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5 No-Name Facebook Pages with Insane Engagement (And Why)

6.15 percent.

That’s the reach of the average Facebook post.

The free ride has come and gone. You can’t count on Facebook to put your posts in front of your audience. The average user Likes 40 Pages on Facebook, and has 200 friends.

Even if Facebook distributed all posts evenly, your followers would only see one of your posts for every 240 others they skimmed through.

But there’s hope.

How to Turn Your Website into a Social Media Hub

Who is not on social media these days? It’s become a rhetorical question. From 80 year old Grandmas to 8 year old pre-teens, everyone’s a part of the social media circus that makes marketers jump through hoops to control the reputation and engagement of our brands. Pew Research reports that about 73% of all online American adults are active on some social media or another. 41% of these use multiple social media platforms.

Social Media is Stealing Your Visitors

Even after being around for over a decade, social media shows no signs of a real slowdown. The time that people used to spend on other things like browsing through the web, visiting websites of brands they like, they now spend on social media.

Americans already devote the largest proportion of the time they expend online by networking with each other and brands they like on social media.


As Jeff Bullas points out, this social media frenzy seems to be coming at the expense of visits to corporate websites. Coca-Cola which has over 22 million Facebook fans, saw traffic to its site drop by 40% in under 12 months.

Your website is your own little piece of real estate on the web!

On your site, you have 100% control over what is said about your brand. It is your digital spokesperson who does exactly what you say and does not charge a dime. So why would you want to drive precious traffic to ‘rented’ properties like social media whose rules you have no control over? Why not drive these eyeballs to your own site where you can convert these visitors into actual customers?

Bring Social Media to your Website – Turn it into a Social Hub

No one can deny the pull of social media. However, you need to combine the attractiveness of social media with the flexibility of your own website by turning social media’s strengths into traffic for your own site. Here’s how you do it:

1. Host your blog on your website

A blog is step one in content marketing. Companies that have blogs also have 97% more inbound links than those that do not. If you are serious about reclaiming your content and making your website a social media hub in its own right, create a blog and post on it regularly.

A blog builds its own readership which is beneficial to your website and its conversions. It can also be the destination that hosts other content used on your social networks, so that you maintain an archive of all your content on your own web property, as against leaving it solely on social networks where you just rent space without owning the property.

2. Publish regular content on your website or blog

Create content that is shareable and publish it first on your blog. You can either put a teaser of this content or in some cases the entire content itself as a link on your social networks. The idea is to give away only enough to arouse curiosity, so your fans and followers head to your site or blog to access the real meat of your content.

3. Social sharing buttons on the site and your blog

Allow readers to share their favorite posts from your blog to their network on social media with social sharing buttons. Selling handcrafted jewelry on your website? Add a Pinterest button on the image and other social sharing buttons on the product listing to allow your trinket aficionado to share their find with the rest of their friends. Who would complain about some free publicity on social media after all!

4. Show popularity index of each post on your post previews

Once you start posting regularly on your blog, readers will have a plethora of posts to pick from. In your post previews, show the popularity index of each post in the form of ‘number of likes’ or ‘number of shares’ or ‘number of retweets’.


When readers see that a certain piece has been recommended highly by other readers they are more likely to read it, out of a fear of missing out on important information. They are similarly also more motivated to share it with their friends on social media. This simple action can give you a viral post with no extra hard work on your part.

5. “Come here for more!”

Great content can make people go to great lengths to access it. Once you have a repository of exciting, interesting content, use this as a hook to drive traffic from your social networks to your blog or website.

With every piece of content you publish, ask them to head over to your blog to get their hands on more such delightful content. The content you share on your site can be created by you; it could also be relevant content created by others that you share after receiving their permission to use it and attributing it properly.

6. Bring social to your login process

When you ask customers to leave a social network and head to your site or blog for more, it could be seen as an irritant. This is especially true if the user has to login to your site to access your premium content or share and comment on it. Avoid the hassle of filling up long winded registration forms that most customers balk at, by instead using social login solutions like LoginRadius that create a seamless transition between social media and third party websites.


