How to Really Get More Followers FREE on Social Media

We all want to get more followers free on our social media sites, whether for social proof, or just so we have more people to sell to.  But how do you get people to like your stuff?

The best way to get more followers free to is to produce content that is just so outstanding that people go “wow” and can’t stop themselves liking and sharing it. If you have that wow factor, then your fans will increase naturally.

However, there is a problem. Obviously you are already creating the most awesome stuff out there.

As readers of this blog I wouldn’t expect anything less.

But how are people going to find your stuff so that they can see the awesomeness?  This article will outline some ways you can bring your message to the people, on all the major social media platforms and to Get Followers for Free

In particular I want to show you ways that you can get more followers free without paying any money.

get more followers free

I believe that services like Facebook ads can be effective, but if you aren’t also gaining likes naturally you may eventually lose your new fans! So with these kinds of thoughts in mind, I have come up with some ways that you can get more followers for free.

Get More Followers FREE on Social Media

Here are some working ways to Really Get More Followers FREE on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube.

Get More Likes on Facebook

One thing that I have found people haven’t realised is you can browse Facebook as your page.

get more followers free

To do this you just need to click on the settings cog and select your page under “Use Facebook as”.

From here when you like pages it will be under your page and not your personal profile.  This allows you to like Facebook pages that are relevant to your niche.

When you go to Facebook’s home page, you will now see a stream of all those pages that you liked. From here you can comment on other people’s status updates. Thousands of followers will be able to see your comments and you should be able to get more followers free. Make sure your comments provide value and only link back to your Facebook page if relevant.

Another thing you can do is mention someone in one of your status updates. You can do this by typing the @ symbol (like twitter) and typing in the rest of their name. When you do this a note appears on the page of the person or company that you mention.

It is important that when you do this you are not being spammy as this will just turn people off rather than attract them to like you. But if you do it right your page will be exposed to thousands of people in return you can get more followers free..

Break It Down

  • Like pages as your page
  • Respond to other’s status updates in your niche
  • Mention people in your status updates

Get More Followers free on Twitter

I just want to remind you that you are producing great content on your twitter channel, but you just need more exposure so that people will start following you. Here are some steps you can take to make your twitter account more visible and to get more followers for free.

The first step is to make sure that your profile picture is a smiling face.

Just like this :D

People are much more likely to follow you if you have a face rather than a logo.

However, if this doesn’t fit in with your business’ culture or you don’t feel comfortable doing that, then don’t compromise yourself for that reason. Instead, put your name in your twitter description, so that people at least can put a name to who is tweeting, and know that it is not just some automated service.

The next step is to use hashtags (#tag). When you use hashtags you make it easier for people to find you. And likewise, you can search for hashtags in your niche, and join in on conversations or find new people to follow.

You want to engage with people on twitter by typing their name with the @ symbol. When you do this most of the time people will respond to you. You can ask direct questions, or comment on tweets that they have made. You can also compliment them – as long as you are genuine. These are great ways to get people to notice you.

get more followers free

This is an image of some of the recent conversations I have had on twitter. By interacting with people I am building relationships, and these people are more likely to notice what I do and promote me to their followers. If we weren’t following each other before, well, we are more likely to be doing so now.

Hope these tips will help you to Grow Twitter Followers Free or at least helping you to Get 100 Followers for Free in just few days (or less than week)

Not able to get more followers free on twitter? Then checkout our detail guide on how to get more followers free on twitter

Break It Down

  • Make your profile picture your beautiful face.
  • Utilise hashtags in your updates
  • Find relevant people and conversations using hashtags, and join in the conversation
  • Talk with people that you follow

Get More Followers FREE On Pinterest

The first step is to make sure people can find your pins when searching. When you are creating your pins on pinterest, make your descriptions descriptive, using the core keywords associated with your pins.

The next step is something not many people know about, but when you do it is going to blow your pins out of the water.

Pinterest actually has group boards. These are community boards where a number of people can post pins to them. You can tell if a board is a group board by a little picture of three people in the upper right hand side of the board.

get more followers free

There is a huge directory of guest boards indexed. There are so many that you are bound to find several that are in your niche. Each board has a different method of joining (it is dependent on the board owner), and once you have been added to the board you can post on it to your heart’s content. It will then hit all the people following that board which, depending on the board, will typically be in the thousands if not more.  After reading these tips, you should be able to Get More Followers FREE on Pinterest

Break It Down

  • Use keywords in your description to make your pins easy to find
  • Join a pinterest group and share your pins there!

Get More Youtube Subscribers

I personally think that youtube is making it harder and harder for people to discover new youtube channels within their website. It is easy to see what is popular but not so easy to see what is new. That being said, there are still many ways that you can promote your youtube channel so that you can get a ton of subscribers.

The first thing to realise is not only youtube a massive search engine, it also connects with google. What you want to do when posting your videos is to make sure in your title, description and tags you are including your keywords. That way when people are searching your video can come to the top on multiple search engines.

The next thing you want to do is share your video on all your other channels. Videos are popular. Share them on your facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.

