Why You Should Comment on Other Blogs?

As a blogger we have got lot of things to do (posting, research, social media, videos, link building, etc…) and we don`t find time to check our own blog comments. Then, why to comment on other blogs?

Commenting on other blogs, benefit you with lot of things! Here I have listed few reasons Why You Should Comment on Other Blogs?

comment on other blogs

Making Your Presence in Blogosphere

To attract customers or investors to your business you need to make your presence in the market, and this rule sticks to every business. In blogging world it is done by commenting on other blogs. Well, you all knew this does`t mean just adding few sentence but some worthy comment to attract readers to your blog.

Selecting your niche blogs is very important. Unfortunately few blogs say that niche is not important just getting link is important. I must say that for them, user is not important only robots are important!

Lets say that you have a blog on environment and you are commenting on SEO niche blogs. Yes, you will get a link but do you think when a user clicks your link will he/she be ready to read your posts?

To gain Gain More Opportunities

One of the easiest way to attract readers, traffic and guest posting. When you comment on other blogs on regular basis then you will come to know bloggers personally and this will make them to visit your blog and support your blog with guest posting.

I don`t say that blog commenting is the only way to get guest bloggers. This is one of the easiest way to get the work done.

Backlinks, Backlinks!


Yeah, now we came the most important thing getting backlinks. Backlinks is important, as based on this you will improve your SERPs. Blog commenting gets you lot of niche related backlinks. Some of the blogs give dofollow links which is very important for SERPs.

Most of the blogs use comment luv plugin which not only gives you a dofollow link but also anchor text! Try here commenting on blogs which use premium comment luv plugin.

But as as I discussed above getting backlinks is not your only goal. Remember that you need to impress readers who read your comment.

To Keep Yourself Up-to-date

One more benefit that you get when you comment on your niche blog is that you will get to know more latest info from other bloggers. Lets say, that you have a blog on affiliate niche then by commenting on other blogs you may come to know about latest update from Google (that using nofollow for affiliate link is recommended).

This is one of the easiest way that I think you can keep up-to-date. Any newbie can try this, all he/she has to do is regularly comment on blogs.

Building Your Community

Discussing (commenting) on other blogs regarding your niche can make many newbies and other bloggers to click your link and follow your blog posts. And this helps you to build your blog community. Where you can easily release new offers and giveways for your readers.

Building community helps you in many ways like when you write your first ebook you can take feedback from them and improve accordingly. This will increase more advertisers for your blog.

Most of the bloggers even after knowing the importance of blog commenting don`t try it seriously. Hope this post will make us to think about it and take blog commenting seriously.

Your Turn!

There are lot more benefits of commenting on other blogs. Do share your views on Why You Should Comment on Other Blogs?  here in comments. :)

47 thoughts on “Why You Should Comment on Other Blogs?”

  1. The problem with commenting on blog posts is that most of them remove your links in comments….so your comments needs to be really good to spark some interests from users…it doesn’t spark the interest of search engines anymore…

  2. I love the post because its gives you accurate information and all are free! Their are tons of people who say the best way to achieve traffic is buying backlinks and traffic. You have to becareful not to get punished by Google because your building so many backlinks so quickly it looks unnatural.

  3. Really, Very Nice article khaja, i am agree that commenting on other blogs helps you a lot in many ways it will increase traffic for our blog and you can get new readers and much more! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thank your for sharing this, and it’s so true about the backlinks. I always try to return the favor of other bloggers who are gracious enough to leave comments for me as well this is a win win for everyone.

    Blog With Passion!

  5. hi Aamar,
    i enjoyed your post, nice work. Always bear in mind what people would think of your comment. We must not use any sort of abusive words while commenting.

  6. I am just now figuring the value of Page Rank. Is PR important when trying to offer ad space to advertisers? I can’t wait to see how my blog grows in the next few months! Thanks for the tips.

  7. Very Good Article Khaja. Commenting on Other Top Blogs does help you in SEO. But One Should take Care Not to Comment on Scam Sites & Write Good Quality & meaningful Comments.

