How To Create Awesome Content That Worth Reading

Content creation has become one of the most important aspects of Internet marketing.  The poor economy has fuelled people to out source their skills to support themselves and their families.

Unfortunately, not everyone in this market is successful.  Creating good content takes time and skill.

I will give you some strategies that I have used to help me improve my writing and making my content much higher quality.

The true quality of content is dependent upon who reads it.

It’s like school, ;)

You wrote an essay that you thought was A quality, but your teacher gave you a C.  Although you may have been young at the time, in reality, all written content has those who like it and those who don’t.

Create Awesome Content Worth Reading


Get In The Habit Of Reading

First of all, read.

read and read….

It important to read so that you can expose yourself to a variety of literary styles.  When you do not know the meaning of a word, look it up.  Get in the habit of learning five new words everyday.  Try to use them in your daily conversations.

You will be amazed at how you have expanded your vocabulary and communication by the end of a month.

Niche Research

Always perform extensive research on your niche before you begin writing.  Conceptualizing, along with brainstorming are two practices that are essential to good research.  It may sound obvious to do research, but many people do not understand its importance and do not put enough effort into it to create really great content.

Take time and do the work properly.  It will pay off when people fall in love with your writing.

Know Your Audience

Learn about who your audience is and what they need before you begin writing.

Writing for the wrong audience is utterly pointless.  If your audience is middle-aged adults and you write an article geared towards young adults, your article will not do well.

Reading books and newspapers will help you get versed in different writing styles and will help you effectively write for different audiences.

Create An Outline

Write an outline.  It will help you connect your ideas in an organized, sensible fashion.  All professional writers use outlines to guide them when writing content that is to be read by millions of people.  These techniques will help anyone with writing.

Use these techniques paired with your own creativity and you will Create Awesome Content Worth Reading.

  • 12 Tips For Writing Engaging Content For Readers

Create Killer Title!

Your title is extremely important.

People who search for information online use a set of words that relate to titles.  You have to have these words in your title.

Browsers search for and read titles of content they find.  When the title includes the terms that browsers are searching for, they will click on the titles and read the content.  If you have a great article with a bad title, it will be overlooked.

Try to use concise and catchy titles.  The title should radiate the quintessential heart of your article to entice people to read more. Your title must facilitate grabbing the attention of browsers and getting them to click on your content.

Use A Resource Box

3 Out of the Box Content Creation Techniques
Resource boxes are major assets in your stash of marketing tools.  It is your online business card and it helps you enhance your networking capabilities.  It has multiple benefits.  You can include anything that is important in it, but keep it simple and relevant.  This will help increase traffic that is highly targeted.

Your resource box should have a short description of your skills and profession.  List major achievements that relate to the content you write about.  This will help your readers make connections with you and your ideas, as well as establish your credibility in your niche.

Do not write long biographies because your audience will get bored.  If you you’re your readers they will skip your resource box and it will be useless. Keep it short and sweet.

You can test different resource boxes for effectiveness.  Use quality feedback from your readers to make it better and get more people clicking through it.  A great resource box will have a higher click through rate and enhance your reputation.  If your resource box isn’t getting good results, adjust it until it does.

Final Words..

Quality content is subjective.  It requires being versed in many literary skills. 

Use good research and learn about your audience, use a catchy title and include a strong resource box.  These three strategies will help your article earn visibility and build your online reputation. 

Follow above tips to create awesome content. Your readers will surely love to read.

Did I missed any point? How do you create quality content? Let me know in comments.

44 thoughts on “How To Create Awesome Content That Worth Reading”

  1. Great information you have discussed here. Sometimes I get confused for the titles for my posts, but I cover them using keywords tools. Anyhow this post made me think something different for my blog too.

  2. you have done a tremendous work.all the tips written are highly informative and will guide a blogger to a greater extent.”Create killer tittle” is the point which i like most.

  3. Content is the thing everyone is creating but only a handful of them get a way with it and others can’t do anything. If a content has the below three things it is worth reading:
    1. Quality.
    2. Well Crafted.
    3. Written solely for readers not for bots.

    Thanks for the awesome share.

  4. Write content that people really wants to read, content that helps people, content that inspires people, content that motivates them, content that makes people happy, bring tears in their eyes.

  5. Hi,

    Definitely content is the most important part of my blog. I’m don’t think I’ve posted more than 5 posts a month since I started my blog but instead I try to write my posts as detailed as possible.

    Great content will always get shared and linked to by other people. Ofcourse when I started writing my content was awful but with time and practice eventually I got better with each blog post I published.

    Great tips my man.Cheers.


  6. Content making is one of the most important task for a blogger. Maximum blogger are used their own invented way to making good content, but some bloggers are do not know how to make a good content. they are looking for some special trick to make their content worthy and more readers. so this post should be recommended them.

  7. Good content will never fail you. If you are open to guest writers, you should have a page describing what they should follow – like preferably 60 characters long title with at least one keyword in it, short paragraphs. They also should have sub-titles inside the post so the reader can read it more easily.

  8. Publish something new that is not present on the internet before if the article create waves in the industry and other people also post on it but Google will reward you in some way .

  9. Very very useful post Ivan, creating awesome content can be hard from time to time. But like everything else, if you invest your time and hard work, like you did in learning new words every day, it will for sure bring better results.

