7 Strategies I Use To Increase My Blog Traffic (I Bet You Can Too!)

Today, I decided to share with you some of the effective methods and strategies I am using in my blog. The strategies that I’m sharing with you require patience and hard work for implementation. Of course, they are easy. It’s not what the common bloggers commonly suggests to do. Let me put some effective sure-fire strategies to get real-time success in blogging.

Methods for Rankings and Traffic

1 – Long blog posts works for everyone, believe me.

Length of the blog post matters a lot in blog posts, Google is ranking long, insightful posts higher than those blog posts with a shorter length. As with the introduction of Google knowledge graph, the importance of the length of the content has become important.

Other advantages of lengthy content are:

1. It is easy to target, multiple keywords throughout the post and thus rank for multiple keywords.
2. We can include more internal links throughout the content.
3. Possibility of being indexed in Google in-depth articles, and thus getting loyal readers, who love more content.
4. Rank higher, and double your chances of ranking in the first page of SERPs.

There is no doubt that blog posts with great insightful content increases your blog’s search visibility in SERPs. The results may not be observed if yours is a new blog, it may take some time. However, once the blog post ranks for the keyword, there is no chance of a drop in rankings.

We can say that long form content is beneficial for long time. Content length is the sure-fire formula for getting high exposure and rankings.


2 – Quality blog posts

I think I need not stress the importance of quality content. I know all of you ABT readers are already tired of blog posts that stress the importance of quality. However, no blog post is complete without stressing the importance of quality content.

A site with optimized quality content is given more credit than other sites, it is better if you made your site content interesting for human traffic. Google algorithm will find out if a site is beneficial to the human user. Google algorithm will determine how much time a user spends while visiting a site based on different search queries. If a site is visited often and user likes to visit it again, its ranking stays better due to decrease in bounce rate and increase in click through rate.


3 – Include LSI keywords instead of keyword stuffing

Victim of keyword stuffing? No worries, it happens to the best of us. So use LSI keywords. So, what are LSI keywords? Keywords related to the main keyword is called LSI keywords. Let me make myself clear to you now.

Take an example, you are writing a post on “Google Plus and its benefits”.  For this topic, LSI keywords may be hashtags, G+, communities, just all terms related to it.

Instead of including the main keyword throughout the post and be a victim of keyword stuffing, include LSI keywords throughout the post, which may look natural.

Chaitanya wrote a nice guide on using LSI keywords you can read here.

4 – Diversify anchor texts

Anchor texts are the texts that come in links. For example, in subscription button “Subscribe now” may be an anchor text, which leads you to the subscription page.

Like this while obtaining backlinks, do not include the large number of exact anchor texts, it may look unnatural. Some of the examples of diversified anchor texts are “Post title (exact match)”, “this post”, “click here”.

Keeping the same anchor texts for a single post gives an impression to Google that you are indulging in the bulk backlinks scheme or black hat practices. Writing blog posts focusing on SEO, link, rankings, rather than focusing on quality content leads to these problems. Be natural.

5 – Target a keyword

I know that with the ineffectiveness of the Google keyword planner and extinction of Google Adwords keywords tool, it has been never easy to find and implement effective keyword.

So it’s now the time to make use Google suggest. I don’t tell you to head over to Google search, type in and look for suggestions.

There is an awesome tool called UberSuggest that gives you never ending list of Google suggestions for a keyword. You can make use of this tool, make a list of surefire long tail keywords and put them in the Keyword planner for search volumes and competitions. This is one of the effective free ways. I am also using this to find worthy long-tail keywords.

If you want premium, WordTracker is the best of all.

6 – Regularly update your site

Loyal readers of your blog expect quality content from you very often. So in order to keep them from visiting and alerting Google about your blog, it is necessary to publish QUALITY posts more often. If you got a blog, keep it updated and post regularly, write quality content and do not forget to get customers or users’ feedback.

Keep the posting frequency between 3-4 times a week. Frequency is less important than quality. If you have extraordinary quality, unique content, then posting 2 times a week is enough. But you know…

7 – Make use of bold and italics

Typography matters a lot. Readers tend to love great content with great typography. The majority of readers are speed-readers, to stop them from doing so, use speed breakers, like bold and italic texts. Italize sentences like conversations and bold important points.

This also helps attract the readers and improve your blog’s typography.


So, above are the strategies I am using in my blog, and my blog is responding very well to these strategies. Implementing these strategies in your blog will surely lead to your blogging success, but it may take some time to get results. If you are a newbie and followed all these strategies, I can assure that you will stand out of the crowd within a year or 6 months. As with anything hard work and patience is important.

I’m sure you have liked this article. Please make those static share buttons, dynamic.

Which methods are you using to increase your blog traffic? I’d love to hear from you in comments!

42 thoughts on “7 Strategies I Use To Increase My Blog Traffic (I Bet You Can Too!)”

  1. But is it necessary to write a content maximum upto 800 words or characters minimum words recomendation shuold be 350 + words which is best writing from your point of view .Thanks for sharing this post now i will write lone post but suggest me which is the best .

  2. Hi Anmar
    I’ve been disapproved by the Google Adsense team on two occasions. I don’t understand why because my blog is older than 6 months, I have an about me page, a contact me page and a privacy policy page. Could you kindly check out my blog and give me feedback?

  3. Great article Akshay! By the way, how often do you post new articles? Sometimes, I don’t have time for writing. So, I tend to be irregular when it comes to publishing new content.

  4. I never really truly focused on keyword research before writing an article but for the fast few weeks I have really seen the increase in traffic due to properly targeting high traffic keywords . I have always enjoy reading long posts as the very first though of seeing a long post is the fact that it has some value to give and in most cases it does. I love how viperchill posts are so long and full of value. Great tips Akshay.