  8. You have given great food for thought. I have not been commenting on other blogs and that could be the reason that my blog is not getting the followers as quickly as I would prefer. I appreciate the insight of posting on similar blogs in orer to place myself as an expert within my niche. Thanks!!!

  9. The best thing I find very interesting with commenting is that you got wide knowledge on different topics.

    Similarly by commenting after reading post on other blogs we got to know the way of expression of other people so it helps a lot to Improve one’s own writing style.

  10. Kate Brown Wilson

    Hello there I think that commenting to other blog site is a good way to gain traffic or to raise traffic for your site am I right? but some are abusing this kind of activity, they keep on sharing too many out bound links that is not good and can be consider as spam.I have to admit this is really a great article that teaches a lot of people.

    1. Hi Kate,Unless you are getting a backlinks from spam or low quality site, blog commenting will not harm you.
      Few believe that getting more nofollow link can lead to SPAM! They are completely wrong. Here is the explanation

      1. Kate Brown Wilson

        Thanks for your reply and the link that you have shared Khaja, this is really useful specially for me, I have to admit I am new to this, and I need to learn more about online business. thanks again.

  11. Yes You Are Right Moin.. Commenting On Other’s Blog Is Good. It Doesn’t Only Provides Us Backlink But Also Provide An Environment Where We Can Meet Other Readers And Get Them Know About Them…

  12. In the initial stage of blogging I was not good in writing articles, not even I was not able to write a single comment or how to reply readers comment. When I engage with people more frequent and read blog posts on daily basis, I learned something to fix my knowledge gap.

    Later I read many popular blogs and commented on there that what I think about the subject and I improved my writing skills from no level knowledge in to some thing acceptable. So reading blogs and learning things aren’t only better ways to keep ourselves up to date, its a way to create better relationship with people who interested with same interest.

  13. Bharat Chowdary

    Agree with your points, apart from these we can also get referral traffic. If your blog is new, the best way to get some back-links in less possible time is by “Commenting on other blogs”. Great write-up Moin, expecting few more articles from you.

  14. Most of the times, I comment when I love the content I just read OR if the content is about something that makes me have an opinion, good or bad, about it.

  15. Good one…
    Usually people don’t understand the power of commenting on others blog.
    I have experienced its power myself.

    Suppose you are spending 1 hour on facebook to share your article with different groups and in return you are getting 10-15 visitor.

    If you spend same amount of time in commenting on others blog then you can put around 15 comments in one our and those 15 comments will bring you back around 15+ visitor and few of them will become your regular visitor.

    I am not saying that we should not use Facebook to promote our blog but I want to say that we should try all possible ways to increase our visitor count and then focus on the one which is good in ROI.

  16. Well Commenting is simply great to make presence in blog sphere.
    I dont think it brings good amount of traffic considering time we spent reading number of blogpost. And building dofollow backlinks is simple outdated with penguin update. I dont think it works anymore.
    Best thing what I consider about commenting is building relationship with other bloggers.

    1. Yes we should not think about backlinks while commenting…
      And about Penguin update, I din`t think getting backlinks from comments will have any problem unless you are not commenting on spam sites/blogs.

  17. Andi the Minion

    I love blog commenting, sometimes though I forget where I commented on, it is important for me to go and check these comments regularly to see if anyone has replied otherwise you cannot build up a friendship or network of bloggers which is just as important as the traffic benefits of commenting.

  18. One thing that I love with blog commenting is that it helps to build relationships between readers and commentators. Most commentators on blogs are also bloggers and this is what is needed in order to make the blogosphere a better place to be.

    All your tips are nice. Backlinks are also one of the most important reward when we leave comments. Helps to build traffic.

    Lovely post.

  19. I oftens go to first commentor , surveys show that 60-80% of the reader rarely ever use the mouse to move downward. Especially the big blog comment eblogviet generally have up to 3 digits of the tracking more difficult to comment. So grab one of the first to comment on because as soon as read blog articles

    1. You are absolutely correct ben…
      First comments always get noticiable by other readers…..and you can get more referral traffic through your first on any article.

      Note – first comments means you must be the first to comment on any article.

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