Discover Your Blogging Passion With These Three Easy Ways

Are you tired of starting a blog today only to discover that you have no passion to keep up with that topic?

Thousand of bloggers have gone through the same process and are already giving up on this blogging stuff not because they don’t want to be a professional blogger but because most importantly they haven’t discovered their blogging passion yet.

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We asked you why you started your blog and most of you responded because you have the passion and you want to help people.

So I am here to help you discover yours.

Passion is so vital in the blogosphere; you can’t become successful if you are not passionate about a topic.

It keeps you going even when you haven’t grown your blog likewise it empowers to keep on improving your content for your users.

How you can discover your blogging passion now?

Below are the three easy ways to discover your blogging passion so you can create a blog that you are truly passionate about now.

1.) Pick Up the Last Ten Books That Kept You Awake All Through the Night

The first way to determine your blogging passion is to pick up the last set of books you read.

Books you read of your own accord not just academic books that got your interest all through such that you don’t mind reading over again.

Your passion can be found in those books that you could spend your money and time voluntarily to read with undivided interest.

What intrigued you the most, the topics of the books, the authors of those books. All these questions if answered properly can lead you to discover your blogging passion.

Before I launched my blog I decided to take a good look at my library and I observed that they were all filled with financial, spiritual, motivational and business books which I bought with my cash and have read them voraciously.

The good thing about this way is that it also determines your level of expertise on a topic which would to a large extent determine the success of your blog.

What are you waiting for go through your libraries and discover what you have their.

2.) What Do Your Friends Know You For?

This is another quick way to discover your blogging passion. We all have friends that we talk to, share ideas with and obviously our future plans.

Take a moment and think, what is that my friends know me for?

While discussing with them what is that topic that you can stand up to anytime any day?

My friends know that I can talk about money well,  wherever the topic of money is spoken I am easily attracted to it, as a result of this with the first option above I decided to pick the topic of my blog because I got the passion.

Yours may be blogging, link building, technology, football, politics, lifestyle, relationships, photography, cooking whatever it may be your friends can help you easily discover it.

You can also check the nicknames your friends call you.

Don’t be too shy not to talk with your friends either at home, school, and work. Learn to be free with others because they can help you discover your passion.

3.) That One Thing Your Parents Complained About You

While we were kids there were some things that got our parents attention which can also lead us to develop our blogging passion.

It may not be some worth hearing but you can turn it into something productive such as being a noise maker to become a motivational speaker.

That thing your parents consistently complained about while you were growing which you sometimes defied the and still pursuing.

I am not referring to interests which your parents stopped you from and you gave in, passion is totally different from interest.

It is up to you to discover that quality or skill that your parents talked about which you never gave up if you want to discover your blogging passion.

The Shocking Truth about Being a Successful Blogger.

All I have done is to show you three ways to discover your blogging passion but you may be asking but I don’t buy and read books, I also don’t have friends nor have my parents complained anything that I am passionate about.

Wait a minute; if that is what you are saying to yourself then you can’t be a successful blogger.

Those that shock you?

That’s the honest truth, if you don’t read and study how then would you teach others, a teacher ought to be greater than his student.

Secondly if you don’t have friends whom you express your ideas with how then can you properly do it online? You would only falter.

All top bloggers are intelligent, bright and smart because they are constantly learning and they also develop relationships with other bloggers.

I am not discouraging you.

Here is the deal: if you want to be a top blogger you must learn, study and cultivate productive relationships among people.

Don’t be worried, you can start from today to learn, study and also develop relationship not just online but also offline through which you can develop your blogging passion.

Now go and check your libraries and discover what your friends know you for, they can help you discover your blogging passion.

I do hope I have shown you how to discover your secret weapon in the blogosphere: passion.

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41 thoughts on “Discover Your Blogging Passion With These Three Easy Ways”

  1. Hi, Uche !

    I have just landed here and finished this amazing guide to immensely discover our blogging passion and its true that blogging is nearly impossible without passion, honesty and dedication.

    Thanks for sharing such an amazing guide with us, hope to see more stuff from you in the future … !

    1. Hello Ammar,

      Glad you could put this post into good use, i tell you only those who are passionate about their topic have a greater chance to succeed.

      Best of luck ammar.


