Why You Should Invest More Money On Your Blog?

We all have heard about Online Advertising and some other ways to invest money in our blogs and some of us have advertised as well.

But have you ever tried to think why you should invest more money on your blog?

Well in case you have not, this is the right place for you to know exactly that. I’m not going to convince you to advertise on my blog or anyone else’s. ;)

But tell you the reasons why you should be investing more money in your blog.

How you want to invest is totally up to you. But before you take any steps, keep in mind that investing money may not always be the best thing for you because of many things so make sure you are in perfect position and have everything lined up and planned (budget etc) before making any move.

spend money

1. Investing in Blog Means investment in the future:

This heading above says it all. Investment in your blog is not going in waste any way.

The money that you spend on building on your blog up and promoting it is actually going to come back right into your pocket after sometime if you do the things the right way.

Hence, you should not have any second thoughts going on in your mind about either you should invest money on your blog or not.

2. Investing in blogs is not that much risky:

Unlike offline businesses, a bad investment move online won’t destroy your financial life.

Of course it would be painful to see your money getting in vain, but trust me when I tell you, online investment is not as dangerous as most people think it is.

Perhaps the safest method to spend money would be to spend it for your blog.

3. Results are better and quick:

You can get popularity and huge traffic both from search engines and social media, but things are going to take a lot of time before showing any results.

While in case of investment you do not have to wait at all. Things would work out immediately and you can see the results hundreds of times quicker as compared to social media and search engines, etc. which makes online advertising and investment very tempting.


Facebook sponsored post feature is becoming popular these days. If you spend more money on this, you will see result very quickly. You’ll start getting more likes, facebook fans for your pages and hits to your blog.

4. You can sit back and watch:

After you have paid someone for something, you never have to do anything and you can have a seat and see things going on. Same works in case of blog investment.

Simply pay and see the SEO Company building thousands of backlinks in no time. Just pay some bucks and get featured on high class blogs to enjoy tons of traffic and link juice at the same time without doing anything.

5. To improve your blog:

Spending money on your blog is definitely going to improve your blog in all ways.

And, by all ways I mean by traffic, by popularity, by ranking and by earnings as well. And, I don’t think there is any blogger in the world who never wants to improve his blog.

6. “Money makes money”:

Such a wonderful quote it is. No?

There are countless ways to make money in this world with empty pockets, but nothing brings the results quickly in such cases. While spending just a little bit money makes the process faster and brings money back to you quickly.

Now you had done reading the reasons to spend more money on blog. The next question is where to spend money?

Where to invest money for blog growth?

You can spend more money on your blog for

Your Turn

Do you invest more money on your blog? Where do you spend money for your blog growth? How much you spend on your blog per month?

I’d love to hear from you, short or long comment. I’ll appreciate everyone!

39 thoughts on “Why You Should Invest More Money On Your Blog?”

  1. Ammar Ali,i have being reading your articles for a really good time and i am quite impressed by each and every one!..This article you wrote here is soo true , investing in your blog really pays off but most people don’t have the startup budget to get started..Anyways i enjoyed you post!

  2. yes Ammar, it may be an agreeable point that money makes money but the case is where to invest money. Many a people think that by investing money, they might have done quite a risky task as the outcome is not that fast. Yes, the sponsored post on facebook is something which can be trusted and implemented for blog promotion as it is relatively cheaper and reliable also.

  3. Agree with you AMMar so am also investing on my Blog on monthly basis and trying to get the best Plugins,best hosting and all.BTW thnks for the post.

  4. That’s write everything cant be done for free. To build a successful blogs you have to spend some money on quality hosting, themes and some wordpress plugins . Nice post and I really enjoyed this post while reading.

  5. Vishesh Kachheda

    Hey Ammar,
    Awesome post! Planning to give ads of my blog to FB & Google!
    Let’s hope for a good result :-)

  6. hey ammar,
    i visit first time this site and highly affected by your article ”why you should spend money on your blog”.
    your point “money make money” is good and it is natural when you spend money on any thing then you want to care of it ,this also happening in the area of blogging. really i m impressed.

  7. Hey Ammar,
    Nice post and I really enjoyed this post while reading. I like the point of money makes money and Yes, we have to spend some money on our blog because by spending some money we got some additional features which helps us to make our blog better. Thanks for sharing this post.

  8. I do agree with you Ammar and the investments we did for company websites really paid off at Aitken Spence Hotels to bring a ton load of online reservations in the shortest possible time.. It’s true that money makes money, and investing in a website or blog pays you back very soon.

  9. That makes professional blogging, a no more FREE way to make money online. Blogging, of course needs some investment and you’ve rightly put that up. Themes, plugins, hosting, email marketing software etc., It sometimes, become tough for newbies to afford for all these. Yet, these are must and one should always have quality back-end for better results.

    Thanks for sharing this unique piece.

