Revamping The Blog – New Logo, New Framework and Much More..

responsive logoYou may have noticed that my website looks a little different recently.

Hmm, let’s see.

There’s a new logo and improved header?

A better design?

Different feature box and improved navigation menu?

You are too quick to notice. ;)

Yes, the blog has undergone a revamp on new year, and I am so proud.

This blog is a part of my life, and I love to keep it growing.

Now, lets get into the details about revamping the blog and why I took this step.

Why The Change?

Though thesis was doing pretty good. I was not happy with old design because it was not mobile responsive, no better user experience and old logo.

The primary reason for new change was due to technical difficulties and negative design response from readers I had been receiving a few weeks ago.  Site kept crashing when I update anything in the setting page of theme, design was not responsive. Logo was bit old as well.

Honestly, I started to hate the previous theme, and there were several reasons behind it. The new design gives the opportunity to provide better design to help users to browse the blog with ease.

I love playing around with my blog, making it better, design improvements and just trying to make it feel better.

If you are following this blog, you might have noticed that I ran a poll in sidebar to see response of blog readers. Here is result.

poll result

As, you can see. 38% votes are for Genesis framework.

I’m not giving to write anything bad about Thesis or Genesis, revamping the blog and switching to Genesis is my personal preference.

I’ll reveal the results after switching to Genesis in few days.

What are the new changes here?

Today, I am going to announce few changes that I did recently. I hope you will like these new change. If not? Do comment below to let me know if I missed something.

New Logo and Social Media Branding

It took me sometime to find out good designer who can design a better logo for my blog.

A part from logo, I’ve got new favicon. Twitter, Google+ and Facebook cover & profile image too.

Better Design

The new design is built on Child Theme For Genesis 2.0 Framework. Which is currently one of the best framework out there for WordPress.

Mobile Responsive

New design is fully mobile responsive, you can navigate lot better now from any devices. Cool?

New Optin Forms

I use MadMimi as my newsletter system, it works quite well for me. I hired a web designer to design new optin forms for my blog. You can see the big feature box on homepage, better optin form on sidebar and after post.

What’s More?

  • Improved User Experience
  • New Social Sharing Buttons
  • Better Header Navigation Menus
  • Sidebar Tabbed Widget with recent and popular posts.
  • WordPress  Hosting I Recommened
  • Extremely Useful 404 Page
  • Rebranding Twitter Profile
  • Rebranding Facebook Page
  • Rebranding Google+ Page

The main reason I want to describe in this post New Framework, Better Design and New Logo. Rest are few things that I wanted to tell you.

If you are reader here, bless you, and thank you for bearing with me.

If you are new, thank you for dropping by and I hope you stick around!

Your thoughts please..

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the new design.  What do you like about the new design?

Please give your feedback, postive or negative. Because that’s the only way to improve.

More importantly, what don’t you like?  Have you noticed something that doesn’t work that I have missed?  How is the new logo?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Happy 2nd Birthday to My Blog – What I Achieved in 2 Years

happy-2nd-birthdaySo, finally it’s 2nd year of blogging.
So many amazing things have happened in the past year because of this blog.
I can’t quite believe I have been blogging for two years now, (it has gone way too quickly)
At the beginning I didn’t know where to begin… my blog posts were short and awful, and I didn’t know what to post about but, I feel like my blog has come far in the year and although I still want to keep improving it.

Why I started this blog?

Before starting this blog, I was learning lot of things about Blogging and Web designing.

I used free hosting to learn WordPress and after sometime I decided to buy top level domain and paid web hosting to start this blog because I wanted to improve my writing, English, share what I learnt so far and make a little money. I already discussed in details here.

Here are quick reasons for starting this blog

  • Share what I learn
  • Help as many as I can
  • Learning new things
  • Improve writing skills and English
  • Make little money


Here is what I achived in 2 years of this blog. Below is analytics screenshot

Audience Overview   Google Analytics

Wow, I cannot believe I have written 322 posts already! :D

At around 500-1000 words each I estimate that I have written more than 200,000 words something!