  2. It is one of the most debatable topics and it will never end. Every person has his own point of view on passion.
    I won’t repeat the already discussed ideas. But the three sources you mentioned here are really awesome. Especially the bitter truth you mentioned at the end of the post is really not easy to swallow but once someone swallows he will definitely find where does his actual passion lies.
    Many people spend a long period of their professional life being associated with wrong niche but ultimately they do adjust with it. But in blogging this rule can’t work because here we need to prove our worth in a short period of time.
    Secondly in view of frequent changes by Google in basic dynamics of blogging it is not sure how it will take shape in future. Maybe text contents will entirely be replaced with inforgraphics or any other advance version of contents.
    So here time factor is more important. One should be definite on what topic he can deliver the best then start a blog on a particular niche.
    Who can become successful blogger. It is equally a difficult question but can be understood with a simple example. Blogging is not confined to tech blogging. It is actually the way of publishing what you think with full liberty. You need not to get approved your contents by someone. Nor someone orders you to write on a particular topic. You plan yourself what to write, you write yourself and you publish it at the best time you think for publishing it.
    So here publishing liberty is leading you and your each action. So every that person can become a successful blogger who loves to tell what he knows and thinks about a topic with complete freedom without any monitoring or direction of someone.

    1. Hello Muba,

      Thanks for expressing your opinions about blogging passion and who can be successful at blogging.

      These isn’t the only to go about discovering your rather this is just a guide that makes the whole process which isn’t that easy a lot more worthwhile for every blogger.


  3. Hi Uche, I really like the point about the last 10 books I read guiding me on where my passion lies. That’s a good one. Passion keeps me motivated and with that passion I’m able to work hard. Its like the fuel that every blogger can’t do without especially given the fact that you have to work very hard at the beginning.

    1. Hello Sheeroh

      I am glad you picked up a point while you read this post.

      You correctly said, in the beginning that’s where most of the tech and writing work is and it takes to passion to endure the pains.

      Keep to your passion.


  4. Hi Uche, this was a exceptionally well written short and sweet blog post.
    This is a quick read post that helps newbies in choosing niche for their blog on their daily activities and behavior. I liked this concept very much.
    Cheers, Akshay.

  5. From my personal experience, try to blog about things you actually know and understand, as opposed to living someone else’s fantasy. That way, you will produce quality content and the growing number of readers will keep you motivated.

    UCHE, nice post BTW.

    1. Hello Anand,

      yes you shouldn’t try to fake someone’s else ability, be yourself and believe in your ability, trust me people would love to hear your voice.

      Keep the passion burning.


  6. Hello UCHE
    Nice tips for all bloggers. passion is a complete word for success in any field. Blogging is also needs passion. Nice to read you.

  7. Hello Uche,
    It’s pretty good to remember what our friends told us the special stuff about. But at this age I don’t we need to ask to anybody about our interest. May be it is difficult to know about your passion but for every single person there is a inbuilt quality. I was also not sure about what I had to start my blog but after some time I had developed my interest in blogging and now I am enjoying it. Anyway thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes Ravi with age it becomes tough to do that but you still do have friends who know a lot about you.

      Thanks also for letting me know what you think.


  8. Mustafa of TipsTricksTrends

    Hi Dear,

    A BIG bouquet of thanks! I have just gone through the guide and it’s really awesome. Thanks for sharing your guide. I always love getting freebies and this one will definitely help me out with my own blogs. I’m a new blogger therefor this post is helpful for me.

    This guide is loaded to the max with invaluable tips and resources. I love this post because it is useful and

    informative for me.I have shared and tweeted it. Always enjoy your posts. :)

    Thanks again !!!!

  9. Hi Uche,
    Friends Know You that is good idea. Parents complaint that is very funny but the major tactics here are i strongly believe these points really worked out. Thanks for sharing this and i will surely try

  10. Nikhil Ganotra

    Hello Uche,
    One of the best and unique posts on ABT I have ever read. We all started blogging with passion. I truly agree with your statement that most of the bloggers are giving up nowadays because they haven’t discovered their passion yet. Even I was thinking to give up few months ago.

    Blogging is a long term game and one should be consistent with it. Credits : Ammar Ali.

    He was the one who gave me this suggestion and helping in developing my blogging passion. Every blogger may not be perfect but still each one has some unique skills.
    Discover your passion by implementing the above given points and be consistent in your niche.

    Stay blessed. Happy Blogging :)

    1. Hello my dear friend Nikhil,

      Thanks for such an inspiring compliment. So glad you didn’t give up, passion empowers us to fight for what be believe in just as sourav said above.

