7 Interesting Benefits of Blogging Except Money

Blogging is becoming more and more popular day by day and more and more people are trying to get in this business.

Awareness about online money making and blogging is increasing, but still there are many misconceptions about blogging.

One of those misconceptions is the belief that all you can get from blogging is some extra cash and that’s it, but that’s not true.

Benefits of Blogging is still packed with heavy number even if we put the money making fact on a side.

Blogging is a lot more than just making some money and truth be told that those who are blogging for money only are never ever going to succeed.

Yes, You heard it right. If you are blogging just for money you’ll be fail sooner than later!

You can get all the other Benefits of Blogging; you can get one of them or get nothing. It all depends upon one person and that person is you.

7 Interesting Benefits of Blogging Except Money

benefits of blogging

1. Blogging Improves Your Writing:

The first Benefits of Blogging is Writing.

Writing has a lot of to do with success of a person in this world and blogging just makes you an amazing writer.

You not only learn how to explain something, but you also find out how to keep your words interesting, entertaining and informative at the same time.

2. You Find Your Voice:

We keep trying to find the best for ourselves like the best job, best friend, best car and best wife, but most of us never try to find the best in ourselves.


Blogging makes you realize the voice that you have and that you are not worthless.

3. You Learn To Express Yourself:

Many people struggle in life not because they don’t have passion or desire to work hard, but because they fail to tell others about it because they don’t know how to express themselves.

Blogging teaches you how to talk in a way that impresses the people.

4. It Makes You Famous:

Don’t you want to get interviewed by some other blog owners?

Don’t you want to become famous?

Blogging can make you.

As the time passes, more and more people hear your name and you begin to become popular slowly and slowly while not realizing what you are getting.

And, when you realize that, you” have say thanks to blogging. ;)

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5. Blogging Saves You From Wasting Your Time:

Do you waste more time on social network?

Might be..

You know

It is so easy to get distracted online and waste countless hours doing nothing. This has lead to destruction of lives for many people.

But blogging saves you from becoming addicted to anything useless online and keeps you busy in doing what is better doing and that is blogging.

6. You Invest Into Your Future:

It doesn’t matter your blog is making money at this time or not while you are working at it, you are investing in your future.

This is because one day your blog will return the favor.

7. Blogging Boosts Your Confidence:

I like this Benefits of Blogging most.

Confidence is really an essential piece of any human being and we need confidence in almost all fields of life.

We need confidence for dealing with people, for telling everyone what we want and to succeed as well.

Hence, if you have lack of confidence, blogging will make you confident like you have never imagined and destroys all the roadblocks in your life that were standing just because you didn’t possess enough confidence.

So these where some Benefits of Blogging except money.

Money is not everything but without it you can’t have anything.

Do you blog just for money? Did I missed any other Benefits of Blogging?

Do let me know in commets

25 thoughts on “7 Interesting Benefits of Blogging Except Money”

  1. I can agree with all of these points. I just started my blog last week and finding myself more confident in my niche. I haven’t always been the best writer but at the same time, i did not write unless I HAD TO. Projects in college, summaries and essays always bored me.

    Money is not the main reason why I blog but it is one reason. I want to teach others how to sell on eBay for extra money because a lot of people ask me how I have made so much. I don’t have time to explain to every single person but with a blog, i can publish it and tell them to visit the page.

    Great post!

  2. Blogging gives you several benefits other than gaining monetary rewards. With blogging, you can share your knowledge and expertise about certain topics as well as interesting things you would like people to see.

    As a realtor in South Carolina, I usually incorporate photos in my blog about events and fun activities I have attended in Isle of Palms SC, Kiawah Island, Sullivans Island, Daniel Island, and nearby places.

    Aside from building trust and boosting engagement to my visitors, blogging gives me the opportunity to express myself.

  3. Blogging and site-building can be becoming more and more favorite ordinarilly in addition to more and more people are trying to get in e-commerce.

    Attention with regards to on the net money making in addition to blogging and site-building can be escalating, nevertheless there are lots of beliefs with regards to blogging and site-building.

    One particular beliefs can be the fact just about all you can get from blogging and site-building can be many extra cash in addition to that’s the idea, but that’s incorrect.

  4. I totally agree with all the points, Ammar.
    I am blogging now for more than a year and I have seen many changes in myself. Now I can speak English fluently without any hesitation, got the much needed self-confidence.
    My writing has improved and now I can write a detailed thing even on a small topic, which helps a lot in exams ;)

  5. Blogging has definitely helped a lot of people to sharpen their writing skills.It is something which will come handy in many circumstances.Also it is great to gain feedback almost instantly for your posts.