Dashboard ‹ All Blogging Tips — WordPress

Here are some interesting numbers.

  • Facebook Fans: 7,500+
  • Twitter Followers: 3,600+
  • Feed Subscribers 15,000+
  • Active Newsletter Subscribers: 2k
  • Published Articles: 322
  • Total Comments: 9000+
  • Alexa Rank:  9k
  • Page Rank : 3

Top Posts (# of Views)

These are interesting numbers, did you notice one thing?

7 out of 8 posts are list post.  Apparently everyone loves a good list!

Things to Do Before Applying for Google Adsense      68,125
Top 15 Killer Tips To Increase Page Rank!       51,516
10 Best Statistics Plugin For WordPress       30,045
7 Powerful Ways to Increase Website Traffic       16,399
Top 5 Ways to Make Money without Adsense       16,252
Top 10 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress       13,289
8 Reasons Why I Hate Google Adsense       12,622
Earn $50-$100 Daily with Affiliate Marketing?      10,129

Thank You!

Many thanks to everyone who helped me – the readers, guest writers!

I’m still learning so much about it all. I have discovered some amazing new blogs, bloggers, friends and followers.

I’m so happy with the support I have had, and how much my blog has grown over this past year.

And I’d like to thank YOU for helping me in the 2 years of my blogging journey.

These guys worth mentioning here. I learnt lot of new things from their blog. In no particular and sorry if I have missed anyone out!

Special thanks to:

Harsh Agrawal of ShoutMeLoud

Zac Johnson of ZacJohnson

Ileane Smith of BasicBlogTips

Rahul Kuntala of LearnBlogTips

Pradeep Kumar of Slashsquare

Harleena Singh of Aha-Now

So what are my plans for the next year?

Well, I would love to keep my blog growing. I’d love to move up the Top Alexa rank. However, as a student, I wouldn’t get much time to spend on my blog.

Lastly, a big thank you to all that take the time to read my blog and comment. Your comments mean the world to me.

Thank you for your continued support.

Don’t forget to share What I Achieved in 2 Years with your friends.

10 Ways to Use Mind Maps to Grow Your Blog

Mind mapping software is not only useful for outlining articles, reports and other forms of content. It is also a powerful tool for planning and managing many aspects your blog business.

As a blogger, you must manage a prodigious amount of information every day: content ideas social network strategies social network content, people with whom to network, monitoring competitive blogs, identifying opportunities for new reports and resources of value you can provide to your readers, identifying potential collaborators and much more.

In short, to run a successful blogging business, you must gather, analyze and make decisions about a mountain of information, ideas and opportunities. In addition, you need to elevate and differentiate your thinking and your blog’s content to capture the attention of potential readers and customers.

To do all of this effectively, you need a tool that can efficiently gather, organize, distill and communicate information with a great deal of flexibility. Mind mapping software enables you to handle thinking, planning and basic project management tasks in ways that aren’t possible with any other type of business software. It also works the way your brain does – by associating ideas, concepts and information in a visual hierarchy, which means it tends to be fairly intuitive and easy to use.

10 ways bloggers can use mind mapping software

Mind mapping software also helps you reach clarity faster on complex business issues, make better informed decisions and be more productive. In surveys of the readers of my Mind Mapping Software Blog, users of it say that it increases their productivity by 20-30% – the equivalent of gaining an extra day per work week of productive working time.

In addition, over 59% of survey respondents indicated they wouldn’t be able to create the same quality of work if they didn’t have mind mapping software.

Mind mapping software enables you to take a more strategic approach to blogging rather than just hacking away at projects haphazardly. Most importantly, it can help you develop a tightly integrated approach to build a strong, distinctive online brand. No, it’s not a panacea. It won’t make you better looking or help you find a cure for cancer. But it does bring some unique capabilities to your work that no other productivity software can match – capabilities that are ideally suited to your needs as a blogger. If you’re not using mind mapping software in your blog business, you should be.

