7 Blogging Mistakes that Can Stop Your Blog Growth

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new

― Albert Einstein

So making mistakes is not sin not correcting it is foolishness! ;)

There are thousands of new bloggers coming up daily; most of them start make money, few out of passion and few to set up career, but we seen only few reach their goal and thousands of them fail!

And the reason is they don`t try to correct their mistakes.

Do You Make these 7 Blogging Mistakes?

If you`re a newbie or not yet started blogging, these are few common mistakes that you need to avoid to have successful blog.


#1 Inconsistency in Blog Posting

I pray to be like the ocean, with soft currents, maybe waves at times. More and more, I want the consistency rather than the highs and the lows.

Yes being consistence is very important when it comes to blogging.

Inconsistency in blogging kills your blog. It makes your readers to lose trust on your blog. Also, it may affect your rankings directly or indirectly.

If you have more time for blogging and have lot of confidence that you can write daily, then go for it.

But If you can`t spend time writing daily (like me). Write 2 or 3 posts (at least 1) weekly and make sure this goes consistently.

#2 Underestimating SEO

SEO plays vital role for blog success, underestimating it is big mistake which most of them doing.
Does this mean that worthy content is of no use? No, if SEO increase your blog visibility, then content attracts visitors to your blog.

Few quick SEO tips

  • Add keyword in your post title
  • Spend some time on keyword analysis
  • Improve your blog speed
  • Compress images before adding it on your blog
  • Maintain keyword density
  • Link to related posts (internal linking)
  • Build links with guest blogging, blog commenting, YouTube etc…

#3 Writing for Bots

In 2nd point I mentioned that SEO is important soon I added this point to make clearer, that we need to write to attract users to only bots.

I recommended few SEO tips before which helps your blog get more visibility but the last and important game is played by content.

What if I write worthy content in single paragraph?

Will not attract any user, internet users don`t have much time to read your paragraph writing. You need to write a readable post with bullets and highlight important points.

I`d like to mention about Internal linking here! This will help you to decrease bounce rate of your blog and give more information to user.

#4 No interaction With Fellow Bloggers

Interaction helps to improve your blog performance.
Being active in your niche network can bring you more opportunities.

You can Join blogging networks like Bloggers.com, Blog Engage.com etc… and connect with fellow bloggers.

#5 Ignoring Visitors

Engage with your visitors this will help you to know what your users need.

Blog comments are the place where most of visitors interact with blog owner, so take time to respond to their queries. Be first to help them if they have any problem.

When someone approaches you through email then try to add him and give quickly reply.

If anything went wrong don`t step back to apologies.

Another way to interact with users is Email marketing, send regular newsletter to your subscribed users, and suggest them few blogging tips. Give some special gifts to your subscribed users.

#6 Spending too Much Time on Blog Stats

Don`t expect too much from just born blog.

Your blog is new and it takes more time to get good results. So don`t spend time daily on analytics. Once a while is OK, but wasting time on it will not return you anything.

#7 Being Everywhere

Is being everywhere over the web recommended?

No am not against going social but if you`re wasting time being on all social networking sites by checking status, sharing and not spending time on your blog. Then I don`t recommend being everywhere.

Select few top social networking sites in which you can get targeted visitors. Like if you are targeting Brazil then your must not ignore Orkut! So depending upon your niche try different but less social networking sites.

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It’s Your Turn Now!

These are few common blogging mistakes which I thought are important, Do you have more such tips? Please share here in comments. :)

27 thoughts on “7 Blogging Mistakes that Can Stop Your Blog Growth”

  1. Consistency is most important if you want your blog success. Some bloggers don’t care about their post, just post wherever their want. So, this will make our blog not get consistent visitors.

    In my country(Malaysia), Blogger Malaysia always look down about SEO because their think SEO is not Important and in Malaysia no want teach us about SEO.

    When you write about this post. I will say it’s absolutely right point why blogger nowadays failed.

  2. Blogging is a regular task. A proverb says patience is the key to success. Thanks for sharing valuable tips for old & new bloggers

  3. article is really helpful i am also making many mistake which you write down in article but after reading this post i will do better…….thanxx once again ……….

  4. Andi the Minion

    Great post Khaja, I agree, spending a lot of time on social media and trying to be everywhere can take a lot of valuable time away from what you should really be doing and that is building up your blog as best as possible with quality content. Otherwise what are you looking for traffic for if you have nothing for them to read or re visit for?


  5. Wow… Great Article… Exactly at the early stage of my blogging, I had spent too much time on checking site stats rather than focusing on my goal…


    That was a great post and useful points. visitors are very important to considered if we want to succeed in any of our plans for our respective site. thanks for sharing

  7. All of your tips does contain meat. It is always better to define a schedule of your post and engage with your fellow bloggers on the same niche. Thanks for posting this wonderful reminder to all of us.

  8. Being Everywhere is one of the most common reason that distracts the blogger, the most social interaction directly harm the production level, and can also cause many serious problems to you and to your business.

    1. Hey Hamza,
      Yes you right being every where distracts and kills blogging time.
      but this doesn`t mean you should leave social media.
      We need to play smartly by giving equal importance to all :)

  9. nice and informative post you are right most of bloggers focus on status and write for search engines not for users if users like site’s content than they share on social media and got seo effect automatically. thanks for informative post.

  10. Anton Koekemoer

    Hi Khaja,

    Yes – I do agree. These are some of the most common mail practises when it comes to blogging. Amongst one of them that stand out personally to me is being everywhere. Social media is extremely large and should rather focus on targeted channels and groups of people with a better change of convergence rather than trying to have everyone in the whole world see your content.

  11. I think bloggers nowadays is not ignoring SEO but instead, over-relying on SEO. The reason is because there are too many facts that says SEO is a must and you must always rank no.1 or page 1 and etc etc. When one day the blog got de-listed from Google, everything is gone. I mean everything – traffic, income, readership.

    I’d like to say over-rely on SEO is a mistake as well. We should also rely on other source of traffic such as list building and social media. This advice comes from “..never put all the eggs into one basket”.

    1. Alan nice lines :)
      BTW it is not recommended to rely only on Search engine traffic, social media and email list is very important for a successful blog.

  12. Not posting on a daily basis has to be my biggest downfall. I have been trying to work on this one. It is not hard to write everyday, its hard to write something different that some one else has not written everyday. I am creating a nice ideas list to help me keep ideas though. Thanks for the list. There are a few things I now need to work on. :]

    1. Hi Gary,
      You are right, writing different on daily basis is difficult.
      All the best, let us know if you have got any good idea :)

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