Ask The Readers: Blogger Or WordPress – Which One Are You Using?

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7 Reasons Why You Should Move From Blogger To WordPress

Question: Blogger Or WordPress – Which One Are You Using?

Here is my answer:

I’m using WordPress blog which is right now hosted on HostGator. Few reasons why I am using WordPress are:

  • Full control over blog
  • Easy to manage
  • Excellent Interface
  • Search Engine Optimization is easy
  • Thousands of themes available
  • Plugins makes the work easy, no coding skils required!
  • Flexible, Easy to install and upgrade.
  • and the list goes on….

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43 thoughts on “Ask The Readers: Blogger Or WordPress – Which One Are You Using?”

  1. hey Ammar

    I prefer Word press because it is safe and secure and have your own control on what you publish and share. Blogspot or blogger are more unsafe because it is linked with Google and if your Google account get hacked all your hardwork goes west.

    Thank you for sharing this..

    Nikhil :)

  2. Previously I was using wordpress but now shifted to blogger because I had a idea in my mind that blogger is free and I can save a lot of money also your hosted wordpress site needs extra care. If my blog grows very large or if blogger bans my blog at that time I will shift my blog to a hosted account. I don’t think that there is any need to pay if you are getting everything free.
    I think every blogger should initially use blogger platform rather than wordpress because your blog will not start earning as soon as you made it. It takes time, so for time shake blogger is good option after that you can shift to wordpress when you have started making some good money from your blog.

  3. I am using blogger as i love it .its easy to use .Wordpress is expensive for new bloggers .You can see there are many bloggers using blogspot platform :)

  4. Jitendra Vaswani

    Hi Ammar, I love wordpress very much
    Benefits of WordPress
    1. Purpose of a CMS

    Keep content/data, design and functionality code separated and globalized
    Empower the webmaster to make changes themselves with ease
    Connect with current and future social media and other pre-built outlets
    Inherit functionality that comes from the core and from the community extras

  5. I have used Blogger and WordPress. I am now a true wordpress lover! It has any plugin and customization you could possibly need. Blogger is ok for a personal blog but not one that makes money.

  6. Hi Ammar, nice question you have asked here. As per my opinion both (Blogger and WordPress) platform is best and both have advantages and disadvantages. Currently I am using Blogger platform and reason behind it that I love it. The main thing is using still blogger is I have learned coding by just using blogger. WordPress has many plugins that you can implement anything on WordPress by just installing it but in Blogger you have to code it. Advanced user also can customize WordPress blog by coding. Although WordPress have some great advantages against the Blogger. It is good to use the platform which you enjoy most rather reading just review from people. That’s why i use Blogger because I love it to use it.

    It is my personal opinion.

  7. Coffee and Juicers

    Why not have both? I have WP site, which is my main presence, then I have blogger with smaller articles that link to the bigger articles on WP. I don’t get a lot of traffic from the blogger site, but some is better than none :)

  8. I started my blog on blogspot and after years moved to wordpress self hosted blog. The difference between blogger and wordpress… WordPress has slight advantage eventhough blogspot owned by google… As everyone said in wp you ll have ur own control.. but disadvantage is too spend much for themes, plugins, design and many more…

  9. Hi Ammar,
    I do agree, WordPress always better platform to have more features,
    Blogger also have some great features, my suggestion always to go with WordPress,
    thanks for the great post,

  10. without a doubt WordPress. It’s important to have an impact on everything that You can do on Your WebSite. It’s also easy to edit even for people without knowledge of coding skills. Benefirts of WP are so many, that i can talk about it all night, but ill just say it in one sentense. Get it now, trust me – WordPress got power and ill increase in future a lot.

  11. Hello Ammar,

    WordPress is the best Blogging platform according to me due to it’s unfriendly GUI and control over of it’s galaxy full of it’s features, themes.

    As you rightly mentioned above in this article while we are having blog hosted on wordpress we can be sure on following points

    Installing new themes/Plugins/Administration/Maintenance/Management/Security

    Is easy one and more user friendly which does not need any coding knowledge.