What can you do with mind mapping software?

A-list bloggers like Chris Brogan, Darren Rowse (CopyBlogger), Chris Garrett and David Risley (Blog Marketing Academy) make it no secret that mind mapping software is their preferred power tool for thinking and planning.


Because it helps them see information and ideas from new perspectives that tend to be invisible in linear documents and outlines. Based on what they have written about it, you would think the only way that bloggers can use it is for brainstorming blog post and information product ideas. But it can be used for far more – it’s actually a powerful tool that can help you manage your business and operations more effectively.

blogger perceptions of mind mapping software

I have identified 10 ways bloggers can use mind maps to grow your business:

1.    Brainstorm, capture and organize ideas

2.    Conduct competitive intelligence

3.    Develop reader personas

4.    Develop a blog content plan

5.    Search engine optimization and keyword research

6.    Develop and manage a blog marketing plan

7.    Track key influencers in your niche and plan how you will interact with them

8.    Outline longer writing projects and information products

9.    Track what you’ve published – content management

10.    Perform a SWOT analysis and do strategic planning to help drive your blog’s growth

How does mind mapping software compare to traditional information management?

Consider for a moment how most bloggers manage information. Typically, it’s stored in text-based files, such as Word or Evernote. It’s scattered in e-mails and files that are stored in numerous folders. Chances are, you waste several hours a week hunting for information you need.

What if you could do away with that, by being able to see a higher-level view of all of your project and blog assets, and could organize them and link out to all of the supporting information you need? Mind mapping software enables you to do that. You can attach numerous types of content to individual topics, and add links to web pages and other assets. When you rearrange the topics, these assets follow along. In other words, each topic acts as a “container” for information. This enables you to centralize all the information, data and resources you need to manage your blog’s operations in one place, which can save you countless hours of time and a eliminate a great deal frustration.

Software-produced mind maps can incorporate almost any kind of digital data – everything from Excel spreadsheet ranges and Outlook e-mails to links that help you keep project files and supporting information well organized, only one click away. Think of it as a “visual database” of your ideas and information.

In addition, most mind mapping program enables you to export your visual maps to other popular file formats, such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Project. This enables you to do your thinking and planning in visual outline form using your mind mapping software, and then transfer your ideas and information to other applications to continue the process of refining your ideas and adding details to them.

Now think about the way in which you write plans. If you use a popular tool like Microsoft Word, how do you know that the structure of your plan is complete? How can you tell if something is missing, or if you have completely thought through all aspects of it? How do you decide what’s superfluous and can be eliminated? It’s difficult at best. Why? Because the structure of your document is hidden within its sentences and paragraphs.

In contrast, mind mapping software can help you to see a higher-level view of your information and dig down into the details when you’re ready to do so. You can work with the forest AND the trees, so to speak. You can move topics around at will, grouping and regrouping information until it makes most sense to you. You can perform “What if?” analyses with ease. You can see how all of the pieces of your plan fit together. Ultimately, it can make you a better, more strategic planner. And that, in turn, can make a major difference to the success of your blog business.

Light-weight project management

From a project management standpoint, mind mapping software can help you do everything from the “front end” work of projects (envisioning what you want to create, setting the scope of the project and determining the people and resources you’ll need to accomplish it) to managing its implementation (collaborating with others, creating, assigning and monitoring tasks and monitoring project progress by creating a visual “dashboard” to see clearly what’s going well and what isn’t) – all within a flexible visual interface.

Better thinking – better results

In short, when it comes to growing any kind of business today, better thinking tends to lead to better results. Most of us are blogging in niches that are increasingly crowded. In order to survive and grow your blog, you need to differentiate and elevate your thinking. Mind mapping software can help you to do that.

