5 Things Competitors Can Teach You About Blogging

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Most of the time we view our competitors like enemies.

Competition can be tough but it is very healthy and you can learn lot of things.

Instead of distancing ourselves from our competitors, why not learn something they know that we do not or something we can do differently to get ahead?

Here are few things that competitiors can teach you about blogging. Just make sure what not to do from your competitors mistakes. ;)

1. Features

Different competitors will use different features on their websites. Before you make your own website, it would be advisable to review the features they use and examine what works. You will know whether the features you like work or not. Determine the tools used by your competitors and the tools that are loved by customers.

Moreover, learn how you can use the good and workable features and make them your own. In addition, everyone including your competitors has critics. Observe what the critics say about your competitors’ sites. Are there features that the clients are requesting for? Are there client complaints? Learn what not to do from your competitors mistakes.

2. Importance of keeping your website up to date

Website content has remained the integral factor in SEO success. People are always on the lookout for valuable and current content and not poor empty worded articles. There is nothing as bad as a website with 2000 affairs, events or pictures.

An outdated website is tacky and unappealing. Review your competitors’ websites and the success of websites that are updated often as compared to those that are not updated often. Update your website to keep the fire and traffic going.

3. Importance of hiring professionals

Most website owners like to be in control of their websites. They update and manage the websites themselves which is okay. However, to beat competitors and achieve more, you may have to seek assistance from professional website designers and management teams.

Professionals will add a professional touch to your website, which will attract more traffic. If you want your website to live up to your expectations, then you must affix high quality attributes.

4. Your target audience

Intelligent blog owners understand their target market through examining competitor blogs and social media services. Understand the audience group that the competitors are targeting and how they are getting the message across. They could be targeting a group that you have never thought would be your audience. This way, you get to use the right channel and target the right audience. Examine your competitors markets, objectives and current customers.

5. Where to market your website

Where are the competitors pushing out their content? Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or Linkedln. The hard and most successful rule is to go where the audiences are. Take the content to them. Therefore, take time to do some research and use your gut instincts to determine the right channels to place and promote your blog content.

Additionally, determine the right time to place your content on the right platforms. Observe when and how your competitors are most active on placing content on different social media platforms. Is timing a factor in receiving more traffic and likes?


In order to have a successful blog, you ought to unify all the techniques and factors used in blogging to reap earn justifiable and good results. Despite the relationship you have with your competitors, consider using their misses and hits to grow.

8 thoughts on “5 Things Competitors Can Teach You About Blogging”

  1. hi ammar,your article is really nice as it covers all the basic tips a blogger need to follow and apply everyday.yeah like u said our blog should be updated regularly .you said right as updating our blog regularly increases the visitor’s interest and they want new content to read everytime they visit so thanks for sharing such a nice article.

  2. Great points. Competitors website is also a great starting point to start your SEO strategy. For example, using few available tools out there, you can easily track down where they got their backlinks from.

  3. Hi Ammar,

    Competitors analysis certainly gives you new ideas to promote your website. You can come to know about new places from where you competitors are getting fruitful results. You can also follow their steps and improve your ROI or engagements.

  4. Finding new audiences to target by looking at where your competitors are promoting themselves is an excellent idea! Many companies try to incorporate features that their competitors have into their products, but they don’t research hard enough whether users actually want these features. Who knows – a new audience may eventually lead you to develop a whole new product one day!

  5. Great insight. Many will run away from competition. As you said, competition makes all the business environment healthy as long as we see it that way. Never run from it instead we should reap the benefits by doing your advice in this post.

    Thanks. Wish you have great weekend

  6. Nikhil Waghdhare

    Hey Ammar,

    These are some great tips. Your competitor can teach you so many great things. You just need to stay updated about them…. :)

    Thank you for sharing these tips….. :)

  7. they can teach you very things. But it is also not to lose your belief in yourself and start things from new front and new learnings :)

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