    However I still want to see some improvements towards their “Blog stats” part which is little behind of “Google Analytic Tools”

  12. Hi Anmar,

    I am using both. I don’t see why we need to pick one or the other. What’s wrong with having two blogs. I have 3 active blogs right now and two of them are on Blogger and one on WordPress.

    Thanks Anmar

  13. Great question Ammar.
    I’m also using worpdress and love it more than any other one out there. In fact, the the king of CMS’s :).

    Though, I’m not very familiar with Blogger but, i do know for sure that worpdress is far much better than it in so many ways, the reasons you mentioned here included.

    Thanks for sharing buddy :).

  14. Hi Ammar,
    Great comparison! There could many benefits from WordPress and Blogger. If we have custom domain name, any site with blogger platform also works almost same. But I prefer WordPress due to SEO, Plugins, and theme.

  15. I only use WordPress for the websites or blogs as its very easy to handle as compared to blogger . WordPress plays a major role in Designing industry as anyone can run WordPress only with little knowledge . And moreover thousands of best themes available to upgrade the themes easily :)

  16. Hi Ammar Ali ..

    I’ve never used Blogger and I’ve been using WordPress since I came in that field. I don’t know what how much difficult to blogger is but I’ve heard from my friend that WordPress is more easy as compare with Blogger and I’ve also noticed that because of some great plugins it’s very easy.

    The author advantage of WordPress is also that we don’t have too much need to think about the template, we can save our time and give that time to write magical content.

    Thanks – Have a nice week ahead :)

  17. I use WordPress and WPEngine as my host. I love WordPress because it is easy to use and there are tons of quality themes and plugins to choose from.

  18. I think there is no reason to compare WordPress with Blogger because WordPress is far ahead in several features including:
    1. Series of several widgets for one purpose to pick your favourite
    2. Comprehensive SEO support
    3. Huge number of free templates
    4. Full control because of private hosting
    5. Dashboard with variety of options
    Yes it is right Blogger is good for beginners because;
    1. It is easy to manage
    2. It offers free hosting
    3. It has a little higher speed
    4. It is Google boy
    5. It is secure without any security widget
    It is wise to start your blogger on Blogger and then shift it to WordPress if you are serious in blogging and want to take your blog to professional level. But you should take following steps must while you are on Blogger
    1) Buy custom domain and don’t rely on free domain (
    2) Regularly download backup of your Blogger blog because Google has right to wipe out your entire blog any time without sending any notice to you
    3) Never buy custom domain through Blogger; instead of it, buy a domain with any good Domain company like Godaddy and put it on your blogger plateform. If you buy through Blogger it will not sell directly to you. It will also make you buy from any domain seller and Domain By Proxy will also involve in it as third party to manage your domain. It is so complicated, so directly buy your domain.
    4) Take care in making permalink of your each post and do it on similar pattern because after you shift your blog on WordPress you need to maintain same format of permalink to keep getting the back link juice
    5) Do not get back links aggresively and first make strong foundation of your blog on Blogger and after you shift on WordPress make an extensive drive to get backlink. Reason: if your permalink setting got disturbed while shifting you don’t have to lose huge number of backlinks
    6) Never invest any huge amount for buying premium template of Blogger and manage your blog on as much free offerings as possible and invest after shifting on WordPress
    7) Before one month of shifting your blog from Blogger to WordPress thoroughly do research on how to shift it and don’t waste your money by paying any web developer to do this job. After a little research you can easily do this job. Almost all the techie bloggers have extensively covered this topic in their post to guide you
    8) Soon after shifting on WordPress never expect a big change in days; it will take little time to first get you back on your previous level and then to move you higher and higher
    Believe me if your properly apply the most relevant widgets on your blog at WordPress you will see miraculous increase in your traffic. But your contents and SEO must be professionally perfect to get huge success.

