Difference Between Short Length Post Vs Length Posts – What’s Best?

The size of your post matters a lot at the time you submit or publish it on the internet.

If your article is either very short or long, it won’t be suit to numerous sites.

Similarly, this is also applicable in case of blog post. You will actually lose visitors if your blog post does not have perfect length. The losing of visitors will ultimately lose your customers and sales. Thus, it is necessary for you to be very careful about the length of your post.

Here is a comparison between short length post and length posts.

short post vs long post

1. Short length post:

Below are some advantages of short length post that are discovered at the time of writing:

Grab attention of readers:

Readers online have short span of attention. It is said that one can concentrate less than 2 minute on an article carefully.

After that the concentration depends on the quality of the article. If your article is good and useful for the users, they will read it till the end.

Thus, with some short post, the readers get engaged in reading those. The small and interesting post can easily catch the eyes of the readers.

Easy to write:

Obviously, they are very easy to write. With a short one, you can adjust the schedule of posting as well as its flexibility. You can also try to publish post daily, and keep the readers busy in reading and commenting on the post by the technique of short posting.

2. Long Length post:

The long post consist of more than 1000 words.

Sometimes, they are of 2000 words that are pretty long. However, lengthy post also has their advantages. Here are some of the advantages of length post:

Pillar content attracting traffic overtime:

Length content is a strong method of content strategy in a blog.

True overtime of traffic is a huge advantage of length content. I

n the recent years, length content still hold the position of true content, and people know that it is the foundation guideline for some of the topics.

For an instance, a number of famous length content in the internet attracts very heavy traffic overtime. If this type of content is interesting, then people utilize lot of time to read it fully, ultimately resulting in the traffic overtime.

Covers the topic deeply:

As you write this content that consists of more than 1000 words, you must have to brainstorm strongly, and apply all the information to make it interesting, in the course of writing it.

Length post covers wide topic like SEO, website, or building back links for a specific blog.

It covers the topic very deeply as it consist more words in comparison to short post that covers only the main matter of the topic. Thus, deep cover is a big advantage of length content, which helps the reader to deeply explain the topic. A question always arises that which one is the best-

Final Words.

Sometimes, short length post are helpful for the readers like in case of basic information, short topics etc. whereas, in some cases length post is significant like in case of long explanation, deep view, better idea etc.

Size depends on a specific situation. Both of the posts have their own advantages fulfilling specific requirements.

Try to provide more useful content to your readers. Even a 500 words post can go viral or 1500 words too.

Learn How To Create Awesome Content That Worth Reading

Which post do you recommend? Long or Short Length? Do post length really matters? Share your views in comments.

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58 thoughts on “Difference Between Short Length Post Vs Length Posts – What’s Best?”

  1. Great post as I have been worried about length. My last few posts on tax and estate topics have been over 2,200 words. The posts are very comprehensive but I worry that I may lose my readers because of the length and technical or advanced nature of the posts? What do you think?

  2. Nice article.According to me length doesn’t matter because sometimes short posts gets more popular then long post because of the information including in it.It depends on writer.If knowledge is not present in long post then readers gets bore form the post.So try to make your post attractive and affective.

  3. The length of article depends mainly on niche. There is a debate which type post get most popularity – short or long. Definitely long post makes readers engage more than short post. But sometimes short post gets more popularity than long post. It is mainly depends on niche. It is mainly a blogger’s specialty what type of article we write & how can we engage the readers more in our site.

    Thanks for elaborate discussion :)

  4. in my way short post is more better than a long post because if you write it like a quality post and it also takes lesser time than the long post , i m not saying that long post is not good for a blog but always write effective and quality posts.
    thanks Ammar!!

  5. I think that length of the post depends on the subject.I like that every once in a while it okay to write long post but if you have to much to say it might be better to make it into a series instead

  6. Yes, This is called the right answer… I completely agree with you…
    But i think that the post must be atleast 300 words and the long post should not be that long that it starts boring the readers otherwise no one will read it,.

  7. Yes I have to agree with a lot of the above comments….blog posts have a lot of factors determining length.

    If you are posting on your ADD blog, you probably want to keep it LONG.

    If you are posting on your In-depth Dislexia blog, you probably want it SHORT.

    Er, wait, I always mix things up.

  8. Ammar, thanks for treating this topic here. I have been writing fairly short posts all along. But recently I changed my mind and decided to provide real engaging content for my readers and it is producing positive results. Treating important topics with lengthy posts makes you a true authority in the field. Anybody can produce short posts, but not all can produce lengthy posts that are truly meaningful.

  9. I think it really depends on the content of the blog. If you write about gossip or celebrities than short posts are great but if you write about business or science these topics require more research so a longer post is more suitable. Just what I think. Great post by the way.

  10. Yes I agree with this post but I think short length posts are also fine if we (bloggers) try to provide only required info in effective because the reader always loves to get his/her answer instead of lots of decorative lines, we all experience sometimes articles with 1,500 words might be to boring to read..

  11. This was a very informative post :)
    I put up the content according to my knowledge, my articles are short sized mostly, sometimes average, but then I figured originality of matter counts, but the size of the post is a key factor of course.

  12. Nice post Ammar! I too won’t count the words while writing. I decide the topic which is familiar to me, learned its relevant information if needed, then will start writing.

    Always I wanna provide detailed data for my readers and so it finally it ends in a long post.

    Thanks for writing this post, its good!