  10. You are right Ammar, only money makes money. I don’t know much about Facebook sponsored post but will definitely give it a try.

  11. We have 3 basic things to invest: Get faster hosting + A domain name + Better blog design. Do you agree with me?

  12. I think to invest more money for a blog is a risky way to increase your earn. Because there are lots of way to earn some money by blogging. Maximum people are want to apply that way. they are really very worried about the investing process.

  13. You are 101% right. I also invested money by buying hosting for my blog as i believe that you have to lose something to gain something but I did some huge mistakes in the beginning due to which my six months got wasted and I got nothing but now I have learned so much things and I hope that things will come right back on track.
    Thanks for this great post.

  14. Hello Ali,
    What a nice point you bring out here. for a blog to be successful you must use money to make it there, like the themes and plugins also comprises of money. Thanks for this nice post ali

  15. Hi, those are great points Ammar. Especially the point “Money makes Money” :-) I completely agree with you about those points. I was planning for sponsored post in facebook.

  16. Dear Ammar,

    First time on your blog thought and read out this first interesting post by you.
    Its a big truth that Money makes Money and no one can deny this.
    If you have enough to invest than blog is going to return more than that in very sort time of frame.

    Ved Tiwari

  17. Hi Ammar, Totally Agreed with your points bro!! We really need to Invest money to make money online and You have really mentioned an awesome quote “Money Makes Money”. Investing in Giveaways like Hot Cash, Premium Themes & Plugins will surely brings you the better results. Thanks for Sharing this Informative Post bro!!

  18. Hey I am a newbie in blogosphere and I have my site on free WordPress shud I opt for self hosting .?as I am always lack on money

    1. YES, if you are serious about blogging, You should spend some money. Let me know if you are serious about blogging, I can offer you some discount on hosting

  19. Excellent and useful resource on blog investment. Well, agreed! spending money will indeed improve blog in all ways. And yes, a good web hosting, a good blog design & branding are the most important things to consider when doing an investment in blog. Thanks for sharing and tweeted :)

  20. Yes I agree with u ammar.
    Spending Money on Premium themes and SEO attracts more advertisers and traffic.Invest more Earn more

  21. I thin investing on Hosting, Theme are important. To take your blog to next level we need to try investing on social networks like Ammar mentioned here.
    Investing on blog community works mush better than anything. There are lots more ways you just need to be smart.
    (don`t invest in buying likes or followers, it`s waste of time & money)

  22. Well raised Ammar..”Money makes money”-Wonderful quote that has to be kept in mind as long as you paddle through the ocean of blogging..

  23. Hi Ali,
    I certainly do agree with on your last point. It takes fish to catch fish so does it take money to make money,

  24. I do completely agree Ammar, You gotta put money and double it up with your blog.
    Well put article bro, thanks for sharing

  25. Shivani Sharma

    Great, tell me one thing you said we need to invest money in Premium Themes and Plugins so will you please explain it a bit, actually I want to know what is advantage of using Premium Themes and Plugins than using free one’s please..

  26. Hi Ammar,

    This is a very important topic of discussion and am glad you raised this up today :)

    I agree, there are certain things where you DO need to invest more money on your blog, especially where it’s running and maintenance are concerned. Just like you mentioned – a good theme, web hosting, SEO are required, but I really wonder about the buying traffic kind of things – unless you are very sure it’s going to get you money.

    Yes, for a while you can pay or invest in getting traffic to your blog, and I know of a few people who do that, but for how long does this really last? I guess we can’t keep paying for it one month after another, and when we stop, doesn’t the traffic drop? Because you rise so fast – won’t you fall as fast because it’s not a natural way to build your links nor traffic. I have had this doubt since long, so thought it best to ask you today as you wrote about it here.

    I personally feel that we should invest more money on our blog in the things that are essential, and then concentrate more on building relationships with our readers, which will get you traffic life long. There can be nothing more better or a natural way to boost your blog traffic I feel, and it’s the biggest investment for your blog too. :)

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice day ahead :)

  27. Fahad Jahandad

    But i want to use other way’s mostly i like to be a developer but anyways this is great article. Keep it up :-) wish you best luck.

  28. Yup. You’re right. If you want to grow something even a blog you will have to put some money into. The result will come out really quick. Thanks Ammar

  29. Hi Ali,
    Good to read this on your blog.
    Currently, there are two ways I spend money on my blog frequently:
    1 ) Host Cash contests: This is very powerful and I see huge benefits in terms of exposure, traffic, facebook likes, twitter followers, etc

    2) Sponsored post on Facebook: Like you mention, this is one great way to expand on facebook. I get Likes, fans and traffic.

    Hope this will help most of your readers ;)

    Thanks for bringing value on board today

  30. I do agree with you Ammar. Money makes money, and investing in blogging career is same like paying for the graduate fee. :)

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