  19. In this modern market place our blogging profession is getting more popular. I think if anyone can do his work perfectly, then can get a huge benefit from the blog. Thanks for sharing your valuable post with us.

  20. I use blogger and I enjoy the features although I think wordpress is better as it has lots of plugins to ease work for bloggers.
    I hope to move over there very soon.
    Thanks for sharing this…really appreciate!

  21. I am using blogger platform because I trust on google hosting (blogger), Never trust on any hosting company because sometimes they goes down.

    I am not spending much more money on hosting.

    Blogger is always good, if you have knowledge of coding like html, xml, css etc.. at that time you can customize your template with your coding.

  22. I use WordPress due to its superiority over other over other CMS. Apart from this, there are many added features. Such as lots of premium themes, easy to do SEO with plugins, easy to manage multiple websites, and much more.

  23. Hi Ammar,

    I saw lot of series like Featured Blogger, Interviews on other popular blogs. But, It is the first time, i see another Interesting series. I’m a 16 year old boy started blogging just 1 year ago. I’m a blogger mainly concentrating in writing technology articles in English and my regional language. I started my blogging journey using ‘Blogger’ and changed the blogging platform to WordPress like every professional blogger. I have so many reasons to use WordPress as my main platform. some are the same you mensioned on this blog post. I started blogging since 2011 and that time my niche is Science, Astronomy…. etc. But, In 2012, my niche became Technology. So, I started technology blogging since April 2012 with the blog TechBeatsIndia (I started this blog on blogger and migrated to WordPress) . My blog became popular with 1 year and I wanted to become more professional and famous in Blogging field. So, I started a new blog in WordPress for Gadget Reviews and Technology News named Gadget Yuga. It became more popular than my blogger blog within 1 month. I gained Alexa rank in India of 28000 with 1 month. So, I fixed my main blogging platform as WordPress and continuing my journey in the internet world. I started a new blog named 1 month ago and i’m working hard to make this blog popular. I want to make this blog as a way to my career :-) . As a part of this, I wrote an ebook named “Any Body Can Do Blogging”. Ammar’s readers can download this ebook from my blog . Blogger or WordPress. Blogger is a free platform, for which we need no kind of hosting . We only want to pay for the custom domain. However, WordPress requires web hosting and We need to give no money to install WordPress, as it is an open-source project. We want to buy host space like HostGator,BlueHost etc. I’m also including some hosting providers that provide Cheap hosting. WordPress has so many features than blogger. WordPress is more SEO-friendly and we can use lot of Plug-ins to increase your blog’s SEO . It is easy to customize. Blogger does not have these like features. I personally recommend WordPress because, I’m well experienced in these two platforms. Blogger is easy to start and study blogging. However, WordPress is more apt for a professional blogger.

    Some reasons for i migrated to WordPress is,

    1) It gives me full control over my blog.
    2) I can do anything you want
    3) I can make your blog with my own design
    4) There are no limits to it literally.

    In the major hosting providers, The price for hosting is too large for a beginner. So, host my blog on ITRPL (IT Research and Pro Labs),Cheapest web
    hosting company from India. They also offers free WordPress installation, So, It help me a lot to start with WordPress. I’m using ITRPL on my all blogs.. because it is very good quality provider and it is very cheap.

    I’m hearing your name when i start blogging and your blog posts really helped me to make a living with Blogging.

    Thanks Ammar. You are rocking with ABT :-)

  24. I will also prefer WordPress, same reasons which you mentioned above.
    easy to use, security, thousands of free plugins,themes, SEO friendly and many more things which make wordpress better than blogger.

  25. Hi Ammar,
    I use both but after some time I start loving wordpress because it give best to you. I start from blogger as free but facing so many problems there that’s why I start using wordpress. Its plugins are really helping me in boosting my blog.

  26. I worked on blogger for six months but now I have shifted to wordpress. Although blogger was also simple and easy to use for a newbie like me, wordpress is better in most of the aspects. Wide variety of themes, lots of useful plugins, good user interface etc. are some of the points that makes it most people’s choice.
    Thanks for starting this series through which a lot of new bloggers will benefit.