As you’ve seen, mind maps enable you to see information and ideas from new perspectives that tend to be invisible in linear documents and outlines. It isn’t just a powerful thinking and planning tool, its light-weight project management capabilities make it a great tool for managing your ideas from “birth to death” – from ideation and development to implementation and tracking of progress and results.

In short, mind mapping software can help you to manage your day-to-day tasks with greater efficiency, which can free up more of your time to think about strategic opportunities and ideas to help you grow your blogging business.

When you switch to thinking and planning mode, it can be your companion there, too, helping you to capture, organize and refine your ideas into winning solutions that meet the needs of your blog’s readers and help you to capture their minds and hearts. It can help you to extend your thought leadership in some exciting ways and can help you build a more innovative and successful business. If you want to play at the A-level of blogging, you need to up your thinking. Mind mapping software can help you to do that.

Learn more in this webinar recording

In mid-August, I conducted a 70-minute webinar where I described how to use mind mapping software to manage each of the blog management tasks I have described in this article and the benefits of doing so. A recording of it is now available.

As part of this information-packed learning session, you will receive 11 mind map templates, which you can use to get started using these techniques immediately. They will save you many hours of time and will help you benefit from this webinar faster. Not only that, but instructions are embedded in the templates that will help you understand how  to use them.

Click here to learn why one webinar participant said, ““This is excellent. You covered everything I hoped you would – and more. In a world of useless webinars, this was definitely worth the time and money.”

7 Interesting Benefits of Blogging Except Money

Blogging is becoming more and more popular day by day and more and more people are trying to get in this business.

Awareness about online money making and blogging is increasing, but still there are many misconceptions about blogging.

One of those misconceptions is the belief that all you can get from blogging is some extra cash and that’s it, but that’s not true.

Benefits of Blogging is still packed with heavy number even if we put the money making fact on a side.

Blogging is a lot more than just making some money and truth be told that those who are blogging for money only are never ever going to succeed.

Yes, You heard it right. If you are blogging just for money you’ll be fail sooner than later!

You can get all the other Benefits of Blogging; you can get one of them or get nothing. It all depends upon one person and that person is you.

7 Interesting Benefits of Blogging Except Money

benefits of blogging

1. Blogging Improves Your Writing:

The first Benefits of Blogging is Writing.

Writing has a lot of to do with success of a person in this world and blogging just makes you an amazing writer.

You not only learn how to explain something, but you also find out how to keep your words interesting, entertaining and informative at the same time.

2. You Find Your Voice:

We keep trying to find the best for ourselves like the best job, best friend, best car and best wife, but most of us never try to find the best in ourselves.


Blogging makes you realize the voice that you have and that you are not worthless.

3. You Learn To Express Yourself:

Many people struggle in life not because they don’t have passion or desire to work hard, but because they fail to tell others about it because they don’t know how to express themselves.

Blogging teaches you how to talk in a way that impresses the people.

4. It Makes You Famous:

Don’t you want to get interviewed by some other blog owners?

Don’t you want to become famous?

Blogging can make you.

As the time passes, more and more people hear your name and you begin to become popular slowly and slowly while not realizing what you are getting.

And, when you realize that, you” have say thanks to blogging. ;)

  • Want To Become A Famous Blogger? Then Read This!

5. Blogging Saves You From Wasting Your Time:

Do you waste more time on social network?

Might be..

You know

It is so easy to get distracted online and waste countless hours doing nothing. This has lead to destruction of lives for many people.

But blogging saves you from becoming addicted to anything useless online and keeps you busy in doing what is better doing and that is blogging.

6. You Invest Into Your Future:

It doesn’t matter your blog is making money at this time or not while you are working at it, you are investing in your future.

This is because one day your blog will return the favor.

7. Blogging Boosts Your Confidence:

I like this Benefits of Blogging most.

Confidence is really an essential piece of any human being and we need confidence in almost all fields of life.

