Why My Guest Post Got Rejected ??

Earlier this month my blogging freedom got snatched from me. I planned to start a guest posting campaign. I made my goals and targets according to it. I started writing articles with a motto 1 article a day and kept my frequency low and thought to speed it up with time but sadly that day hasn’t arrived yet because I faced rejection from many blogs. Almost 20% of all my guest post got rejected.

First thing that came to my mind was the feeling that I am a failure later I realize I am failure for sure but not a loser at all.  I will try and win. ;)

Whenever my guest post got rejected I simply use to write to the author of the blog politely inquiring what was the reason behind not accepting my article. Most of the time bloggers reply because they have legit reasons for the disapproval.

As time passed on, I had a huge list of my mistakes and that were my weaknesses which now I am recovering from and sighting the positivity around my blogging career.

I have already realized guest posting is a very essential way to promote your word and market your blog and apart form it it is a great way of interaction and every other time when we write as a guest blogger we try to hit that blog which is ranking higher than ours so that ultimately it will benefit me and my efforts will pay me in future for sure.

One thing every blogger should learn is never lose the hope, never give-up and always be ready to learn from everyone around you. I began to lose but I was never late to press “Play Again

Coming back to the point after being the rejected one I still have courage to accept it that even those of my post which were published got much criticism but that is not the end but then on the other side there were bloggers and their communities that supported and appreciated my work.

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So why my Guest Post Got rejected?

There were probably more reasons then you might expect from anyone though I don’t mind being called a Blogger in the making.


When I started to guest post my only goal was to get more traffic only. I didn’t cared for any other thing and this was the point where I declined. Of-course you can not conquer the ground until you don’t have any good intention with the game. This was the only reason which is the base of all the reasons which I am going to share ahead.

I learned that what matters most is your intention not just in this field but everywhere else, in this life and hereafter too so make your intentions good, don’t turn that much hungry for traffic, readers, sales and what not.

All that counts in life is intention ~ Andrea Bocelli

Quantity over Quality:

I just wanted more traffic and the only possible way to get it done is writing more quest posts. Even today I write so less per week just 2 or 3 articles and when I am not mood there are weeks break but this summer I tried to write regularly and made up to 4 post every week even then I wasn’t writing 1 article per day and I really don’t take steroids to write 3 articles/day there are writers who do so but I can’t and that is why I lost the quality.

High Goals:

Well here the problem is not setting high goals. I must say have goals bigger than yourself but then do make them possible, do something for it. it is not just about setting them the actual part is how much of your time do you spend to make it a reality. How much do you kick out yourself from your comfort zone and do something which will make you successful.

I learned to go on skies step by step on my own pace which I enjoyed. I observed that don’t limit your goals but start from the beginning. Let the first things be first always, don’t skip it.

Going for Ease:

I am lazy as every other blogger out there. I just wanted to enjoy the perks of Guest Blogging without doing anything hard. I thought I am the guest so I will be treated like it as in real life but I was dreaming. When it comes to Blogging, your host acts like a guest. You are the one who provides him cookie so that he can publish your article. I use to submit articles without formatting and adding images and doing nothing related to tags/categories and other options in their dashboard. I don’t even proofread some of the articles because of my super laziness and procrastination skills.

I now understand the fact that I need to polish my article myself no matter how good is my article. if I will not do my work perfectly the host is not going to even read my submission especially if I am doing it for blogs that have ranking under 10k because if they have opened guest posting they possibly have more drafts from other and they literally don’t need my articles.

How I made my Winning Path?


Since now I have gone through the most common mistakes I made, the requirement of the time was changing but first comes the realization. I realized that I am not doing good which saved me from some big failures. I did a lot of research on :

5 changes I adopted are as follows:

  • Write on the basis of quality
  • Do research work, don’t just brag about what’s their in your mind
  • Follow the guidelines
  • Don’t set high expectations
  • Publish the article on your blog after rectifying mistakes :P

For sure mistakes are stepping stones in learning: make mistakes, correct them and WIN. Make sure to read this post about 6 Tips to Write Guest Post that Will Get Accepted Immediately..

Over To You!

