Ask The Readers: Blogger Or WordPress – Which One Are You Using?

This has been long time, I didn’t asked any question to the readers in Ask The Readers section.

So here we go.

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Ask The Readers: Blogger Or WordPress – Which One Are You Using?

Question: Blogger Or WordPress – Which One Are You Using?

Here is my answer:

I’m using WordPress blog which is right now hosted on HostGator. Few reasons why I am using WordPress are:

  • Full control over blog
  • Easy to manage
  • Excellent Interface
  • Search Engine Optimization is easy
  • Thousands of themes available
  • Plugins makes the work easy, no coding skils required!
  • Flexible, Easy to install and upgrade.
  • and the list goes on….

Make sure to leave the comment below, as I mentioned above. Short or long comment, I’d be glad to hear from you.

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  1. says

    Firstly, i would love to say that the image used says it all. i really love the wordpress dashboard, it gives you control over everything…
    Unlike blogger, where you have no option when it come to deleting the blogs.. i love wordpress more than blogger.

  2. says

    hey Ammar

    I prefer Word press because it is safe and secure and have your own control on what you publish and share. Blogspot or blogger are more unsafe because it is linked with Google and if your Google account get hacked all your hardwork goes west.

    Thank you for sharing this..

    Nikhil :)

  3. Ramesh Kumar says

    Previously I was using wordpress but now shifted to blogger because I had a idea in my mind that blogger is free and I can save a lot of money also your hosted wordpress site needs extra care. If my blog grows very large or if blogger bans my blog at that time I will shift my blog to a hosted account. I don’t think that there is any need to pay if you are getting everything free.
    I think every blogger should initially use blogger platform rather than wordpress because your blog will not start earning as soon as you made it. It takes time, so for time shake blogger is good option after that you can shift to wordpress when you have started making some good money from your blog.

  4. says

    At the Start of my Blogging career I Used Blogger Platform but as I grew and got my own TLD, I moved to WordPress because of better control over website, one Click customization and many other factors, When I moved from Blogger to WordPress I got Lot of Increase in the traffic of my Blog.
    Personally Speaking, Both WordPress and Blogger have their own Merits and Demerits, Just like WordPress can be hacked and you have to pay for the Hosting of your WordPress Blog. But in Blogger your Site is Almost Unhackable, you don’t need to pay for hosting(Unlimited Bandwidth), etc.
    But with That there is More charm, customization and Better control over site’s Visibility and working, But on Blogger you need to know more coding for better customization and you do not have all the control of your site.

  5. says

    I am using blogger as i love it .its easy to use .Wordpress is expensive for new bloggers .You can see there are many bloggers using blogspot platform :)

  6. Jitendra Vaswani says

    Hi Ammar, I love wordpress very much
    Benefits of WordPress
    1. Purpose of a CMS

    Keep content/data, design and functionality code separated and globalized
    Empower the webmaster to make changes themselves with ease
    Connect with current and future social media and other pre-built outlets
    Inherit functionality that comes from the core and from the community extras

  7. says

    I have used Blogger and WordPress. I am now a true wordpress lover! It has any plugin and customization you could possibly need. Blogger is ok for a personal blog but not one that makes money.

  8. says

    Hi Ammar, nice question you have asked here. As per my opinion both (Blogger and WordPress) platform is best and both have advantages and disadvantages. Currently I am using Blogger platform and reason behind it that I love it. The main thing is using still blogger is I have learned coding by just using blogger. WordPress has many plugins that you can implement anything on WordPress by just installing it but in Blogger you have to code it. Advanced user also can customize WordPress blog by coding. Although WordPress have some great advantages against the Blogger. It is good to use the platform which you enjoy most rather reading just review from people. That’s why i use Blogger because I love it to use it.

    It is my personal opinion.

  9. says

    Why not have both? I have WP site, which is my main presence, then I have blogger with smaller articles that link to the bigger articles on WP. I don’t get a lot of traffic from the blogger site, but some is better than none :)

  10. says

    I started my blog on blogspot and after years moved to wordpress self hosted blog. The difference between blogger and wordpress… WordPress has slight advantage eventhough blogspot owned by google… As everyone said in wp you ll have ur own control.. but disadvantage is too spend much for themes, plugins, design and many more…

  11. says

    Hi Ammar,
    I do agree, WordPress always better platform to have more features,
    Blogger also have some great features, my suggestion always to go with WordPress,
    thanks for the great post,

  12. says

    without a doubt WordPress. It’s important to have an impact on everything that You can do on Your WebSite. It’s also easy to edit even for people without knowledge of coding skills. Benefirts of WP are so many, that i can talk about it all night, but ill just say it in one sentense. Get it now, trust me – WordPress got power and ill increase in future a lot.

  13. says

    Hello Ammar,

    WordPress is the best Blogging platform according to me due to it’s unfriendly GUI and control over of it’s galaxy full of it’s features, themes.

    As you rightly mentioned above in this article while we are having blog hosted on wordpress we can be sure on following points

    Installing new themes/Plugins/Administration/Maintenance/Management/Security

    Is easy one and more user friendly which does not need any coding knowledge.

    However I still want to see some improvements towards their “Blog stats” part which is little behind of “Google Analytic Tools”

  14. says

    Love both actually infact I still maintain blogs on these sites, but if I’m going to choose one then I definitely go for wp.


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