We need confidence for dealing with people, for telling everyone what we want and to succeed as well.

Hence, if you have lack of confidence, blogging will make you confident like you have never imagined and destroys all the roadblocks in your life that were standing just because you didn’t possess enough confidence.

So these where some Benefits of Blogging except money.

Money is not everything but without it you can’t have anything.

Do you blog just for money? Did I missed any other Benefits of Blogging?

Do let me know in commets

How To Create Awesome Content That Worth Reading

Content creation has become one of the most important aspects of Internet marketing.  The poor economy has fuelled people to out source their skills to support themselves and their families.

Unfortunately, not everyone in this market is successful.  Creating good content takes time and skill.

I will give you some strategies that I have used to help me improve my writing and making my content much higher quality.

The true quality of content is dependent upon who reads it.

It’s like school, ;)

You wrote an essay that you thought was A quality, but your teacher gave you a C.  Although you may have been young at the time, in reality, all written content has those who like it and those who don’t.

Create Awesome Content Worth Reading


Get In The Habit Of Reading

First of all, read.

read and read….

It important to read so that you can expose yourself to a variety of literary styles.  When you do not know the meaning of a word, look it up.  Get in the habit of learning five new words everyday.  Try to use them in your daily conversations.

You will be amazed at how you have expanded your vocabulary and communication by the end of a month.

Niche Research

Always perform extensive research on your niche before you begin writing.  Conceptualizing, along with brainstorming are two practices that are essential to good research.  It may sound obvious to do research, but many people do not understand its importance and do not put enough effort into it to create really great content.

Take time and do the work properly.  It will pay off when people fall in love with your writing.

Know Your Audience

Learn about who your audience is and what they need before you begin writing.

Writing for the wrong audience is utterly pointless.  If your audience is middle-aged adults and you write an article geared towards young adults, your article will not do well.

Reading books and newspapers will help you get versed in different writing styles and will help you effectively write for different audiences.

Create An Outline

Write an outline.  It will help you connect your ideas in an organized, sensible fashion.  All professional writers use outlines to guide them when writing content that is to be read by millions of people.  These techniques will help anyone with writing.

Use these techniques paired with your own creativity and you will Create Awesome Content Worth Reading.

  • 12 Tips For Writing Engaging Content For Readers

Create Killer Title!

Your title is extremely important.

People who search for information online use a set of words that relate to titles.  You have to have these words in your title.

Browsers search for and read titles of content they find.  When the title includes the terms that browsers are searching for, they will click on the titles and read the content.  If you have a great article with a bad title, it will be overlooked.

Try to use concise and catchy titles.  The title should radiate the quintessential heart of your article to entice people to read more. Your title must facilitate grabbing the attention of browsers and getting them to click on your content.

Use A Resource Box

3 Out of the Box Content Creation Techniques
Resource boxes are major assets in your stash of marketing tools.  It is your online business card and it helps you enhance your networking capabilities.  It has multiple benefits.  You can include anything that is important in it, but keep it simple and relevant.  This will help increase traffic that is highly targeted.

Your resource box should have a short description of your skills and profession.  List major achievements that relate to the content you write about.  This will help your readers make connections with you and your ideas, as well as establish your credibility in your niche.

Do not write long biographies because your audience will get bored.  If you you’re your readers they will skip your resource box and it will be useless. Keep it short and sweet.

You can test different resource boxes for effectiveness.  Use quality feedback from your readers to make it better and get more people clicking through it.  A great resource box will have a higher click through rate and enhance your reputation.  If your resource box isn’t getting good results, adjust it until it does.

Final Words..

Quality content is subjective.  It requires being versed in many literary skills. 

Use good research and learn about your audience, use a catchy title and include a strong resource box.  These three strategies will help your article earn visibility and build your online reputation. 

Follow above tips to create awesome content. Your readers will surely love to read.

Did I missed any point? How do you create quality content? Let me know in comments.