    I like to create quality content by researching the niche or website a lot, and then writing about it in a friendly tone so that anyone can get interested.

    thanks for sharing :)

  10. Definitely content has more priority than anything. Developing network is as important as content.
    And content marketing is not just about writing content, infographic, slides and much more added to it.


  11. to be honest everyone is writing about quality content and I see tons of articles like 2000 words long, all of them about the same topic… Pat Flynn writes about something and all of sudden everyone else writes about same thing… BOOOORING!
    Best Regards!

  12. Ivan, I love the way you have written the above article. It’s very interesting to read and containing good tips. I do agree with the line “read and read”. Its true reading improves our ability of writing. Killer title is also very important for grab the attention of the user.

  13. Hi Ivan,

    Nice Article. Actually i want to know one thing. Maximum number of writers concentrating only on same thing, i.e.., “Content is the King, Content is the King, Content is the King”. Why don’t you share your secrets of earning money through online. All are sharing the Fact. Fact is a fact, we already know about that. Better you can reveal your secrets. For Example: In this site, Our Ammar Ali, reveal the secrets of earning in “Make Money” That kind of article will really help the people who is struggling to earn money from online like me. Hi Ivan, Am expecting you to reveal the secrets to earn money from online. Better we will meet in your next posting. Thanks for your worthy information.

  14. Nice post imvbusiness. I can easily know what this post is talking about by looking at its title. But I can just look but have to click on it and read through. Thank you so much!

  15. You have said the things in a simple words. Thanks for the info. Can you please provide a tips on how to do keyword research on how to select the keywords and how to promote it?

  16. Very nice article by nice author :) seriously it was not lengthy article and I love short articles with a lot of useful stuff :) and this article was one of them short but full of knowledge.

  17. Hi Ivan,

    Your post itself demonstrates what type of tile you are talking about. Its so interesting that one is bound to click on it. These are three killer tips to craete an awesome content. And understanding the audience it really important so we should target them as it is ultimately those readers who matter the most. Nice share.

  18. I believe it takes some talent to write with art. But it takes a lot of hard work and time to write something that will make the readers get hooked.

  19. OMG ! Incredibly defined such a great info, I just love it, I’ve already read it twice and saved a bookmark too and will read it again and again, thank you so much for tis great post Ivan.. Love you :)

  20. Hey Ivan,
    Nice post and Yes, for a great post the tittle should be eye catching and we have to do a complete research related to our topic. I think after writing the post completely, we should read it because it helps to remove errors in it. Thanks for sharing this post.

  21. Awesome Post lots of useful informations here

    learned lots of new things

    However Can you please make internal links open in another window because Whenever I find another useful link I have to leave the article that I’m actually reading !

  22. I think content title and resource box is very important.

    Because people want to know about each others, so resource box is a good way to introduce your self.

  23. Wow! well written post!
    This post has extremely peak my interest. Hope you continue to write more articles as this one. I really liked the way you wrote the post.. Very Informative.

  24. Great Post Ivan! Agree with you, Creating Killer Titles gives a good impressions for the Direct Visitors, to read the post, and am one of them :D Thanks.

    1. Keyword selection is essential but I don’t put it as my top priority, with social media being so powerful, a good article can sometimes grab more traction on social platforms then on search engines.

  25. this is a nice and awesome post, this is the first time am visiting this blog as a blog i found the blog interesting and informative i will always check back thanks for this wonderful post

  26. Hi Ivan, You’ve explained very well all the techniques to create an awesome content. It’ll really help me, because i am planning to start my own blogging site.

  27. Great Strategies Ivan. From first to last, this is something you can call a master plan.

    I think you have to start reading after you research on the niche. Right?
    Having a catchy title is also worth it. But have you forgot about the meat?
    The main content is something you should give priority to. Put it first for the readers and then for the search engines. Optimize it less and make it easier for your readers to go through.
    Thanks a lot :)

    1. The meat or content is defintely important and you should always provide good content, however if your title cannot attact readers, no one will visit and your good content goes to waste … Never write for search engines, if you write a great article with a great title, people will find you and so will search engines !

  28. Oluwaseun Babajide

    Thanks for this wonderful article Ivan.

    One of my favorite is the Killer Title. This goes a very long way. Without killer title, no one will want to read the article!


    1. Thanks Seun,

      Another way to come up with titles, is to write the questions people might have in your niche. For instance instead of “Here’s how to make money online” a better title is “How I can make money online – 5 Tips” or “Dog training that work” instead try “How I can train my dog” I find a better open rate because when people read the title back to themselves, they actually asks themselves that question and therefore click through to find the answer …

  29. Hi Ivan,
    I enjoyed going through these points.
    The point on title is very important. That’s where people make up their minds to visit read your content or not. It’s important to pay more attention to it.

    It was good reading this from you and d have a great week

  30. You have used very easy and straightforward language in this post . This makes this post more effective . Good English and proper research is a main key to making precious content , Very useful tips .

    1. I agree with @AtifImran. Very well-written and easy to understand.

      @IvanHo – In your article you mentioned that reading other blogs is one of the main ways you come up with new content ideas. Out of curiosity what blogs do you read regularly to come up with a steady stream of new ideas?

      1. Hi Brett,

        I follow blogs like and, I find that these two sites give out really good information on Internet Marketing.

    2. Right Atif. Yes a simple language/ simple writing can add up a lot especially for a newbie. Many pro-bloggers add up cloaking and stuffing which many a times start to fetch negative response from loyal readers.

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