Social sign-on allows your users to log into your website using any of their social media IDs and with the correct implementation, it gives you access to targeted data that the customer shares on their social networks. This has the potential to become a win-win situation!

7. Create a vibrant community on your blog

Encourage interaction between your readers on your blog. Invite comments and respond to opinions of readers on your posts. Give back constructive feedback to your readers that will make them come back over and over again to your blog in times to come. Share valuable insights relevant to your readers exclusively on your blog, making it a sought-after destination for users in your industry.

Allow comments on your blog via social networks – this makes it easier for the reader to comment without creating an account with your site first. The comment will be flashed on the timelines of the readers’ friends on their social networks, giving your original post more visibility in the process.

8. Send email alerts whenever you create new content

Remember to touch base with your newsletter subscribers whenever you have something informative or interesting. The idea is to draw traffic to your website by all means possible. If you have been capturing and nurturing an email database, put it to good use by informing customers via email whenever you have new content for them on your blog.

Make sure you include a teaser or preview of your content in the email to pique their interest and make them click through to your website. My friend Tracy Vides has put up some excellent examples of email marketing on Steamfeed that will help you get started.

Over to You

Your corporate website allows you to showcase the best side of your brand, without any outside filters or negative inputs that may color the opinion of a visitor. It is your brand’s face on the web and is something that you probably have invested a lot of money building and driving traffic to via SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, email marketing and more.

Add social media to this list of tools that you use to grow your website’s online reputation. Engaging with fans on social media is great. But getting them to land on your site and actually buy from you is even better. A social media hub is an idea whose time has come.

Don’t wait for your competition to beat you to it. Go ahead and do build your website into a social magnet!


How to Really Get More Followers FREE on Social Media

We all want to get more followers free on our social media sites, whether for social proof, or just so we have more people to sell to.  But how do you get people to like your stuff?

The best way to get more followers free to is to produce content that is just so outstanding that people go “wow” and can’t stop themselves liking and sharing it. If you have that wow factor, then your fans will increase naturally.

However, there is a problem. Obviously you are already creating the most awesome stuff out there.

As readers of this blog I wouldn’t expect anything less.

But how are people going to find your stuff so that they can see the awesomeness?  This article will outline some ways you can bring your message to the people, on all the major social media platforms and to Get Followers for Free

In particular I want to show you ways that you can get more followers free without paying any money.

get more followers free

I believe that services like Facebook ads can be effective, but if you aren’t also gaining likes naturally you may eventually lose your new fans! So with these kinds of thoughts in mind, I have come up with some ways that you can get more followers for free.

Get More Followers FREE on Social Media

Here are some working ways to Really Get More Followers FREE on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube.

Get More Likes on Facebook

One thing that I have found people haven’t realised is you can browse Facebook as your page.

get more followers free

To do this you just need to click on the settings cog and select your page under “Use Facebook as”.

From here when you like pages it will be under your page and not your personal profile.  This allows you to like Facebook pages that are relevant to your niche.

When you go to Facebook’s home page, you will now see a stream of all those pages that you liked. From here you can comment on other people’s status updates. Thousands of followers will be able to see your comments and you should be able to get more followers free. Make sure your comments provide value and only link back to your Facebook page if relevant.

Another thing you can do is mention someone in one of your status updates. You can do this by typing the @ symbol (like twitter) and typing in the rest of their name. When you do this a note appears on the page of the person or company that you mention.

It is important that when you do this you are not being spammy as this will just turn people off rather than attract them to like you. But if you do it right your page will be exposed to thousands of people in return you can get more followers free..

Break It Down

  • Like pages as your page
  • Respond to other’s status updates in your niche
  • Mention people in your status updates

Get More Followers free on Twitter

I just want to remind you that you are producing great content on your twitter channel, but you just need more exposure so that people will start following you. Here are some steps you can take to make your twitter account more visible and to get more followers for free.

The first step is to make sure that your profile picture is a smiling face.