If you have a compelling title (to get people to watch) and a great video (to keep them watching) then other people on all these channels will share, like, pin your video – and because you have followed the steps in the other sections you already have lots of followers to your other channels.  If you have great stuff, people will subscribe to see what you do next. Apply these tips to How to Really Get More Followers FREE on Youtube!

Break It Down

  • Use a compelling and keyword-rich title and description
  • Share your video everywhere!

Compounding Followers

Hope you liked my tips and methods to get more followers free.

The first hundred followers are the hardest to get. But once you have a sizable following, it is easy to get more followers free – in part, your current followers will do the job for you if you continue to publish fantastic content to your social media channels.

If you are trying to get more followers free, let me know in the comments what kinds of things that you are trying; and if you already have oodles, let us know what you did in the beginning to get there. I’d love to hear your stories!

32 thoughts on “How to Really Get More Followers FREE on Social Media”

  1. Hi Carlie, some awesome tips here. As a newbie I have found it very hard to get a following on some of the social platforms. It is now starting to work and I found that many of your tips above, like about twitter – good profile, interaction, hashtags etc all help get you out there to spread the word. I look forward to reading more from you

  2. Hi Charlie! It is really an awesome post to get more followers. Now a days I’m working hard to increase my blog followers. I’m gonna try your methods for sure!!!!!!

  3. Hey Carlie, loved all the tips but I’m going to focus only on one and that is Facebook.

    I know likes are just a metric but it can also mean you’re making waves or not, what I want to do is have more interaction with my subscriber’s base so I’ll start using my fan page more and try to engage on conversations as well.

    Great tips, thank you!


  4. After reading post, I knew that I can also drive traffic from twitter. I don’t use it so much like facebook. But after reading this article, I have started to use your tips on my twitter profile. And also I have published a post on my blog about this topic.

    And one request to Ammar, if he can give this image., Please reply whatever if you will give or not. This will help me a lot in learning. I blog on

  5. Great tips man..!! Metion-ing other people on your tweets and status update is an evergreen formula. I have made many followers using this formula. Good post ;)

    1. For sure, Vipin. But ask yourself, what is the point? What is the return in your investment?
      It would be better to have ads to get them to optin to a list or to purchase a product.

  6. Hi Carlie,

    I enjoyed reading your interesting post. Like you mentioned here, facebook provides lot of utilities to get traffic. Facebook is best.

    1. The great thing about Facebook is they want your money (as a business and having pages) – so they have created a lot of tools specifically for businesses so that you love using their service. They do have some cool things out there to promote your business, especially compared to other social media platforms.

  7. Type the target your blog topic in search box of each social network and find some body (pages / questions) about the topic.

    Access the links that you found and try to make discussion with every body. If they like your comment, they will visitor your profile and don’t forget place your website link in your profile about.

    1. I can really depend on your niche, or how well you are utilising the platform as to which one gets more traffic. Facebook does have some great services to help the business owner, however!

  8. Hi Carlie,
    After reading many “you follow 2000 people and few will follow you” articles, this one seems pretty good. I think giveaways are excellent to increase twitter followers.
    Using Social Media to get twitter followers is really a good concept.
    Nice Post…Keep Sharing Content

  9. Hello Carlie Hamilton,

    Nice information – I simply follow the rule for twitter followers ” I’ll follow back if you follow me” :) And that’s cool I,m growing my followers list day by day.


  10. I think the most important thing to get more followers is the tenor of your post. It doesn’t mean that you’re wrong. Great article! I’ll try your tips to increase my followers. Thank you!

  11. Hello Carlie Hamilton,
    Nice ideas you have mentioned here to get more followers from social networks. I like the way you broadly mentioned all the tips. These will help young and newbies to get more traffic from social medias, specially from twitter and facebook. I like pinterest more than FB. :-)

  12. Hi Carlie,

    Thanks for the above methods, but i’ve seen that many people are using giveaways to viral the work and to attract most targeted visitors.

    1. The trick with giveaways is to make sure what you are giving away is targeted to your intended audience. If you give away a free ipad then you get heaps of people who want a free ipad but don’t want anything more to do with you. If you give away something targeted to your niche you will attract people you can build a relationship with.

  13. Hello Carlie, I enjoyed reading your article, I didn’t know I could view Facebook as my page name I will have to try that. :)

    Have you tried using sites like AddMeFast? I have used them to increase the amount of Likes on my Facebook page and they are good if you want to increase your Like count but in reality none of these people are going to come back and look at your page.

    1. I don’t recommend doing those kinds of tactics. Later if you want to pay to promote a post to reach more of your followers, you are just paying to market to people who are not your audience. Also, if your goal is to funnel people into buying your stuff, then you are building an audience that wont buy your stuff. Likes for the sake of likes is pointless, and maybe counter productive to your overall objectives.

      1. Well said Carlie…Likes for the sake of likes is absolutely absurd….But a lot of people are fascinated by the numbers on Facebook pages…Some join a page because they see that lot of others have joined…However it will not be beneficial if the goal is to build a niche audience.

        1. I agree with you Joe. I’ve observed sometimes people would like a particular comment on YouTube which most people have liked. But if you really read that comment, it has nothing to do with the video. Just a psychological effect

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