      Consistency is key in the blogosphere.

      Thanks for the tip and for also sharing your experience with us.


  11. Thanks Arun,

    Glad you could see the the reason for passion in building a popular blog. yes i believe the can start afresh if they go through this post, that is why we need to make this post go viral ;)

    I wish you the best as you seek to become an excellent expert in your niche.

    Thanks Arun for this insightful comment


  12. Hi Uche,

    That was a gem of a post! It will particularly be of use to new bloggers/potential bloggers, who are all set to jump into the blogging bandwagon.

    I agree with what you said in the beginning. There are thousands (or even more) bloggers, who started out blogging just out of impulse, without even analyzing their passion and the prospects associated with blogging.

    Sooner or later, they often get distracted/bored and quit blogging altogether. But, if one such blogger happens to read this post of yours, then he/she may make use of these timeless tips and re-plan and start afresh!

    In my case, #2 has worked very well. My friends used to frequent me for career guidance and education related queries. This led me to start a blog in education niche, which is doing very well! :)

    And I also agree that the other entries you listed will also work like a charm! No doubt about that!

    Good write up buddy! :)


  13. If you discovering your blogging passion one of the best thing is, you must have lots of attraction towards one of specific topic. Means your are too much knowledge about anyone of subject.
    Blogging need one of the factor is the writing hobby. :)

    1. Hello Anna

      yes you can discover your passion by observing what really gets your attention easily.

      And just as Dough said above writing could also be a guide to your passion.


    1. Hello anwar,

      I am glad i could inspire you as you seek to develop your own passion in the blogosphere.

      Do have a great day Anwar.


  14. Hi Uche !

    It’s said, Develop a Passion for what you do, if you do so then you’ll never cease to grow.

    Some are here in this blog-o-sphere since they are passionate about blogging while some are here just to make $$$ . But, you can’t make $$$ if you are not passionate about it :) To succeed in something , we have to believe in it with a passion that it becomes a reality.

    Great tips buddy ! Keep writing :) I’ll be around :D

    1. Wow, what a nice quote Sourav,

      You are one of kind, i must say i am inspired by your comment, believe in it with passion till it becomes a reality.

      I will keep on writing Sourav. :)


  15. Coming up with new content all the time is always a difficult one. Reading the news, books, and indulging in culture as much as possible is a good way to bolster your ideas. I read somewhere that having blue walls is a way to increase inspiration, although I don’t know if there’s any scientific validity behind the assertion!

    1. Hello Alex you have to keep up with the latest news in order to develop great ideas.

      Blue wall, that would be cool please check if their is so we can put it to good use.


  16. Mohammed Saimon

    Hi Uche.
    Thanks for writing this amazing post. Passion is must! Without it the blogging is a big ZERO.

    1. Hello Mohammed,

      Thanks for the compliment, definitely passion is a must if you want to build a popular blog.

      You can’t cope with the amount of information in about a niche if you have no passion.



  17. Thank you Himanshu for the compliment really glad you liked this post.

    tech might be a very hot niche but that doesn’t mean you can’t be an expert in an area that you have an expertise.

    With proper promotion and continual learning you can make it.

    Thanks Bro

  18. Hello Uche,

    It’s really a nice post man.. Discovering a blogging passion is very difficult for everyone.. Many bloggers have started their blogging carrier through technology then they have found their passion while doing talking or discussing with other bloggers.. You have also given really good method to discover the blogging passion..

    Blogging will be successful only if you have passion….

  19. ya, many of the beginners start blogging just on niche like blogging and online earning and quit after sometime because they are not passionate about their niche and only want to earn money, hence fail in their blogging career and quit and then tell others that it is not possible to earn from blogging.
    but i believe that blogging is more vast thing and it is basically to spread your voice and help others not is the reward which you get for your effort and thinking to help others

    1. Thank yo hamza for the comment,

      Yes lots of people make the mistake of going just for the money while neglecting their passion and interest and the end up feeling frustrated.

      Just as you have said money is the reward for helping people not the other way round.


  20. Hi Uche,

    Great Post. These three tips to discover blogging passion within us are great. You can also discover the blogging passion within you, by knowing your passion about particular things like WordPress, fashion, technology.
    Thank you for this great post buddy… :)

    1. Hello nikil

      Glad you enjoyed this post.

      Definitely you can discover yours if you have a strong interest in technology, fashion and the rest.

      Thank you Nikil

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