  5. Sir, I have read that, writing headings in H2 or H1 font helps in increasing traffic.
    Is it really helpful while considering SEO issue?

  6. Ganapathy Vignesh

    Hey Akshay, the url of ubersuggest is wrong. Correct one is ubersuggest.org….

    Edit the post….

  7. Hi Akshay,

    Thanks for this wonderful post, I Long blog posts works for everyone, it all depends on how you structure the content of the article. Writing a long post gives you the option to target multiple keywords throughout the post and thus rank for multiple keywords.

    CONTENT IS KING and no one will ignore that. I have also tryout regular updating and it has been very great for me, the result is superb, although it is not easy to post regularly but the benefits of doing it is great.

    I agree with all the 7 strategies and anyone who wish to increase his/her blog should not ignore them, i will definitely be implementing this strategies.

    Thanks for the share and Have a nice day

  8. Thanks for the post Akshay. I especially like the point about bolding and italicizing. Quality and UNIQUE content I might add; even if its not 100% unique but writing in your own unique way seems to be working for me. Great points!

  9. Great read Akshay! Longer blog posts are definitely the key because their length allows for a natural flow of keywords that we haven’t even planned upon. My blog is more of a v-log so I’m facing this problem because as opposed to written articles, it is better to have shorter videos. But when you transcribe a short video, you get a short article. So can you think of a solution?

    One thing I’ve considered is that I can start writing detailed articles too along with videos.

    1. By writing lengthy blog posts, rank for unexpected and untargeted keywords easily.
      Video SEO is a separate topic. But make sure that the video description is long. It surely helps.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  10. I agree that writing long posts helps a lot in ranking higher. When i was unaware of seo and its power. i used to write long articles on my blog, which helped me a lot in ranking better in Google search results. at-last thanks for adding value to my knowledge Akshay :) :D .

    1. I think you were looking at blogging in a different (right) dimension. You said “You used to write long posts”, very sad that you are not writing now ;-) Continue writing some long insightful posts, it will be definitelyuseful.
      Keep visiting.

  11. Hi,

    All the points you mentioned here work’s well for every blogger, who trying to promote their blog to the next level. But always posting the lengthy content is not possible for all the bloggers. Also i don’t think so, a content having 1000+ words will get placed in SERP. Because, in blog, some my posts having 600+ words, but it get listed in Google’s 1st page.

    Here it’s new to hear about the term LSI. Anyway thanks for sharing this interesting post. Have a beautiful day.

    1. I agree with you Nirmal, but lengthy posts tend to rank higher and get featured in Google in-depth articles. I am not telling that short posts will not rank.

      Well, LSI keywords are of great importance, implement it, it’s a sure-fire way to rank higher all the time in SERPs.
      Thanks for stopping by :-)

    2. I agree with you Nirmal, but lengthy posts tend to rank higher and get featured in Google in-depth articles. I am not telling that short posts will not rank.

      Well, LSI keywords are of great importance, implement it, it’s a sure-fire way to rank higher all the time in SERPs.
      Thanks for stopping by :-)

  12. Good blogging strategies, thanks for sharing them with us.

    Consistent blogging, in-depth blog posts, good SEO with keywords are basic things for blogging. Networking with other bloggers, sharing their posts and caring for readers are some of the excellent methods that are working well for me.

    Keep your good work.

    1. Thank you Nirmala Madam, for sharing with us some of your strategies. By the way looking at your blog :-) it’s awesome.

  13. Hi Akshay,

    I especially have to agree with your point on the importance of quality posts, longer articles, and natural use of keywords.

    Writing quality content and approaching your use of keywords naturally in a nutshell are keys for increasing SEO traffic.

  14. Thanks very much for all these valuable tips..
    Great elaborate review as usually expecting from your site.Great work.’

    I think the main point is Quality post.If one doesn’t have quality post, then It would be a big blunder.
    You have truly included some of the best tips I’ve read about getting traffic.


    All your strategies are really cool and a few of them quite new to me. Keyword is the lifeblood of any type of online content. Writing a post without it means you are just expecting someone will directly notice your post without any help of search engines. We don’t notice online contents just like we do offline while standing at a book stall or moving to a book store. That is why we need to follow the requirements of online publishing otherwise we will remain an offline publisher of an online market. It will never work and we will remain unnoticed by online communities.
    Thanks a lot for sharing such wonderful post that is evergreen in nature and will help a lot to boost blog traffic to all.

  16. Hi Akshay,

    Your seven strategies are nice to increase blog traffic. All points given in the post are necessary but you forgot social sharing. Social sharing is also great to increase blog traffic and also it gives you the quick boost in your search engine ranking. more social shares more traffic and more higher rank in google..
    Other points are also nice and useful. Keep it up….. :)

    1. Nikhil, thank you for stopping by. Social media promotion is the most common way. The tip you mentioned can be found at tonnes of blog out there.
      Thank you keep visiting.

  17. Well, there are some of the methods I have been using previously but some of these are also new for me and I would love to try them but beside that I would also like to add that “Blog Commenting, Forum Commenting And Guest Posting are also vital ways to increase your blog traffic and it also gives you quality back links”.

    Thanks for sharing with us …. ;)

    1. Ammar, yeah I agree that commenting and forums are the great way to get traffic found everywhere.
      Thank you for stopping by.

  18. Mohammed Saimon

    Ask your readers what they want to know from you and try to write a post with the answer of their questions. It will dramatically make them loyal to you and help you to increase the traffic. BTW Akshay your post was really good :)

      1. Hi
        Akshay I am doing from 2 months online work so can you plz tell me how we can do blogging from here
        this is my first time I am using it…..

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