  13. Lovely post Ammar!

    I’m sure you know what my answer would be to this one :)

    I would always vouch for long posts as I feel they give more meaning to the subject or topic covered. Yes, it all depends on what you are sharing with your readers and the kind of readers that visit your blog too. I agree, people visiting our blogs have short attention spans, but with time, people begin learning that so and so blogger writes long or short posts and they get used to it. I guess I say that as I see the comments on my blog, which match my post length too. :)

    Honestly speaking, I believe in writing a comprehensive post, such that a person doesn’t have to go elsewhere looking up for the same topic and finds all that’s needed in one place. Yes, one can’t do all of that each time, but that’s what I try to the best of my abilities. But I do try and write shorter posts too, but those too aren’t less than 1000 words :)

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead :)

    1. Harleena, absolutely right.

      I do read your blog posts. Most of them are long and informative. I love to share them :D

      You’re doing good job.

      Thanks for commenting. Have a blessed weekend ahead.

  14. Kharim Tomlinson

    Hey Ali,

    I guess it varies on the points covered inside the post. Both short and long posts can be good. It’s the content that really matters.

    I have written long posts on my blog and they get tons of comments. Short posts as well get lots of comments. So I would say great content and delivery is what really matters.

    Great post!

  15. I believe there should not be specific word count or length parameter for blog posts. What matters is whether the article is giving the exact thing what it says! Length can vary but purpose shouldn’t! :)
    You have given a nice trigger to the discussion.

  16. Length of the post absolutely depends on the topic we write (and the niche, too). I don’t generally keep an eye on the word-count when I write. I just keep writing all that I wanted to write and finally end-up in some 8 or 9 hundreds.

    I think, people should first write the article and then see the word-count. Just to make sure that it is not less than 400 to trigger Penguin.

    Thanks Ammar!

  17. That,s fine to write long post if necessary. But I think 500 word content is enough to explain topics. Sometime long article may cause of boring!

  18. Hi
    I think your right we all have our own idea of the perfect length of post for our niche. One thing I have been doing lately is adding images to my posts which literally is bringing the posts to life and it gives me something to write around.

    Great advice thanks. Lee

  19. I recommend to continuous post. Large percentage of blogger want to finish the topic in one post, but maximum time readers are not understand the motive of the topic. In that case Writer should be take care of his/her writing technique and the topic must be posted continuously. So that readers come back to read the post and it also be helpful to understand the motive also.

  20. I think only what matter is the thing you are writing, if you are explaining good you can do it in 500 or 1500 words.

  21. I try to make it around 400 to 500 words. Mostly if I am sharing some tip then I won’t bother to add padding content just to make it 400 words. I even finish it up below that. With recent updates from google now that is not the case. Trying to keep it all around 400 to 500 words on an average.

  22. I believe that length post are the way to go when it comes to blogging for any blogger to achieve real time traffic to their blog. In most cases, i write long posts when i want to make my point clear.Explaining about a certain topic will definitely require you to go deeper to make the reader understand. I also believe that longer posts build trust and the visitors keep reading your posts because of the trust they get in reading quality and long content.

  23. Hey Ammar.
    Once again you made it simple and powerful. Great work with your new article. Informative and enjoyable.

    Thanks a lot for sharing it bro :)

  24. Good to know it Ammar. I prefer to write average length posts and pillar article at 10:1 ratio, as writing pillar articles take a lot of time with lots of references inside.

  25. I alway got confuse about short and long title post. And I was alway wondering which one is best bring more visitors to your site. After reading this post I understand more about this. Thank you :D

  26. Hi Ali,
    I’m a lover of short posts (between 500 and 1000 words) However, there are some writers whose long post I do read with interest. If a long post has to keep me reading, it must be quite engaging and well formatted.

    what’s your own choice? Long or short?

  27. I think the short and “to the point” post generate more users interest than any 2k words post. Usually I’ve seen many top blog writers post always under 800words.

  28. I think it depends on the niche, and kind of readers. SEO experts may have time to read a 1000 word post, but a stay at home mother may find a 500 words post about beauty topics is more than enough !
    I don’t consider writing a long post in my niche.

    1. Exactly, Niche matters in this. For SEO Purpose article should be bit long and contain SEO Rich content. :)

      BTW, Glad to see you here again :D

  29. I think short posts are great a 500 words article is better an easier to write , sometimes articles with 1,500 words might be boring to read

    1. As I said previously. I like to write long articles but for me long article should not more than 500 words. Anis is also right, long articles takes more time to read and looks boring. But conditions applied if the article is not according to readers likeness.

      1. I agree. A 500 word article filled with engaging topical content will capture the mind of the reader and hold it for the length of the article. When it gets past this word count there is a MUCH GREATER chance that you will lose the attention span of the reader and he/she will simply get bored and just stop reading. That you DEFINITELY do not want to happen. Short, topical, engaging and hard hitting will ALWAYS much better and kinder to the reader.

  30. Mohammed Siadath Ali

    I do agree , but some times very lengthy posts more than 1000, 2000+ words are ignored by the users, can they seem it too lengthy to read, they only scroll through the necessary pages. Mo often students seem to be doing it .

  31. Hello Ammar,

    Very well written. But I don’t think we have to decide about the length of the post before writing it. I never do that. I just think of a topic and start writing about it. And I only stop when I have represented all my necessary thoughts about that topic. OR in some cases, if there is a restriction for writing the posts like in contests. I finished my post with 1300 words in my contest.

    Another option is, if the post is too long (by too long I mean, of 2500+ words) then we can break it into parts. When I was writing about blogger to WordPress migration, I broke the complete process in 3 posts.

    Thank you for sharing your tip about the length of our post. Many bloggers out there feel confused about choosing the length.

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