Just like this :D

People are much more likely to follow you if you have a face rather than a logo.

However, if this doesn’t fit in with your business’ culture or you don’t feel comfortable doing that, then don’t compromise yourself for that reason. Instead, put your name in your twitter description, so that people at least can put a name to who is tweeting, and know that it is not just some automated service.

The next step is to use hashtags (#tag). When you use hashtags you make it easier for people to find you. And likewise, you can search for hashtags in your niche, and join in on conversations or find new people to follow.

You want to engage with people on twitter by typing their name with the @ symbol. When you do this most of the time people will respond to you. You can ask direct questions, or comment on tweets that they have made. You can also compliment them – as long as you are genuine. These are great ways to get people to notice you.

get more followers free

This is an image of some of the recent conversations I have had on twitter. By interacting with people I am building relationships, and these people are more likely to notice what I do and promote me to their followers. If we weren’t following each other before, well, we are more likely to be doing so now.

Hope these tips will help you to Grow Twitter Followers Free or at least helping you to Get 100 Followers for Free in just few days (or less than week)

Not able to get more followers free on twitter? Then checkout our detail guide on how to get more followers free on twitter

Break It Down

  • Make your profile picture your beautiful face.
  • Utilise hashtags in your updates
  • Find relevant people and conversations using hashtags, and join in the conversation
  • Talk with people that you follow

Get More Followers FREE On Pinterest

The first step is to make sure people can find your pins when searching. When you are creating your pins on pinterest, make your descriptions descriptive, using the core keywords associated with your pins.

The next step is something not many people know about, but when you do it is going to blow your pins out of the water.

Pinterest actually has group boards. These are community boards where a number of people can post pins to them. You can tell if a board is a group board by a little picture of three people in the upper right hand side of the board.

get more followers free

There is a huge directory of guest boards indexed. There are so many that you are bound to find several that are in your niche. Each board has a different method of joining (it is dependent on the board owner), and once you have been added to the board you can post on it to your heart’s content. It will then hit all the people following that board which, depending on the board, will typically be in the thousands if not more.  After reading these tips, you should be able to Get More Followers FREE on Pinterest

Break It Down

  • Use keywords in your description to make your pins easy to find
  • Join a pinterest group and share your pins there!

Get More Youtube Subscribers

I personally think that youtube is making it harder and harder for people to discover new youtube channels within their website. It is easy to see what is popular but not so easy to see what is new. That being said, there are still many ways that you can promote your youtube channel so that you can get a ton of subscribers.

The first thing to realise is not only youtube a massive search engine, it also connects with google. What you want to do when posting your videos is to make sure in your title, description and tags you are including your keywords. That way when people are searching your video can come to the top on multiple search engines.

The next thing you want to do is share your video on all your other channels. Videos are popular. Share them on your facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.

If you have a compelling title (to get people to watch) and a great video (to keep them watching) then other people on all these channels will share, like, pin your video – and because you have followed the steps in the other sections you already have lots of followers to your other channels.  If you have great stuff, people will subscribe to see what you do next. Apply these tips to How to Really Get More Followers FREE on Youtube!

Break It Down

  • Use a compelling and keyword-rich title and description
  • Share your video everywhere!

Compounding Followers

Hope you liked my tips and methods to get more followers free.

The first hundred followers are the hardest to get. But once you have a sizable following, it is easy to get more followers free – in part, your current followers will do the job for you if you continue to publish fantastic content to your social media channels.

If you are trying to get more followers free, let me know in the comments what kinds of things that you are trying; and if you already have oodles, let us know what you did in the beginning to get there. I’d love to hear your stories!

Twitter For Bloggers: 4 Ways To Be Successful

Twitter is one of the largest social networks out there today and with millions of people using Twitter everyday it is one of the best places to be active on as a blogger. Through using Twitter you can easily grow your blogs social media presence and find new readers. I like to think of Twitter as free advertising for my blog and therefore I am always using it to promote content and drive targeted traffic  to my blogs.

