I have subscribed from 3-4 days. I really like your posts also.

      Thanks for your comment.

      Ahmed Safwan


    Great post and awesome points. The best way to attract more readers or make your readers to come back for more is by replying their comments and make them know that they are very important to you. thanks for sharing.

  14. Well comments are very important for any blog and it tell visitors as well as search engines that people like this blog.

  15. I am in the new blogger phase. I think I have a very long time in this phase still. Sometimes there is just so much other work, posts, link building, and so many other things to worry about to be able to to comment on every post. I do try my best though. I feel if you only have a few visitors then you should absolutely be responding back to them to make sure they stick around and help build the blog to the next phase.

    1. It may not take a long time. It depends only on you. Go and guest post and you will soon be in the third place, and I will beg you to open my email :)

      Thanks for the comment.

      Ahmed Safwan

  16. Thanks for this encouraging words.

    You will see me here soon again. Wait for my next post, It will be better than this.

    Thanks for your comment again.

    Ahmed Safwan

  17. Well, I guess when you became an authority site, you have way too many comments to reply. It is not easy and probably that is why they don’t really reply to comments, I mean those large authority site.

    But I do come across an authority site that reply to comments which is Quicksprout. Due to Neil’s effort, his post usually hit more than 50 comments where you can see even sites like problogger[dot]net or johnchow[dot]com find it hard to reach that number per post.

    My personal thought is, the author has to always stand in front of the commentator and start explaining and replying to comments regardless of the site’s authority

    1. I think like you also.

      If you commented on your commentators you make them comment more and more, and you will increase your traffic.

      Thanks for your comment

      Ahmed Safwan

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