  27. Hello Ammar :)

    You have a nice blog once again i am saying. And About your question , I will have to say “Obviously WordPress”. I have some website running by wordpress including my personal blog. Why have i chosen wp ? Becasue:

    1. Self Hosted
    2. Easily Modifiable
    3. Huge Number of Themes and Plugins
    4. Easy SEO

    I have those website having a lot of pictures and videos. If i chose blogger i will have to host those images and other files in another hosting and which will be a pain. Now i use my VPS with php-fpm and apache , running like a spaceship. Also I have nothing to worry about space as i think 20-30gb space is enough to run blogs. In blogger i will get only 1gb !!!

    Also i can make my wordpress into a forum(bbpress), Social network(buddypress), Ecommerce site etc.

    So , why i will go with blogger ? I love WordPress.

    Thank You.

  28. I am using both WordPress and Blogger for different purposes. In my opinion, Blogger is best in terms of seo but we can’t trust fully on blogger for any serious internet business. For just blogging, we should use blogger.

  29. I am currently using Blogger as my blogging platform. I have used both of them and they have their own benefits. WordPress has its own seo importance, design flexibility and friendly interface with millions of plugin. Blogger can also be a good blogging platform if the template is properly optimized and keywords are properly used. I think if blogger is used properly, keeping all seo aspects in mind, it can also prove a great platform.

  30. Hey Ammar,
    Well I am also using WordPress for my blogging site. The main reason for which I have opted WordPress is that its very easy and efficient simultaneously on a single go. Moreover the dashboard panel is really very blogger friendly.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this.

  31. Personally, I like WordPress. I love its dashboard and easy editing format although, I’m not sure whether it’s view statistics are accurate.

  32. Hi Ammar this is an excellent topic for doing debate especially for the help of those who want to jump into blogging sooner or later. We must guide them that blogging is no doubt an adventurous field where you make a mistake and learn from it but after ten years age of this field newbie need to learn from the experience of others instead of trying something themselves. Just one question is enough to decide which one is better blogger or wordpress. Question is how many bloggers after becoming pro in their niche are still using blogger platform. I think hardly 3 per cent. So the thing which you have to do tomorrow why don’t you do today and become its expert before tomorrow comes. As far as techie aspect is concerned for both of them no one needs to learn rocket science nor any of them require any high level technical skills. So one must start his blog on WordPress and becomes its pro.

  33. I have tried blogger but in free platform. My blog now is paid one under wordpress. The reasons commonly the same as other who use wordpress as their platform though.

    Thanks for asking

  34. Ammar, there was a time I would have argued against wordpress, but you see have come to recognise the awesomeness of that platform, so while I still use blogger I hope to move to wordpress this year.

    One advantage blogger has is its speed but apart from this I see no great benefit.

    It’s so difficult to customize, limited wonderful theme except you are maradona of web design.

    While I could recommend it for those who consider blogging a hobby, it’s so limiting for those who consider blogging a busines.

    WordPress with sevral plug-in makes for easy customisation and seems to make commenting a tad easier.
    Just want to thank Harleena for sending me to this wonderful site. Hope I could be the winner.

  35. Yes i also use WordPress! its Great to handling….I am following the guide of ammar every time and it relay helpful. Thanks Ammar….

  36. Hi Ammar,

    Interesting series, and something that most bloggers would benefit from as well :)

    I’d also choose WordPress for the very same reason, and also because you really don’t have to do much where the codes are concerned if your theme is a good one. Not to mention that you can also use CommentLuv Premium – another added feature!

    Earlier both my blogs were on Blogger, but I was quick to make out the difference and benefits of WordPress through my blogging friend’s in time and switched over within a few months, and there’s no looking back now.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

    1. Hi Harleena,
      I am completely agree with you. Even both are same for traffic, but WorPress is more user friendly.

      Hi Ammar Bhai,
      You have done proper comparision but personally I believe both are same for traffic.

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