The problem with Twitter is that there is no handbook on how to get the most of Twitter and this often leaves a lot of people confused on how to gain followers and use Twitter as a great tool for their blog so in this post I am going explain 4 techniques I use to be successful on Twitter.

1. Follow People

Many people I see try to take after celebrities; following as few people as possible whist trying to gain a lot of followers. Well unless you are very popular online then you are not going to gain hardly any followers.

Following people back is not a bad thing and in my opinion.  :D

Been seen as someone who follows people back is one of the fastest ways to gain followers and it is a good idea to put that you follow back in your bio as people will follow you just because of this.

Further more you should also try following people in the first place as well, most likely a lot of them will follow you back with  in a few days and if not then you can just unfollow them and go follow some more people.

  • How to Get More Twitter Followers?

2. Be active

Another thing I see a lot on Twitter is accounts that have not been active for weeks but expect to gain followers. If you’re not tweeting then you are not going to get followed as no-one is interested in someone who does not tweet. Now I know a lot bloggers may not update their content for a few weeks so may not think they have no need to update but this is where you are wrong.

In my opinion as a blogger you should be tweeting at least once a day to promote your content. If you cannot find time to tweet then you can schedule your tweets using a website such as Hootsuite so that you can post your tweets at peak times to be seen by the most viewers as possible.


3. Use Twitter in your blog

If you are going to be successful on Twitter then it is key that you integrate it into your blog and there are two ways that you can do this. The first is to add a Twitter widget into your blogs sidebar. This will also readers to see your latest tweet and to easily follow you on Twitter direct from your blog.

The second way is to use social sharing widgets at the bottom of your posts. These will also readers to share your content on Twitter and other social media websites. By doing this you can get free promotion as other people are sharing content for you.

4. Keep track and Analyze your account

Just like with a website it is a good idea to monitor and keep track of your Twitter account. By doing this you see when you are tweeting, what you are tweeting and how often your reply to people in your tweets.

By doing this you can see where you need to work on to get the best results our of Twitter. For example I noticed that I was not Tweeting that often in the evening so I knew when to start tweeting more.

Don’t forget to read : Top 10 Best Twitter Applications Of 2012

Did I missed any point? Do let me know in comments! :)

Put Your Blog Branding to Work on Social Networks

There are currently over a BILLION users on Twitter and Facebook combined!

If you aren’t taking advantage of this massive audience, you are missing out big. ;)

I’m not just talking about having a personal account where you can make friends and have a social following, I’m talking about building an extended presence and following for your blog.

Put Your Blog Branding to Work on Social Networks!


Make Your Picture / Blog Logo Universal

Internet marketing and blogging is all about branding. Everyone wants to have a popular blog that everyone knows, talks about and remembers. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure that your blog name and all of your social network urls and branding are the same.

If you have, then you should also have:

This makes it easy for people to search and find where your blog is on the major social networks.

The same can be said for your logo and your social networking pages. Twitter backgrounds are actually blog branding machines! How many people are going to visit your Twitter page, read a few updates and then leave? Probably most people. During that time you can use those few seconds as a chance to leave a brand-able impression.

This is exactly what I did with my Twitter profile and once Facebook launched their TimeLine update, you can now do the same thing with your Facebook profile and fan pages.

Content for Your Social Blog Pages

There is always a question on what type of content you should be posting to your social networking blog pages. Should you just setup an RSS feed that updates Twitter and Facebook automatically every time your blog updates, or should you post original questions and comments to your audience?

At the end of the day it comes down to what your preference is and how active you are on the major social networks. Even if you are just posting the RSS feed updates, you can still read a lot of people through Twitter and Facebook growth.

How Can You Expand Your Blog Exposure?

If you aren’t currently building out your own blog exposure through Facebook and Twitter it’s definitely something you should think about. Social networking is only going to keep growing in size and once you are setup with your social pages, your following will only keep on growing.

For more helpful tips and methods I’ve used to increase my blog exposure on social networks, be sure to check out my new book on titled Blogging Tips: “Confessions of a Six Figure Blogger!“.

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