One thing I really wanted to tell is that Bloggers are awesome people. They don’t pull you down by rejecting your Guest posts they want you to rise in a better way :) so never get disappointed the next time your guest post is rejected. Think that you can do better and prove it.

SO what you do when your guest post got rejected? I’d love to hear from you!

46 thoughts on “Why My Guest Post Got Rejected ??”

  1. First and the foremost thing you should do before writing and submitting a guest post is to read the guidelines of that blog properly. After that you can provide or submit your guest post accordingly and get it approved :).

  2. It is always best to not give up when your guest posts get rejected. There is always an opportunity for you to correct your lapses and work on getting the guest posts approved again. Do not lose hope as this can happen to any blogger.

    As for me, I am still on that stage of writing blog posts that I can use when it is time for me to approach bloggers for guest posting opportunities. I am ready for anything that can happen and will still pursue guest blogging as I believe that this is a great way to start building your reputation online and encourage more people to visit your blog.

  3. Gautam Doddamani

    hi ramsha great article. talked about some really nice points here…my favorite one is quality over quantity…we should always publish unique and genuine content, no matter how small the post is, people always prefer to read new stuff! :)

  4. I think I just may start my guest posting journey this weekend. I am going to have some free time so I might as well throw something together. Thanks for all of the encouraging tips.

  5. I have struggled too long with guest posting without any success. My method was straightforward but I didn’t know what was wrong that my posts were not being published. This posts has raised some point which I didn’t took into consideration before like publishing myself. I will restart my guest posting campaign keeping in mind these tips. Can’t thank you enough for sharing these.

  6. Good post. I thinking to start guest posting campaign for my blog in the upcoming days, so this post is a great guideline for me.

    There is so often that the mistakes like “intentions” “Quantity over quality” overrides bloggers. But the one who overcome these mistakes will surely gona take winner’s cap.

    1. Yeah what we focus on is the mainstream things but forget the basics that include intentions and your will. Once it is conquered then no ground is left

  7. Hi Ramsha

    I’m only just starting out on my blogging career so these are some great tips about guest-blogging.

    At the end of the day, I would always want to write a quality blog post, so that shouldn’t change if I were writing as a guest. If you want people to look at your blog based on a guest post, that’s the only way.

  8. I firmly believe that most Bloggers and Webmasters only accepts Guest Post which are quality in nature. Off Course, the post length also matter, but the quality always has a higher prority

  9. Nice post Ramsha. This information is not only useful for guest post but also for people who are new in the blogging world. Thanks for sharing tips. Keep up the good work.

  10. Rudraksh Pathak

    Since I have started doing guest posting, only two of my guest has been rejected yet. The points you have mentioned are reasonable. I will try to improve the quality of my content.

  11. I don’t think I would every reject a guest blogger unless it was offensive. I may not put it front in center, but I’m sure I could find a place somewhere. When I started my first site, I let someone post something real small and thought nothing about it. I received thousands of visitors from that one post. Write key words used at the right time I guess. You never know what’s going to hit it big.

    1. There are bloggers who have set some boundaries and limitations for pushing their content. they know their audience more than any guest and they also reject guest posts if they have to do a lot of work on it, already mentioned they are lazy people and for sure no one will like to give credit to a person who has just done the half work.

  12. That’s a good goal.
    It is really important to set goals if you really wanted to have a consistent posting.
    I am too having the same problem when creating a post. When I am not in the mood, blog is so boring.

    1. Keep your determination high. Blogging at times turn out to be boring at that condition I must say leave computer for a day and then continue your work. In my situation, it happens that I get bored from computer not specifically from blogging and sometimes I too get demotivated to work when earnings are less but working hard will only get you near to the success.

  13. Hey Ramsha, :)

    I have to say I’m not a pro but I really you need to work on your English. Don’t take this comment as offensive as it was the same thing I did when I started blogging.

    In order to create quality, you have to write quality. I noticed this para in your article;
    ‘Well here the problem is not setting high goals.I must say have goals bigger than yourself but then do make them possible, do something for it. it is not just about setting them the actual part is how much of your time do you spend to make it a reality. How much do you kick out yourself from your comfort zone and do something which will make you successful.’
    Now this para has a lot of grammar mistakes. So, how about we modify this a bit;
    ‘The problem is not about setting high standards and following them. You should always set your goals high and work accordingly to achieve them. At the end of the day, it’s not about how high you have set your objectives rather it’s about how much time and effort you invest in order to achieve these goals.’