  6. Let me say my honest words, I blog for money, fame and fun!

    It helped me improving my confidence, find my voice (not completely yet ;)) and yeah writing skills had been also improved!

  7. I blog mostly for myself, to keep track of my life and do not waste any second of it. Make myself useful and share my knowledge.
    If I were doing blogging because of the money I would have quit long time ago :D

  8. Thanks for sharing..! Absolutely, I love the first point. Blogging can improve authorship and writing skill. I am king of wrong spelling and grammar mistakes, but after trying blogging I feel I have improved my writing skill faster..!

  9. First of all,
    I would like to really appreciate the effort you took to tell how interesting blogging can be, other than just money making ! :-)
    I personally love blogging because I find it as a way to express my thoughts :-)
    Great article and keep posting :-D

  10. Amazing!!!!! I wasn’t aware of these. I like blogging and ABT has mentioned fair reasons to blog for. Its over one month I’ve started blogging and I do feel confident enough to discover my true self. All these points are well thought. Many bloggers just start for money and I don’t want to be listed among them. I feel encouraged now. Thanks for cool blogging tips!!!

  11. Personal satisfaction.. Hobbyist blogger.. Networking !!!

    Every niche has its own benefit and every blogger (apart from those who wants money) may have a different reason to write and operate the blog :)

    For me, its networking and sharing !!! Specially trying to provide information to those who at some point reminds me of mine own searching for information and not getting what I wanted..

  12. Absolutely agree about blogging improving your writing. In many jobs, i’ve found that having to organise my thoughts into a structured article also help with my knowledge – i realise what i know, and where i have gaps! It’s a great discipline if you can find the time in your working day.

  13. Each and every point is true. Blogging definitely increases one’s writing and interacting skills.
    It also makes a person famous :D :)

  14. The most important non-monetary benefit of blogging is that you learn a new subject and if you can’t earn through it you have the option to earn through freelance blogging and even you can start another one with your grown up blogging skills to start perfectly from the very beginning and then nobody can stop you to earn and fun both

  15. Yeah, agree with each point.

    Yes, I experienced all the above benefits because of blogging.

    Blogging is like my breathing and I can’t live without that.

    Thanks for presenting the nice post for the bloggers, really it boosts our confidence level.

  16. Hi Ammar !!!

    Firstly I would like to appreciate you ti highlighting the benefits of the awesome thing called Blogging :)

    I have been in the field since about 10 months (in Real Manner). And learnt a lot of thing my self and from others. However I Din’t earn anything in the first 6 month, just spend the time ti learn how the stuff works. And Now after gaining some experience I am able to earn something and enjoying that.

    All the points you mentioned, hold 101 % true in this field. I experienced all these things.
    Ravi Verma

  17. Hi Ammar,

    Oh yes…I totally agree with all your points of the benefits of blogging :)

    I only learnt of it all once I started blogging and I can see how good it can get. One additional point that I’d like to add here is that blogging also helps you make good relationships and friends – though only with time and if you are also ready to build on those relationships.

    Speaking of myself – I’ve met so-so many wonderful friends and fellow bloggers, and they’ve slowly turned out to be loyal and good readers and friends of my blog. So, I really don’t worry about the Google updates or being hit by Google and all those things, because I’m sure they’d always be there to stand by me, and vice-versa.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)

  18. Brother so nice this post. i like this line in this post very much “those who are blogging for money only are never ever going to succeed”. Great Man thanks for sharing your experience.

  19. Falola Oluwasheyie

    Nice one Ammar,let me add this-
    8.It makes you learn new things and do research
    9.It makes you more creative
    10.Teaches you that everything in life takes time.

  20. Although most people start blogging to make money, I actually started for a very different reason. I had a big problem as a child with expressing myself and it normally bottled up and would be released in a violent outburst. Someone recommended blogging to me as a way of writing down how I felt and it changed my life for the better. :)

  21. thanks for saving most of the beginners changing their motivations.
    this is an inspirational blog and your post will not let the bloggers lose hope from blogging.
    Such a great post.

  22. I am actually a very shy person and rarely share personal life to anyone but after getting to know the blog and started writing in my first blog, I became more open and even some of the posts contain the outpouring of the heart. This is one of the benefits of blogging is that I get and hopefully also influential in my real life

  23. My Typo speed increase lol! surely their are lots of other benefits like you have to do searching before post which help in increasing your knowledge!

  24. Hey ammar ali
    I am very happy by reading this article because you discuss the benefits of blogging for our great future . i really appreciate with your every single point you discussed.
    Thanks for sharing :)

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