    Remember writing style and grammar has huge impact factor on your blog.

    Regards. :)

    1. Greato Usama!
      I won’t take it as offense instead I must appreciate your concern or should I say I am very thankful to you for being so generous when writing this comment. I do realize, when I am writing I do make lots of mistakes and in most cases grammar structure is crap. I am thinking to overcome as soon as possible and I am trying even now :)
      Well, it is clear but hard to understand as sentence is so long still as per readability test report this copy got 6.4 something which makes it fairly easy to understand.
      For instance it’s like:
      Well here the problem is not setting high goals. I must say have goals bigger than yourself but then do make them possible. Do something for it. It is not just about setting them the question is how much of your time do you spend on it to make it a reality? How much do you, kick out yourself from your comfort zone and do something which will make you successful.

      I know yours one is playing the part by being simple and short. Loved your suggestion. I will improve. You will InshaAllah see the difference soon. I liked your approach.

      1. Great. Remember never go for sentence readability tests. They’ll ruin your way to progress as they never correct your sentence structure.
        Read as many blogs as you can and see how others create sentences, manage prepositions and punctuation. These things are very important in the long run.
        Also try submitting your article to grammarly.com, the site will tell you how many mistakes are there but for correction they demand money.

  14. Hi Ramsha,
    only 20% of your guest posts was rejected? Great rejection rate, really. I have similar rate, but at this moment I wrote only 5 guest posts…
    And thanks for sharing your tips,

    1. Yes from 10 just 2 ;) one was rejected by Ammar. I spend almost 3 to 4 hours for that post if you will measure it in content but because I was lazy enough that I didn’t proofread, didn’t added text on SEO form and it was image-less. When Ammar told me that post is rejected I felt there is something wrong because I was confident as my content has already been published on mainstream blogs. I took it as a failure and now I have lower my frequency to 3 posts a week including the Guest Posts

      1. Is Ammar so harsh?? ;)

        I’m sure he is REALLY clever guy, all you need to guest post on ABT is: write for the readers, not for SEO.

        I’ve never (ever) worried about SEO things, still Ammar accepted my posts because they add readers and attract more comments..

        That’s exactly Ammar wants from this blog :)

        1. Exactly Rahul!

          That’s what I want from guest authors that they write for blog readers not just for backlinks.

          I’m not much worried about SEO! (you know )

          BTW Thanks for stopping by ;)

  15. Actually, there is no tool to measure the quality of something. It depends on the point of view, to add more value in your content avoid number of mistakes, such as the typos, and false claims to gain popularity in the industry.

    Majority of web masters reject guest blogs because somehow they feel the writer only writes it for getting a back link or mention to his world from his blog.

    I would say, whenever you go to right some guest post. You should mentally prepared yourself that you are going to put maximum number of emotions into the post. Well, Ramsha! Your point is good, and you have very greatly approach many mistakes.

    1. In my case only 2 of my guest post got rejected but I was ego boosted because earlier I use to do paid writing for many blogs and I never expected this to happen but miseries comes up with great learning opportunities.

  16. Hey Ramsha,

    The article you have written is cool. I have planned to write guest posts on other blogs. So now I am aware of the mistakes you’ve mentioned in this post. So I will try to follow these tips and to write post in natural way. :) Happy Blogging

  17. nice reasons. i am also starting guest posting. some good sites are in my list. Hope they will approve mine. I am trying to write quality content as you are doing :) Kepp it up

  18. Ashwani Ahlawat

    Going to start my journey of Guest Posting minding the above negative points. ;) Hope that’ll not be rejected. :)

    1. there is some example I am not getting into mind which some how means it is better to come late than never or something like that but hope you got what I mean ;)

  19. Very considerable reasons are mentioned in this article. I would also suggest to eliminate typos and grammatical errors before submitting guest posts.

    1. Surely one needs to be very careful while writing something as guest bloggers but we take as some work for free we are doing for others and hence don’t add quality to it

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